Monday, February 21st, 2011

NARS Nana Lipgloss
NARS Nana Lipgloss

NARS Spring 2011: Nana

NARS Nana Lipgloss ($24.00 for 0.28 oz.) is a blackened plum that applies semi-opaque. It is still quite dark, but it is nowhere near as dark applied as it appears in the tube (which almost photographs black!). Though I really liked the color itself, and it gave a rather stained glass look to lips, it isn’t so easy to work with by itself. I would recommend layering it over a lipstick or lip liner in order to minimize the gloss settling into lip lines. I also found that if you touch your lips together at all, it really moved the gloss around and made it look blotchy.

my thoughts on the formula: The texture of this particular gloss felt so different from other NARS’ Lipglosses, it was rather sticky. It wasn’t thick like holiday’s Downtown, but I still found this gloss rather tacky, while other NARS glosses are non-sticky (and it is a trait that these lipglosses are known for). In the past, NARS glosses have had plastic-y smells, but I haven’t noticed this in the latest seasonal launches, including Nana.

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  • Product: 25/30
  • Value: 8/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 4/5

final thoughts: If you don’t mind some prep work (like lip liner) or layering (over a lipstick), I think it’s a nice shade. It should suit both cooler and warmer skin tones, though it is naturally cool toned. It is a more high-maintenance kind of lip color, unfortunately!

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NARS Nana Lipgloss
NARS Nana Lipgloss

NARS Nana Lipgloss
NARS Nana Lipgloss

NARS Nana Lipgloss
NARS Nana Lipgloss

NARS Nana Lipgloss
NARS Nana Lipgloss

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NARS, $24.

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I couldn't think of anything that's quite like this in gloss form.

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85 thoughts on “NARS Nana Lipgloss Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. It looks gorgeous on you! I just wish Nars lip glosses were less expensive.. sigh.



  3. Marcela

    very pretty and juicy color. terrible application. i wonder why i always describe berry colors as “juicy”… LOL.

  4. It’s too splotchy for my taste. I love the color, but I am not a fan of spending a lot of time trying to make a lip color work…not when there are so many great lip products on the market that are equally as affordable.

  5. Steph

    Would be lovely it if could stand on its own. Nice colour.

  6. Carrie

    Neat color but it just looks so blotchy on your lips – what hope would I have?

  7. JayJay

    I can see this working very well with MAC’s Night Violet mattene!

  8. I like the look of this, actually. Any dark purple lip color pretty much does it for me, though. xD

  9. Lauren

    Kind of looks like grape jelly. . .

  10. day

    wonder if the gloss is inspired by the manga character Nana. she wears almost the exact same shade!


  11. This would look BEAUTIFUL on top of a dark(er) lipstick!

  12. Gabriella Manuli

    Love it! And I really want the reason they named it “Nana” is because of Nana Osaki from the comic ‘Nana’… Purple was her favorite color, and she definitely had a strong, rocker- based style! Although this probably isn’t the basis for the color, it’s a wonderful coincidence, and the color is so pretty. :)


    this looks quite like nars lipgloss in all night long, or maybe this is a bit more dark and red. beautiful colour though

    • Kiya

      They’re actually pretty different. I own All Night Long (wore it today, in fact), and there are several differences. All Night Long seems a bit more opaque, isn’t as purple on my lips, is lighter, doesn’t settle into lines or me or get moved around when pressing lips together (as Christine noted happens with Nana). From my experiences with NARS glosses, I’d say All Night Long is somewhat creamy. It applies and stays even on my lips, and when it wears off, a nice tint is left without my lips feeling dry or it bleeding into lines.

      Though I really wish Nana had a consistency more like All Night Long or Bougainville, as the color is beautiful and I was looking forward to trying it :(


        oh that is such a shame!! when i bought all night long it was one sale for 10$ and i loved it so much and was looking to try another plumy colour!! I guess I shall try a different shade! thanks for the help Kiya!!

        • Kiya

          No problem 😀

          I got All Night Long the same way, wouldn’t have thought to get it but it was only $10. If you can get your hands on Bougainville you might like that if you’re into All Night Long and Nana’s color. It was from Holiday 2010, but I think it’s still available on both NARS’s site, Sephora’s site, and sites of some other retailers like Nordstrom.

