Thursday, April 8th, 2010

An Intro to Paul & Joe Beaute with Purple Clover

Paul & Joe Purple Clover (066) Face & Eye Color ($20.00 for 0.10 oz.) is one of three limited edition shades from Paul & Joe’s Sparkle Collection. What always stands out about Paul & Joe, to me, is how cute the products are from top to bottom. The packaging is elegant, despite being made out of paper (and cardboard) — it’s cute, lightweight, and fun to look at.

Purple Clover is decorated in a purple with teal butterflies outlined in orange and an orange polka dot overlay. Inside, there are little clovers in a deeper, darker purple with the surrounding shade a plummy pink mauve. Together, they create a sultry, smoky plum-mauve with silver sparkle. It’s a really stunning color — it reminded me a bit of Cle de Peau #107 Eyeshadow initially, but #107 is a little lighter and has a golden sheen. The texture of Purple Clover is smooth, soft, and blendable with a nice level of pigmentation that’s not overpowering or sheer.

And oh, did you see that you get a whopping 0.10 oz.? Most eyeshadows are about 0.05 oz., and the largest single eyeshadow (that I know of) is made by Guerlain (at 0.12 oz.). Nice to see that you’re not just paying for pretty packaging! :)

This is/was my first Paul & Joe beauty product, and I’m so happy I liked it! Sometimes, I fear that I’ll try a new brand, be less-than-impressed with it, and then there’s always this hesitant to try it again in the future.

What are your favorite Paul & Joe products?

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  • Product: 29/30
  • Value: 9/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 5/5

Recommendation:  If you’re a sucker for cute packaging, soft and smooth eyeshadow, Paul & Joe may have your number.  If you live in NYC, you can head on down to the counter at Bergdorf!

Availability:, Bergdorf Goodman (in-store only)

See more photos & swatches!

Paul & Joe Purple Clover Eyeshadow

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39 thoughts on “Paul & Joe Purple Clover (066) Face & Eye Color Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Inaya

    I was wondering, all the reviews that you do. Do you have to buy the products with your own money?

  2. Umm… I hate to be a bother… Did you swatch this? The only images showing up for me are product photos.

    That color looks lovely! I’d love to see it on!

  3. amy

    OMG this one is just too beautiful. I am a sucker for smokey purples and the purple and green butterfly packaging is cute as hell. I wish I can get Paul and Joe here.

  4. That looks so cute! I really want to try one now :)

  5. zoe77

    i really like your blog, btw. i have been reading now for over a year, this is my go to for mac info. and you seem like a really sweet, genuine person. keep up the nice work!!

  6. Christine,
    I love the consistency of P&J eyeshadows.–You have to try the Paul & Joe lipsticks, you’ll love them!

  7. Oh your first P&J how exciting! LOL!

    You have to try their blushes too – they’re really lovely. =)

  8. I really love the packaging. Not only is it eco-friendly, but it definitely stands out from the standard commercialised plastic.

  9. Evelyn

    Their e/s are very pigmented. The first paul and joe products i bought were their lipstick which are quite lovely but very sheer on pigmented lips. I recently tried out their Limited Edition eyeshadow in earlier collections and curious to try out their spring collection blushes

  10. I love the packaging and what a pretty color as well. I have always wanted to try Paul and Joe, but I am also cautious before diving into a new brand. Look forward to future reviews from this line!

  11. Melissa

    I bought the other eyeshadow – pink & green/yellow a month ago and I love it! It’s really fun to wear it for the season! I’m tempted to get this purple shadow now!

  12. Xtina

    Eye shadows like this annoy me. That is to say, I’m annoyed when eyeshadows come with different color combinations, but the separation between the two colors is almost non existent. If the point of the eye shadow is to have two colors combined into one, why not just make them one color without the gimmicky pattern in the shadow? Some of mac’s mineralize eyeshadows are guilty of this, too. It’s one of my biggest peeves.

  13. aradhana

    this looks like a very pretty shade. christine, have you tried the colours separately? the bits of colour look tiny, but…
    i recently received a vincent longo ‘eyeshadow trio’ as a birthday gift which has a fuschia and saffron flower in the centre of a forest green shade…the three colours can actually be applied separately or together–though it IS a bit finicky to get in there with a little brush–and look beautiful and pigmented either way.

  14. Alexis

    I’m such a P&J fan that I’m considering calling the SA, that helped me when I visited the counter at Bergdorf’s, to place an order.

  15. ginagay

    Hey Christine.
    I was so excited when I see your review for this P&J. I heart this brand (like you do MAC.)☺☻
    Have you tried (and liked) any other Japanese make-up?

  16. AnGeLwInGz

    I have a Maybelline dupe of this color that I got at CVS for $6. It’s also one of those 2 in 1 shadows that you can’t apply the different colors separately.

  17. Evelyn

    by the way also carries this brand and they have free shippping on all orders.

    • evelyn

      Thank you so much for that post! lol i have been googling coupons for the site.

  18. The color reminds me of a rich version of the Nars Habanera duo (the plum side).

  19. Rae

    Okay, this is *really* cute =D Thanks for the review and swatch!

  20. That packaging was just TOO CUTE!

  21. Ino

    oh wow! and you just get to keep the products?! lucky lucky! i want to be you 😀

  22. Hilana

    I really love the packaging and the product. Very flattering colour on most skin tones. :)

  23. OoooOo the packaging is beautiful and I ADORE the shade of this shadow! Would work beautifully with smokey look! ♥

  24. Fernanda R Andrade

    Can you find a MAC dupe? Love this color!

  25. LauraJ

    I have to say that my first P&J purchases were based on the packaging aspect. I really do think they have quality products. I love the lipsticks, Milk Cleanser, make up bags (worth every penny in the adorable area), np, and blush.

  26. Helena

    …of course I thought the packaging was the actual eyeshadow. That is SO like me. “How the hell does purple/green/orange blend together…?” Oh, only me. Anyway. I really like the color. xD

  27. Yianna

    Paul & joe products are also available through ASOS. I don’t think its the full range but most of the products…