Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

NARS Cosmetics – Lipsticks – Swatches

NARS’ range of lipsticks ($24.00 each) include three finishes: satin, which is a soft, semi-opaque texture with slight sheen; semi-matte, which is an opaque, creamy near-matte finish; and sheer, which is a sheer formula with more noticeable shimmer. Based on their current line-up, NARS features 11 shades of satin lipsticks, 18 shades of semi-matte lipsticks, and 28 shades of sheer lipsticks.

Some of my favorites were Catfight, Christina (drat! if only it was “Christine”, I’d so get it just for the name), Flair, Funny Face, Roman Holiday (reminds me of Real Doll by MAC, which was LE and often coveted), Shanghai Express, Niagara, Venice, and Scarlett Empress.

What are your favorites? Do you have any?

Check out the product photos

Belle de Jour, Blonde Venus, Sabrina, Catfight,

Catfight, Mitzi, Promiscuous

Mindgame, Corinthe, Napoli,

Kiss, Barbarella, Hot Voodoo, Christina,

Barbarella, Hot Voodoo, Christina, Honolulu Honey

Morocco, Klute, Sexual Healing

Nouba, Falbala, Dolce Vita

Dolce Vita, Viva Las Vegas, Tobago

Hindu, Flair, Beautiful Liar, Shrinagar

Shrinagar, Rain (Lip Treatment), Tanganyka

Tanganyka, Porte Vecchio, Casablanca

Funny Face, Senorita, Timbuktu, Canaille

Timbuktu, Canaille, Roman Holiday, Russian Doll

Russian Doll, Fire Down Below, Pigalle

Heat Wave, Schiap, Shanghai Express, Jungle Red

Schiap, Shanghai Express, Jungle Red, Niagara

Jungle Red, Niagara, Gipsy

Vera Cruz, Rouge d’Enfer, Manhunt

Trans Siberian, Red Lizard, Success

Success, Afghan Red, Captiva

Corinthe, Venice, Scarlett Empress, Viridiana

Masai, Tamango, Flamenco

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110 thoughts on “NARS – Lipsticks – Swatches

  1. Redhead (hi)

    The last eight groups and Funny Face really seem worth buying, but the rest are too sheer for my dark pink lips.

  2. WOAH nars! Why are you slowely creeping up to be my new obsession?! Christine, its all your fault! All these Nars swatches has me drooling, and my already wounded wallet crying. Thanks! <3

  3. lexisf09

    Over the years my lips have developed a strange sensitivity. I can no longer wear MAC Lipsticks or even my beloved Lip Lustre glosses =( There are a few brands that do not cause me any allergic reactions and NARS is one of them thankfully! I am a BIG fan of Afghan Red – it’s more like a wine and i wear it to work without any liner – straight from the tube. It’s a satin finish (i believe). It’s the one dark color I love to wear without feeling self-conscious about. If I’m feeling particularly sassy that morning I’ll top it off with Bad Education NARS gloss (metallic red).

    Also I wear Tobago which is a frosty brownish plum with Supervixen gloss on top of that.

    I have been recently obsessed with Canaille so I may have to purchase that when I go get my Fast Ride lipstick.

    I am sensing the Gloss reviews will be next?

  4. Some of them look similar. I like roman holiday & barbarella from just looking at your swatches.

  5. Kitson

    Thanks for the swatches. Would you consider doing the lipstick swatches on your lips for the NARS lipstick? If you dont I totally understand, there are SO many and it would be a TON of work!

  6. DJ

    I love Shanghai Express. It is one of my HG reds. Also, Roman Holiday is the only lipstick in that colour family that I can wear and not look dead in ( I can’t wear MAC Myth, Lav. Whip etc). Next on my list is Fast Ride, though. It looks beautiful!

    Galaxy Girl was one of the first ones I ever bought but I don’t think it exists anymore :( it was soooo lovely.

    Hindu is gorgeous on, so is Flamenco…I actually don’t that many Nars lipsticks but I do really like the ones I have. I think I prefer Chantecaille (sp?) for lipstick but I only have one, because those are super expensive too.

    basically, I can’t really wear opaque colours on my mouth, so the sheers are great for me, except I hate having to reapply. (in MAC I wear the lustre or frost formulas most of the time, with a few cremesheens thrown in)

    I really do think that one has to try Nars products in person. It does make a big difference, especially if one is new to the brand.

    happy browsing 😉

    • What are your favorites from Chantecaille? Too rich for my blood, but I like to play :)

      • DJ

        I have Cayanne, a tomato red. It is an opaque creamy lipcolour. I rarely wear it, but it is beautiful. Titian is another one that is super gorgeous.

        The colours are very ‘pretty’ if you know what I mean…not edgy at all.

        I had a few of the sheer ones (galaxy? meteor? I forget) and they just feel amazing on, and don’t disappear.

        They are just very expensive. But, these days I think a lot of companies are expensive and quite silly with prices.

        • I’m really surprised that the sheers don’t disappear — very good to know, though :) If they weren’t $24, I’d consider picking up a few. I don’t have too many issues with wearing-time with what I own, so I think I’ll hold off for now!

