Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

Open Letters:  Write Your Own

Yesterday’s post asking “How limited edition is TOO limited edition?” really showed how often times our favorite beauty brands do things we may love or may find really frustrating. I think it felt good to talk about it together; to express our thoughts and just know that we’re not alone.

I encourage you to use this post to write an open letter (or two or three) to your favorite beauty brands, whether they’re positive or negative (but in a constructive way, of course!). If you’re not familiar with the concept of an open letter, it’s exactly as it sounds: a letter to a person/company that’s public. They can consist of anything; sometimes it’s merely a thank you, often times it’s more critical, and occasionally, very, very funny.

Open letters can be very cathartic; if it’s a critical letter, it can help you release pent-up frustration, if it’s positive, it can be rewarding to know you’ve made your appreciation known.

I’ve written three…

Dear MAC,

I love that you keep me on my toes with your collections, but could you scale them back just a bit?  I’m all for more than the typical four or five seasonal collections, but maybe just one per month would do the trick.  I would also love to see more products merged into the permanent line.  Not all limited edition products work out, so I wouldn’t expect or want all of them to become permanent, but sometimes you make some really fantastic/unique shades and textures and would love to see those sold out products make a comeback.

P.S. — Your makeup wipes are the best.  There is nothing else I trust and use more for removing swatches!

P.P.S. — Mellan would really love it if you’d consider doing a Fabulous K-9s collection next year… he was really heartbroken to see MAC favor cats this year.

Dear Guerlain,

I love the Rouge G formula!  I love it!  It’s one of my all-time favorites… maybe the favorite.  It’s just so cost prohibitive for many, many people.  Is there any way you could make refills available so that the case is an investment instead?  Or how about a holiday set with mini-Rouge Gs so those wary of such a pricey lipstick can try without breaking the bank?  I think the range of colors is absolutely fantastic, too, and I wish more people were able to try out your excellent formula!

Dear Chanel,

You got me all caught up in the nail lacquers of Chanel!  I missed out on Jade, so I do hope you’ll re-release it at some point, but don’t worry, I’m not holding my breath!  But from here on out, I’ll be sure not to wait around like a dope contemplating whatever nail lacquers you develop.  More often than not, they’re truly intriguing shades with subtleties that make it worth the cringe-worthy $25 price tag.

Oh, and could you make more Rouge Allure Laque shades?  I’m kind of in love with them, and I would like to buy 20 more shades of it.  You know, if you could make them!

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177 thoughts on “Open Letters: Write Your Own

  1. baby in a corner

    Dear many brands including but not limited to MAC, Urban Decay, Chanel, Dior,

    Can you please provide an online shipping facility to Ireland? I know it is a small country with a small population but it still seems inconceivable that nearly none of the big beauty brands ship to Ireland. This is especially the case since postage between the UK and Ireland is not costly and all brands ship to the UK. Also all these brands are counters in Ireland so it would be nice to have an online facility to compliment this.

    Also more samples of products would be great!

  2. Elle

    “P.P.S. — Mellan would really love it if you’d consider doing a Fabulous K-9s collection next year… he was really heartbroken to see MAC favor cats this year.”

    HA! Love this one. I can totally see a golden/brown shadow palette for golden retrievers…

    I can’t think of anything in true letter form right now, but I like the point you made about making certain shades perm from the LE collections. When was the last time that even happened?? Does it ever? I’m relatively new-ish (2 years now?) with the crazy MAC addiction and I don’t know if I’ve ever seen anything that was great AND LE make the leap into perm status.

    Also, and I’m sure this was mentioned in the other post about LEs, it’s really easy to let certain MAs let you get carried away with LE stuff. I made that mistake before and gave in to the presure of “If you love it, buy 2! It’s LE!” and honestly, never again will I allow myself to get carried away. I have “backup” stuff that I bought from the first major fall MAC colletion I purchased (Cult of Cherry) that I haven’t even TOUCHED yet. It helps to find a nice, honest MA who will give you their real opinion and not worry so much about making a sale.

    • Yeah, backups are… always tempting, BUT I’ve learned that most of us buy enough makeup over time that we rarely get to backups! (I am always impressed by those who do.)

      • Pam

        Totally agree with you both. Backups are alright but i would like to see some popular items merge with the permanent line. If we have too many back-ups, they may go stale (depending on what it is eg. lipstick) before we get to use them.

        • You’re right. The only backup I’ve ever gotten to was my Jack Black balm and Shiseido lash primer. Other then that, nothing!

          • Elle

            I can’t tell you how many backups I’ve given away as gifts!! :) Although Christine always mentions Mari-sheeno in her posts about backups…that is definitely something I wish they’d bring to America :)

        • cmferrets

          mee too. i NEVER get backups, bc their will always be a new le shade that will come out and will look like it somewhat. but i can tell you that i LOVE it when opther people buy the backups and then end up selling them= bc then i can buy it if i missed out on that collection =)

    • Gahh! A mac mua said that exact thing to me last week! “If you love this buy 2 Its LE”
      First of all I was very aware it was LE
      Second of all it was “of royalty ” lipstick which def isn’t anything unique.. its just I love light pink lipsticks, so I was gonna get it.

      I wonder if they’re toldto say that? He seemed new and I’ve never had a mua say that before

  3. Tiffany C.

    Dear MAC,
    Why oh why can’t you have a counter closer to me. I know i live in a small town, but the town 30 minutes from me is booming. They’re even getting an ULTA!!!! How can we have an ULTA with all those great brands and not MAC?? I’m only asking for a counter; though a store would be great, but just a counter inside Dillards. Is that too much to ask?

  4. Dear MAC,
    Please make your ingredients available for viewing on your website (on the product pages, like so many other companies do).

    That is all.
    Thank you!

  5. JD

    Dear MAC,

    I know I haven’t even applied yet, but when I do, please hire me! I look good in black.

    Dear Urban Decay,

    You have too many palettes. If you just kept the Deluxe and Naked palettes on hand I think I would be less overwhelmed.


  6. Edelmc

    Dear MAC,
    I love your products but why are your SAs so hit and miss at times. It’s rare to find a mac sa who is helpful but when I do I end up buying more because they suggest products or colour combinations I had not thought of. Surely it makes good marketing sense to encourage/train all your SAs to be like that rather than standing around chatting to one another. I went into my local mac counter when the latest collection launched to pick up a few pieces . I asked the sa if I could see the new slick eye liner in royal heir ( I think that’s the name ) and she just said that it’s purple and did I really want to look at it! She was too lazy to go and find where the display one was! I asked her to recommend eyeshadows from the perm line to go with bloodline and mauvement pigment and she just said that the eyeshadows one accompanying palette were the ones to wear with the pigments.

    Also, I would love if mac had a full pro store in Dublin. Waiting till I am on holiday to pick up face and body on White is frustrating

    End of rant!

    • dee

      wow…she was a lazy good for nothing! I find the Counter MUA to be a little less helpful than the ones in the stores. When they did the switch to smaller pigments I called around at my local mall(which has 2 mac counters and one store) and the Macy’s counter worker said, “This is Macy’s”. like that means anything to me. When I called the Nordstrom, he was helpful and said, “only the mac stores have pigments, not the counters” So yeah, the customer service varies wayyyyy too much lol

    • puffnstuff

      ITA about the SA’s! i dont know how they get hired, but some of them REALLY suck!

      • Baby in a corner

        totally agree about those sas I am totally terrified of them!

        • I literally got scared away by an SA at MAC the other day and I’m not even easily intimidated! I had been waiting until I had some money to spend and I made a list of exactly what I wanted to swatch in person and I went in there and as I was picking up the first lippie the girl came over and was like the loudest, pushiest SA ever :/ I have plenty of retail experience and I never ever pushed myself on someone like that. She was so incredibly fake and condescending. I left without having a chance to even look at anything and I’m trying to figure out if there’s another one I could maybe go to.

    • kate

      As a MAC employee please allow me to apologize for that artist’s behavior. It is completely unacceptable and I would really encourage you to call that store are ask for the manager and explain what happened. I am so sorry and I hope it doesn’t sour you on all of us MAC girls! :)

      • Caitlin

        I think it’s really sweet that you apologised on behalf of some of the awful SA’s out there and I can tell you we all appreciate it very much. So thank you. We could only wish all of our SA’s were as nice as you.

        I actually went to a counter in Macy’s and the SA there was lovely, even encouraged me to apply for MAC as I was listing off a bunch of items from memory at the sight of them. However when I went to a MAC store, the SA was a complete bitch and really seemed like she felt as if she were wasting her time with me. I think it really is hit and miss with M/SA’s.

        • Mirna

          I agree with you. It seems like there is a huge difference between MAC store MUAs & MAC counter MUAs. Everyone is generally nice but when you go return something its like night and day. MAC store girls almost beg you to rethink what you are about to do. If I didnt like the LE lipstick then dont make me feel like the worst person ever!

      • Edelmc

        Kate – its so nice of you to respond. To be honest, I do go up and ask to speak to the manager when I have had a particularly good experience but I am too shy to complain and make a fuss when the sa isn’t helpful.

      • Ana G.

