Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

NARS Summer 2011 Collection

The Summer 2011 Collection is a range of warm, sophisticated, shimmering shades, punctuated with shots of vivid, nature-defying color. Eyes are washed in icy sea foam, silver-green and frozen turquoise. Lips are infused with mandarin orange gloss and hot pink matte color. The look is finished with nails in bold sunflower yellow or matte opaque white for a modern, edgy effect that’s strictly NARS.

Trio Eyeshadow ($45.00)

  • Cap Ferrat Icy sea form, silver green, icy turquoise (Limited Edition)

Duo Eyeshadow ($33.00)

  • Dogon Metallic taupe with icy green sheen and charcoal black (Limited Edition)
  • Exotic Dance Metallic white with silver sheen and metallic gold (Limited Edition)

Soft Touch Shadow Pencil ($24.00)

  • Queen Modern citrus gold glitter (Limited Edition)

Lipgloss ($24.00)

  • Wonder Shiny, sheer mandarin orange with pink andgold shimmer (Permanent)

Velvet Matte Lip Pencil ($24.00)

  • Bolero Pink cantaloupe (Permanent)

Pure Matte Lipstick ($25.00)

  • Carthage Matte, hot pink (Permanent)

Lipstick ($24.00)

  • Mayflower Sheer raspberry with shimmer (Permanent)

Blush ($27.00)

  • New Order Soft pink with gold and silver shimmer (Permanent)

Nail Lacquer ($17.00)

  • Ecume Opaque white (Limited Edition)
  • Kismet Metallic sunflower (Limited Edition)

availability: April 15th @ narscosmetics.com

Q&A with Francois Nars + promo photos! 

Q: Is there any makeup you would avoid when creating a summer look?
Francois NARS: There are no rules when it comes to seasonal makeup looks! When the temperatures rise, experiment with bright hues, and lighter textures. I love the way bold colors pop against bronzed skin.

Q: What products should a woman never be without this summer?
A: Cap Ferrat Trio Eyeshadow! It’s subtle, but sexy, and gives you a season’s worth of eye looks. Carthage Pure Matte Lipstick is also great –the hot pink color is so fresh and the matte texture is unexpected for summer.

Q: When creating each campaign, what are you trying to achieve?
A: I keep the image of NARS strong, edgy and fashion-forward, but still classic. NARS is a timeless brand. It is not a fashion moment that disappears. We keep the image ageless for a reason. I like trends but you can’t build a company on trends alone. The brand should be everlasting.

Q: Why did you choose Iris for the Summer 2011 campaign?
A: Iris is amazing; she is one of the sweetest people I know. She has such an amazing face, I love that she is so incredibly modern and sexy but edgy at the same time.

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64 thoughts on “NARS Summer 2011 Collection

  1. i’m lusting after the mayflower lipstick

  2. Those lippies all look yummy! I am loving Nars right now. :)

  3. Lucie

    Unbelievably excited for this collection. Must have the blush, the eye trio, the two duos, the lipgloss and the regular lipstick! Will you be reviewing everything?

  4. I can’t wait to see the taupe and blue shadows and the white polish!

  5. La.pLebiitah

    I like exotic dancer and new order, can’t wait for swatches! =D

  6. Lucia

    That blush looks so interesting! I wonder if it will be that purple-toned in real life?

  7. Loved!!! I can’t wait for! :)

  8. Naz

    Christine, do you think you’ll be getting/reviewing any of this collection?

  9. Really looking forward to seeing the eyeshadows in person. Those colors are beautiful!

  10. Marie

    Every lip product I love. This collection is amazing!

  11. The colors in the trio are dreamy and I love that they’re separated this time!

  12. Andrea

    soooo many choices with nars

  13. Christina

    I am loving that trio.

  14. Macaddict

    I want the eye shadow trio! So pretty!
    I have noticed that for the past 3 collections, NARS has started to introduce this e/s trio. I like!
    What I like less is the fact that this collection seems to hava a lot of permanent products in it…
    I may also get the lipgloss…

  15. It looks as though pinks and blues are going to be very ‘in’ this summer season. I’m excited… these colors definitely look best on me! :)

    Katie for Ouidad

  16. Andrea

    so much choices

  17. xiao

    the nail polishhhhh

  18. Mimi

    When is this coming out? I don’t have any NARS makeup yet but I’m thinking I will soon:)

  19. Mimi

    ignore my last comment! found it!

  20. natalia

    I really love that NARS incorporates what would otherwise be LE seasonal offerings into the perm range. New Order, Bolero, Mayflower and Wonder will be on my list to check out.

  21. Heavenly Herrera

    Christine, do you know if/when this will be in Sephora?? I seen the trio in a beauty mag the other day and am convinced that I need to check it out!! <3

  22. This collection looks amazing, I can’t wait for it to come out! Especially those lip colors and the blush… So excited!

