Linear 1 Brush


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Linear 1 Brush Review

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Linear 1 Brush
Skin Tone: Deep Dark, Skin Type: Very Oily, Undertone: Yellow

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Product Information

  • Price $25.00


With a short, narrow shape, the brush delivers a firm, precise stroke to line lashes and lips. Also defines and fills brows. Synthetic fibres. Handle features special grip design and tilted brush tip for ultimate precision. Sleek black finish. M•A•C store exclusive.

Temptalia Review

Linear 1 Brush ($25.00) was designed a liner brush; MAC’s website says “to line lashes and lips… also defines and fills brows.” It is 17mm in width, 8mm in length, and 3mm in thickness.  It has a total brush length of 5.75 inches or 14.5 centimeters. I think it’s too long, both in terms of the horizontal length but as well as the vertical length of the brushes (as they extend away from the brush itself)–it feels too large against my eye. It may be too wide, depending on how you like your eyeliner. The brush head is rather large relative to most openings of cream/gel eyeliners, too. The light curved edge on the left and right of the brush doesn’t seem intuitive as it doesn’t contour to the shape of the eye (or lip) well and instead lifts away from it. I liked using this best to fill in brows, where the longer shape worked better, and I didn’t need as much precision.

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