Friday, August 12th, 2011

OCC Butch Lip Tar

Feeling a Little Blue with OCC Butch

OCC Butch Lip Tar ($13.00 for 0.27 fl. oz.) is described as a “pastel periwinkle,” and it will launch with the Pretty Boy Collection on September 6th. Lip Tars were born to be mixed, but over time, OCC has released shades that can just as easily be worn alone as they can be used to mix with others. The formula is meant to give the longer wear of a lipstick with the application of a gloss, while the ultimate dry down reveals a satin finish. Lip Tars are also richly pigmented and mint-scented (it includes peppermint oil).

If you have any experience with Lip Tars, the best advice anyone can give is: a little goes a very, very long way. Butch is no exception–you really need much less than you’d think. It’s also much easier to use a lighter hand and add more as needed. You can apply straight from the tube (and the angled applicator works well to maneuver around the natural curves of the lips) or with a lip brush (OCC recommends their #009 brush).

Butch is a beautiful periwinkle–it’s a perfect mix of cornflower blue and dusty purple that combines for this lighter, softened blue that’s tinted with purple. It has opaque color coverage, and obviously, it’s not a shade that you’ll see most brands come out with. If you have to ask why blue lips, then this product is likely not for you. Makeup has its roots in artistry, and for some, it is exactly that. Surely, it’s not an everyday color for most of us, but for artists and those who like to mix and layer their products, it’s a shade welcomed with open arms.

It wears like a champ, as Lip Tars tend to do, and even the lightness in color doesn’t limit the wear. I wore this shade for six hours with minimal fading. It’s lightweight and comfortable to wear with a soft shine.

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OCC Butch Lip Tar Review, Photos, Swatches

What's great about the range of OCC Lip Tars these days is that there is a wide assortment of colors--and many of them can be termed wearable--and they aren't all blues and yellows and greens. But there is something liberating about wearing a blue lip!











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OCC Butch Lip Tar

OCC Butch Lip Tar

OCC Butch Lip Tar

OCC Butch Lip Tar

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Where can I purchase it? How much is it?

September 6th @ OCC Makeup, $13.

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44 thoughts on “OCC Butch Lip Tar Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Marissa King

    Does OCC makeup have sales or coupons ever? The color isn’t for me but I love how opaque it is, and I’d love to try some others in the range.

  2. I love the colour, although I doubt I’d be brave enough to wear it alone I think it would look great mixed with a pink shade :)

  3. LM

    interesting but I think the blue is a little too light, maybe if it was a bit darker or paired with a near-white base (or maybe just a cool skintone)

  4. Mae

    Ooh, that’s gorgeous.

  5. Oh, a new lip tar, nice! I feel that the name doesn’t really suit it, but it’s pretty. 😛
    I finally ordered my first set of lip tars – Tarred, Feathered, NSFW, RX, Traffic, Safety Orange, Anime and Hoochie. 😀

  6. I will say this for it: it is the most wearable blue lipcolor I’ve ever seen! The finish is so even, smooth, and nice. Looks pretty on you, Christine, though crazy, heh.

  7. AnGeLwInGz

    Thanks for the info Christine. It’s great that you’re not afraid to also review the unusual. Some blogs just stick to the pinks and reds and it gets boring after a while. I don’t have the guts to wear this color but it certainly is pretty. What was Shaun’s reaction?

    • Ha! I doubt I’d be going to the grocery store with it myself, but I definitely appreciate the art of it and what it could be used for!

      He’s pretty used to weird makeup by now, so it was along the lines of, “That really is blue…”

  8. Melody

    Wow, OCC’s colors coupled with the beautiful finish of these are just amazing. By itself it looks surprisingly good on you! It’s so hard to find weird lip colors that aren’t patchy or something.

  9. Definitely strange but also awesome! It’s nice to see a different blue-colored lip; I’m used to the darker navy shades getting attention, like from Illamasqua. But this would be great for a TRON-inspired Halloween costume.

  10. Ashley Tatton

    Well the good part is your teeth look AMAZING in that colour! Haha, so white! (Not that they aren’t always it’s just super intense and obvious here)

  11. That blue is so calming! With some guts that’s ABSOLUTELY excused as a cool lip colour and not just a “freaky mistake”. Love it!

  12. Maureen

    That looks cool as hell!

  13. artemis

    omg omg that’s so ffffffffff hot! wish they made stuff like that here too :(((( looks so nie on you

  14. Jen

    Such an intense color, I love!

  15. Giselle E

    you have the perfect lips for lipstick! seriously if you can pull off blue you can wear anything

  16. Ayr

    I would definitely wear this out.

  17. Lucie

    Oooh so pretty! Need.

  18. Ashley

    SO pretty! It’s definitely not an office / school / supermarket shade…but it’s very lovely and the opaqueness is really nice-looking. What a lovely blue.

  19. Ryan

    I definitely feel blue is the future of lip colors. History shows that what is acceptable is expanding and blue is the next logical step.

  20. Deb

    Coverage looks great, but I don’t see myself wearing it. Maybe once a year. Fun color, though! I would have been all about it in college.

  21. Mer

    The finish is beautiful, and that color is awesome even though I would rather just appreciate it on someone else instead of actually wearing it myself. I really want some lip tars now!

  22. that looks so rad on you! i love it! :)

  23. Saw your sneak peak of this on twitter, and guessed that it was from OCC – and it actually is! I have a question though, are we supposed to apply lip tars over bare lips? My lips got a bit dry when I tried anime, and I didn’t put any balm underneath because I thought it might not stick to my lips. I tried putting the balm over, but ended up rubbing off the color. Any suggestions on the best way to apply it without making lips dry?

  24. Ana G.


  25. Nic

    I wouldn’t probably wear this color on its own, but I am really impressed with the opacity. I’ll definitely have to try some lip tars eventually.

  26. Joanna Shen

    beautiful color~~~~ love it!!!

  27. CJ

    beautiful color. what i am not enjoying about the lip tars is their bleed factor… i even use lip liner and apply the thinnest layer of product, but ultimately i don’t think this product is right for my kit (which is a shame because i ordered 7 colors!) :(

  28. Julia

    haha, that’s crazy!!!!

  29. Stacey

    I kind of want a nail polish that colour now!

  30. ValbonaPro

    Oh no—I’m going to pass on these. The color could be worn for Halloween though; I could be trying that.

  31. So gorgeous. I’ll have to mix Rx with some Feathered and a touch of NSFW!

  32. Becky

    I’ve been reading about Lip Tars for a while now and they seem really awesome and I want to get some, but I’m still unclear about how you’re supposed to mix them. Do you apply a layer of one color and then layer another on top? Or do you blob out a little bit of each color onto some wax paper or something and then mix and apply with a brush?

  33. Judy

    So beautiful!!! A definite must have for me. I love periwinkle. I probably wouldn’t wear alone, but I would definitely mix it with a lipstick to give it some kick.

  34. Miss_silk

    You look awesomely evil ^^ I want that now~!