        My experience with Mac SA is really really good. They are all very nice and helpful, always offer to apply the products, give samples, suggest other products and even call me when new collections arrive so that I can take a look before they start to sell it to the public. I realize now that I am really lucky…

  7. Eta

    Dear Chanel,
    I’m willing to sell my soul to your products and philosophy. I don’t think I would even care much about my own beauty without you. I look forward to my morning beauty routine thanks to your luxurious powders, lipsticks and perfumes. You’re spot-on with any colour, though, you know, sometimes I wish your nail varnishes were just a tiny bit better in formula (as buttery as 509 goes on, it does seem to have lasting issues for many). My heart bleeds at the idea of returning bottles that won’t dry, or only go on with streaks. And sometimes, I wish your eyeshadow monos and quads held a little more product. And the Stylo Yeux pencils. And that our Joues Contraste blushes had the same lovely US texture. But you know, that’s alright. I work a little extra hard so I can buy from you. I can’t wait for the day my budget allows me to purchase beyond make-up products. But for all that’s good, please pull out of those exclusive rights contracts that keep you from opening an online shop for European countries. We could get all of your really cool LEs that way, too, and not have greedy store assistants net all the samples. Whenever I ask for one here, it’s a no. I want to order from you directly instead of paying for poor service in local beauty stores, and financing assistants that could not care less. Chanel, you’re only a country away from me! I beg you!

  8. Crystal

    Dear YSL,
    PLEASE make more….colors! You make the best lipstick I’ve ever tried, Rouge Volupte. But not making more colors is just playing with my emotions. I’ve branched out into Rouge Pur, Rouge Pure Shine, and the closest contender Rouge Volupte Perle out of frustration. But those are only red headed step children as compared to the real thing. They are good don’t get me wrong. As compared to Mac or Dior even, they stand far and above. But the pure joy of re-application isn’t the same. Making more wont kill you, your going to be compensated after all….I have your $34 bucks a tube blood money ready. Just get in the lab and make my dreams come true!

  9. Dear Estee Lauder,

    Love you guys. Stay classy! :)

    Dear MAC,

    I’m ok with the limited edition collections coming out every 9 minutes, but I am not happy about the limited quanities of products that come in these limited edition collections. I need a break seriously. I tried very hard to get Ripe Peach blush and couldn’t get it. I went on a mad goose chase to get Stereo Rose. I mean come on…some makeup addicts actually cried and no, it’s not just makeup. This is what we do. We love your brand so please start showing us some love with the highly sought after limited edition products. Ending my rant with…please re-consider.

    Dr. Guerlain, Dior, YSL & Bobbi Brown,

    I understand you guys are all high-end brands, but maybe a sale or maybe a value kit once a year maybe to get us to consider buying your full size products at full cost??? Out of all, I only own one Dior product and one YSL products. Sucks. I want more in my life…please consider value sets, pretty please?

    Dear Benefit,

    I’d like you guys to create blushes and foundations and concealers for women of color. I am a MAC NC50 so that’s dark…none of your blushes show up on me. You guys have great products and I’d like to have some for myself. Thanks.

    Dear Revlon (or whoever owns you guys),

    Please increase your color ranges on your colorstay and hd foundations? I have to mix and match just to get a color close to my skin tone and it kind of gets expensive and to cut the expense I end up at MAC again. Go figure.

    • cmferrets

      u know what i just found out about mac stores. i was talking to a mua their and talking about collections and how they get sold out of the le so quick and how i have to put stuff on hold a day before. well i found out one of the reasons they are sold out or olny have , for ex 5 ripe peach blushes, is bc the mua at the mac stores and the mua at the other mac counters have to go the the main mac store and buy their stuff w/ their discount their. so pretty much they get first dibs on the products, buy it w/ their discount, and then they have so few amounts for the customers to buy. and the mua at the counters v(macy, nordstrom, dillards) dont get their discount where they work, they have to go to a mac store.
      so since i found that out . that would explain why the mac stores are sold out quicker than the mac counters. just fyi for eveyone for the next mac collections. GO TO THE MAC COUNTERS , NOT THE STORES FIRST, they will prob have more in stock.

  10. Dear Major Cosmetic Companies,
    I don’t understand why you can’t switch over to non-animal testing. It’s got to cost a fortune and there are many technological advances that are widely available instead. I mean not only would your brand get fans for being cruelty-free (and no, it’s not ok to get another company to test for you! *coughbenefitcough*) but it’s got to be better for the planet. If small time brands like Wet n Wild can manage this feat, I think large ones should be able to as well. You know, just saying its worth major consideration, and until that point I will watch from afar and shake my head at you while happily purchasing from brands like Urban Decay,
    Hoping for a Better Future,
    Krista (Hebridean Sprite Beauty Blogger)

  11. Ah, MAC! I have had so many hours of lovely boredom at your counter, poking around to see what jumps out at me that day. But could you PLEASE work on your foundations a bit? I’m frustrated with the colors being all over the place from line to line, especially at the ends of the spectrum. I know I’m a pale girl, and that can be a pain…. But maybe produce a white foundation that I can blend with the appropriate color to lessen the strength of the undertones and make it a wee bit paler?

    Also, I weep to see the beautiful glittery glosses emerge as limited edition, and fade, when no real alternative really exists. Yes, dazzleglass is pretty, but couldn’t you retain even a limited range of the pretty Superglass finish with the asymmetrical glitter, or a few pigmented shades reminiscent of Dare to Wear? I can understand limited edition eyeshadows, where you may well get to use that backup….. but with the shelf life on lipgloss, is it really feasible to expect your clients to load up on spares of sparkly glosses?

    Urban Decay—-I LOVE you, but I can’t tell you HOW much time I’ve spent arguing with myself over your packaging. It’s impractical, often ugly, if not downright detrimental to the quality of the product! Your eyeshadow singles are nice…. But why would you put out a gel liner in a looooooooooooong flat case that exposes most of it to air and dries it out 10x as fast? Or a lipstick in a case with a dagger, that will wear through pants pockets, purse linings, etc. Putting the primer in a non-genie bottle was a LOVELY start, but PLEASE tell me it’s more than that! Unique packaging is entrancing, but PLEASE stop doing it at the expense of your products longevity/practicality.

    And all of you—PLEASE stop alienating your customers with over promotion of LE items, too-frequent releases, etc. Once in a while is a treat. All the time is a headache, and dissuades me from buying the products in it that I otherwise WOULD want.

    • alex

      MAC DOES make a white foundation. It’s a PRO product– but anyone can buy it.

      • Hmph. Would be nice to have it in a store near me then! I have to see things in person before buying, so I’ve had difficulties navigating the pro site, and never found it! I may spring for this when I run out of my current(non MAC) foundation!

      • Lilac

        Yes, but it has zero coverage :( It is as liquid as water. Would be nice to have something that is a teeny bit less than white, off-white :D. Also NC15 of Sculpt is darker than NC 15 of Select (d/ced) and it oxidizes. Mineralize itches like hell and oxidizes on top of that.

        • Lilac

          PS: and you would need a white foundation in the same consistency as the product you like to mix it with – otherwise you get a full chemistry experiment going on your skin.

  12. Shannon

    Dear MAC,

    Could you make a case for your makeup wipes? The last few wipes in the resealable package always dry out because the seal isn’t as tight as it was in the beginning. I’d rather pay for a case and refill with wipes than to not be able to use all of the wipes?

    And, can we get a permanent collection brush set?

  13. Veronica

    Dear Nars/NARS (whatever you prefer),

    Could you please STOP putting Orgasm in all of your gift sets? I get it…Orgasm is an AMAZING shade and something I use often (although I prefer Super Orgasm). But I’m sick of seeing it take over your entire display at Sephora. You have plenty of amazing blush/multiple/lip gloss/nail polish shades that are arguably better than Orgasm, but you would never know it looking at your page on Sephora or anywhere else your products are sold. Don’t turn into a one-hit wonder beauty brand (if there is such a thing!).


    Dear MAC,

    Please don’t ever EVER stop making ‘Angel’. It goes with every piece of makeup I own (green eyeshadow, plum blush, blue mascara, anything!).


    P.S. Could you please make Lip Erase a permanent product, not just PRO?

    • Evelyn

      Agree with you! enough with the Orgasm, we get it. lol I do have it but I actually don’t really like it so I’d like to see more than just rehashed Orgasm sets coming out.

      • I agree! Why must they put Orgasm in every gift set and palette?? I don’t need 12 Orgasms (LOL.) Please start putting your other great blushes in these sets -plus I’m sure more people would buy them!

    • Brittney

      Ditto on the Orgasm… Ever gift set looks lovely and then i see the blush and do not see a point in getting it..

  14. Kristen

    Dear Mac:

    I do adore you, really, but I have a few things to wonder about that don’t quite make sense:

    1. Why are the Canadian prices higher than in the US? Mac started out in Canada and was a Canadian based company. The cosmetics are manufactured here, so why do we have to pay more?

    2. As much as I love my local MAC counter, it bothers me that you can’t make bigger counters that stock more. I hate that I have to drive an hour away to my nearest store to access all of your brush selection and pigments.

    3. With #2 in mind, why can’t I B2M for a shadow at my counter? The counter has shadows, so I don’t understand why I must attend an actual store to B2M for it.