          And if you have a NARS counter nearby, they might have a tester of Bougainville or even some left to sell.

          • LINDARRAGNAR

            :) thanks for the heads up on Bougainville thats a really beautiful color!! Now I know a great replacement color to get if there are no more of the A.N.L for 10$!! thanks so much!

  14. Jennifer

    I bet this would look beautiful over MAC Rebel!

  15. I love this color… I tried it on in the store and didn’t notice any patchiness or settling into lines. I need to try it again before I buy it and check for that, since I HATE when lip products do that! Although, I do like the color enough that it may be worth figuring out how to layer to make it work.

  16. Laia

    I like the colour but not its consistency.

  17. Pam

    This colour reminds me of MAC Plushglass – Oversexed. Maybe that would be the dupe…

  18. Marie

    I like this a lot; it owuld look awesome with my super pale skin. I imagine it would be nice layered over Madere Pure Matte lipstick!

  19. Kathy

    Gorgeous color, terrible application. What a shame!

  20. inaya

    Hey Christine! Sorry to be posting in the wrong article; but I was hoping you could help me pick between Springsheen and Fleur Power for my warm toned NC 32 skin. I already have Margin and Coralista; if their likely dupes.

  21. I LOVE NARS lipgloss, especially Harlow, but this color seems uneven. I could see myself getting it all over my teeth too. I prefer my lipstick more pigmented since it stays better than a gloss.

  22. The shade is awesome, but the texture awful – soo patchy!! The colour looks a bit like the Korres lip butters in plum or wild rose or Make Up Store’s lip gloss pot in Ski :)

  23. Jeni

    It’s such a gorgeous color that I might be able to overlook the blotchiness and play around with lipsticks to make it work.

  24. For $24, it should be enough to wear on its own. I wonder why NARS has been releasing inadequate products lately? (i.e: Celebrate Shadow Pencil).

  25. Mariella

    At $24 (so probably $30 Canadian!!!), I’d expect more than a B- rating if I’m laying out that sort of money on a lip gloss! I’ll pass on this one. There are so many good glosses out there for lots less money.

  26. The color is absolutely gorgeous but I agree with you on how it looks blotchy, what a shame~

  27. Hilary♥

    The name Nana must be inspired to the famous Japanese manga and anime. I remember when I used to watch it every week, I loved it! What an amazing story. Back to the lipgloss, I don’t like it, so disappointing. It’s patchy =( not worth all that money for sure.

  28. I could totally see this work with the right lipliner under it

  29. Katherine

    I love this color. Looks great on you Christine! I’m not sure I love it enough to work with it. It’s beautiful though.

  30. Nars does deep berry lipgloss right(Strawberry Fields is great one). I love this, too. Too bad I’m saving up for Spring Break.

  31. Dini

    Love the color. I think I`m willing to try to make it work!

  32. pamela S.

    looks like a it would be a pain in the butt to even out completely. you would have to blot then push around with your finger wich would make you waste product. nice color prob good with a similar lipstick color underneath to help even out?.

  33. Rachael

    Actually, a color like this looks great over bright blue based pinks. It helps tone them down and make them look less Barbie and more everyday.
    It reminds me a little of the Style Black Glimmerglasses. I use my Blackfire when I wear St. Germain.

  34. Trish

    I saw this in Sephora last week and today and the color doesn’t interest me at all. The color makes me think fall instead of spring–perhaps that’s the issue.

  35. Jill

    It looks a lot like Nars Rollerina lip gloss. I like it on you, but I don’t wear dark colors. I still have a tube of Rollerina anyway though!

  36. I actually think the way it settles into lip lines is kind of interesting, close-up. The actual blotchiness from a normal distance, not so much. I wish this were more even–if it were, I’d definitely save up for it! Guess I’ll have to look for another dark-purple gloss without shimmer…

  37. It’s a pretty colour but it looks so splotchy.

    PS “Oh nana, what’s my name?” lol that song is in my head!

  38. You make everything look pretty Christine, but this lipgloss looks like it applies streaky :-( I think all of NARS Spring was epic fail.

