Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

NARS Mangrove Eyeshadow
NARS Mangrove Eyeshadow

Finally, a Mustard I Like!

NARS Mangrove Eyeshadow ($23.00 for 0.07 oz.) is a mustard yellow with just a tinge of green. It has a satin sheen, and it’s nicely pigmented. This is a color you just don’t see very often, because it’s not always an easy to wear shade.

The only other comparable color I have in my stash is an old, discontinued shade by MAC called Jasmine (which is not quite as yellow). I’m not normally a big fan of yellow eyeshadow on me–if it leans gold or it’s more like a chartreuse, I’m totally for it, but truer yellows don’t seem to work well for me.

Mangrove is an interesting shade to work with, because it takes on much of the tones of whatever it’s paired with or layered on top of. When I used it with Palladium, it looked like a chartreuse green, but when I wore it over a regular eyeshadow base, I was able to get a much more true-to-pan kind of color. On my skin tone, I just can’t wear it easily — with golds and coppers, it works; with greens and teals, it works — but when I tried it alongside Daphne, I just couldn’t rock it myself.

I like the uniqueness of the color, which is something that would make compel me to get it. The quality is lovely, and it’s one of the better textured single shadows–very soft, smooth, but still pigmented. For those who have trouble pulling off warmer yellows and golds, Mangrove may be an answer to that problem–because it is as cool of a yellow as one can get!

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  • Product: 28/30
  • Value: 8/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 4/5

RECOMMENDATION: I think this may be more of a try-before-you-buy shade unless you’re always on the hunt for something a little different than the norm, because mustard yellow isn’t a common shade in makeup!

AVAILABILITY: NARS — Use code TEMPTALIA for a mini lipgloss trio featuring Turkish Delight, Gothika, & Greek Holiday, expires 8/15.

See more photos & swatches!

NARS Mangrove Eyeshadow
NARS Mangrove Eyeshadow

NARS Mangrove Eyeshadow
NARS Mangrove Eyeshadow

NARS Mangrove Eyeshadow
NARS Mangrove Eyeshadow

NARS Mangrove Eyeshadow
NARS Mangrove Eyeshadow

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40 thoughts on “NARS Mangrove Eyeshadow Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Christina

    I like the color, but I don’t see myself using it a lot, so I wouldn’t spend 23 big ones on it.

  2. Luisa

    I have a similar color by Madina, an italian brand (very good brand!)

  3. baby in a corner

    i don’t know if I like this! maybe for someone who is a real make up collector with loads of funds? but if you’re on a budget I dunno! it could also look nice on dark skin tones if it showed up well!

  4. Roxanne

    I think I’d rather try and make a sandwich with mustard instead!

    Christine, quick question: could you verify if Dare To Wear is inspired by Lady Gaga or if MAC is collaborating with her again? I’ve always thought it was just *inspired* by her (no explicit mention of a collaboration) but a lot of people seem to think (and post!) she designed it. I don’t know so naturally I come to you for answers! :)

    • It is just inspired by, as far as I know. If she had designed it, I think it would have been more obvious and a full collection (lipsticks, eyeshadow, glosses, blush, etc.) – plus, probably called MAC for Lady Gaga or something to that extent.

  5. M

    I’m a yellow shadow junkie so I love it!

  6. egon

    This is one e\s I’ll pass with NO regrets what so ever =D

  7. Interesting shade. I like that it’s not a neon yellow shade and I think this one can be used in many ways! :)

  8. Emily

    How does this compare to Mac’s Sweet and Punchy?

  9. I will pass on this color, I’m afraid yellow is not for me but I’m sure you will do a makeup tutorial soon using this shade so I’m really curious to see which other colors are you going to use. :)

  10. kate

    Thanks for the swatch! I am a yellow eyeshadow fiend, so I was thrilled to see Nars introduce this for fall. I haven’t tried any Nars shadows before, very glad to hear it is pigmented and feels lovely. I’m so excited!

    I ordered this, alone with the Daphne shadow and Strawberry Fields, and am eagerly awaiting my order (thanks for the free lip gloss code too!).

  11. McKenna

    In the pan, it reminds me of Sweet & Punchy by MAC…but when it’s swatched it’s a lot more yellow. I ended up getting Sweet & Punchy because it’s so different from any other color out there, and I ended up really loving it.

  12. Naz

    I attempted to use this code when I purchased some items from, but the code did not work. It was it was no longer valid

  13. Ashley

    The colour is lovely, is this LE?

  14. Any resemblance to MAC Bitter, Rater R or Pagan?

  15. Roxy

    Thanks for the review Christine. Its a really pretty color. Can you please do swatches and reviews on Daphne eyeshadow?

  16. An interesting shade to try but it’ll depend on my budget. NARS is a couple dollars more expensive here (then include our high HST in B.C!)

    My closest NARS counter is sooooooo slow. They said they won’t have the fall collection till September!

  17. Very nice review.
    Gotta figure out a way to fetch those tones..

  18. Lauryl

    I actually use this as an all over color on my eyes, looks great. And I’m pretty tan. Definitely glad I purchased it.

  19. Jess

    At first I didn’t like the color at all. But when I went to the store the SA actually showed me if you first put on coconut grove and then blend blend blend mangrove on top of it, it turns into a very pretty gold color. I loved it!!!

  20. amy

    That is a gorgeous colour, I have always liked these shades for the summer.

  21. have you tried the tarina tarintino tokyo hardcore? it’s a beautiful green and i think it’s worth paying the $19 for!

  22. Myna

    I do not have such color in my collection whether it be NARS or MAC so I will surely buy this one as it is extraordinary. Here in France, the collection are all permanent.

  23. Marina

    Hey christine, i just have quick question. How does this shade compare to mac’s going bananas eyeshadow? do you prefer one over the other?

  24. Christine,

    I’d really love to try this shade or something similar to it, but I do not feel like shelling out the amount of money that Nars shadows are. Are their any less expensive dupes that you can think of? It may come down to the fact that I’ll have to go buy this, but I’d figure I’d ask you before I do. Thanks so much for the wonderful reviews and tutorials!

    – Molly

  25. Muneerah

    This color is pretty in the packaging but when I swatched it myself it wasn’t as pretty or as vibrant as I wanted it to be. I thought it would be a little more pigment because NARS eyeshadows usually are. Maybe if they mixed glitter in it too. IDK, a little upset.