    4. With #3 in mind, why can’t I B2M for a pro palette refill instead of a single black packaged e/s? I much prefer pro palette refills and don’t understand why you wouldn’t agree to allow us to B2M for one considering the pro palette refills are cheaper than a regular e/s anyways.

    5. I have had the great opportunity to attend a F&F sale a few times. Why can’t the public have more access to tickets for these sales? The only way you can get a ticket is to be lucky enough to know a manager of an EL branch who will order you a ticket. That sucks. I adore these sales and as busy as they are, I still don’t understand why someone like me can’t have better access to a ticket.

    6. Why can’t your foundations come in more colours? I still can’t find my match with any of them :(

    • Fiaspice

      I SO agree with you. When I went to the USA I did some shoping at MAC and with the exchange and all I saved like 8$ on a blush & lipglass purchase. With Canadian dollar so high, the price should be the same.

    • Annie

      I talked to a MA about why they don’t accept pro palette refills anymore and she said that people were depotting their eyeshadows, using the sticker from the bottom of the plastic on the bottom of the pan magnet, and then turning those in as recyclables too. So they were getting two B2M instead of just one. They stopped taking the refills to avoid this cheat.

      • Kristen

        I was meaning why can’t I get a pro palette refill as my free B2M item; not returning pro palette pans or depots for B2M…
        If I bring six empties for an e/s, I should be able to get a pro palette e/s in return, not just be limited to the clunky black ones.

        • katherine

          so, i kind of agree with you, but i mean they don’t have to let us recycle our containers. i’m just happy they do and try not to be picky

        • Brittney

          I have gotten pro palette refills before for my Back 2 MAC… though i notice it depends on the store…

      • JayJay

        That’s what they told me as well.. BUT, the label on the back of the pro pan is completely different than the label on the bottom of a pot. So, it should be up to the sales associates/artists to tell the difference. The only thing you can get for them is one new pro pan, but still..

    • Tiffany

      I was told by an SA that pro palette refills can’t be taken b2m because there’s nothing to recycle. With the pots, they recycle the plastic pot part.

    • K

      On a similar note – Dear MAC,
      Where in the world did you get your conversion rates for Japanese Yen? Your eyeshadows are 2400 JPY, which is nearly $29 vs $15 in the US. Everything else is also around twice the price!

      • Biddi_NZ

        In new Zealand we pay NZ$36 per eyeshadow… It sucks

      • Vale

        Well, Euro values much more than Dollar, but each price here in Italy is almost the double of the US price! Even for products that are made in Europe! (like Chanel). This is a bit TOO strange o_O

  15. 1. Dear makeup company sales associates,

    I’m not sure if you understand this, but when we see you with your multiple layers of makeup, we get scared. Also, we’re less likely to take your opinion seriously because honestly, who wants to take makeup advice from someone who looks like a clown/drag queen hybrid? Please tone it down, ladies.

    2. Dear MAC,

    Please add Stereo Rose to your permanent line. I mean, I understand the marketing strategy, but this is bordering on the ridiculous. I assure you, you won’t be making less money by making it permanent. Other than that, thank you for for making your products more affordable and accessible to us.

  16. Iqra

    Dear MAC

    I know limited items are limited but hey can you atleast provide each counter with atleast 10 pieces of the product !

  17. Vijaya

    Dear MAC,

    I love your products, but I hate when your stuff sells out after it’s been online all of 2 minutes. When there is a limited edition MSF, or there are interesting blushes (like the ombres and Marine Life) you should just make more than you usually would, because you know stuff that cool and interesting is gonna sell out right away. Pigments, too. You must know how much people love collecting pigments.

    Also make some of your limited edition stuff becomes permanent. Not necessarily a LOT, just some. Especially skincare; that’s a staple, and falling in love with a limited edition exfoliator is a pain in the butt.

    One last thing, when your l/e stuff doesn’t sell, please start putting it on sale. How long has All’s Good been out? The better part of a year, and I bet it hasn’t sold out anywhere. Well, it’s my personal favorite blush, and if you put it on sale I’d buy two or three.

    • cmferrets

      u know what! i totally agree w/ u . instead of mac shipping stuff back to a cco and putting it on sale. mac should just put it on sale at the counter first for a while, and them if it doesnt sell, then they can ship it off. that would be so helpful to all of us (ME) , that DONT have a CCO in their state.

  18. Mickee

    Dear MAC,
    Please, start taking younger customers like myself seriously. I don’t like to feel like I’m not allowed to purchase a blush like Dollymix because I won’t understand that I need to sheer it out. Also, I have money to spend on makeup, so don’t not help me out because I will “waste your time since I am too young”. I love all your collections, but there is a limit to how many collections consumers need in a year. I think if I have to reminders on my calendar so I don’t forget the dates, that’s when it becomes a little too much. Other wise, I love a lot of your products and will continue to purchase.

    Dear All DRugstore,
    I do not think it is right for your products prices to go up as much as they have for being drugstore. Even though the quality is improving, a reality check is still in place-Its still DRUGSTORRE. If I wanted to pay $26 for an ounce of primer I would purchase from high end.

    Dear Urban Decay,
    As excessive as your packaging may be, the quality is still amazing. If only you would have planned better for your recent editions to your collection. It almost seems as if you are being deceive with company and tricking your consumer base-not cool.

    Dear Chanel,
    Oh, I love your nail lacquers and that feeling of walking away with something so coveted. =)

    • Nikki C

      i agree with your mac letter
      i’m a teenager and the MAs often ask if i need help in a sarcastic tone but are instantly nicer once they realize that i don’t go in to buy one tiny item after swatching and perusing the counter for awhile
      i understand that some younger customers are not there to make a big purchase but everybody has their own budget and regardless of that budget all customers should be treated the same.

    • Jessie

      I think teenagers get a bad rap because I’ve seen multiple times groups of teens go in and just destroy everything. This one girl came into my store and completely smashed down FIVE lipsticks on her boyfriends face and split pigment everywhere.

      So I assume that these MAs who have been working for a while stereotype you… which, obviously there is a stereotype for a reason right?

      If you really want to buy something and no one is helpng you out (a lot of girl go in just to browse as well!) ask someone! There’s nothing stopping you from asking someone for help either. This way they will also take you seriously as well.

      Not saying that it is acceptable what they are doing (by ignoring you etc), but just trying to make you see from their point of view as well! it takes a lot of effort to do what we do, and to spend a half an hour helping someone do their eye makeup, pick out foundation and try it on and everything and having them just peace out is not cool either. Artists even though (where I am from) don’t get paid comission we still have sales goals we have to meet.

      So if you’re serious about it, let them know! That’s all.

  19. Nichole

    Dear Nars,

    I LOVE your Eyeliner Stylo, it is the very best liner I have ever used….but why is it $28 bucks???



  20. Dearest Mac,
    Love yah 4everrrrrrrrrrr

  21. Laura

    Dear MAC – pleeeeease scale back the collections just a little? I have a fair amount of disposable income but you’re killing me with the constant stream of limited edition products! Also, I’d really prefer if you would release in stores before releasing online so I could at least swatch items before buying them. At the moment I have to buy anything I want from the website as soon as it comes out because I know if I leave it then anything coveted will have sold out online and in stores by the time I get to my nearest counter to see it! Also, please make Studio Fix Fluid in a paler shade? NW15 is just too dark and orange on me. Oh, and please can we have more than one Pro store in the UK (preferably in Birmingham!), and perhaps some more knowledgable/helpful/friendly sales staff whilst you’re at it?

    Dear Urban Decay – Please stop putting MCRA in palettes, and please release non-glittery versions of some of your shadows (eg Maui-Wowie). Also, please make some of your limited, palette-only shades into permanently available singles – especially Mushroom and some of the shades from the BOS 3! Oh, also please sort out the UDPP packaging :)

    • bxboricua

      Laura, your “Dear Urban Decay” letter was EXACTLY what I would have written… I completely agree!

    • Kristen

      I agree too with the glitter-bomb shadows and the packaging for the PP. They should make that LE squeeze tube version of the PP permanent.

    • Carol

      Laura, i agree with you… NW15 is too dark and orange on me! Mac should release NW10 foundations.

    • Samantha

      Btw, I heard that “Mushroom” is being released as a single around New Years.

    • Jessie

      You could always go into your store and exchange products you dislike even if you order them online right? I don’t know if you can get your money back, but I do know you can take any product you’re not happy with and exchange it :)

    • Ali

      Oh my god, MUSHROOM. They’re insane for not making that one permanent. I dread the day I run out.

  22. Arantzazu

    Dear Mrs. Bobbi Brown,
    Would you mind creating a really oily-skin foundation?
    I love your colours, and textures, and philosophy and everything, but your oily-skin foundation gets shiny -very shiny- in my face! But shines after less than an hour with it on!
    That’s all,
    Thank you.

  23. Abril

    Dear Brands In General (not MAC included here):

    Could you consider to have a program similar to BACK-2-MAC? I have Estee Lauder, Chanel, Urban Decay, Dior, Clinique, etc, empty bottles, empty lipsticks, etc that end in the trash every now and then and I think is such a waste! Is a win-win situation for you, for us and for the planet/ecology!


