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  • Great For Beginners (2)
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  • Dry (2)
  • Flakes (1)
  • Fades (1)
  • Hard To Blend (1)
  • Chalky (1)
  • Tugs/pulls (1)

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2 years ago.

This a product you either love or hate--which one will depend on the climate of where you happen to live, or season of the year in temperate regions. Wax based formula is very temperature dependent in how well it performs: in summer time it glides on and melts into skin performing as it should--brightening and highlighting (with subtle shimmer). Come fall and Eye Bright turns into a hard milky-pink crayon that will not lay down the product, and you can forget about blending! I personally use this as brow bone highlight, which means I could have bought Benefit "High Brow" w/ twice the product for same price. Sharpen when chilled, use warm for best results, blend w/ clean fingers to help melt the product. Nice to have but not life changing--pricey for what it does, i.e. try before you buy.

Skin Tone: Fair - Skin Type: Combination - Undertone: Neutral