Thursday, September 30th, 2010

NARS Vintage Polish

NARS Vintage Nail Polish for Fall 2010

Introducing the NARS Vintage Nail Polish Collection! Five shades, resurrected by popular demand, with NARS’ signature longwearing formula. Imparting an initial high gloss luster that is water and detergent resistant, these vintage polishes are being brought out from the archives for a limited time. With classic cinema as their common theme, below are the shades (with original launch dates), their descriptions and the movies that inspired them.

  • Mash (1996) Army green infused with gold
  • King Kong (1996) Copper brown infused with gold
  • Midnight Express (1996) Deep navy
  • Zulu (1996) Forest green
  • Full Metal Jacket (1998) Gunmetal grey

Availability: October 1st at, all shades are limited edition and retail for $16 each.

Product & Review FAQ

Where can I purchase NARS Vintage Polishes? How much are they?

NARS, $16 each.

Are these limited edition?


How's the formula?

I find NARS polishes to be nicely pigmented and easy to apply overall. I don't have a ton of experience with the brand's polishes, but from the few I've tried, I haven't experienced any wear issues--just minor tip wear after five to seven days. You can also check out past reviews for Purple Rain and Versailles for a more detailed overview.

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41 thoughts on “NARS Vintage Nail Polish for Fall 2010

  1. missy

    POST FAQ is a great addition/feature!

    lovelovelove this blog, keeps getting better!

    thats so cool these nail polishes are coming back!

  2. Alannah

    Ooh, exciting! I already have Zulu but some of the others look nice too.

  3. … I need MASH. I don’t even care how it looks on. I’m such a fan of the franchise (the book, the movie, the show.. all of it!) that I just NEED it =D

  4. Ooo I like the look of Midnight Express and Full Metal Jacket!

  5. D

    I think I might have to get Full Metal Jacket – I LOVE Kubrick, I don’t car about the actual polish. >.<

  6. Gretchen

    Oh, they’re available now!! I neeeed Zulu I think..

  7. Marian

    That Francois sure was ahead of his time!

  8. Jadis4742

    I’m lemming Zulu and Midnight Express pretty badly…thank goodness there aren’t any awesome video games coming out this season…I’m spending all my fun money on nail polish and VV!

  9. baby in a corner

    I dunno, I was 10 in 1996 so I don’t remember any of these colours. It seems nars is running out of ideas and trying to cash in a bit on nostalgia! Maybe I’m being over cynical though!All this aside, mash is a pretty colour!

  10. NatalieK

    YES! Zulu will finally be mine!!

  11. Amber

    I actually picked up four of the polishes today (all except the silver one) They got early shipment of it at my Barney’s New York.

  12. Rebecca

    They’re up on the website now to buy! Thank you so much for posting about this. I’ve wanted Zulu forever. 😀

  13. Will they also be released in-store tomorrow?

  14. Eileen

    great colours especially the full metal jacket …. love grey polishes at the moment!

  15. Abigail

    I love Mash, King Kong, and Zulu but will NEVER shell out $18 more dollars on nail polish. I did with the Rescue Beauty polishes that Christine posted from the Tudor collection and was so disappointed when they came. They look super shiny and the microshimmer looks great in the pictures that Christine took, but on my nails the color looks flat and freckled. Don’t get my wrong, I like the colors but they aren’t worthy of $18.

  16. ali

    ahh cant wait for you to swatch these!

  17. amy

    I bought two of these at Holt Renfrew today: Mash and Zulu but I am thinking about Midnight Express too.

  18. nicci

    interesting…I don’t own any NARS nail polishes but Zulu looks so pretty!

  19. Rachel

    I’m such a sucker for gunmetal gray nail polishes! Are these just going to be available on Nars’ website or will they be at Sephora too?

  20. Tekoa

    And they don’t ship to canada. COMEON! They’d better release in store too.

  21. aradhana

    hmmm at $16 a pop i think that will be painful, but maybe if i just buy one per week my wallet won’t notice…

  22. ak

    I’ve seen them in London already in the Space NK. The best colors, in order, are MASH, King Kong, Zulu, and then Full Metal Jacket .

  23. Tessa

    I love that they’re doing this.

    Please bring back Capri – cream finish peach! It was amazing! Oh, and Orpheus.

  24. Emily

    Is the code from this website for extras still valid? If so, where might I find it? Me thinks I want some of these. =)

  25. Penemuel

    I am SO glad to be able to finally get my hands on Zulu. I’m also so glad that NARS re-released it and gave ‘normal people’ a chance to get their hands on it without making the eBay scalpers rich. I wish more companies would buy a clue regarding their super-limited runs of things!

  26. Fashion Chick

    I’m so excited I will finally get Zulu! Just ordered it at NARS online!

  27. Melissa (divinem)

    *Hides eyes*

    Stop tempting me!

  28. Crystal

    I thought Sephora was going to have them also? And what happened to Nordstrom? They were available for pre-order on the website a few weeks ago but they aren’t there anymore.

  29. Miss Nicole

    Oooh! I absolutely LOVE the Post FAQ!!

    Christine, I am not a blog follower. I am the sort that peruses through once or twice… never to return. Not only am I a follower of yours, I open up temptalia EVERY time I open a browser, droooling for another post from you!!! I can’t thank you enough for how much you have taught me and how much enjoyment I have gotten from reading this glorious blog!!!

  30. MAChostage

    These are so gorgeous, but I refuse to spend that kind of money on nail polish — and mascara! :(