  24. In agreement with baby in corner

    Please Mac nars benefit ect …where did you get your conversion rates into euro. When I feel like a company is ripping me off I don’t want to buy your products.

    Dear Stila, Since you left Ireland i have missed you and you leave me no way to purchase products no online way foe outside USA .. And so other companies are the same. Considering we are ripped off with euro prices I would buy tons if I got to buy from sephora in dollars.

  25. Jazz

    Dear Mac ,

    Lets start off with a compliment. I love my petticoat msf, and I love my lipglasses. I love going to your counters and playing in your products. However, the frequent price increases and the fact that you release a collection every .0025 seconds , makes me hesitant to spend my money with you all. Please understand , I realize that we need new products to play with , but do we have to have soo many? Do your collections have to be so large? Your large collections make it impossible to focus on a few products.

    Trying to be a happy consumer

    • Jazz

      p.s. Can you ship things a little faster please? I ordered a product on friday and it still hasnt shipped yet. I know my shipping was free , but still this is ridiculous. Im willing to grant an exception because this was a holiday weekend, but please do better in the future.
      p.p.s Please stop telling every black woman they are NW45. Let us try on the other shades , we can be in the NC side too. k thanks!

    • cmferrets

      i totally agree w/ u on the mac collections being so large and all of them being le. i would perfer them smaller so u can buy more. and have it only be once a month.

  26. Maja

    Dear MAC,

    I love you and I always will, but can you puh-lease introduce your brand in Slovenia, even if it’s just one teeny tiny counter. It’s ridiculous that we don’t have access to MAC and that we have to beg other people who travel abroad to buy MAC for us. I know many girls and women who would kill to be able to get to your store or counter and not have to drive to Austria or Italy to buy your stuff.


  27. becca

    Dear MAC,
    I’d love you to make a decent eyeshadow primer – I love your skin and lip primers, so I’m not sure why you haven’t made a good eyeshadow one yet but it’s time. Paintpots crease on me.
    Thanks so much!
    Becca 😀

  28. Brenda

    Dear Mac
    Would you please please open an online store in my country (Belgium)? My nearest Mac store is over 100km,,,

    Dear Bobbi Brown, Urban Decay, Nars
    Would you please sell your products in my country (Belgium)? Overseas shipping fees cost me a fortune!


    • Karen

      I second this. Urban Decay, Nars, bobbi brown, too faced,… Not in Belgium. Not a single sephora, I have to drive to Breda, holland for that (and that’s just a counter!)

      There sure is a market for this stuff here… I mean the MACpro in antwerp almost bursts..

  29. coco72

    Dear MAC:
    All girls need red lipsticks, a very wide range of red lipsticks, personally I´m searching for a frost red one, like Queen´s sin or Port Red or some shade new, if you have made the formula and elaborate them for limited editions, you´ll be able to repromote them on new limited editions o make a permanent frost red lipstick, because you don´t have one

    I would like to buy online, but shipping cost to Spain are not affordable, if their costs were cheaper, I´m sure you´ll sell more here

  30. Laura

    Dear MAC,

    I’ve fell in love with your band about a year ago…
    I’m still a young girl, but I’m so passionate with make-up…
    But why is it so hard to find MAC in Belgium? Other countries have little MAC in)stores, but we do only have 5(!) stores in whole Belgium…
    And be honest, 33 euro for a cremewash is pretty expensive… But I still like your brand, whatever you do ^^

    PS: why not give samples when you buy something?

  31. Maya

    Dear Temptalia,
    I know you are not a specific brand, but I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your work. Your website is in my bookmark bar, and I check it every day. As a student myself, I know it can be incredibly demanding to keep up with all the new collections (MAC, Urban Decay, etc…) but you manage to do it. And well!
    The time, money, and effort you have put into this website is incredible. I can only hope to have as much knowledge as you do in the far future. Your layout is impeccable and you strive to help every person find what they are looking for. From pale ivory, to chocolate browns, you have a recommendation, and you are almost always (if not always!) spot on.
    I, and many many others, appreciate all you do for us!
    Thank you.

    • Aww, thank you Maya! This was totally unexpected but so, so very sweet and uplifting. I love being able to do what I do, and it’s a pleasure to be able to help out where and when I can :)

    • Edelmc

      I 2nd your mail Maya! As a mac addict I find this site so helpful and really appreciate it!

    • Stephanie

      Third! Christine you are incredible…seriously! I dont understand how you do it. I check this website at least twice a day. Being in school myself, I can not fathom how youre capable of such dedication. Youre amazing!

  32. mkdallas

    Dear High-End Beauty Counters at Neiman Marcus,

    Why did you decide that having a huge “Beauty Event” promotion was a good time to screw your customers with such crappy “gifts”? 5 years ago, you wouldn’t have dreamed of puttin a scent card or shampoo packet in your giveaway tote and calling it “filled with goodies”. In years past, the giveaways actually came in pots, bottles and compacts and really were goodies worth spending a C note for. Shoot, sometimes, your catalog still includes offers for great samples like Creme de Mer eye balm, YSL mascara & Sisleya serum and those you see fit to give me for free. These days, I can find samples of greater value to me in the average fashion magazine. I used to love you, but now that you seem willing to think I’m gullible, I try not to give you my hard-earned dollars. Thank you.

    Dear Edward Bess,

    I love everything about you, especially your gorgeous face and perfect hair. More than that, I love your makeup and am willing to spend quite a bit to obtain it. Because I can only purchase it thru your website, where shipping/handling charges are outrageous ($12.75 for 2 lipsticks???) or by calling Bergdorf Goodman in NYC (which involves an arduous conversation I don’t really have time for), I would like for you to either place your line at more brick and mortar stores (here in Dallas) or to offer reduced shipping charges. You are the bomb.

    Love, mkdallas

  33. Karyn

    Dear Guerlain,

    Please please PLEASE listen to Christine’s idea re: refills for Rouge G’s! I’m so leery of using Galante because it’s already half gone and I do not have the ability to another at this point. I know you’re luxury but it’s an awful waste to toss out a beautiful case each time I need a new lipstick!

    Dear stila,

    I miss your old eyeshadow trios. Please bring them back in the stila girl packaging.


  34. Caitlin

    Dear MAC,

    I am new to MAC, yet obsessed. I spend every free penny I have on you and would rather go without food so I can buy more of your products, yes I am that obsessed. My obsession has become so ridiculous when I went to my first MAC counter, I could name off the lipstick the MA was wearing having never swatched it or looked at it. Yes, that’s right, I memorise your products. My concern, is that you continue to come out with all of these brand new LE collections – which don’t get me wrong, are fantastic. But I cannot keep up with you. I would love nothing more than to own everything I love from you – but I simply do not have the funds. My head is spinning trying to keep on top of everything and figuring out what I want MOST because I cannot afford all that I love.

    Basically, please slow down. Make your collections smaller, and for the love of all things makeup, please stop increasing costs. You’re making this incredibly hard for me.

    Forever yours,


  35. Edelmc

    Wow I am surprised at the number of people wanting less or smaller collections. That’s like saying choice is bad IMO. Yes the collections are big but that’s cause there’s something for everyone. I am a massive mac fan but wouldn’t think of buying a full collection as it wouldn’t all suit me. Sites like this help see look thru the collection and decide what I would like to get

    • For me, it’s about putting out better collections on the whole – some collections are so large that not all pieces feel well thought out or even are up to par with their permanent line. I don’t think they’re terrible, but I think a scale back would be useful. I’m personally overwhelmed with such large collections – it’s like, what am I supposed to focus on? How do I know what might suit me?

  36. Shannon

    complete ditto to Christine’s mac letter. Please stop making so many collections… I’m running out of money! Plus I think they would be more special if there were less and we had to wait a month or so for them to arrive.

  37. Airisu

    Dear MAC:
    Overall, your products are awesome,good quality, and (for a high-end brand) affordable; the B2M program is just utter genius. That said, I agree with a lot of the people who’ve posted here on Temptalia – please scale back on your collection launches a little, or break up larger collections (i.e.: fashion forecast) into mini-releases. Not everyone can afford to spend so much money at once and you’re losing out on some people who otherwise would’ve bought a product, had they had the time to save up for it.
    In addition, I would love it if you guys would make very sought-after products part of your permanent line (i.e.: pleasureflush MSF, lightscapade MSF, and especially Queen’s Sin l/s).
    and one final thing, I’d really appreciate it if you guys could release mattes as a matte squared formulation, it just excels so much more than the original formula, which I find grabby…

    Dear Urban Decay,
    The quality of your e/s, for the most part, kicks arse! That said, please consider less bulky packaging (i.e: the deluxe shadow palettes are lovely, but they’re rather uncomfortable for on-the-go/travel); and please get rid of the chunky-monkey glitter in some of your e/s (i.e: midnight cowboy rides again) – the shadows themselves are so lovely but the glitter chunks, alas they don’t go where they should and end up all over the face. The glitter is so frustrating that I, and I’m sure others, avoid using the shades altogether. Please consider reformulating the shades with a microglitter that stays put.

    and finally

    Temptalia/Christine (I know you’re not a makeup brand),
    Honestly, idk what I would do without this website/ without you. I don’t mean to sound like a suck-up but is the makeup lover’s best research tool. Your investment (whether it’s time/money/energy) in this website is phenomenal and it shows – the organization, the easy-to-navigate-ness, lol, the way people can find what they’re looking for easily 😛 . Your swatches help me decide which products are worth buying and which ones aren’t. I love how I can find out when and what MAC collections are launching ahead of time; and if I’m not able to swatch a product in person I know I can come here and see what it will look like prior to purchasing it. Keep it up and thank you very, very much!


