Friday, March 6th, 2009

Wouldn’t it be just fantastic if you could always pop open a file and search for X product? You could find out information like when it came out, what was its official description, the finish… even what dupes there are. For example, maybe you missed out on Femme-fi, but maybe you have one of the dupes that can satisfy you.Enter in Temptalia’s latest project: MAC Database. We have done the majority of the legwork in terms of compiling collection information, products, and product data. There is only one part that we would like to work together on with all of you: the dupe section!Because it is such a huge undertaking, we think putting all of our heads together would result in the most comprehensive and useful results. We want these to be major resources for everyone!How To Help

1. Download the Eye Product spreadsheet.2. Think about what eye products are similar to others. More than one can be listed, and both permanent and limited edition shades can and should be listed!3. Either fill in the dupes you’d like to submit into the spreadsheet, or send us a list. Attach your filled-in spreadsheet or paste your dupe list into an e-mail.4. Send your contributions to [email protected].

Download Links

MAC Database – Eye Products (Excel 2007)*MAC Database – Eye Products (Excel 97-2003)MAC Database Excel Files in Zip File (Should work!)* Recommended version

As dupes are suggested, we will add them to our Master Worksheet, and we will constantly be re-uploading as we move towards our end goal! :) And yes, we have worksheets coming for other MAC products–we’re just starting with eye products first.P.S. – Did we make a mistake? If you spot an inaccuracy, please let us know so we can fix it! Know a piece of missing information (like a finish), let us know that, too!

Discussion and debate are highly encouraged, and we expect community members to participate respectfully. When asking a question, please check the FAQ section (above) for information about purchasing, price, dupes, and the like. If you have general feedback or need technical support, please contact us.

Comments that include advertisements, self-promotion, insults, etc. may be in violation of our comment policy and subject to deletion. Please see our comment policy for more information.

87 thoughts on “Project: MAC Database – Eye Products

  1. LOL I was going to work on something like this a while ago with a friend over at MUA but never got around to it. Though we were going to take it a step farther and go into combination of shadows to create looks. Good job on this. (we should put it into a web based format…) :)

    • I started this in like, 2008. Seriously, LOL. I hadn’t worked on it since I originally started it until last weekend.

      Working on it :) I want it to be finished (or closer to finished) first!

  2. WOW you are the QUEEN of spreadsheets! I can’t even get it together to create a simple one to track all my stuff LOL!

  3. Kristin

    Wow! This is incredible! Thank you for spending so much time with this (I can only imagine the hours!!)I didn’t see any of the shadows from the Ungaro Collection off hand so just a heads up if you wanted to include those too :) Thanks a million!

  4. Katherine

    This was an incredible amount of work – but what an awesome resource!! You know what would be a cool addition, is a column with a link to the actual picture of the product (although I don’t know if this would be possible)

  5. WOW!! what an undertaking!! you are truly a dedicated gal :)

  6. Dana

    what an awesome idea, and a very ambitious project too! I will help if I can, definitely!!

  7. Jayded_Dreams

    I have a database just for my MAC collection and it is a pain to constantly update it. I am just over-whelmed by yours….LOL

  8. gio

    wow, this is a fantastic idea! Thanks for taking the time to do this!

  9. Amy

    Thank you thank you – I have been trying to track my own little collection but this is far more comprehensive – love the dupes column.

  10. Cat

    Thats a great idea….I always was looking for Dupes listing so I can copy looks with what I already have (which is not much).

  11. Tracy

    I have so many pages bookmarked for this kind of information – this is going to be a GODSEND. I’m just starting with MAC and there’s so much to choose from and so much on my “I want that” list. There’s so much info out there, but this will definitely be my go-to place (it already is!!!). You’re amazing Christine!

  12. Janice

    OMG! You really read my mind. I started putting my own collection on Excel eventhough I just started but I need it so I can keep up with all the stuff I bought. This is such a great idea and I would love to help you out. This is gonna be cool!

  13. sej

    Wow thank you so much for taking on this HUGE project! It is going to be such a useful tool for all us MAC addicts!!!

  14. Rachael

    Love it! Thanks for taking the time to do this Christine! Plus you know how I love to know dupes!

  15. Macaddict

    AWESOME work!!! Definitely an undertaking not for the faint of heart!!Ah! Ah! Congrats on such an excellent idea.

  16. Erin/slipnslide

    There is a database much like this on it’s below the area that shows the color combos, under descriptions and finishes. Perhaps you could use it to reference!

  17. Liz

    The first link is marked .xlsx and didn’t download properly for me… is this just a typo in the filename? Thanks!

    • Both files work for me when I download them. .xlsx is a Microsoft Excel 2007 file. If you’re using Excel from before 2007, then you need the .xls file.

  18. Sanderlees

    the file didn’t work for me either =(

    but i do have a dupe for the much loved parrot.. in fact…. it is practically the SAME colour… :
    L’oreal HIP duo in Showy 224 — the lighter side = parrot =)

  19. JillyB

    This is wonderful Christine, what a lot of work you put into it. This will be so helpful. When your fingers start working again, I can’t wait for the one on lipsticks! Thank you so much!

  20. Ivette

    I couldnt open either file on a mac or pc….there seems to only be extnesions and no speadsheet in the zip file.

    • There’s no zip file, hm. The first one is .xlsx, which is a Microsoft Excel 2007 file. The second one is .xls, for Microsoft Excel 97-2003.

  21. Amanda C.

    OMG! This is awesome! Great idea Christine!

  22. Court

    This is totally amazing!! Good Job!!

  23. Stephanie

    Have you thought about using Google Spreadsheet? You just give people a link to your spreadsheet and then they just fill the form out and your spreadsheet automatically updates itself.

