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Temptalia Review

Guerlain Les Tendres (503) Eyeshadow Palette ($63.00 for 0.25 oz.) is described as an “iridescent ivory, satiny nude, matte violet-plum, [and] aquatic green.” Guerlain has certainly put out some interesting color combinations out over the years. There’s often something just a little unusual about the palette colors, and yet, they work seamlessly together. They come together beautifully without a lot of effort on the user’s part. In general, pigmentation could have been more intense from the get-go, but all of the shades were buildable as I applied them to the lid to opaque color. All four shades wore well without creasing or fading for eight hours on me (no primer), though the plum shade faded slightly faster than the others. The textures of the four hues were also incredibly soft, finely-milled, and easy to blend.  I wish it was slightly more pigmented across the board, but I really liked how it applied, so it left me rather torn.

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