  38. Suji

    Dear Essie,

    PLEASE bring back Starry Starry Night. Can’t find it ANYWHERE and when it’s sold on ebay it goes for ridiculous sums of money. :(

  39. Ally_D

    Dear Urban Decay, please quit with the bulky, heavy cardboard packaging. It makes things hard to store and with the space needed for just one BOS I could store 2 or 3 more if they were slimmer packaged. Like the Ammo palette, that’s great packaging.

    Dear MAC, thanks very much for opening a store in Cambridge. Even though you are enabling an expensive hobby I really enjoy being able to get my hands on your products without having to travel into London. Any chance you could do something about the scent of Studio Fix Fluid? It’s the only thing stopping me switching my foundation.

    Dear NARS, I love thee so. Sadly I missed out on the Pleasures of Paris palette and I am truly desperate to get my hands on one. If you could repromote it at some time that would be great.

  40. Karen

    Dear MAC,

    If you can’t stop beauty scalpers, and make so many LE items, I hope you at least make more quantities of LE items. Selling out within minutes is Ridiculous?!.. And it frustrates someone like me who’s schedule is crazy. It’s like I’m always 4 minutes late on my MAC counter!!

  41. Caitlin

    Dear MAC,

    I forgot to mention, I would really, REALLY love it if you could open up a counter in my city – at LEAST. I’m not asking for a store, although that would be nice. But I have to take a train, for an hour to get to a COUNTER. I find this ridiculous. I would buy even more from you if I were able to actually try things out and not purchase blindly. Please do so, soon. :)

  42. Stephanie

    Dear Sephora,
    Can there be a little more love for Canada? I we wear make-up in our igloos and on polar bears. We would love to have lots of you, really. Pretty please?

    • JayJay

      As a follow-up to your letter, it would be really nice if Sephora would honour their online promo codes for us Canadians as well. I’ve called them about this, and they place the blame on Canada Post. However, I’ve been able to order other things from south of the border, and used promo codes with no issues.

      Also, please work to have Illamasqua available to us Canadians as well.


      • Michelle

        Man, we get screwed on prices too. I was in vacation in Florida and I made a $200 purchase and I when I checked Canadian prices I figured out I saved almost $70. There was maybe a $5 difference in terms of currency. Crazy!

        And how come I am showered with ExfoliKate samples but I can’t buy the real deal up here?

  43. Dear ELF cosmetics,

    As much as I love your $3 brushes, I had to stop buying from you. I just can’t get over the fact that I have to pay an extra $10 to my packages here in a timely fashion. Taking almost 3 weeks 3 times I have ordered from you is not only bad customer service, but rude. I have gotten things from other countries sooner then you.

    Oh and MAC,

    Please PLEASE do not sell out of the VV collection before I get 4 items, JUST 4 ITEMS that’s all I want!

  44. karen

    Dear MAC,
    I love your products, and love the choice that each collection brings. I’d love to see the limited edition things stay around for longer than they do and please stock more if there’s high demand even before the release (ie: Stereo Rose). I’d love more blush ombres and MSFs (and an actual chance to picking up what I missed the first time). And please bring back Starflash eyeshadows, those are the best!

    Dear Chanel,
    I love your glossimers and nail polishes. Please repromote Jade, I missed it the first time.

  45. Dear MAC,

    You have my heart like no other. So, could you please stop toying with my emotions? I love to keep up-to-date on the latest limited edition products, but you make it hard to keep up! As Christine said, one collection per month is plenty. Less is more sometimes. I’d much rather you come out with less collections that WOW me instead of so many collections that leave me underwhelemed. Please MAC, my wallet is begging you, take it easy.


    • Janet

      Linda, I totally agree. I had to skip MACs latest collection in order to save up for the Venemous Villains collection coming out at the end of this month. I almost need to take on a second job just to keep up.

  46. happybadfish

    Dear Mac

    Please include 217 brushes in your holiday brush sets. I know you used to, because I have 2 of them. I don’t understand why you stopped. Is it because you know people will buy them anyway??

    Your website needs to have clear information on the differences between NC and NW foundations.

    While you are at it, can you make your online swatches look like the actual color of the product? This would be useful for many obvious reasons.

    Can you pretty please make new pro palettes with a clear window, similar to the quad palettes?

    Thanks for making paints, love them! Thanks for my two 217le brushes I have, because I prefer short handles. Thanks for Tempting, Satin Taupe, Copper Plate, Bronze and Vanilla eyeshadows – can’t live without them. Thanks for selling Mac Trip online.

    • Edelmc

      I 2nd the large pro palettes with a clear window! I think thats a fantastic idea…it would be so handy to see which palette is which without having to open each one every morning. Also, I love the style of the new quad palettes

  47. Aisha

    Dear MAC,
    Re-release Pearlglide eyeliners. Please. I stupidly bought one of each color only thinking they will last me long but now I’m running out and of course they are no where to be found because they are “limited edition”.
    Please re-release!

  48. Lilac

    Dear MAC,
    thanks for the great colour range and huge variety in products.
    Some things that I wish would be added to the line are:
    More paintpots / paints / GPS etc in a variety of special and unique colours, well, pretty much the colours you meanwhile all pulled and some of which I never had the chance to even see (like that green-silver-paintpot); plus a couple of colours from the LE’s. It would also be very nice if those products, if then they must be LE, would at least be available for several months and the time of offer would be announced clearly to the customers.

    Something that is very important to me, too (and to many people in forum threads such as “Pale Beauties – which foundation?” and similar discussion topics:
    Please make available colour shades of NC 0 (white?; anyways, almost white) to NC 10/15 much more (and respectively in NW), as permanent colours; and especially in the form of liquid foundation (powder as foundation only is for many people not an option). Even people who are white as a wall do need foundation with good coverage!
    Plus, please check your formulas for oxidization, it does not happen to all clients but at least to many; I do not like being 4 shades darker in the evening. Also there should be options of foundation without glimmer particles (such as Mineralize).

    Dear Maybelline,
    I can see from the online-catalogue that you offer really_light foundation shades, just you limit them to the US apparently (and some Scandinavian countries). Please also sell the full colour range in Germany, I`m desperate!

    Dear Inglot,
    Germany is waiting for stores /or at least an online shop =)
    (check the beauty-forum:, people are waiting!).

    [yes, pale foundation is an important topic in my life, especially as it is almost impossible to find :/]

  49. puffnstuff

    Dear Chanel & MAC…for the price of your polishes I expect them to last longer than 1 day and not chip so quickly. AND i expect the not not be sheer.
    Also, and this applies to many MU companies, if you want me to pay say…$30 for an eyeshadow, i expect it to be a good color payoff. same goes for blushes.

    and MAC, my dear MAC. Can some of the limited edition items become permanent? and then you can get rid of some of the permanent stuff that just sucks…like the velvet and lustre and some matte eyeshadows…the quality is not on par.

    I’m just tired of seeing the same boring releases every few weeks, it really gets old. Can i get some Ripe Peach please? it’s like companies make things so limited that I hope you realize that you lose out on the money and let it go to the scalpers…its ridiculous. it just makes me not want to buy from you anymore

  50. Annie S

    Dear MAC,

    Why do you undersupply certain items? For example, the Stereo Rose MSF! I didn’t even TRY to get it because I know how impossible that would have been…

    Also, I presume some of your objectives with your makeup line is to spread your products for the sake of art and beauty… If you wanted people to benefit from your products, don’t make them so exclusive!

    Your MUA… I am fortunate and have found some SA who are helpful and don’t try to push products down your throat. The problem I do have is considering my age (15) I have a hard time with SA taking me seriously. I am a true MAC Addict and will easily drop some serious dough for a new collection. Why is it that very rarely I can find someone who wants to help me for more than 2 secs?!

    Last thing, I love your collections, I really do. But is it truly neccesary for a 4 part collection (Spring Colour Forecast, Fabulous Felines, Disney)… How can you seriously expect us to be able to purchase all of these items.. If you make the collections a little smaller, you wouldnt overwhelm us all and probably end up selling more of each product!

    With love,

  51. Julie

    Dear Urban Decay,
    If it has “Midnight Cowboy” in the name, I’m pretty sure we don’t need it in another palette.

    • Marissa B

      LOL, also maybe a few less Zero pencils – love them, but I have about a dozen – we like colors other than black too.

  52. CeeBee

    Dear MAC,

    Why is it so hard to buy your products in NZ? I can only find them in Auckland or Wellington, that’s TWO cities in this ENTIRE country.
    Thankfully the wonderful Alyssa at the Smith & Caugheys counter is a god send and will do phone orders for me (after I sort out what I want from Temptalia’s amazing swatches and reviews – thanks Christine!) but i still mostly have to purchase sight unseen.
    I would also like to know why a MAC lipstick is $14 in the US and $40NZ here. I know there’s an exchange rate and shipping to consider but that is an 185% increase so I’d be very interested in the justification for such a drastic increase.

