Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

Philosophy Rainbow Sherbet
Philosophy Rainbow Sherbet

Looking for Rainbows with Philosophy

Philosophy Everything’s Coming Up Rainbows Set ($28.00) includes a 4 oz. Rainbow Sherbet Shower Gel, 4 oz. Rainbow Sherbet Body Lotion, and 0.5 oz. Rainbow Sherbet Flavored Lip Shine. It pulls more like orange sherbet but it has that sweetness from pineapple, too. I loved the scent in the shower, because the getting a sniff of citrus was invigorating in the early morning.

The body lotion smelled exactly the same, but it’s a product that works best for someone who moisturizers daily or doesn’t suffer from dry skin–it’s a lotion, so it has a thin consistency. (My dragon scales need a body butter or cream!) It did absorb quickly, and the scent did not overwhelm me at all but still detectable after a few hours. Similarly, the Lip Shine shared the same scent, and it’s pretty much just a clear gloss with white shimmer. They’re fun and always give me an urge to lick my lips.

It’s a cute set, and I’m glad I bought it so I could try out a new scent. Even though it’s a fun set, it’s not a value set. Full-sized shower gels retail for $16 (for 16 oz.) and body lotions retail for $24 (for 16 oz.), while Lip Shines retail for $10. The set comes with $4 worth of shower gel, $6 worth of body lotion, and $10 worth of Lip Shine–$20 in sum but will set you back $28.

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  • Product: 27/30
  • Value: 6/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 4/5

RECOMMENDATION: Depending on what product you like most, you may just want to grab that one (as all three are available separately in full-sizes).


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Philosophy Rainbow Sherbet
Philosophy Rainbow Sherbet

Philosophy Rainbow Sherbet

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Where can I purchase this? How much is it?

Sephora, $28.

Is it limited edition?


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17 thoughts on “Philosophy Everything’s Coming Up Rainbows Set Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. This is one of the less appealing scents/flavors from Philosophy. I love there scents that are more complicated so you can be impressed by “wow they really replicated cookies and cream.”

  2. courtney

    i love this! however the scent doesn’t last that long.

  3. Bree

    Lol @ dragon scales!!! While citrus is a great waker upper…I much prefer peppermint for that.

  4. I love the lip shine. Possibly a little too much =D

  5. crissy

    I love this scent! But I agree, it’d be best to just pick up your fave product as opposed to the set. (I’m partial to the 3-in-1’s!)

  6. i purchased the gloss at sephora to make my free shipping requirement once and it drives me CRAZY! do you remember the taste of orange flavored childrens chewable asperin? how it always gets kind of stuck in your teeth and the chalkyness in your throat? lol! that’s EXACTLY what this smells and tastes like! EXACTLY!!!

    • LOL. I can’t say I’ve ever had that! I like the smell but maybe it’s because I don’t have any negative association with it? I was all mmmmmmm!

  7. Kim

    I love almost all of the Philosophy scents but I find that the shower gels and the lotions tend to dry out my skin. This hasn’t stopped me from buying them because they smell sooo good but I lean more toward the perfumes now.

  8. annika

    Rip off much?

  9. Caitlin

    I have the “mouthwatering watermelon” lipgloss from this collection and it tastes like watermelon jollyranchers. yummy. :)

  10. Trang T

    I love philosophy, just wished it was a little but more affordable!

  11. Perla Martinez

    I have a question to ask you. You know that in life there are sad moment in family’s and happy moments. Somebody from our family past and I wonder how should I do my makeup. I don’t want it exaggerating. I want it to be appropriate.

  12. Danielle Montello

    Love it all! Mascara

  13. nicci

    For some reason I never got into Philosophy 😐

  14. Eliza

    OMG I WANT THESE!URGH it won’t be available in sg sephora though! :(