Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

NARS Look: Mangrove & Daphne

I liked this in close-ups, but I don’t like it so much with my skin tone overall.  I think someone paler than me could really rock this, though! :)

You will need the following…

For eyes, start by applying Smudgeproof as your eyeshadow base all over the eye area with the 249. Using the 239, apply Mangrove eyeshadow on the inner third of the lid and pull upwards along the inner crease. Lightly blend Rajasthan (taupe) eyeshadow on the middle of the lid blended to the outer lid with the 239. Next, apply Daphne  eyeshadow into the crease with the 226, lightly blending onto the outer lid. Blend Trench eyeshadow with the crease shade and highlight the brow bone. Bring everything together by applying #11L eyeliner on the lower lash line. Finish by sweeping lashes with Precious Cells mascara.

For cheeks, apply Douceur blush on the apples of the cheeks and sweep upwards towards the temple with the 116.

For lips, apply Liquid Lurex lipstick first, and then layer Hi-falutin’ dazzleglass for a complementing lip.

Check out more photos!

WHY do you look unblended? HM? Is it to spite me??? How rude!

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132 thoughts on “NARS Look: Mangrove & Daphne

  1. Leah

    Christine you look gorgeous with any color combination, though I do think spiced up neutrals looks the most beautiful on you :)

    And quick question…… you ever worry about your makeup expiring??? I was wondering how long my MAC powder eyeshadows last before they go bad.

    • Hey Leah,

      I don’t worry about powder products, since bacteria love warm/moist places (aka lipgloss, mascara, etc.) not so much eyeshadow and the like. If anything smells or looks funny, I toss it :)

    • Brittany

      Hey Leah I work at MAC and they taught us about the batch codes. For instance, if your mascara’s batch code says A89, that means it was produced in the first (A)batch in August (8) 2009 (9). If you have anything that’s 2007 and older… I would say toss it out. Hope this helps. =D

  2. LNU

    That mascara again! I really like it! And it does look weirdly unblended in the last picture but in close up its ok?

  3. Julia

    Douceur blush looks AMAZING on you! Great look overall as well, but the blush is so nice.

  4. Ashley

    I think it looks really nice on you! It’s a really interesting color combo, and Daphne is gorgeous!

  5. baby in a corner

    it looks quite artistic and modern i think! the yellow is quite a hard colour to wear though!

  6. Shi

    What do you mean? I think it looks fantastic on you!

    At least you now know what look you’ll do if you ever go to a Lakers game!

  7. Gigi

    Christine, I love this look on you. I love the colors, they look great, seriously. What don’t you like about colors on you?

  8. Dini

    Hmmm. I dunno. I like this look on you. Reminds me of a beautiful iris.

  9. Amanda

    Pretty!!! I love the purple on you!

  10. Li Ming

    I have no idea what you are talking about, Christine! This looks gorgeous on you – close-up or no close-up! But that’s just my opinion.

  11. Kelsey

    Are you going to do a review on the NARS Sheer Matte Foundation? I would greatly appreciate it since I’m in the market for a new foundation!

  12. Amber

    Wow I really love this color combo! I think Mangrove is a truly different shade, I certainly don’t have anything like it. Very nice look on you!

  13. aradhana


    i think you mentioned in another post that you didn’t like the mangrove/daphne combo, but it looks cool! i think you also easily have winged out the purple even more….

  14. LuvJ

    Hi Christine..

    I’m loving these colors — Daphne is just gorgeous! Also, any dupes for Douceur? I wanna know if I can live without it 😉

  15. phuongk

    quite beautiful on you!

  16. That is BEAUTIFUL, Christine. I love how you combine colors.

  17. Roxy

    All the colors used in this look are so gorgeous on you! Thanks for putting pics up of the Daphne. I’m so looking forward to your reviews on it whenever you get around to them. But, so far i’m sold on the Daphne simply by the way it looks on you. Thanks for all the great work you do!

  18. Mary007

    I disagree with you Cristine. These colors look great on you…you’re rockin it!!
    Go Lakers! lol

  19. Marian

    That looks lovely. You have a real talent for combining colors perfectly!

  20. Tracy

    Nevermind! The post just changed. Or maybe my eyes were deceiving me! Makes more sense now! Thanks :)

  21. Now I really want Daphne! Looks wonderful on you :)

  22. selva

    That beautiful combination of colors!

  23. that looks gorgeous on you!!! I love it soo much!!! I am such a fan!! :)

  24. I think this looks awesome on you personally!

  25. Sarah M

    Very pretty. :-)

  26. Vanessa

    Daphne looks gorgeous! Ahh, why do I love purples!?

  27. Brenda

    lol…I like the “why do you look unblended”. I like the look up close as well, I usually like what you say you don’t, but somehow I’m not loving the yellow inner corners. It’s a bit bruised looking??? And that’s not to say you can’t rock yellows because i’ve seen you in yellows and it’s great!! It does remind me of MAC’s Awake facechart from ….. hmmmm, i can’t recall which collection. (the overall look i mean).
    Nevertheless, great job:)

    • Golden yellows I can totally do! More sallow kind of yellows are definitely harder for me (IMO!) to pull off. When I wore Mangrove before, over a teal base, it totally worked, since it went rather green–which I like on me–but here, it’s definitely the yellow that looks off to me (in the full face photos).

