Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

Paul & Joe Beaute for Spring 2012

Fashion-forward and elegantly designed, Paul & Joe introduces a chic collection of Face & Eye Colors in their famously feline-inspired packaging. In honor of Paul & Joe’s 10th Anniversary, all spring 2011 items are inspired by owner and designer, Sophie Albou’s love of cats.

In trend for the season, each shade is subtle yet playful to enhance natural beauty and add depth and character to the eye area. Each package includes a trio of contrasting textures – matte, pearlescent and shiny – for an effect that looks like it was applied by a makeup artist. What’s more, these dual purpose palettes can be blended onto cheeks with brush and used as a blush.  Available now at

Face & Eye Color CS ($36.00)

  • Siamese, Please Neutral yet elegant bronzes and beiges blend together for a natural beautiful look
  • Kittycat Matte nude and pearly pink are the perfect pairing for a feminine effect
  • Purr-fect Smoky yet subtle ivory and moss add intrigue and depth for a daring look

Nail Enamel ($14.00)

  • Tigress Pearlescent nude hue that enhances your feminine allure
  • Kitten Claws High society, soft pink color for picture perfect fingers
  • Manekineko Bright, hot pink that is as romantic as it is playful

Blusher Sticks ($28.00)

  • Glamour Puss Pearlescent beige that instantly highlights and contours the cheeks
  • Minou Romantic and subtle pink for a fresh yet glamorous look
  • Catfight Bold and beautiful tangerine for a burst of bright, energetic color

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60 thoughts on “Paul & Joe Beaute for Spring 2012

  1. Ursula

    These are just fab and really way too adorable, would feel bad about using them and losing the shape, well, I truly wish they made more makeup that keeps imprinting but the sticks never could of course. I too love cats and wish they had these available around where I live.

  2. Jenny

    Swatches? I love kitties, so these are so cute! I just wonder about the blusher sticks…how well could one use them (They’re so cute I’m not sure I’d want to!)?

  3. these kitties are so cute!

  4. ZOoooooo sgattig hihi

    Eigenlijk zonde om te gebruiken

  5. Sonia

    So adorable! Where can one purchase these, Christine?

  6. Ana G.

    I always wondered if this brand is any good…anyone tried it?

  7. I though the Blusher Sticks were lipsticks for a moment. :) Maybe it’s a good thing I can’t get Paul & Joe Beaute in Canada as I find the kitschiness cute.

  8. Lee

    Oh my gosh, these are so cute! I’d never want to use them tho’ since I wouldn’t want to mess them up.

  9. Val

    oh wow looks awesome! I <3 cats so this looks interesting!:)

  10. Dame Elizabeth

    I literally just got Siamese Please today in the post – it’s utterly adorable!!

  11. Gina

    OH MY GODDD Christine please review those blush sticks! They are SO FREAKING CUTE!

  12. Julia

    As a young cat lady, I must have this!

  13. Mindy

    Oh. My. God. The cats are wearing top hats! I would never be able to use these, just to cute to ruin.

  14. Kim

    Where can I buy this collection??

  15. Kristin

    Too cute to use! The blush, eye color, and bronzer are super pretty.

  16. Vanessa

    Cute collection, but the lipsticks seem like they would be very difficult to apply!

  17. Maggie

    Agh, the cat-shaped sticks just creep me out!

  18. Reese

    OMG I LOVE these lipsticks! I’d never ever use them! lol Way too cute

  19. Is there going to be a review coming? 😀 My mother’s crazy for cats (…but not a crazy cat lady! [maybe]), and these would be wonderful to get her as even a belated Valentine’s Day gift!

  20. ellie

    so cute I don’t think I could actually use them!!!

  21. P&J always have super cute packaging! The face & eye colors look very nice. A little out of my price range though.

  22. I love these so much. Embrace the inner crazy cat lady! I would apply these with a lip brush to as not to mess up the kitties!

  23. MonicaP

    OMG .. the most delightful packaging !!!! How CUTE!

  24. Dominique

    It’s so cute !

  25. Are they not releasing the lipsticks in the US?
    I’ve had underwhelming experience with Paul & Joe eyeshadows, however their lipsticks, lipglosses, and powder blushes are excellent.

  26. Regina

    this is torturous to a cat and beauty lover! i want it all!

  27. Marian

    OMG These are just the cutest things I’ve ever seen!

  28. So cute I wouldn’t want to use it!

  29. Tiffany

    Adorable! The shape of the product is a little… awkward to use?

  30. Anne

    I don’t even care if these are any good, I’m so getting a lipstick :3

  31. Oh gosh, the cats have top hats! These are adorable.

  32. Madelynn

    I would be afraid to mess up the cuteness of the products!

  33. Vanilla

    OMG… I need ALL of this! But where can I find this in Canada? T_T

    • Vanilla

      Ended up finding them on, though some of the things I wanted were already sold out. Found a promo code for $10 off $50 with “BEMINE”. Can’t wait to get these! And then the dilemma would be… to use or not to use.

  34. These are sooo cute! Love the little top hat detail, I don’t think they had them before!

  35. In LOVE! Looking forward to seeing swatches!

  36. Dottie

    The cats with hats on the lipstick/eye colour sticks look like Twisp from Penny Arcade…. it’s really odd, the idea of rubbing that on my lips…

  37. Arianna

    cats everywhere *___*

  38. tigress

    As a crazy cat lady I love this, but I could never use it because it’s too cute! Plus the lipstick is too awkward to really use.

  39. Dinitchka

    I am a dog lover (I’m not against cats … I have fostered a cat with kittens and I love my neighbors cats and my besties cats) but I must say these are totally adorable. IF I were to buy these, I would never use them.

  40. moonbeamwhim

    I’m confused, aren’t there lipsticks in this collection?

  41. MJ

    I have Siamese Please and the matte pressed powder from this collection. Packaging is great, the products themselves are good not great.

  42. lily

    Please Review this! I want to buy it, but Wont without seeing a temptalia review.

  43. Ash

    Moved to the UK just in time to snap this up. Its a great collection!!

  44. Melody

    Kitty lipsticks! adkljhgouwithioenek died.

  45. Ivy

    I would be so embarrassed to use those lipsticks in public.

    • Ivy

      Wait, those are blushes. My bad. In my defense to jumping to that conclusion, I do believe Paul & Joe makes cat-shaped lipsticks. I would not feel good about using either in front of people.

  46. Malia

    Those are really cute! Too cute for my taste, and I’ve never tried this brand… only online, doesnt sound too appealing.

  47. Stephanie


  48. Su Ann Ong

    This collection has cuteness overload written all over it. Love it.

  49. Urban Outfitters sometimes sells Paul & Joe! I saw the polishes a couple of days ago online.

  50. Jennifer

    Ahhh, I want these just because they are so friggin cute!

  51. these are sooo cute! am especially attracted to the lipsticks 😀

  52. angela sutherland