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Temptalia Review

Marc Jacobs Beauty The Tease (202) Style Eye-Con No. 7 Plush Shadow Palette ($59.00 for 0.24 oz.) contains seven eyeshadows that follow a purple/plum theme. This palette had more of a mix of finishes, rather than all frosts/metallics like The Starlet. For more in-depth commentary about the packaging, please see this post.  Three shades were noticeably powdery, which meant they were easy to blend, but sometimes they were prone to sheering out while blending.  It’s better than stiff, stubborn mattes/satins, but powderiness can sometimes be unforgiving on dry lids or harder to achieve the intensity one desires.  The lightest pink shade was the hardest to work with as it tended to disappear, but the magenta shade, while very powdery, was more workable.  The more shimmery shades in the palette were quite nice with good color payoff, soft and smooth textures, and no application issues.  When I wore the eyeshadows over primer, I had no wear issues, and when I wore them over bare lids, I noticed the light pink shade had faded by eight hours, while the rest of the shades only showed signs of fading after nine hours.

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