  7. Shells

    I love Nars lippies! I heart Napoli, Barbarella, Blonde Venus, Catfight & Honolulu Honey. I realllly want Promiscuous & Nouba but I’m trying to be good. I will be adding a Nars red/berry lippie to my collection come fall though. The prices hurt but I really like that I don’t have to reapply 10x a day, even with the sheers.

  8. Meagan

    I’ve always loved Nars lipsticks. I’ve owned Funny Face, Klute, and Russian Doll. Currently working Outsider and Red Lizard. I love their pigmentation and texture. Makes me want to go get a new tube of Russian Doll for Fall!

  9. Sarah

    Thanks so much for the swatches!! It helps me since I dont live anywhere near a NARS retailer.

  10. i love nars casablanca. pretty orange by itself or w. gloss

  11. Miri

    I bought Captiva two years ago. It smelled like a crayon after 6 months. That’s too bad because the color is beautiful. :(

  12. Macaddict

    Aaaaaahhhhh!!!!! Way too many nice lippies!
    I only own one NARS lippie and it’s a recent – and totally impulsive – purchase: Manhunt! Love love love it! It’s an easy red to wear daytime and at work. Since I’m a gal who really likes bold colors (and not so much neutrals), my faves of the swatches are:
    – Trans Siberian
    – Red Lizard
    – Afghan Red
    – Hot Voodoo
    – Scarlett Empress
    – Flamenco
    – Heat Wave
    – Rouge d’Enfer
    – Jungle Red
    – Casablanca
    – Morocco
    – Schiap
    Like I said: Too many pretties! Lots of reds, oranges, bright pink!
    Overall though, too many sheer neutrals for NARS! I expect the same level of pigmentation as their blushes and e/s.

    • I know, NARS does make some really standout shades! Happy to hear you like Manhunt 😀

      At least they label and market them as sheers, LOL. Not misleading!

  13. Natalie

    I only have two NARS lipsticks – Schiap and Funny Face and they are my absolute favorite!! I am looking for Tomato red shade though.. Would you think of any from NARS range Christine (by the way, you should so get Christina lol)? I couldn’t find one from MAC.

    • Aw, MAC had a limited edition mattene that was totally tomato red. I think it was called Tomato or something like that, lol!

      Jungle Red is the only one that I think could potentially fit the bill for a tomato red!

  14. Macaddict

    Gotta have to love the names they give to their products as well! Even more provocative and edgy than MAC as far as their names are concerned, they take the cake! It’s really impossible to forget the name of a NARS product one buys; It just sticks with you.

  15. Laura

    Ah NARS lipstick are my favorites; like the commenter above I don’t get any allergic reactions and the color payoffs are fantastic. They’ve been the only brand where I’ve actually gone through a tube.
    My favorites are Barbarella, Roman Holiday, Cat fight, and Fire Down Below. Funny face looks gorgeous.

  16. I’ve only got three NARS lipsticks – Dolce Vita, Señorita, and Flamenco – and the Hot Sauce lip palette from a few years ago, but I really like them. I wish they weren’t quite as pricey, but there’s a few shades I’d still like to pick up – Gipsy, Porte Vecchio, Falbala, at least…

    • Nice! I definitely find $24 a bit steep for a lipstick by NARS – it just doesn’t feel like I should be paying that much. I guess that shows that I undervalue the brand, hm.

  17. alicia

    I love Canaille, Blonde Venus, Shrinigar, Beautiful Liar, and have yet to purchase more.

  18. Janelle

    Theyre all gorgeous, but I really love Christina, Flair, Trans Siberian and Rouge d’Enfer :)

  19. Ruth

    These are the ones I own & love:
    Flaming Dust
    First Bite
    Beautiful Liar
    Rouge D’Enfer

  20. Brenda

    I think Sabrina looks like a winner for me. I’ve been unsuccessfully trying to get my hands on a second tube of Way to Love, and this looks like the right possible dupe. I have Hue, but its way too light.

    venice, masai, barbarella look nice too. And I like manhunt!! Its a much darker colour than i usually wear but it caught my eye!!

  21. freewing

    they are sooo pretty~~such beautiful colors~

  22. Bettina

    Oh I like manhunt well as trans siberian and scarlett empress

  23. angie

    i adore rouge d’enfer & jungle red-nars really excels at reds!! even my BF (who use to dislike red lipstick) likes when i wear those shades. i also have galaxy girl which is a dupe of orgasm for lips. i have often debated which nude to buy….belle du jour, barbarella, etc..

  24. Nicci

    I have Senorita :)

  25. Bella

    Man, I really, really wish they still made Bambi. It was perfect, my HG nude. MUFE Sepia just doesn’t come close. Their new nudes are way to pink or orange for me. Sigh.