  39. Greta

    beautiful color, wish it wasnt so streaky D:

  40. Ashley

    It looks like when I was a kid and I would rub a raspberry popsicle on my lips! It is a pretty color though.

  41. Leticia Centeno

    Hey Christine!!

    Do you have any news abt the Sheen Supreme collection from MAC: I’m dying for some swatches! I’ve found a few on some others blog but nothing compares to Temptalia’s swatches!!


  42. Steph

    Such a beautiful colour, a shame the application is so patchy. It’d be interesting to see it layered, do you think you’ll use this for any upcoming looks (with a liner/lipstick underneath)?

  43. emily

    Hmm… I like the idea of stained-glass lips. Sucks about the blotchyness though. =/

  44. Do you know if this was named after the movie “Nana” (or anime/manga)? It’s Nana’s signature dark plum shade. :) I might get it just because I love that movie so much!

  45. Becca

    I find all NARS lipglosses very streaky/patchy when I apply them, ad this one appears to be no acception. Ugh :/

  46. kelly

    WOW! i could never pull off a color like that, but i think it’s just super cool that they named it after Nana. it’s a REALLY famous punkrock chic manga/anime from a few years back for those who don’t know. it’s one of my favorite animes ever (sorry geeking out a bit) and i highly recommend it to anyone who hasn’t seen it before. this color is DEFINATELY very NANA. it’s too bad there’s probably only 1 in a million nanas in real life lol.

  47. P

    On the picture where you smile? is it photoshopped.. becouse, all of the lip product reviews pics look allmost the same… (lip colour is only diffrent) or am i paranoid?

    • The whole point of them is to be in the same position so that you can easily compare them. I would never just photoshop color on – talk about unethical and just a disgusting practice to do altogether. I’m angry with myself that you even have to ask.

  48. JoJo

    I want sooo bad to love this…its a gorgeous color, but on it…well…it kinda looks like you got punched in the mouth! I don’t wanna look like I got punched in the mouth!

  49. The color is to-die-for but what’s up with the formula?! Why wouldn’t they re-work it when they saw how badly it applies? I don’t understand brands like NARS releasing products of such low quality.

  50. Crystal S.

    Holy Super Freckle! Does this gloss draw attention to imperfections in ones lip? Not that your freckle is an imperfection…

  51. Mahera

    thanks christine! u r the best!

  52. Saffy

    I actually like it. I think it would look best over a lipstick, however. The blue-base makes your teeth look super white!

  53. samantha

    this is so pretty on you, Christine! Oh wait, evverything looks good on you!:)

  54. Muna

    I absolutely adore it!
    And I don’t mind doing extra work for it either!
    It is a really nice color. I think I am in love.

  55. Kathrina

    What a shame! The color itself looks gorgeous but it seems to apply all blotchy and uneven.

  56. Lindsay

    I ordered this and it arrived today. Being my first NARS gloss, I can’t compare the texture to other glosses in the line, but it’s sooooo much smoother and less sticky than the MAC Lipglasses. I didn’t have the same problems with the blotchy appearance on my lips, it looks very juicy and I am in LOVE!

  57. Nica

    Purchased this today on a whim. The color applied evenly and smoothly, no blotchy application here. The color didn’t settle into my lip lines and didn’t bleed all over the place either. This is coming from someone who struggles with dry lips that easily chap and peel. Nana applied beautifully and I didn’t have to do anything extra to make it “work”. I didn’t have to prep my lips or use a lip liner for proper application. After extended wear, Nana left behind a nice stain. I would say that if you’re interested in the product try it for yourself because you just never know.

  58. Lily

    I have this and I LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. it. Don’t knock it til you guys try it! I did not find this very sticky *as compare to MAC or Lip Fusion* and the color pay off is beautiful on my naturally pigmented lips. I agree with you that you need lip liner and some prep work with your lips. I just use a cheapie lip liner, line my lips, and put Nana on. Its veryyyy long lasting and non-drying. It also did not stain my lips. I just wish I had a backup since this is LE :(

    I call it my -80s rock groupie lip color go to- LOL!

  59. Daisy

    I loooooove this color. I’m a sucker for those gorgeous blackened berry shades. I haven’t bought it yet though, but seeing it swatched again I just might snatch it from the NARS website.