Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

Paperself False Eyelashes @ Sephora

Paperself has recently launched at Sephora, and the line has made six of their elaborate false eyelashes available through the major retailer. The six include: Peacock ($19), Under the Sea ($19), Small peach Blossom ($17), Dear & Butterfly ($19), Peach Blossom ($19), and Small Under the Sea ($17). You can view the full range at Paperself.

Known for their unconventional use of paper, London-based design firm Paperself has taken faux lashes to a whole new level. Inspired by the art of Chinese paper-cutting, these first-ever paper eyelashes are each intricately designed, blending an element of traditional culture with contemporary design. Each style carries a symbolic meaning. The Peacock style represents luck; the Deer and Butterfly symbolize freedom. Available exclusively at Sephora, this collection pushes the envelope with its eye-opening and artistic eye jewelry.

See more photos!

Peacock Eyelashes

Under the Sea Eyelashes

Small Peach Blossom Eyelashes

Deer & Butterfly Eyelashes

Peach Blossom Eyelashes

Small Under the Sea Eyelashes

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42 thoughts on “Paperself False Eyelashes @ Sephora

  1. No…just no. I saw this when Sam from Pixiwoo had some on. Maybe it’s me, but having people stare at my eyes with that, “What the heck is that” look on their face is not what I’m going for.

    This from the woman who is turning her friend’s eye into a peacock feather for a client logo, so I get creativity in makeup.

  2. malia

    umm… they look cool and all but I cannot think of any occasion that would warrant these… plus they look really fragile and hard to apply! the models look all crazy like, can you believe I’m wearing these?

  3. Monica

    I feel like they are totally overpriced especially the fact that they are paper. Does anyone else agree??

  4. Manderlay

    Well, fun. Indeed! 😀

  5. I’m so excited! I’ve seen these on Pinterest for awhile now. Definitely a Halloween fun thing to do. I suck at applying falsie though, that makes me kind of nervous with PAPER ones. But they’re still cool as all get out! 😀

  6. VERY pretty but not for my 9-5!

  7. Wow! I actually might have a use for these are they LE and is the Paper sealed? Not an everyday item but a nice round out to my feather lashes.

    The only one I find a little over the top is the larger Under the Sea set.

    I would love to layer my teal spot feather lashes with the Peacock, Peach Blossom and Deer & Butterfly Eyelash sets.

  8. VJNS

    What an incredible idea! I would love to wear them to a special event.

  9. Wow, these are so beautiful! Can’t imagine when I’d wear them,though. I just like looking at the close-up photos!

  10. Lee

    Oh, these are so goofy but I so want to try them. I just need to find somewhere to wear them…

  11. These are too cool !!!! I want some spider ones tho…

  12. I am loving these but I wonder how many uses you can get out of them? If it’s only once it’s definitely not worth it then.

  13. SkyyyC

    It would definitely be fun for Halloween!! :)

  14. I’ve loved paperself for quite some time. I want to try them!

  15. Liz

    Oh what a beautiful thing!

  16. Courtney

    *giggle* I think they’re kind of cute. You wouldn’t use them in daily life, but they’d be great for fashion, photos, or theater.

  17. Chynna

    I think some of the smaller ones are really cute and would be fun for a special event. They’re not cheap, but I think that if it’s your one statement item for an event, that’s acceptable. I wear glasses and don’t use contacts, so I wouldn’t be able to use these.

  18. Andie

    Creative, yes. Attractive, absolutely not. Other than MAYBE using them for Halloween(and this is a big MAYBE) I would not have any other use for them. The price tag excludes them from being an impulse buy. I think I will pass.

  19. These are gorgeous! I would never wear them, but still, they’re gorgeous…

  20. Chrissy

    They look cute, but then they look creepy when they’re on the eyes. What happens if you cry? Rains?

  21. Jaime

    I think these are beautiful. The detail is so cool! I think they would just be really neat to have.

  22. They’re beautiful, but I’d like to hear if they can be used more than once. I’ve made my own ‘lash art’ before, gluing bits of foil paper/ feathers/ etc… to false lashes I bought, so I’m open to wearing crazy lashes. But I don’t know if I’m up to spending nearly $20 on lashes I can wear once only.

    • There is no problem with reusing them, the paper is of a high quality. I cut mine in 2 parts each and made a total of 4 uses of them (i think I can reuse these eye lashes again, tho) A whole lash is, kind of, too much drama

  23. Argh. These could be really cool, but they probably wouldn’t work very well on my hooded eyelids + low eyebrows. >_<
    They do seem kind of overpriced though, considering they're made of paper and could probably get ruined easily. Plus I dunno how comfortable paper on your eyes would be O_o

  24. beachgal

    I saw the ad today from Sephora for press on designer shaped eyeliner from i think it is Dior – eager to see the more normal ones reviewed and your shining face wearing the non way out ones – well maybe one way out one if they comp them to you for review.

  25. Maureen

    These are SO COOL. I’d buy these for any event.

  26. Saffy

    They’re cool, but outside outlandish photoshoots and costume parties they don’t have much of a purpose.

  27. Oh my gosh…I never thought I’d ever want falsies….but the peacock ones have me “aflutter” 😉 CRAZY but would be amazing for some special event.

    Great. Another lemming LOL

  28. ashley avocado

    kinda cool and creative idea, but i think i’m passing on this one.

    on a side note, the models remind me of the aunts from the TV show pushing daisies ((:

  29. civa

    oh my~ I got five of these when I saw Sam from Pixiwoo talk about them and I love them. They are expensive as lashes gets but I see these as art pieces. Can’t wait to see them in Sephora and get some different styles!<3

  30. Oh wow, I discovered these eyelashes a while ago, it’s great that they are sold at Sephora now and I won’t have to pay for the shipping any more ordering them from the website. These lashes are very original and you don’t have to wear a full thing, cut them in 2 parts and use them just on the outer corner when you go out. They are not that fragile, by the way, I have no trouble applying these eyelashes and they stay put for a while too. Definitely a yes for me.

  31. Awesome, Awesome, AWESOME!!!!!! The coolest thing in make-up I have seen in AGES! I wish they had this around when I was 20. I would have worn them all the time. Fantastic. I would get these for my son’s girlfriend.

  32. Noir

    These are so cute for parties!

  33. Annie

    It would be nice for a fancy dress event. Creative but I’m so clumsy and probably would waste me a dozen before I managed to apply them properly xD

  34. artemis

    crazy but beautiful 😀 hehe

  35. not for everyday use but it’s something new, great for thematic photoshot :)

  36. Angelcat47

    I’d be terrified of getting in a car accident because I couldn’t stop looking at them!!

  37. Brittany

    Thats actually kind of cool, to bad they didn’t have Halloween ones that had little pumpkins,bats or skeleton heads on them. That i would wear just for Halloween but anywhere else? I think not. I just see people staring at me trying to figure out what it is on my eyelashes.