Wednesday, February 27th, 2013

MAC Mineralize Rich Lipstick
MAC Mineralize Rich Lipstick

M•A•C’s love affair with lips has led to the launch of a new M•A•C masterpiece. Introducing MAC Mineralize Rich Lipstick – it’s larger in size and scope and lavishes lips with nutrient-rich moisture. Featuring a luxurious formula and gorgeous colour, enhanced with a mineral moist complex that provides lips with nourishment and lasting hydration. Lightweight colour glides on with ease for an intense bright with shade retention.

Mineralize Rich Lipstick ($22.00 U.S. / $26.00 CDN) (New and Permanent)

  • Luxe Naturale Light beige cream (North America, Europe, UK, Asia, Latin America, South Africa)
  • Posh Tone Soft warm nude cream (North America, Europe, UK, India, Latin America, South Africa)
  • Glamour Era Mid-tonal warm brown frost (North America, UK, Asia, India, Latin America)
  • Style Surge Neutral coral cream (North America, Europe, UK, Asia, India, Latin America, South Africa)
  • Lady at Play Mid-tonal cool tangerine (North America, Europe, UK, Asia, India, Latni America, South Africa)
  • Dreaminess Soft cool pink cream (North America, Europe, UK, Asia, Latin America, South Africa)
  • Divine Choice Mid-tonal cool pink cream (North America, Europe, UK, Latin America, India, South Africa)
  • Elegant Accent Mid-tonal warm rose cream (North America, Europe, UK, India, South Africa)
  • Grande Dame Mid-tonal neutral rose cream (North America, UK, India, Latin America)
  • Everyday Diva True red cream (North America, Europe, UK, India, Latin America, South Africa)
  • Lush Life Deep cool plum (North America, Europe, UK, India, South Africa)
  • All Out Gorgeous Deep warm red (North America, Europe, UK, India, Latin America, South Africa)
  • Splurge Mid-tone cool tanerine (Europe, India, Latina America, South Africa)
  • Utterly Delicious Bright coral Cream (Europe, Asia, India, Latin America, South Africa)
  • Ultraprecious Soft peach cream (Asia)
  • Red Coquette Vivid bright bluish red (Asia)
  • Strikingly Fabulous Mid-tone warm bright pink (Asia)
  • Smart & Sweet Soft coral cream (Asia)
  • Ladies Who Lunch Light cool pink cream (Asia)

Availability: Available online February 28, 2013 Available in stores March 7, 2013 in the permanent line.  March 2013 for International.

See more photos!

MAC Mineralize Rich Lipstick
MAC Mineralize Rich Lipstick

MAC Mineralize Rich Lipstick
MAC Mineralize Rich Lipstick

MAC Mineralize Rich Lipstick
MAC Mineralize Rich Lipstick

MAC Mineralize Rich Lipstick
MAC Mineralize Rich Lipstick

MAC Mineralize Rich Lipstick
MAC Mineralize Rich Lipstick

MAC Mineralize Rich Lipstick
MAC Mineralize Rich Lipstick

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53 thoughts on “New Product Alert! MAC Mineralize Rich Lipstick Launches

  1. mirian

    $22?? Now we wait until the rest of their lipsticks go up in price.

    • Naomi

      I’m really excited to try these lipsticks! I’ve seen several swatches and a review or two here and there and my interest has been piqued, though I am waiting for Christine’s review to determine if I make the trek up to a MAC counter or not.

    • Ra

      All the new collections need to be financed :-)

    • beck

      yep just now realized these are 22.00 :( hopefully the others
      don’t get that high anytime soon….

  2. FrankieRaymos

    Wowsers! I haven’t been excited about a MAC launch in quite a long time! This might be tempting enough to break my no makeup buy 2013…

  3. Roxana

    I feel like I’m kind of interested … but $22 each seems like a lot for MAC. Not sure if I’m fully ready for that kind of price jump yet. I really look forward to your reviews of these, Christine!

  4. These look like they could be promising. Interested in seeing the shades

  5. Madii

    So none of these lippies will be available in Australia? And why are 5 colours only being launched in Asia?

  6. Cinthia

    oooooh can’t wait! Christine, are you swatching these for us in the upcoming future?

  7. Like the colours so far, but the design…not feeling it.

  8. Kaoyee

    OMG. Want. Glad it’s permanent!

  9. Chloe

    any word on whether these can be got through the back to MAC scheme like regular lipsticks?

  10. Melanie

    I feel $22 is steep, unless maybe the price equates to a high quality product. Some pretty colors, but as always I will wait for Christine’s review then decide…….

  11. kEG

    I’m so excited! and glad these are permanent :)

  12. heather

    I wonder if these will be part of the free lipstick thing?

  13. Stephanie

    22 dollars? really? oh okay, I know their are more expensive brands but that seems like such a huge jump from their regular lipsticks.

  14. Evelyn

    The one color I’d consider – Red Coquette is only in Asia! That’s so sad. :(

  15. I might be sold on one depending on your reviews! Hopefully the texture/colour pay off on these are good. If it’s worth the price, fair enough. If MAC disappoints us again – uh oh!

  16. Leticia

    I agree that $22 is too steep for a MAC LS! I’ll only consider these if Christine gives them an A!

