Saturday, January 8th, 2011

NYX Burgundy Mega Shine Lipgloss
NYX Burgundy Mega Shine Lipgloss

NYX Burgundy Mega Shine Lipgloss

NYX Burgundy Mega Shine Lipgloss ($5.50 for 0.21 fl. oz.) is a darkened raspberry red with soft ruby and pink micro-shimmer. It’s semi-opaque on lips, and it has a high gloss finish and almost looks metallic due to the ruby shimmer.  This gloss was scent-free, but in the past, I’ve NYX glosses that have smelled like plastic as well as synthetic berry.

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  • Product: 27/30
  • Value: 8/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 4/5

FINAL THOUGHTS: If you’re not sensitive to those scents, the Mega Shine Lipgloss range is always a good place to start.  It looks beautiful on, and it wears a solid four hours without leaving lips feeling dry.


See more photos & swatches!

NYX Burgundy Mega Shine Lipgloss
NYX Burgundy Mega Shine Lipgloss

NYX Burgundy Mega Shine Lipgloss
NYX Burgundy Mega Shine Lipgloss

NYX Burgundy Mega Shine Lipgloss
NYX Burgundy Mega Shine Lipgloss

NYX Burgundy Mega Shine Lipgloss
NYX Burgundy Mega Shine Lipgloss

Product & Review FAQ

Where can I purchase Burgundy? How much is it?

NYX, $5.50.

Is it limited edition?


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49 thoughts on “NYX Burgundy Mega Shine Lipgloss Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. serene

    Loving the finish, but looks like it emphasizes the lines on the lips. I wonder if it’s just the colour, or this range. Did you notice any bleeding into the lines of the lips after a while, Christine?

  2. @gaby_sarda

    You are so pretty !!! I love your reviews !!

    thank you !

  3. AnGeLwInGz

    Does Wet n Wild have a Mega Shine lipgloss as well? Anything with the word “mega” just reminds me of them.

  4. Sami

    Oh, NYX. you and your creative names.

  5. Kathrina

    Love it! Another great product by NYX for a low price.

  6. Renata

    That color looks beautiful!

  7. julia

    looks soo pretty on you!

  8. Banan

    LOVE IT! looks great on you!

  9. Ariana

    Your eyes look so beautiful without the bottom eye liner, seriously! They just pop with that lip gloss.

  10. Ginnia

    The smell drives me nuts. :(

  11. Jillian

    that color looks amazing on you!

  12. Pretty! I have the lipgloss Whipped from NYX, and I certainly wouldn’t mind getting more of them ^__^

  13. samantha

    this is so gorgeous! it looks like a high end gloss :)

  14. Shilpa

    this lools gorgeous!!!

  15. Elizabeth

    I <3 NYX Mega Shine lip gloss! I totally voted for it as my favorite lip gloss of the year! :)

  16. KarenK

    That shade really suits you!

  17. Shines

    That looks like a lovely color. The smell is tolerable to me with the ones I own. Speaking of NYX (not sure if this has been asked before), have you ever tried black label lipsticks? I find their formula to be a lot better than the round ones.

  18. Desiree

    I love NYX glosses and have a sh–load of them! It’s funny that you gave the value on this one as 8/10, Christine. This is easily 10/10 due to the cheapness of the price and the high quality pigmentation level. I think NYX glosses sort of rival MAC’s, although I like the stickiness of MAC lipglasses. NYX’s are more slick…

    NYX Mega Shine glosses are easily their best product, I think.

    Burgundy’s gorgeous. It’s much brighter on your mouth than mine, as I am around NW40-43.

    • I compare value against similar brands – I don’t go and compare value of NYX to Chanel, because you would artificially inflate every cheap product and artificially deflate every expensive product and end up with a very meaningless overall grade. Value is based on price and quantity – attributing quality into value defeats the purpose of making it a distinct characteristic from the product grade (which is about quality of the product).

    • nell-c

      I totally agree with you desiree, i’d pick up a nyx lipgloss before any mac lipglass, it should have gotten a 10/10. Regardless if something is considered high end or low end, better is just better.

      • What is the point of breaking it out then, if value is no longer about the value and only about quality? There is a quality score separated out for a reason – so you can know whether a product is good on its face and not judged for packaging, value, etc.