    • I haven’t used Google’s Spreadsheets often, other than for class, which has always been a total pain in the butt. I worry about people changing the actual copy, just because of potential malicious users. :( Is there any way to prevent that?

  24. Grace

    Wow… and I thought I was a nerd. :) Thank you so much for doing this. Must’ve been time-consuming, but your work is truly appreciated!!!

  25. Whitnee

    just an fyi the matte2 shadows Post Haste, Poison Pen and Signed, Sealed are not perm colors, they were LE and no longer available. I also thought that Pen ‘n Pink was in this collection, also no longer available. I don’t see it on the spreadsheet as an eyeshadow, only listed in dupes.

  26. Bona

    does anyone know how to work this thing? I can’t open them properly

  27. Stephanie

    Christine, I have one of these! that is so funny! i thought i was kinda retarded and overly addicted to have a spreadsheet of all my mac at first. my purpose was to have it updated, so i don’t buy the same thing twice. the mac store has my copy and checks off whatever i buy…it’s kinda funny. all the mac people know me and my bad makeup habits.

  28. liz

    holy jesus, woman.

    i love it. thank you so much.

  29. Faiza

    Can i just say you’re amazing? :)

  30. neena

    This is such a great resource! Thank you for putting it together and sharing with us!

  31. Rennah

    You have eyeshadow spelled as “eyesshadow” a couple times, and lavender is spelled was “lavendar”. Also – in some cases you have “Matte2″ and in others, you have “Matte 2″. Also – 1 instance of “velet” rather than velvet, and “velue” rather than veluxe.

    I also suggest adding a filter to the master spreadsheet so that you can use a drop-down list to select one category at a time.

  32. Nell

    I am speechless, thanks so much. You are AWESOME! Case closed.

  33. eleni

    Omg!!! i was trying for so long to find a list like yours but nothing i found compares to this one! The closest Mac store is 3 hours away (pretty far to visit on regular basis) so your list is quite useful, since i order my make up!

  34. Saira

    This is awesome idea! I think it’s a great idea to have a resource like this with info on products, shade descriptions, etc. I think it’d be particularly useful to have a section with dupes, as you say. It’d be really good to have a resource with info on eyeshadow dupes, as I don’t always have particular shades for looks but might have something similar that I could use.

  35. This is great Christine! For those of you having issues with the 2007 version, right click on the link, “Save Target As” and put .xlsx as the file extension at the end of the file name. Right now, there is no file extension so it is saving as a zip and you just end up with a bunch of xml files.

    Hope this helps..

    Thanks so much for all your hard work Christine, this is amazing! I barely buy new shadows anymore since my collection is about 300 strong and I am always looking for dupes of the new shadows that come out.

    • Thank you for helping, Kathleen! I was like, “What’s going on?!” It works for me!

      I think I will add a zip file of both of them so people can click that, too :)

      Whew, 300! Yeah, I can see why your purchasing as slowed down, LOL.

  36. Melissa

    Beautiful database! I cross-referenced it against my own inventory, and just a few things I noticed, and I hope these help you out on your mission!

    Pen n Pink from Matte2

    Rubenesque is spelled Rubensque on your sheet
    Rave Pearlglide is spelled Raven on your sheet
    Terre a Terre is spelled Terr a Terre on your sheet

  37. Myxa

    Hi, Christine.

    I was just thinking about something like that. Thank you so much for the undertaking. Question – is there any way to incorporate the looks into the database?

    Sometimes, I get a really nice color (e.g. Satellite Dreams), but then seem to be dumbfounded as to what to wear it with. I haven’t really found a way to search all the looks you have done either, because something that has purple in it, could be under Pink or Grey, or Gold, depending on what other colors you have used.

    • Hey Myxa,

      No plans yet to incorporate looks into it — it’s really suppose to be a general resource, so I think inserting my looks kind of makes it less useful to some people, you know?

      There’s a search box on the right side bar, and you could just type in “Satellite Dreams” and posts will come up that way :)

  38. Myxa

    Couple of suggestions – you may want to freeze-pane the top row, so you have still see the headings, even when you scroll.

    Also, “please do not redistribute” – is there a way to move that to another row? Usually it’s better to have column headings in row 1, because you can then sort by any column (Excel assumes that column headings are in the first row).

  39. Melissa M

    WOW!!! This is really awesome! I have my own spreadsheet that I use to keep track of what I have MAC wise and then for my “Wish List” for the new collections coming out. This is an awesome resource for EVERYTHING. Are you doing Lip and other items too?

    I love your site, it truly is the best beauty blog out there!! Thanks for putting in all the time & work!!!

  40. Mar

    OMG….that will be fantastic. That’s why I love you and your web. Thanks, thanks, thanks…

  41. Kellie

    I downloaded it, thanks! Now if only there were some way to get swatches/pics of EACH product, lol!

  42. Nars

    At they do offer alternatives for LE’s or DC’s: only for some of them, not all of them. On the left column under SHOP PRODUCTS you can find GOODBYES section, and there you can search for LE’s or DC’s. For some of those long-gones they do provide alternatives (I can’t say they’re dupes, as I can’t see the swatches in person!) in MAC perm. For example, if you search for Too Fab lipstick from Dresscamp with the keyword “too fab” and it will give you Lustering as a replacement product. Hope this helps!

  43. This is amazing!! Thanks :)
    It seems to me that the descriptions for 100 Strokes and French Cuff are transposed.

  44. Cat

    I was just wondering…did an updated version of the database already post and I missed it?

    • Not yet, I didn’t get quite as many contributions as I was hoping for, so it’s very much the same as it was before — I fixed some errors that people pointed out mostly. :(