  23. I’m weirded out by the yellow nail trend this season, it reminds me of nails in need of a visit to the doctor for meds. However, I might be game if this metallic yellow in NARS Kismet has enough gold in it to pique my interest. We shall see.

  24. Ani_BEE

    I think Cap Ferrat will sell wel despite the price hike.

  25. Emily

    I need Kismet. Please let it not require 4 coats to be opaque!

  26. Nicole

    Oh yesssssss, I will be all over that new blush!

  27. Lynn

    Carthage. *swoons*

  28. leslie

    Omg what an amazing collection! Im in love with the lipgloss. Christine are you going to be reviewing these products soon?

  29. Christine

    I think I will need to have Dogon! Can’t wait to see swatches. Thanks for the info!

  30. meme

    Loving Kismet (the metallic yellow polish)…it’s one I need to take a look at in person IF my Sephora gets the Nars polish in…they will often get the entire collection in BUT for the polishes. Drives me nuts being a polish hound and I really like the Nars polishes I do have. The rest of the collection – meah – don’t need to add any of it. Seen it, been there, have what works in other lines. One would need to be careful with this collection or ya might come out looking a bit like a clown.

  31. I’m relieved to see the word “permanent” after so many products. I want both the shadow duo and trio, which I’ll jump on right away… Carthage and Mayflower also look lovely. That blush is an absolute must for me… It’s going to be a NARS-heavy summer, I think…

  32. jen

    I love that Nars adds a lot of their new collection items to their permanent line. It keeps them new and creative with everything they release in the future.

  33. Meta

    NARS is currently the only cosmetics brand worth following at the moment. I’ll be definitely getting the eyeshadow duos (maybe the trio) and the blush.

  34. Jazz

    I want the lipgloss-even though I hate Nars glosses . And maybe the blush too. Is it just me or did they raise their prices ??

  35. Adrienne

    wow this is amazing I think I liked everything! especially the shadows

  36. Lisette

    I’m really hoping the New Order blush looks exactly as it does in the photo, because I’ve been waiting forever for a more lilac-toned blush from Nars. All of their blushes are way too warm-toned for me, even the bright pink ones.

  37. The lipgloss is such a beautiful, summery color! I adore <3

  38. Helen

    I think it’s been awhile since Nars has introduced a new powder blush. Looks nice!

  39. Adelita

    I can not wait to know how Carthage will look like when compared to Schiap, my favorite.

  40. Marcos

    Wasn’t there also supposed to be a blush trio compact that went along with the Summer 2011 Collection? I remember seeing it when I looked at the lookbook at a NARS Counter. Shame that they decided not to include it…it looked really beautiful.

  41. Vanessa

    Too bad the blush is described as pink and not lilac like it looks in the picture! :( What do you think–will the Soft Touch Shadow Pencil be a dud again? 😛

  42. cant wait for this collection!! I really want to see the blush in person since it looks lavender, but I bet its really pretty on!

  43. Monycka

    That eyeshadow trio is so beautiful, would you be doing swatches of the products Christine? :)

  44. Rosanna

    I want:
    “Cap Ferrat” Trio Eyeshadow
    “Dogon” Duo Eyeshadow
    “New Order” blush

    How the heck am I going to save for this? At least the blush is permanent. :)

  45. Nothing really exciting here…

  46. Judy

    That blush is eye catching!!! I love Nars blushes. I thought it might be more of a lilac color cause it looks purple, but according to the description it’s pink. I may have to go to Sephora and check it out on Friday. Thanks for the info Christine!!!

    • Angelcat47

      The collection is currently only at Nars,per Christine..she said it probably won’t be at Sephora for a few weeks after the release date.

  47. Josie

    Eyeshadow duo in Dogon Metallic taupe with icy green sheen and charcoal black (Limited Edition)

    This looks a lot like Tzarine or even the Rajasthan duo from the pic! I wonder how it compares??? I want it!

  48. Elaine

    NEED all the lip colours!!! The eyeshadow trio looks absolutely delicious as well 😀

  49. Erika

    Excited for New Order, but the promo pic looks very… lilac-y?

  50. Sandy

    What a wonderful collection! Will you swatch these?
    I’m really looking forward to see swatches of the gold polish, lipgloss and gold eye pencil… :)

  51. Kim-Mary

    I’ve been to three Sephoras since April 15th & they do not have this collection out yet. It’s disappointing since they claim it would be available on April 15th. I need to see that blush. I am dying for a lilac blush. Has anyone bought it or swatched it?

  52. lexi g.


  53. Kim-Mary

    DOH! Tx Christine. DOn’t know where I got sephora from. :S

  54. Maureen

    I like Bolero and Queen!

  55. I think I might be needing QUITE a few of these – especially that hot apricot gloss, it’s gorgeous!