    Dear Urban Decay, MAC, Sephora, etc

    Please will you ship internationally. Even to NZ. Yes we are a very small country on the bottom of the world but we do have internet capability, actual currency, our own airline and even a postal service.
    It can’t be that hard, can it? Also, if you want to be seen as a global brand, that means more than just marketing to the Northern Hemisphere, OK? There *is* a whole ‘nother half of the world down here…
    I’d really appreciate it if you could consider this.


    • Stacey

      Hey CeeBee,

      MAC is also available at Ballantynes in Chch and Arthur Barnetts in Dunedin. As for the cost, unfortunately import taxes hike up the price of cosmetics here, and in many other places around the world. Our prices are on par with those of Asia/Europe etc, give or take a little for the exchange rate.

      • CeeBee

        Oh cool, good to know – I don’t get to the South Island much, though I was in Chch last year I never got to Ballyntynes (damn, shopping radar broken!) – do you know if it still standing?!

      • I wouldn’t say the prices are on par with Asia at all, I live in Australia and a lipstick is around $35, and in Malaysia they were around $20AUD. I also have a Korean friend who buys a lot of MAC from Korea because it’s also much cheaper there.

    • Jessie

      You can buy a ton of new/used mac products (anything and everything) on livejournal (mac_cosmetics), it is definitely worth checking out, you can probably save a TON of money that way (most of the pricing is in usd)

      Just another option!

  53. Keen Janine

    Dear MAC,

    I love you dearly, but there is much room for improvement, especially for you think it’s okay to increase prices so often. Please get a grip with releasing collections every other week. It’s overwhelming and counterproductive because our wallets don’t get a chance to recover long enough between each collection to attempt to purchase all that we desire from the next collection. Also, if you are going to charge $12 or $13 for nail lacquers, then you need to make ones that don’t chip so easily. I can purchase China Glaze nail lacquers for $6 that last for weeks, while yours lasts maybe a day. Your foundations need work. You need to produce more of the limited edition items that we find interesting (like Marine Life) instead of having only 5 per store. I understand the marketing strategy really well, but it is only catering to the price gougers on Ebay. I also think a permanent brush set at a cost effective price would be nice. If you think it’s okay to raise your prices to that of higher end department store brand (like Chanel and Dior, for example) then you can stand to improve on quality and stop focusing on the quantity of makeup released as collections. Less is more.

    Dear Make Up Forever,

    Please open another boutique in the US. We all can’t get to NYC. I understand you have your products in Sephora, but it’s not the same. There should be a location in Atlanta, somewhere in Florida, 2 in California, Houston, and St. Louis, so that the rest of us have more access to the boutique experience.

    • karen

      Yes! I would love other MUFE boutiques. I would love another option to match me to their foundation besides Sephora where the last time I tried they were mean and refused to let me sample multiple shades.

    • Brittney

      PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Make Up For Ever!!!

  54. Desiree

    Dear Beauty/Cosmetics Conglom-o:

    As a woman of color, a black woman, I’m sick and tired of having trouble finding the right shade of foundation for my dark skin. I’m sick and tired of the endless array of ‘blue pinks’ and ‘pale peaches’ all created for those medium and lighter.

    It isn’t fair (no pun intended). I don’t know how many times I’ve fallen in love with a shade but was apprehensive about it ‘showing up’. Why do I have two buy two shades of foundation just to make a ‘decent enough’ match?

    If I was a conspiracy theorist, I’d say it was on purpose, to make more money…

    So, do everyone a favor and EXPAND the paradigm. There are many women with cash in their pockets and looking to spend who don’t match the any of the 6 shades you make: ‘Bone’, ‘Sand’, ‘Buff’, ‘Nude’, ‘Alabaster’, ‘Shell’… *rolls eyes*

    Which makes me think of something else: why are ‘nudes’ considered pale tones? A nude for me is a medium brown, as it is for many women. ‘Naked Palette’? If I wore them, I wouldn’t be ‘naked’ at all.

    Listen up: stop making women of color an AFTERTHOUGHT! We exist!

    • Brittney

      I am half-spanish, and i never thought about this.. but i think you are absolutely right… there really is much out there… though the luxury of dark skin is bright colors look absolutely gorgeous on you and make me look like a clown…

  55. Jessica V

    Dear Urban Decay,
    Please make Maui Wowie without glitter! I love it but hate the fallout. I’m with everyone else on the exclusion of MCRA in future palettes, I now have three that will go untouched! And if ya’ll made a program like Back to Mac that would be super helpful too : )

  56. Maxi

    Dear MAC-
    I am 15. Not 5. Treat me like any other customer, and I promise not to pay with my piggy bank. And please stop coming out with new collections every 5 minutes. I would appreciate more thought out, infrequent, smaller collections to truly enjoy. Thanks.

    Dear any company who tests on animals—
    Pretty self explanatory. Stop testing on animals. It’s barbaric. It’s costly. It’s not the most innovative way available. Bye.

  57. Maxi

    Dear Temptalia–
    Thanks for working so hard on this amazing website, all for us! The effort, attention to detail and sheer amount of posts is awesome! Thanks!

  58. noi

    Dear Sephora & Major Beauty Brands Who Are Non-Existent in the Philippines,

    I know I belong to a developing country (fellow Filipinos, don’t deny! some may have cash to burn but majority of us don’t) but can you PLEASE at least set-up counters in our leading department stores? Currently, we have Beauty Bar branches (our local Sephora) but the number of brands don’t satisfy my cosmetic curiosities. I’d love to see an Urban Decay, a Too Faced or a Tarte counter in the department stores while I’d love to go crazy over NYX, Milani or Rimmel counters over our drugstores. I already spotted a Wet n’ Wild (good prices btw) so that’s good… but every makeup addict & beauty guru knows that international shipping just won’t cut it. WE NEED YOUR PRODUCTS HERE. And no matter how majority of us can’t fork the $$$ needed, I can assure that some of you (talkin’ to you NYX, Milani & Rimmel!) will get your desired target market here. And please, please, conquer our whitening-products market! I swear, more Filipinas should be appreciative of their skin tone.
    That is all. Thank you! :)


  59. nicci

    Dear Chanel –I have fallen in love with you for almost 3 years now. Everything from beauty items, shoes, wallets, and eventually a GST :) Anyway! It feels like there are a lot more special items offered in France and especially in South Korea and Japan. I wish some of them made it the the states :( I went on Sephora site for France and was amazed that they had so many products that the US doesn’t even have (I could only wish that Chanel could be in Sephora in the states!) I can see why France would have more but still…shouldn’t it be a little more equal?

    One example is a new primer that is supposed to be coming out but I don’t think it will be available in the US. WHY??!! :-( Thankfully, I have a friend and some relatives in South Korea but it is such a pain to get.

    Other than that, I love all your products, especially the glossimers and the new glosses coming out! :)

  60. JayJay

    Dear MAC,

    There is so much I could say, but I will keep it simple, and only focus on the few things that are on my mind.

    Please stop discontinuing your colourful products, for example, paints, paint pots, and fluidlines. It seems that there is much less colour and way more neutrals. Some of us only like colour!!

    I am a Canadian consumer, and our dollar has been almost on par with the US for the past couple of years. How come there is such a discrepancy in prices on either side of the border? If it’s our government sticking their greedy mitts in (duty fees for made in japan, france, etc), please let us know.

    Please focus on quality, instead of quantity when releasing collections. So many recent collections have been disappointing, because practically everything can be duped with products from the permanent line. Also, please try to space out collections, digi dazzle, In The Groove, and Alice + Olivia all in the same week was a bit much.


  61. Helen L.

    Dear Loreal,
    Please allow the HIP line (other than just the eyeshadows) to be available in Canada. I have been dying to try the HIP jelly balms but there aren’t any in Canada!

    Dear Revlon,
    Please allow your summer collection of Super Lustrous lip glosses to available in Canada. I really want to see the colors!

    Dear MAC,
    I love your products, but please stop making everything limited edition and discontinuing my fav. products! Also please return the pigment jars to their original size, put more product in dazzleglasses, bring back the tender tones, and employ some nicer MAs (some at my counter are nice and some are rude.) Thanks!

  62. Brittney

    Dear Bobbi Brown..

    I can not stand you sales associates… they always seem like they have a predetermined product they wish to sell that day and push it off to you though you want to talk about some other lovely product you sell… I feel i do better on my own at your counter than a sales associates… I recommend computer kiosk to check out and give advice…

    Dear Urban Decay,

    Love your 24/7 Eyeliners could you please sell medium sized eyeliner gift sets instead of the stubby liners. Also, if you could make a book of shadows palette sans cardboard… it is just unpratical…

    Dear MAC,

    Love Love Love your line and how affordable and easy to use products you create, would it be possible to have a rewards program for your faithful customers that have been fans for years? A program such as if you spend a $500 dollars at MAC you are able to get a pro card for a month’s use…or if you have spent $1000-2000 dollars you get a special discount for being loyal… just saying I have loved you for years… would like to be treated special as I am treated at Sephora as a VIB (very imporant beauty insider)

    Please and Thank you! :)

  63. Stefanie

    Dear MAC,
    Can you PLEASE return to quality over quantity? I have some LE products from collections back in the day (C-Squeeze, Rebel Rock, Madame B, Belle Azure, etc). The quality is great and the colors are actually unique. I used to head to the counter for just about every collection and buy something. Now, with a collection coming out every 5 seconds and stuff selling out before I even have the chance to look at it, I don’t even bother. Everything is starting to look the same, the quality isn’t as nice (and in some cases just downright terrible), and some of the collections are too huge and overwhelming. I can’t keep up anymore. One collection every couple of months would be plenty, just like in the good ol’ days. Don’t get me wrong, I still use your products on a daily basis and love the stuff I have, but I wouldn’t mind adding some nice, unique new items to my collection. I would also like to say thanks for the great newer items that ARE permanent (I’m looking at you paint pots!)

