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Temptalia Review

MAC Stroke of Midnight/Pink Lip & Cheek Bag ($59.50) includes a travel-sized Beauty Powder Blush (0.09 oz. vs. 0.21 oz.), full-sized Lipglass (0.17 fl. oz.), full-sized Lipstick (0.10 oz.), travel-sized #129 brush, and a slim mirror. The set contains $9 worth of blush, $15 worth of gloss, and $15 worth of lipstick for a total of $39 in color products; then there is some value for the #129SE, mirror, and bag–all of which are hard to value. The #129SE brush felt really floppy; the brush head seemed a lot longer than the full-sized #129, and it was also somewhat scratchy. The mirror works as it should, but it’s all mirror, so it’s easy to smudge and get fingerprints on it when removing it from its pouch. The bag is a good size and will fit several products easily.

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