  28. Nessa

    Douceur looks lovely..!! oohh i just bought exhibit a and torrid.. i think everything in this collection looks lovely..!! i’m guna be broke..

  29. Yumi

    I think the eyeshadow combination looks fine on you. I especially like your lipstick in this! The blush is beautiful too. It’s all perfect :)

  30. Umm, hello perfect Mardi Gras look? I love this. Ever since I’ve been reading your blog I’ve been playing with my makeup a lot more and I’m definitely going to be trying a cheap version of this next time I go out! Plus you and I have similar eye colors which is awesome since most makeup tutorials feature blue eyes. So thank you!

  31. Erin

    As an LSU graduate, I love this color combo!

  32. I love Daphne eyeshadow!

    That’s a pretty look. I think it suits you. Also I love such combo of colors.

  33. I think this looks just fine with your skin tone :)

  34. Dana

    That’s a really pretty look on you!! I want to try it with a slightly bolder lip. :3

  35. daphne

    So here’s the REAL question: am I obligated to get the eyeshadow that bears my name? :) (Probably don’t need it since I have MUFE 92 and have only used it once…though it does look a touch bluer!) There has to be SOME other makeup product out there called Daphne though…

    I really like the look! I think I would have preferred a plummy lip, but I think that Liquid Lurex color is just strange. It is funny how it looks unblended in the full face pictures, but that must just be a trick of the flash! (Do you use the self-timer for your full face shots or make Shaun take them?)

  36. Kelly Marie

    Wait, does Liquid Lurex mean you have some stuff from Fabulous Felines already???

  37. Daphne is gorgeous!

  38. CeeBee

    Looks beautiful! Daphne looks divine, so many deep purple shadows are chalky and unpigmented when applied but that looks fabulous on you!

    I know what you mean about the yellow though. I have distinct yellow undertones in my skin and anything really yellow (or copper/orange and particular greens for some reason) make my skin take on a strange “pink” cast and I look u’mmm, very unhealthy…
    I’d swap the Mangrove for something pink or lilac (TheBalm’s Just This Once Jamie springs to mind. Or Body Shop #37!) – the taupe looks luscious too…

    …happy sigh…

  39. Mineral makeup girl

    Beautiful look! Great pics too!

  40. Ginnia

    I like it! You’re wearing Dazzleglass a lot lately eh? Does the dazzle lipstick need the glass?

  41. Rosie

    Christine, this is one of my favorite eye combinations I’ve seen in a while. It’s beautiful.

  42. Heather H

    Are u kidding me Christine? You will look beautiful no matter what

    you put on your face. Honestly i don’t see anything wrong with this look.

  43. Marcela

    I really like this look on you, just one thing and don’t take this the wrong way, but I think you should go easy on the eyebrows, they look really harsh. =-)

  44. Elaine

    ooh ooh ooh! im a NW 20 and its safe to say i’ll be rocking this look tomorrow at work :)

  45. Bernice

    Lovely combination !
    You make it work so well especially for colours that you aren’t so keen on :)

  46. Elli


  47. I think it looks gorgeous on you, and doesn’t look unblended to me at all!

  48. Charlotte

    Love NARS Daphne, love Burberry Trench as a highlight and LOVE the lips!

  49. Hilana

    You might not like it much, Christine, but I think this is very hot indeed.
    Great look, and the lips you chose with this is just perfect.
    So Mooi! :)

  50. Nancie

    You look fabulous in these dramatic colors, and your application technique is flawless. I really enjoy each daily “Look”!

  51. Lizet Luna

    You look beautiful girl cute, it’s always a surprise to see your work and passion with which you do! I really admire the talent you have, and the joy that making Tempatlia reflex. =)
    Excellent Friday to you.


  52. I love how Douceur blush looks on you! I’m NC25 as well, so I can’t wait to try it out for myself! 😀

  53. MJ

    I love this look! you look very gorgeous:)
    I should try this look someday.=D

  54. Corinne

    You look MAH-VELOUS!

  55. eveli

    How do you like the sheermatte? Why is it that you hardly wear top liner?

    • I haven’t worn Sheer Matte enough yet to give a review.

      It causes my upper lash line to itch, water, swell, and sometimes my entire lid gets swollen and rashy.

  56. This looks awesome without a lot of blending!

  57. CB

    As everyone’s mentioned, the Douceur blush looks spectacular on ya! This post has definitely further convinced me to try it out. I have NARS’s blush in Madly and they look a bit similiar. I’m just trying to figure out if the two are different enough for me to justify getting Douceur! 😛 This one looks pretty matte, which I like.

    • Thank you! :) I don’t have Madly unfortunately!

      • Bettina

        probably because asians have yellow undertones in our skin, I have that issue with some form of yellows and gold colors too…I love the deep purple though, I’ve been on a mission for the perfect shade of deep purple for a the last few months or so.

  58. I bought Mangrove today, but not Daphne. I missed sweet and punchy by MAC, so I thought I’d better be hurry to get the almost-same color, which also is a limited edition asap. How would you compare sweet and punchy AND Mangrove? I always like Sweet and Punchy, but I have never had a way to buy it (except EBAY).

  59. Sash

    Lovely. Have you ever tried blue mascara? Would look nice on you.