Thursday, July 28th, 2011

NYX English Rose HD Grinding Blush

NYX English Rose HD Grinding Blush

NYX English Rose HD Grinding Blush ($16.00 for 0.25 oz.) is a pretty-in-pink shade of cotton candy pink, which leans a little blue, and applies sheerly. It can be built to about medium intensity, but it’s not overly pigmented or intense. It is, overall, a lighter shade, and it has a subtle sheen that’s neither frosty or too reflective (so it does not emphasize pores). It is similar to MAC Briar Rose but a touch pinker. It is a little lighter than Illamasqua Chased. I imagine it is similar to MAC Well-Dressed as well.

My favorite part about the HD Grinding Blushes is how smooth and soft they are, without being powdery–they are finely milled and don’t poof! a puff of dust when you go to use them. The softness lends itself to effortless application, because it blends out easily and never looks overdone–but you have to trade-off color payoff for that. I only get around six hours of good wear with this product–by the seventh hour, it’s hardly visible any more.

Please consider reading my original review of NYX HD Grinding Blush for more, in-depth commentary on the packaging.

The Glossover


English Rose

Surprisingly, despite its shortcomings, there is something about this product I like. It's a product I would reach for, but I recognize that it's below-average wear is a major issue. The packaging is less functional than it seems, and it's likely you're paying part of the higher price tag for that.











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NYX English Rose HD Grinding Blush

NYX English Rose HD Grinding Blush

NYX English Rose HD Grinding Blush

NYX English Rose HD Grinding Blush

NYX English Rose HD Grinding Blush

NYX English Rose HD Grinding Blush

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NYX, $16.50.

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Any dupes?

It is similar to MAC Briar Rose but a touch pinker. It is a little lighter than Illamasqua Chased. I imagine it is similar to MAC Well-Dressed as well.

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29 thoughts on “NYX English Rose HD Grinding Blush Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. I think I’d like this, but I’ve decided not to buy Nyx anymore.


    Wow, $16? from Nyx? i expected it to be cheaper. I was going to consider it, but oh well nevermind!

  3. Devi

    This is totally something that I’d never even think of purchasing (good review or not) but I’m surprised that it cost so much.. I’ve been eyeing NYX products because of their prices.

  4. Destiny

    $16 for a blush from an “inexpensive” brand like NYX is a bit extreme. However, like Christine stated, the increase in price is probably due to the packaging. It is a beautiful blush color, though.

  5. Macaddict

    Being a bright color lover, I already have all of the stuff that is repromote/permanent/Pro!!! I love the collection but, thankfully for my wallet, I will only purchase the LE stuff I don’t have (which is not much).

  6. Ivette

    thank you for doing a NYX review, Christine!

  7. Natasha

    Goodness for that price I can get almost get a Chanel one…that’s rather pricey for NYX. Although I suppose if it’s a wonderful blush, then it doesn’t matter what the brand. If that makes sense. It does look pretty.

  8. Tigress

    This seems silly to me, plus I’m too lazy to bother.

  9. Mariella

    I don’t get this grinding thing…I’ve got a Smashbox Halo powder like this but I think the idea is stupid. Why wouldn’t a pressed blush or powder work just fine with a puff or brush? Why this need for extra nonsense in the packaging. Just a pricey gimmick.

    • Maureen

      No way, it gives you the controlled amount like loose powder, but, you know, actually controlled. You use a tiny bit at a time, and it lasts way longer because there isn’t powder EVERYWHERE. I think it also has some appeal for being way more hygienic.

      • Mariella

        But there isn’t powder everywhere with a pressed powder blush. I think using a blush brush on a pressed powder blush gives every bit as much control..more in fact, because if you grind off too much product, it ends up all over the inside of the container.

  10. The shade remind me of Indian Rose from La Femme.

    (my swatches are done gently because the blushes are SO pigmented they can look exactly like the pan there in.)

  11. Maureen

    I have the grinding blush in Menage a Trois and I LOVE it. This looks cute, but I think I’ll go without.

  12. Mer

    It’s pretty, but I’m not paying that much for NYX and I’m not really won over by the grinding thing.

  13. I have this blush in American Girl and LOVE LOVE LOVE it. The best part is the functionality of the blush. For what you pay ($16) you get to choose exactly how much you use, which I’m assuming will save you money in the long run since little of the product is wasted.

    • Maureen

      I think you get a few blushes-worth, too? I don’t know, the pot is extremely deep. I think that’s why the price is so “high.”

  14. Peaches Choi

    NYX products are made in China. I remember reading one of your previous posts Christine where you said you are careful about buying products made in China (it was quite a while back, can’t remember which post it was but I remember you commented about coastal scents and 120 palettes and suchlike).I used to buy NYX but was put off because of their manufactured origin. Would you say that you no longer consider where makeup items are made? Because sometimes I’m keen to try made in China makeup but have always been put off.

    • Palettes like the 88 and 120 are wholesale palettes and then rebranded by companies – and the reason for concern was that none of those companies could really give any information about the manufacture/safety of their products.

      For instance, major brands like NYX, Wet ‘n’ Wild, etc. manufacture products in China, but I am less concerned about safety in those instances because those brands are more likely to be held accountable for any deviation from safety. It’s more about the brand and its reputation for me, than necessarily where it is made. It is only one factor, and you have to take it together with the big picture. Lots of products are manufactured in China and don’t have issues (and not just cosmetics), so I wouldn’t let that be the sole reason to not buy something.

    • Amanda


      Just wanted to give you another angle to consider…there was a similar thread posted on Makeup Alley about products that are labeled as being ‘made in China’. One of the posters on the thread pointed out that just because other products might be ‘made in’ other countries, does not mean that they don’t contain ingredients that could be imported from China. I had never thought of it like that until that poster’s comment, so I just figured I’d share. :)

  15. I like the concept of a grinding blush & it is a pretty color. Unsure about spending $16 for a blush if the wear only lasts a few hours though..

  16. Ashley

    Very pretty, but I agree with others on the price.

  17. first time to come across a grinding blush, cute concept but i imagine it to be messy. i cannot get it anyway, there’s no NYX line here afaik. but i like the shade, very pretty and preppy!

  18. Linda

    After that NYX ‘anniversary sale’ fiasco I jsut can’t ourchase their products ever again. I know some say get over it but I. just. can’t. I hate being deceived.

  19. brittany

    i dont get why people are so outraged by the price, i know nyx is suppose to be inexpensive buts its really only 16 bucks. I Bet some of us even pay more for mac products, if this was a mac product it would be twice as this. And the sad thing is some of us would by it lol

  20. i want to buy this just for the name as im english but i cant stand blue toned blusher so i think i will pass, might look at the other colours.

  21. There’s is something about this that makes me want it…I think its the fact that it’s a grinding blush. The colour also looks really nice.

  22. Looks like a sheerer version of my favourite blush, NARS Desire… pretty!

  23. I love this shade of pink in a blush. It looks just like the Hard Candy blush I’ve been using lately, but much to my horror the shimmer in the Hard Candy blush has been highlighting my newly crepey skin:( I feel like my skin aged 5 years overnight. So I might have to switch to a less shiny blush like this one.