  17. Pang

    I can’t justify paying $22 for a lipstick I know that will last me a hr or so. As much as I love MAC it’s time for me to venture elsewhere for longer lasting lipstick formula at that price range.

  18. Cate

    The lipstick in the promotional photo is absolutely beautiful. I’m trying to identify it based upon the descriptions – All Out Gorgeous?

    • Madeleine M.Preston

      By looking at the lipstick the model is wearing (love that l/s too btw) the undertone looks cool to me (in the present light ),but of course I might be wrong.The depth of the redness looks also rather darker than lighter.So it could be also Everyday Diva….who knows…light is tricky and it does magic….too (read:changes a lot).

  19. Daniella

    how much bigger are they? i really want one…the price jump is bad though, don’t really want to encourage that! lol.

  20. Charlotte

    Can we Back2MAC for these since they’re going to be permanent?

  21. Yellowlantern

    That is quite a price increase from their normal LS price…

  22. blueraccoon

    I think maybe the higher price is because you get more product – the blurb says “Larger in size and scope” so I’m guessing these are bigger than their usual lipsticks. I don’t know if that makes it worth it – when was the last time you finished a lipstick?

    • kim

      I prefer smaller lipstick because then you can buy more and have a larger range of colors and the storage would be easy. I love the size of the matten lipsticks.

  23. MAC lipsticks suck so much usually, for $8 more than their current lipsticks these things better be goddamn perfect. MAC is one of my least favorite makeup brands because the quality of their products is so consistently inferior to brands like Sugarpill, Tarte, and NARS, it would take one of their products becoming a holy grail product for me before I would consider wasting anymore money with their company, both of the lipsticks I’ve bought and all 15 of the eyeshadows (boy do I ever regret that palette purchase!) are totally bogus, too dry, and have lousy color payoff.

  24. xamyx

    I’m thinking these may all be available online, like the “sets” from last year. Although only certain shades were available in certain markets in-store or counter, they were all available online, which may be helpful for some.

    The one thing I absolutely *hate* about MAC lipstick is the way they “sit” on my lips, and they just feel strange. I’m hoping these may be different enough in formula to avoid that. Also, the formula may be what’s actually causing the remarkable price hike. As I said, I’m curious about the formula & feel, and will definitely have a look.

  25. Mariella

    Very curious to see how these feel and wear. And why are they (again) so darned much more expensive here in Canada, where they are being MADE in the first place???? GRRR!

  26. Kina

    :/ Why don’t they just release all of them everywhere?

  27. Neha

    I am more than happy with their regular line and the recently added pro-line to the permanent ones..I don’t miss a single shade that is not there. $22 is really high. I am definitely waiting for your reviews Christine, which might change my opinion ;-)…for now its a no from me…!

  28. Quennie

    Can you tell me what color lipstick shade the model is wearing for MAC Mineralize Rich Lipstick pls? I love it!

  29. The Asia-exclusive ones look so pretty! I’m going to HK and Japan for a month and a half so I might have to pick them up while overseas.

  30. Valerie

    How would we be able to purchase colours that are X country exclusive? The colours for Asia only are intriguing to me.

  31. Cbh02b

    I wonder if Dreaminess is close in color to Lazy Day from Mac to the beach…… I need a dupe!

  32. Mareh Masoun

    Love the packaging <3 Looks really expensive
    Have to get at least a few of them :)

  33. $26… no thank you, If I’m going to be dropping that kind of cash I’d expect nothing less then perfect.

  34. Amy

    Sad that a lot of the ones I wang won’t be in NA, but I guess since its $22, I probably wouldn’t have bought it anyway.

  35. Natalia

    The package looks a bit like Giorgio Armani. I wonder if there’s also magnets inside.

  36. VickyM

    The only two reasons that could make this lipsticks good at this price, is that they either have an amazing comfortable formula or some of them are unique gorgeous colors. I have 6 Mac lipsticks currently that get neglected very often, for me to use the far superior Chanel, Ysl and Guerlain lipsticks I own. Apart from the obviously more elegant packaging and smell of this three brands, my main problem with the Mac lipsticks is that they feel heavy on the lips and you can never forget the sensation of wearing lipstick and that can be very uncomfortable. The superior formula of the Chanel, Ysl and Guerlain lipsticks don´t give you this sensation on the other hand, they are actually extremely comfortable. So for the price I hope Mac makes a better formula for this lipsticks, or otherwise extremely flattering colors and finishes for them. If the only change would be amount of product I would probably pass.

  37. Madeleine M.Preston

    Which one looks the most like NARS’s Fabala? Would you say there is one? Or none?I would like to switch if possible.

  38. Saundra Degges

    Do you think any of these might be a dupe for Viva Cyndi or at least very very close?

    Perhaps I will just have to keep dreaming they will get this color back somehow someway.

  39. I’m in Hong Kong right now and took swatches of the Asia exclusive shades and posted them on my Tumblr:

    The retail price for them here in Hong Kong is HK$215, which is around $28 depending on the conversion. Honestly that price isn’t that bad at all since it’s only about $2 more than Canada. In Japan they cost 3570yen, which is around $37! I guess I’m going to stock up on them more while I’m here. I might also purchase a few to sell since I know a lot of people were interested in getting them from reading the comments.