        We are all entitled to different opinions, but I have worked very hard to make my rating system very specific, rational, and comprehensive. The whole point of it is that all products are graded in a way that makes them comparable across all brands, all price points, and all categories. A cheap product shouldn’t have to live up to lower standards, because I don’t want you to waste your money, period, no matter if it’s $1 or $100. Products should have to live up to what they’re designed to do.

        You’re welcome to prefer this to MAC – whatever works for you – but that is very different than saying I’m wrong. Again, we can each have our opinions, which is what makes beauty blogging great, is the diversity and availability of opinions. And for the record – I rate many MAC lipglasses B+ as well.

        • nell-c

          I understand your rating system…have relied on it for may purchase decisions. I wasn’t saying you were “wrong” in your scoring, I was just expressing what I felt the product deserved. No need to be defensive… I appreciate all of your work.

          • The debate was on value – so saying 10/10 on value (which isn’t as subjective as quality) led me to believe you were criticizing the way I rated and that I was wrong for giving it 8/10. (Quality is out of 30.) Thanks for clarifying! :)

            • Maya

              I completely understand your rating system Christine. It’s not fair to compare Chanel and NYX, or similar brands. She wasn’t being defensive, just trying to explain her rating system (which she also has an entire section on the blog devoted to explaining the rating system), I have made many purchases according to her rating system, and have yet to be disappointed!

        • Windie

          You’re a respected blogger. No need to have to defend yourself. Although I like that you allowed such posts to be viewed.

  19. Anne

    Is this one made in China? I love it, but probably wouldn’t buy it if it is. Does anyone know of a similar shade in another line?

  20. Miss Silver

    I love Nyx’s mega shine glosses; they smell delicious, they wear well, and they look awesome. 😀 Thanks for the review, will be looking out for more budget brands!

  21. MARGO


  22. Wow!! That’s a fantastic shade and I think I have to get it. Thanks for this!

  23. Rosie

    I like the swatch on the arm and it is nice on the lips but losses the vibrancy, maybe it’s just cause it’s not as spread out on the arm. Nice color though. Thanks for sharing :).

  24. the_izzle


    I love the colour but I am more into lipsticks than glosses. I just don’t like the sticky feeling in some which has led me to ignore all.

    Is this sticky or tacky Christine?

    Thank you.

  25. Kelly

    Cool colour, looks great on you!

  26. Julia

    The color looks awesome on you Christine. For just over $5.00 I will definitely check this one out. Since I am more fair skinned I think it would be a much more dramatic look on me but I am thinking this would be a very pretty color for Valentine’s Day as I think a true red is a little more expected, this would be a fun alternative. :)

  27. claudia

    is mac hot house lip glass a dupe for this?

  28. This kind of colour looks amazing on me. Flatters my pale face, makes my teeth look super white, and switches on my pale blue eyes.
    I love wearing a colour like this.

  29. Erika

    Hi, Im from Brazil and I usually go to USA, I wanna now where I can buy NYX products? Which store sell’s it??? I never found! Thanks.

    • Best thing to do is check for retailers!

    • @maandym

      Vá no eBay pra conseguir mais barato se quiser um item só (tipo várias sombras únicas ou 5 glosses). Mas o e (geralmente mais barato, porém só tem NYX) são excelentes e tem uma história boa de envios pro Brasil, além de ter opção de vizualizar em português e poder selecionar vários itens individualmente. Mantenha em mente que talvez tenhas que pagar imposto e que se pedir pó, ele talvez chegue remexido pela alfândega. Boa Sorte! =)

  30. WOW!! Amazing pigmentation… :)

  31. Sri

    NYX megashine lipglosses have great pigmentation, non sticky, love them for everyday use, but the scent made me always licking my lips as if there’s a very sweet candy on my lips, so no more than 1 hour the lipgloss is fading away.. :(

    for the price, NYX is awesome.. 😀

  32. Elizabeth Rokita

    wow this color is beautiful!

  33. @maandym

    Scent free??? I just ordered 4 of these and they are amazing. BUT THEY STINK SO BAD!!!
    Like cherry syrup. I’d love love love to use them, but they honestly make me nauseous! *tears*