  64. Gia

    Dear Dior,
    Please send the SA to some sort of dealing with the public class. Seriously! I love Dior one of my fav makeup brands but the saleswomen are mostly stuck up at counter or they aren’t at the counter and are wondering around the department store and I have to drag someone else to purchase something from them. I’m pretty sick of the bad customer service too. I’m spending ALOT of money on your very expensive makeup please tell the saleswomen to at least act a little happy that i’m at the counter. And I shop during slow times and am usually the only one at the counter. A little help.

    Dear Urban Decay,
    Stop putting glitter in every eyeshadow. Thanks

    Dear Stila,
    You are one of my favorite brands ever. I have never had a fail with any of your products. Lip glazes love! Foundations love! But for gosh sakes PLEASE stop putting kitten in every single thing! Kitten lip glaze, kitten eye shadow, kitten eyeliner, kitten eye pot… I must have one of each. yes I know it’s a great color and it’s oh so universal but please STOP. I have to many!

    Dear Nars,
    Not everyone loves Orgasm! Please stop telling the makeup artists to push Orgasm blush/multiple stick/lip gloss/lip pencil on me! I’m very pale with pink tones. I do not do well with any coral/orange on me. And yes I have tried it and used it correctly. Thanks

    • Mel

      I totally agree about people with darker skin tones because I have exactly the same problem, only at the opposite end of the spectrum! As Gia said about her skin, my skin as well is very very pale but with PINK undertones. Although I am Italian, I do not have olive or golden or tanned skin, and I am sick of seeing every brand target with their foundations only people who have yellow undertones!
      Currently I am using an illamasqua one which seems to be one of the few brands who knows beige does not look good on EVERYONE.

      As Gia said, I do NOT look good with coral, peach, ochre, yellow colours! And honestly, some sales assistants or makeup artist who try to tell me I look good with brown or gold, should maybe go back to studying what colours suit people with different skin undertones, because honestly after their suggestions I can’t really take anything they tell me seriously anymore!

      So this is my please: please consider people with darker skintones, lighter skintones and most of all, people who do not have yellowy undertones to their skin!

      • Edelmc

        I second this. Macs new pro longwear foundation isn’t even available in nw15, it starts at nw20. The nc15 is too yellow.

  65. Dear MAC,

    I have only been in love with makeup for almost two years and I’ve been loving some of your products but I do not appreciate “collection barf.” I wish collections were limited to once a month and that they weren’t always of such great magnitude to include many themed mini collections at that. Also, I assume that being around in the business for quite a while, you would more or less have a fair gauge of demand for your products. I wish there was a better supply-demand ratio because sometimes it’s not really any fun purchasing from collections so much. I’m sure the amount arriving in the Philippines isn’t enough because it is usually sold out within hours (or maybe even minutes) of the opening day. Hopefully you’d see that you could impress people without putting out every few weeks and customers would be even more impressed if they could actually enjoy their shopping experience with you. Hope you hear people out because I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks this.

    Dear nailpolish brands that aren’t in the Philippines yet: Sinful Cosmetics, China Glaze, etc. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE
    We need you. ‘Nuff said.

    Dear nailpolish brands that ARE in the Philippines BUT aren’t always updated and/or do not ship all their stuff here (OPI, Orly, Sally Hansen etc)
    I love your stuff, I do. But with the limited selection, it’s hard to fully enjoy the joys of your brand. I wish OPI collections came out at the same time here, same for Orly, I wish Sally Hansen’s Hidden Treasure was here too. There’s a lot of stuff from you guys that I wish were around but aren’t! I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way as I know a lot of nail addicts here too. Please, please, show us the same lovin’ too =\

  66. Iqra

    Dear MAC

    Please come to karachi ! Trust me you will sell a lot heree !! Also I love your makeup brushes! But considering the price e pay for ( I know I know handmade and all ) could you please provide us with a pouch or something to keep them in so the bristles don’t get ruined? How about a cloth form of the plastic packaging they come in ?

    Thanks ! :)

    Dear Christine !

    I just wanted to appreciate your hardwork ! Swatching a bazillion colors and their dupes must be a torture to your skin ! ( I just saw your Book Of Shadows video ) . Your site has made it easy for a newbie like me to have easy access to all types and brands of makeup !
    Thank youuuuuuuuuu.

    Dear US Drugstore brands ( such as CoverGirl , Wet n Wild , Neutrogena)

    Please go beyond the US ! I want neutrogena makeup so bad ! And online shopping is no fun. lol.

  67. Ali

    Dear Sephora,
    For how much money I spend in your store, I wish I could get some respect. At 2pm on a Saturday when I’m in your store, I might be wearing (and I have worn) basketball shorts, an old v-neck with paint stains on it, and no make up. My hair might be up in a messy ponytail and obviously unwashed. I might be hung over. That doesn’t mean I don’t wear top-shelf makeup to work and out at night, or that I don’t intend to buy, or that I’ll steal, or that I don’t know what I’m doing with your products, or that I’m stupid, or that I’m poor (god forbid! out you dog!), or that I’m not as good as you, or that I’m not worth your time. When I have to search high and low for a clerk to ask a question, while all available staff are asking Ms. Fendi Bag if she needs help for the fourth time (she doesn’t), it makes me want to trot on down to Nordstrom where I’ll be appreciated even if I don’t get VIB points on my purchase.
    The difference in how I’m treated when I go in with a big designer handbag, full makeup and decent clothes.. well it’s so different that I feel embarrassed for you. Wake up.

  68. badmakeupgirl

    Dear Urban Decay,

    Please make more vegan palettes (with different colours than your last one, which, btw, I love you for). Also, PLEASE make some purple vegan eyeshadows.

    Dear Sephora,

    Please get some better lighting in your stores. I love that I can sample the products, but when I try them on and look in those horrible lighted mirror stations, I feel like I’m in a poorly lit hotel bathroom. How can I tell if a colour looks ok if the light is so bad?

    Dear Basically Every Beauty Company

    1) It’s been said before, but please stop the animal testing. Seriously.
    2) Can you label (or at least make available on your website or in store somehow) specific ingredients for each shade. For people with allergies (or who don’t buy products that contain animal ingredients *ahem*), it’s difficult to tell what shades are/aren’t safe and then we end up just not buying any shades at all (and take our business to Urban Decay).



    • badmakeupgirl

      Dear Temptalia,

      Great comment idea! I loved reading everyone’s letters! Thanks!

      Dear Urban Decay (Again)

      If/When you do make another vegan palette, please name it after Mellan!



  69. Dear OPI, China Glaze, Orly & essie
    I just adore your nail polishes they are great, always good quality and every single colour is unique! But PLEASE, please, make them a little bit more affordable here in Europe. I don’t understand why you’re paying 8$ on a nail polish in the US (which is a kinda drugstore price) and here in Europe its one of the most expensive nailpolishes with Chanel. They are all about 25$!

    Dear MAC,
    thank you so much for your nice counter women, they always treat me as an adult, and not like an child, like all those other brands, because i’m just 15. I also love your VIVA Glam series and that you have named your finishes, so i always know, what i can expect when theres a label with, f.e., ‘lustre’ on!
    But there’s something I would really wish, it’s that there is, which doesn’t ship to Austria, but why? Shipping is very low here, a package from Germany to Austria just costs about 5$. That would be so cool!

    Dear benefit, NARS, Sephora, …
    I would love to buy your products – but it’s nearly unpossible to getthem here! PLS expand a little bit to Europe!

    That’s cool, Christine!

    • Lilac

      OPI: 17 € ($22) (and just few colours available, not all of the seasonal ones)
      Essie: 14 € ($18)
      China Glaze 8-12€ ($11-16), depending on the online-store.

      Also most of them are only available online (which is ok where they as organized as most US-retailers but they are not) or in some big cities. There are some exceptions with lower prices, for example for China Glaze, but then usually most of the colours are sold out so fast).

      So for the price on this side of the ocean of one Essie and one OPI-colour I could get an order of 9-10 same brand-nailpolishes from the US – and that is exactly what I´m doing.

      I do get that the shipping to overseas and taxes etc will raise the prices, but not by that amount! These polishes are like luxury items here, with crazy prices.

      Same goes btw for Revlon:
      Dear Revlon, why do you sell your 4-colour-palettes in the US for a couple of dollars and then the BOGOF-campaigns, too and in Germany they cost 17 € ($22)? O_O

      I think a couple of brands would sell a lot more if they could re-think their pricing. What is keeping them from going into competition in this market, I`m bored to death by Nivea & Astor.

