J511 Angled Highlighter Brush


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J511 Angled Highlighter Brush Review

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J511 Angled Highlighter Brush
Skin Tone: Light, Skin Type: Dry, Undertone: Yellow

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Product Information

  • Price $33.00


Our small, angled highlighter brush. When you use this brush, use light strokes as if you were removing excess product. This enables you to achieve a natural but glamorous finish.

Temptalia Review

Hakuhodo J511 Angled Highlighter Brush ($33.00) is a small-to-medium angled brush made out of goat hair (it is also available with a combination of blue squirrel and goat hair, with black bristles, for $42 as the G511). It’s 28 mm in length, 28mm in width, and 18mm in thickness. It has a total length of 6.25 inches or 16 centimeters. It has a pinched ferrule. The size makes it workable for highlighting, as you can delicately feather a shimmery product on without applying too much or getting it everywhere. For contouring, it works for those with smaller faces or who want a more precise contour. I also thought it was better for applying cream or liquid contours, as I find more precision in placement is more crucial with those textures than with powders. I noticed that this brush also fluffed up quite a bit after an initial wash, so it is more feathery and not as dense as it appears when it first arrives (not really a bad thing!). It is smaller than MAC 168 ($35) and Sephora’s Pro Angled Blush Brush ($32).

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