  26. ashley

    schiap looks like it could potentially be my next HG pink lipstick!! i think i might go check out nars at sephora this weekend :)

  27. Charisse

    I have Scarlet Empress and Belle de Jour. Both have great color payoff. Honestly, I fell in love with the lipstick names first. : )

  28. brenda k

    wow..i love the swatches and wanted sabrina but the Sephora close to me doesn’t have it. Its really a disappointing display for NARS. Not half the e/s duo’s I was interested in either. There are two other Sephora locations in my city, but it’s such a pain to traipse around to all of them!! Same for the MUFE display…

  29. Diyana

    SCHIAP 😮

  30. 0037sammie

    wow, these look fab!

  31. Rachel

    I own Fire Down Below and it’s a wonderful crimson-blood red and it’s very gorgeous! It has more of a drying finish, but it has a bit of a sheen and not dead matte. Makes me want more! 😀

  32. Sonita

    ooooo I’m loving belle de jour, blonde venus, catfight and funny face~

  33. Nina

    Thanks so much for the swatches!! Yay for Nars lippies, I love “Sexual Healing” but I’m a sucker for frosts…this is sooo much better than Make Up Alley!

  34. Nina

    Flamenco and Venice are next on my list, now that I’ve seen swatches.

  35. Nina

    Thanks Christine! these are your swatches of the Nars lippies? Fantastic, I’m thinking there are a couple left out, no? Let me know. Can someone describe Nars “Flamenco” for me? Before I buy it I need to know if it’s red with blue in it or a brown color…thanks!!!

  36. Nina

    I just picked up “Sexual Healing” love it! I’m just such a sucker for frosted lippies. The pink in it is perfect, now I need a good frosted red for fall…any suggestions? No blue in it though, that’s a no no for this blonde hair/blue eyed woman.

    • Frosted red, hmm… NARS Christina is kind of frosty coppery red. If you have a store nearby, you might also want to look at Shanghai Express. It looks a bit neutral-cool to me, but I’m not positive so if you can see it in person, I’m sure you could make the call!

  37. Nina

    Christine, thanks for the info on Christina. Could I get a really good description of Falbala? There seems to be alot of hype about this color but I’m not getting a good read on it. Thanks!

  38. Nina

    Did they discontinue Tutti Frutti???

  39. Sarah

    I think I’m late to the party, but I loooove Senorita. It is like my HG lipstick. If I could reformulate these lipsticks, I’d make them less shiny. I’m on such a lip kick lately. I used to focus on purely my eyes but now I see why everyone I know hoards lipsticks!

  40. Nina

    Hi Sarah, welcome to the world of lippies! These swatches are amazing. I’ve loved lipstick since I was a little girl…enjoy! I wish Nars made those tiny samples like YSL does.

  41. Nina

    I finally broke down and bought Dolce Vita, I am in love, yes, it’s natural but with an oomph to it. It’s perfect for me. Got my best friend Funny Face and it’s a real winner on her. Two good scores in the lippie dept. !! Yay, this makes my Christmas shopping so much easier for all my lippie pals!

  42. Natalie

    I wanted no pink/blue based red lipsticks, so I went and tried Heatwave on the upper lip and Jungle Red on the bottom lip. They looked really similar on my lips, but I bought Heatwave. Today I am wearing it and it just brightens up my NC20 (yellow!!) skintone. Love it!!! And Christine, your swatches are spot on! :)

  43. Nancy

    Thanks for the swatches! The ones supplied from Nars are so unreliable!

  44. nina

    Anyone know which is creamier/silkier; Nars FUNNY FACE or Mac GIRL ABOUT TOWN..I’d love to know the difference!! Thanks.

  45. cherry

    christine, how do u like nars falbala and mindgame for medim skinnned ladies who fall between MAC NC30-NC35.Did u personally like them?

  46. Chloe

    awesome swatches! (:
    i’m planning to get my very first NARS lipstick, but i’m not sure which to get because all the swatches look too awesome. (:
    i’m looking for a everyday colour and i have kinda pigmented lips, (about your lip colour. (: ) any suggestions?

  47. Naturebronze

    just wondering – do you have Belle Du Jour, and is it a good nude to go with a smokey eye? it’s semi-matte, right?

  48. Avia

    Flair and Russian Doll! WANT.

    And the fallen lipstick in the first photo made me giggle. 😀

  49. Dominique

    Oh God, I’m an idiot-I just figured out after seeing at the very bottom of the page that you’re GlamStyle. I’m so sorry! I feel like a complete idiot!

  50. Christina

    LOL I will be getting Christina for the name for sure!
    For once it is my name and not one of the many variations (Christine, Christiana, Kristina etc.), have to have it :)))

  51. rebecca

    any dupes for jungle red i luv it cuz thats allisons colour in pll xx

  52. Gail

    Thank you – that just saves me a major bucket of money!

    • Elisa


      I am desparately trying to find a dupe for the discontined (my stash is gone) Nars Funny Face LIPLINER – I use it as a lipstick and I have bought sooo many hot pinkish lipsliners – but most are just wrong – too orange, etc. I am thinking of trying Barry (UK) Hot Pink liner – but its impossile to know for sure.

      So if anyone out there know a great dupe…I would be sooo happy. Its pre-Holidays and I will feel simply naked without it!


  53. JessicaHarlow

    Thats very light of a skintone!
    those 2 colors are fabulous! I have them