Tuesday, March 5th, 2013

This season, NARS dresses up lips in the new Satin Lip Pencil. Drenched in decadent moisture for an ultra creamy finish, thirteen statement shades smolder with rich pigments. Created by Founder & Creative Director Francois Nars, the Satin Lip Pencil combines the convenience of a pencil with the application of a lipstick in a jumbo-size crayon design.

Satin Lip Pencil ($25.00)

  • Het Loo Cognac
  • Biscayne Park Pink guava
  • Luxembourg Vivid watermelon
  • Floralies Light apricot
  • Rikugien Rose pink
  • Hyde Park Cardinal red
  • Isola Bella Peach beige
  • Golshan Spiced wine
  • Palais Royal Sangria
  • Lodhi Vibrant coral
  • Majella Garnet
  • Yu Shocking pink
  • Jardin des Plantes Fuchsia (Boutique Exclusive)

Availability: March 7th @ NARS

See more photos!

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32 thoughts on “New Product Alert! NARS Satin Lip Pencils

  1. Jennisa

    Wish these were twist-ups!!

  2. L

    Are they twist up or do you have to sharpen them like the regular lip pencils? For an expensive brand I see that as a downfall as you lose a lot of product when you do it, and it always get stuck in you sharpener.

  3. Looking forward to reviews, as always!

  4. Abbey W.

    Looking at this promo the first time, I wouldn’t have been able to tell you what color her lips are. Those eyebrows (or lack thereof) are completely distracting!

  5. I was lucky to get to swatch all of these at The Makeup Show last weekend. I love the shade range. I bought one, Palais Royal, and it’s gorgeous – I am betting these are going to be quite popular.

  6. Quinn

    I really, really hate that promo picture, but I am really curious about majella.

  7. blueraccoon

    The product looks interesting, but wtf is up with the model? Some thoughts:

    1) She just looked in the mirror and is like “WTF did they do with my hair?”
    2) She wants to know where her eyebrows went
    3) She’s pissed over having to appear in this ad without eyebrows

    Anyone else?

  8. EvilStepQueen

    I’m excited about their new pencils. The colors look amazing and I hope they live up to normal Nars standards. Although, lately, there have been quite a few misses. Anyway, the thing I dislike about this whole thing is the no eyebrow look in the pictures!! Is this a new trend? Or like in the Sephora Pantone pics,the models have bleached out brows. I despise this, they look ill!! Please tell me this is not the direction that beauty is going!

  9. mirian

    That poor girl needs her eyebrows back

  10. Am I the only one sick of EVERY company coming out with these things enough with the lip crayons and $25 is CRAZY for something like this these types of lip crayons are like makeup that we played with when we were little girls like play makeup!

  11. lily

    I prefer the twist up lip pencil sticks like Buxom and Bite Beauty, these are not my cup of tea. I have a lot of nars and love everything, but having to sharpen and waste product everyday, for such a price, is not for me. Okay, why it is cool now to not have visible eyebrows? Poor model.

  12. Yellowlantern

    The bleached eyebrows thing…are they going for a Rooney Mara/Girl with the Dragon Tattoo look?

    Also boo forever @ non-twist-upable lip pencils. Why do companies still make those?

  13. Virginia

    Yay! I love their pencils!

  14. Adena

    promo is bizarrely unattractive. Some people can pull off the no-eyebrow thing, but it isn’t just that. the dress, and the hair, and the pose. strange. product looks nice though.

  15. Jen

    Ah, what a shame. Another Nars lip product line I’ll not even be testing because it’s in non twist up pencil form.

  16. Timea

    when are you posting the swatches?

  17. Elyse

    I like Floralies and Isola Bella! Cute cute cute!

    On a sidenote about the model– I feel like I see her everywhere. Except last I saw, she had very dark low-set brows! Hmm. Maybe they did away with her brows to focus on the lipstick… but what? Why? Baffling. She may not even be the same person, but sure looks a lot like a model I’ve been seeing in makeup ads a lot recently!

    • Veronica

      Her name is Stella Tennant, and she looks familiar because NARS used her for her last campaign. She’s a fairly famous London model. She used to be the face of Chanel. :)

      • Elyse

        Ohhh, good to know! I know next to nothing about models, so I wasn’t quite sure if I was right about having seen her!

  18. Priscilla

    1st: I am very enthusiastic about the product!

    2nd: The model is super creepy looking. Did they do that on purpose? She looks like something you would find in a book about evil faeries/demons. Once again, I mean no offense. I just wondered if I was the only one that was creeped out about that.

  19. I am gonna use one of these pencils and draw that model’s eyebrows back on.

  20. Laura

    The colors look gorgeous, but who wants to purchase something when the ad looks like an angry person? That makes no sense to me.

  21. Meg

    She’s wearing lipstick? that’s the last thing I looked at in this promo picture! On top of the eyebrows missing, the hair, the intense expression, the weird alien contouring, and the backdrop color, the fact that she had lips was just a relief!

  22. kEG

    Are these LE or permanent ?

  23. Elizabeth Cunningham

    I know it’s a bad way to judge the products, but I find all the ads for this launch by NARS just revolting. I just do not see the aesthetic appeal of any photograph in the bunch from NARS this season. I refuse to blame the model, the products themselves may have value as well. But oh-my-lord whose notion was this series of studies in overcooked, gender-confused, proportion-deprived search for a theme? The entire series so far appears to be illustrating the intersection of global financial depression moral necrosis. Ugh!!