Thursday, January 29th, 2009

NARS Summer 2009 Collection

Information and Images removed per NARS’ Request. Information and iamges will be re-released mid-April, thanks for understanding!

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48 thoughts on “NARS Summer 2009 Collection Information & Photos

  1. cloudburst

    I have to say that bronzer & gloss looks really good.

  2. Rose

    is this available now?

  3. jenn

    I like A LOT of this! *stars saving*

  4. e/s and bronzer… hun…..:)

  5. Katherine

    Scorching Sun and Tropic e/s will be mine!

  6. Yeah, i’m loving Scorching Sun too! perhaps that will be my first NARS purchase..

  7. Diyana

    tropic looks yum

  8. Tropic e/s and bronzer … That babies will create a gorgeous look for summer.

  9. Shefali

    OK wait…I went to the NARS counter over the weekend and the Spring stuff isn’t even on the counters yet?! How can they release images and collection info for summer?

  10. KaylaK

    I like the Tropic eyeshadow A LOT!

  11. Lina

    OMG, thank you so much!!!

  12. Alice

    OMG Tropic is all over my eyelids!!! (in my dreams!!!)

  13. Alice

    OMG Tropic is all over my eyelids!!! *in my dreams!!!*

  14. Anitacska

    Summer already? Only just bought stuff from the spring collection (and it’s still January!!!). I love the blue eyeshadow though, it’s beautiful.

  15. This collection looks very nice – I’d love to try the bronze lip colors (Falaba) and the nail polish! Thanks for the photos

  16. lexi

    bronzer lemming – party of one! and I don’t even like NARS bronzers!

  17. Kiu

    Just when I thought NARS needed a matte bronzer. *dies* I want it!!!

  18. Liz

    Looks like I’ll be getting the shadow and lipgloss 😛

  19. Falaba is a gorgeous shade, and I’m loving the shadow duo… *drool*

  20. Gina

    Thanks so much for the preview! I love NARS! I love everything in this new collection! I’m so excited! The best is the tropics eyeshadow!!

  21. Macaddict

    Loving Belize l/g and Tropic e/s!

  22. Chica

    Tropic is hawt – definitely a need rather than a want 😉

  23. Brianne

    I will never in a million years wear Tropic. And yet… I have this undeniable desire to see it swatched as soon as possible lol.

  24. Dee

    Oh my goodness! All of these are simply gorgeous! I want them all!

  25. MiMi

    Ooooh…I love tropic and belize! Let us know how they look on! FOTD pleeease

  26. Ruth

    It looks like I’ll be buying both lipsticks, I love those colors for summer.

  27. Coffee

    Summer? They don’t even have the Spring collection in my local sephora yet!!

  28. A

    Wow, they didn’t put Orgasm/Super Orgasm in the collection. I’m shocked!

  29. Miss QQ

    Tropic is love!

  30. Taj

    Spring collection is not all out yet, but I just luv those new summer shades. Can’t wait for another makeup artst demo when the collection launches in Hong Kong. (NARS makeup artists come to Hong Kong whenver they launch a new collection here. *yeah*)

  31. Nice to meet you :)
    I’d love to get Irresistible!
    This collection will be release on August in Japan, I guess.
    I can’t waiting!!!

  32. pquanda

    Hm, Adelita looks like Orgasm polish.
    Belize looks like turkish delight, just peacher. Scorching Sun = Isole and Mediterennae

  33. carriespooner

    Im so bummed you had to take down those pics. I want!!

    Boo nars! That’s a real Makeup buzz kill.

  34. omg nars people asked you to take these down? seriously wtf…

  35. KaylaK

    Well that’s a bummer they let you take it down, all you did was just get the NARS customers excited lol.

  36. Mel

    Oh well, Nars will lose potential sales by asking you to take it down… at least they’re not money hungry lol…

  37. Betti

    But think about it…It’s not available until MAY… I’m sure other brands would react the same way.