Monday, August 2nd, 2010

Philosophy Celebrate Love

The Tech Guy Shaun, aka The Tech Guy, aka my boyfriend, is here with another must-read “manly” review. He’s twenty-seven with normal-to-dry skin and suffers from no more acne (much to my envy!).  I told him to review this, and he said “Absolutely not!” in his girliest voice, and then, I was going to review it this morning… and here he comes along to steal my thunder and review it himself!

Shaun enjoys long walks on the beach, vegging out on the couch watching chick flicks, and cuddling with Mellan. Or maybe not! He handles all the behind-the-scenes action here at Temptalia, from tech support to server woes to being my shoulder to cry on.

Hello, yeah I just got out of the shower? What? Yes, I tried the new Philosophy Celebrate Love Shower Gel. How’d I like it….? Uh…. Okay, it’s the greatest fragrance I’ve ever smelt. Review it?!? Are you crazy? I’ll be tarred in feathered by the male community! What?! No! Don’t take that away! FINE, I’ll review it! What? Yeah, tacos… Okay, I love you too. No, don’t make me say that…… FINE! I love you too… snookums. Bye.

Ahem, sorry I was on the phone with Christine. This is a hard one for me, because I basically have to turn in my man pass, and never be allowed to do anything manly again. There goes spitting and scratching! Thanks a lot ladies!

Philosophy Celebrate Love is the greatest thing I’ve ever smelt. There, I said it. It smells like a sweet fruity berry, I can barely describe it. It’s flat out wonderful. If it was a food, I’d eat it everyday. I’ve reviewed the Philopsohy Shower Gel  line before, and while most of their soaps make you want to eat them, this one makes you want to stand in the shower for hours frolicking in the wonderfulness that is Celebrate Love soap.

The lather is great, and the strength of the smell isn’t overwhelming, it’s just pleasantly there. Even if you fell off a ladder, stubbed your toe, broke up with your significant other, and lost your job, coming home to shower with this would brighten your spirits.

The one knock on the product is that the smell doesn’t linger for very long on your skin. Maybe my man funk cancels out the wonderfulness, but for me the smell doesn’t stay on nearly long enough.

Recommendation: Buy it in crates! Christine just informed me this is a Nordstrom exclusive… Wait, no don’t buy it! I’m going to buy it all, BWHAHAHAHA!

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49 thoughts on “Philosophy Celebrate Love Shower Gel Review, Photos

  1. Roxanne

    Stubbing your toe is definitely the worst thing mentioned in that list.

  2. Yumi

    haha now i have to buy this so i too can frolic in the shower for hours after a shitty day! though i think i’ll save it for the gym though so i don’t go broke from the water bill!

  3. LH

    Shaun I am so glad you decided to start writing reviews on here. Seriously you have me cracking up every time :D

  4. lizm

    Haha that was a great post, I wanna try out that shower gel if its as good as you say it is :)

  5. Ahahah.. Shaun.. Smelt?

    I’m pretty sure you don’t wanna smell smelt, cause its a fish.

    Maybe it is smelt, but in my brain it equals smelled, but hey! I laughed so hard reading this, I couldn’t help myself lol

    Btw, my bf loves this, too lol

  6. You lucked out man… I’ve got some tar left over from last year’s house projects but I’m all out of feathers! ARGH!

    Even _I_ don’t use body wash ;) Hehehe… Glad you like it though! I have the same smelling problem with many of BedHead’s products… Some of them just smell so tasty they are hard not to eat. TRUST ME though, these things never taste like they smell ;)

    • Whew, I’m glad I dodged that bullet. Hopefully no other guys read this site. What do you use instead of body wash? A pumice stone?!

    • Ryan

      wait are you the dusty from youtube?! if you you are amazing!!!! oh and your not the only guy reading this (;

  7. My boyfriend LOVES LOVES LOVES all the scents of the sweet, foodie bath/body treats I have. Because of him, I have to stay stocked up on LUSH Snow Fairy and have multiple different Philosophy 3 in 1s on hand; I scour the internet for old Bath and Body Works Temptations 3 in 1s and Victoria’s Secret Key Lime Lust because I used them when we first started dating (and thus he used them too)… but now they’re discontinued.