  70. KC

    Dear MAC,
    First of all thank you for opening a counter in Barbados. Thank you! I was looking at your products for years and always used to sigh because they weren’t available here. The staff here is excellent and everyone knows my name and are so helpful. Now to the serious stuff. Seriously what is up with these price increases? Last year I paid BDS $42 (US$21.50) for an eyeshadow, now its BDS $46 (US$23). I mean I love your products but now I’ve stop buying singles and I only buy quads because there the price of like 2 and a half eyeshadows. The collections I love, especially the huge ones because there is something for everyone. But must you release two collections every month? Its pretty hard to keep up. But you know what? I still love you, because you make an effort to be inclusive of everyone and you make wonderful products.

    Dear NARS,Urban Decay and Stila,

    Barbados would like a counter at least from each of you. Thanks!

  71. Dear International Brands (Read MAC, Inglot, Maybelline, Revlon, The Body Shop, NYX)

    Would you please considering launching your latest collections in India concurrently with when you do in the US and the rest of the world, and not after a year! It feels like you are dumping unsold inventory on us. We don’t like that!

    & Revlon: All Indian women don’t wear only Black eyeliners. Some of us are fair & lighteyed. We do want browns and purples too. & also for god sake could you please bring us the colorstay liners.

    Dear Bourjois,

    Thank you for treating us with respect and launching your collections in India within 2 weeks of International launch. I love you!

  72. Dear Inglot,
    Please, please, please open up a store in California -specifically, San Francisco. You would make tons of money here! You can place your store right inbetween MAC Pro and Sephora on Union St. (that would be Heaven.) I swear, if you opened up a store here, I would stop by at least once a week and buy lots of products. Also, I don’t understand why you only have 2 stores in the entire U.S. And come on, you put your second store in Vegas?? I know lots of people go there but come on, there are TONS of people in California. Will you just show us some love? PLEASE.

    Dear Kiko,
    I tried your products when I was in Italy a few months back and think your store is great. The store is like a more fun, brighter MAC with great prices (even in Euros.) Please open up a few stores in the U.S. -don’t be like Inglot and only be available to New Yorkers + people who love to gamble (I like Vegas too btw.) We here in California love makeup too! When I there, I visited your store and bought about 20+ products in under 30 minutes including convincing my cousin to buy about 15 products (total of 35!) Please open up a store here -I promise I’d be your first customer at the Grand Opening.

    Dear MAC,
    I love that your prices are on point but please, like others have said, QUALITY over quantity. Some of your products flat out suck. Brands over at Sephora blow you out of the water quality-wise. What’s up with some super drying lipsticks and blushes and foundation that irritate my skin? Also with the limited edition products, make more of the ones that you KNOW will be sold out. I don’t want to go on Ebay and pay $120 for a stupid blush. Make more of them -I’m sure you’d love the extra thousands too.

  73. Nomie

    Dear Urban Decay,

    Look, I love you. I love your products. I only started really wearing makeup recently and about 40% of my collection is UD. But you have got to rethink this limited edition ridiculousness. I wanted to get the BoS III for my sister for her birthday, but it sold out within an hour. Now I’m stuck hoping it’ll either come back into stock or that I can get it at Sephora while it’s still up. Similarly, I would pay a buttload of money for the Loaded eyeshadow, but it’s only available in the palette. Which is cool – I know people complained a lot about the Alice in Wonderland palette only having existing shades – but maybe you could release it as a single in a few months? I can’t justify buying the BoS III for myself at this point, particularly for one shadow.

    All I want to do is give you my hard-earned cash for goods. This is a capitalist society. Surely we can make it work.

  74. Sophie

    Dear Mac please open one of your stores in Malta. I get frustrated seeing all the lovely makeup from your collections and your permanent lines. I hate sticking to drug store makeup.

  75. crlsweetie912

    Dear MAC,
    Bring back the 226 brush as permanent. It has changed my life! Also, why the difference in the quality of the brushes made in Japan versus the brushes made in France? NOT COOL!

  76. Dear MAC,

    Thank you for instilling confidence in me that I never knew existed. I’ve become more open and experimental to playing with colors. Thank you for your quick shipping and the frequency of your free shipping offers. My boyfriend can recognize a 187 brush without looking at the number (I’m still flabbergasted by this). Your collections often have a profound effect on my soul in such depth that it’s truly inexplicable. I’d also like to take a moment to thank you for your foundation / concealer match system. It’s extremely convenient to be able to compare NW20 to everything else (and BIG kudos to Christine for the Foundation Matrix). I’d also like to take this time to applaud you for Stereo Rose. It’s just too bad I didn’t buy back ups and you didn’t produce enough. Just so you know, I’ve dropped Satin Taupe about ten times and it never broke. Thanks for being so accommodating to my clumsiness. Oh, and your brushes are far above and beyond everything else. By the way, the vanilla scented lipsticks are a nice touch. Super kudos to you! However, because of the natural course of life and the need to create balance, there are some repercussions for all of the good that you do. These consequences include (but are not limited to): the increased size of the hole in my wallet (tagged with a lingering burning odor) and my extreme aggravation and sadness as a result of an out of stock item. The MA’s at my local counter are truly lovely. However, the ladies at Nordstrom have clearly never taken a whiff of their own poo before because frankly, it’s stinky. They either aren’t bothered by it or they’re ignorant to it. Furthermore, it’d also be nice if your collections were spaced out a little more so that I have time to catch my breath from all of the excitement of the previous one. Other than that, you’re my everything. I feel like this is more of a love letter than anything, but I don’t care. I’m not ashamed of my feelings for you.

    Love ALWAYS,


  77. Dear Illamasqua,

    Why do your products cost almost double in Australia, if what I hear is correct and your nail polishes are manufactured here?

    This applies to other make up brands as well – I am sick of being made to pay almost double what Americans do for makeup. The value of our dollar has gone up so much, why do you stick with this outdated pricing system?

    To all the girls on MAC Cosmetics who have done CPs for me – you are goddesses!

  78. Ani_BEE

    Dear MAC,
    Keep doing what your doing, I love picking up new shades of lipstick during the year (during the spring mostly) after the other hit the 2 year mark. I love corals and peach tone and your on of the few companies that make so many shades in the LE’s. Stop messing with the online release dates ^_^ I’m no longer in a city with a MAC store so I end up ordering things online.

    Dear Urban Decay,
    I wish you had a Canadian retail site since Sephora it the only place I can find your products in Canada and they don’t carry everything you manufacture. I wanted one of your train cases a few years ago but c’est la vie.

  79. Ani_BEE

    I more think I forgot to mention.

    Dear MAC,
    What’s up with your Toronto Pro store? I love some of the pro products but I’m almost fearful of the sales clerks before going in. The reception I’ve got has been 50:50 in terms of how I and others have been treat. Some times the clerks where pleasant and helpful.

    Other times they have brushed me aside to fawn over someone that was caked in makeup and they thing will be able to make a sell. I may not wear foundation on daily bases but I come to this store to buy something as a costumer. >_< It may be a Toronto thing but the free standing store on Bloor I've had equally bad reception I don't like feeling like these sales clerks are looking down on me just because I'm Average, Normal or Plan. The last to visits to the Pro store have been better but a long shoot, but it was a lot not completely staffed by just early twenty Females either this time around. ^_^

  80. Erica

    Dear Christine, I just wanted to let you know that you helped make my Birthday. I had been drooling over the new Chanel polishes Steel and Strong. To my dismay, Chanel was teasing me because I kept seeing “Out of Stock”.I figured they were not going to make them available until 9/10 or 9/11. I made my daily trek to your site and to my delight your notice was there letting me know the shades were now available to order. I sashayed on over to the site on 9/3/10, placed my order and they were delivered to me today, on my birthday. There is nothing like a little Chanel for your birthday. Your site provides a valuable service to the Diva in all us. Keep up the great work Chica!!

  81. Mar

    Dear MAC,

    Would you be kind enough to decline my payment when I come to one of your counters next time, my basket fully loaded?
    I get too tempted too fast, my drawers are getting fuller and fuller with your beautiful collections and your sales assistants are so nice I just can’t refuse them anything!
    Why oh why isn’t there such a thing as an unlimited shopping card for people who buy ridiculous amounts of products at your stores? 😉


  82. Dear Sephora,

    I just got back from a few weeks in China, and what gives? I was looking for Nars, Stila, Korres, etc and you didn’t stock anything I couldn’t find in any major shopping mall. I was so looking forward to shopping there because the same products are so much more expensive here in Australia, and you didn’t have anything unique.

    I ended up buying some MUFE because I can’t get it here in Sydney, but I’d already bought a foundation at their standalone store in Chengdu, and was expecting so much more at your Sephora in Beijing. I’d budgeted for so much makeup and didn’t spend nearly as much as I wanted to.

    I’ve loved shopping at Sephora in the States, and your Beijing stores (I visited 2 and even got my photo taken in front of one because I’m a cheeseball) and shopping at Sephora in China just left me feeling a bit disappointed.

    Please fix. I’d love to have the same shopping experience at your China stores as I’ve had at your US stores.