    Manly men smell like what they want to smell like, damnit! And mine smells like delicious desserts and once awhile, kinda aromatherapeutic.

    (He also uses Secret Clinical Strength deodorant in Light and Fresh scent because it works best for him. Hey, if they’re gonna advertise it as “Strong enough for a man…”)

  8. Dini

    Ha ha. Love how enthusiastic you are about it. Makes me want to go pick some up right away and curl up with the bottle.

  9. audrey

    I think its a given that none of the philosophy products scent actually lasts……all of the shower gels!!

    • Yeah, it’s unfortunate. They were probably worried about people gnawing on themselves because of the smell. It’s better this way, they avoid lawsuits.

  10. o0oCarinao0o

    Don’t worry Shaun man like to say that they don’t like sweet smelling shower gels, perfume or anything girly, but they really do. At least if it’s not overpowering. My hubby pukes when he smells anything too overpowering whether it’s girly or not. But he loves those sweet smells, it reminds him of when he first gave me a hug. He told me I smelled fruity and sweet.


    I love him.


    Thanks Shaun I'll definitely look into this one. Waiting for you next review.

  11. Wow Shaun, do you have a brother? Or friends who are like you, that are willing to admit their love of frolicking, pretty smells and calling girls “snookums”? If so, GIVE THEM MY NAME/NUMBER! :D

    • I do have brothers, but sadly they aren’t as cool as me. The friends bask in my greatness, so we can only hope some of it has rubbed off on them. I took a look at your site. I love the animations and drawings, keep up the good work!

  12. Grace

    I love this review! It’s hilarious and helpful… I want to buy this now…

  13. Tekoa

    My fiance uses Philosophy Shower Gel. His favorites include “Pink Layer Cake” and “Beach Girl” varietes along with the more manly
    Cinnamon Bun” and “Coconut Frosting.” If it smells good, it smells good.

  14. Melissa

    Love your reviews! I wanna go grab it now! Too bad it’s nordstrom’s exclusive.. there’s no nordstrom near my place :P

  15. Hahahaha! Nice review there, Shaun.

  16. Anna

    You are hilarious.

  17. Kalex

    My husband won’t tar and feather you. He’s a tech guy too (computer programmer) and he thinks things like changing the oil and fixing lawnmowers is fun. He also loves it when I use sweet smelling things that smell like Angel Food cake or my Pink Sugar perfume…

  18. Ashley

    Hahahaha nice review.

  19. I’ve been wanting to try Philosophy’s Shower Gels for the longest time!! I’ve heard so much about them and how the scents of them are amazing!

  20. Tracey

    Omg I love this review it totally made my day. ^_^

    Going to have to try this one as well….darn you philosophy

  21. inaya

    you’re too funny!

  22. Suzanne

    loool shauns stuff is great

  23. YOU ARE SO FREAKING COOL. Like, seriously you are legit one of the coolest guys ever to earn the title of being cool.
    Yeaaah, this is coming from an 18 year old.
    You. Are. So. Cool.

  24. Hannah

    Lol!! Man Funk! Love it!

  25. Nik

    Not surprised at all you loved the scent, it is a little masculine to me, I put it back in the my shower gel cupboard 2 weeks ago…I think I was expecting more fruit like their previous gelee formulas. I need to retry this one again. I guess I can’t let it go to waste, especially after that review…it will maybe be a handsoap!

    Philosophy is good at making uplifting scents, glad you are a dude who can admit it!!!!:)

  26. Jenny

    Awesome post! I haven’t tried any of Philosophy’s products.. but I’m definitely going to have to check it out the next time I’m at their counter or at Sephora. I, too, want it to brighten up my spirits after a long hard day of work! haha, cheers!

  27. I want this now.
    Damn you, Shaun. And happy birthday. :p
    I totally want a lip gloss that color, too.