Thursday, July 30th, 2009

NARS Cosmetics – Lipglosses – Swatches

NARS’ range of lipglosses ($24.00 each) includes thirty-eight different shades. They’re glossy, non-sticky formula help make them last a little longer while still providing a hydrating feel on lips.

What are your favorites? Do you have any?

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Check out the product photos and swatches

Triple X, Striptease, Greek Holiday, Harlow

Harlow, Sweet Revenge, Turkish Delight, Frisky Summer

Sunset Strip, Orgasm, Giza, Dolce Vita

Sandpiper, Female Trouble, Gothika, Belize

Risky Business, Stella, Pillow Talk, Moon Fleet

Chihuahua, Stolen Kisses, Tempest, Risky Business

Babe, Talitha, Revolt, Boogie Nights

Revolt, Boogie Nights, Bad Education, Misbehave

Boogie Nights, Bad Education, Misbehave, Bloodwork

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123 thoughts on “NARS – Lipglosses – Swatches

  1. Wilcoa

    I don’t own any, but am always tempted every time I walk into Sephora to buy one or two. Sunset Strip looks really nice.

  2. Does anyone know of any dupes for Striptease, Harlow, and Turkish Delight? Nowhere near me sells Nars, and I wanna try the colors or like-colors prior to ordering them! I hate having to return things via mail! Please comment and let me know?


  3. mahalia

    Im an nw45 and I wear spirit by mac w/ pillow talk over it. Uber kissable lips!

  4. Brenda

    I’m thinking i may go check out Sweet Revenge, Belize and Pillow talk :)

  5. Hinahon

    I’m really tempted by Orgasm, Gothika, Boogie Nights and Bad Education ! Thanks for the swatches !

  6. margot

    Frisky Summer and pillow talk are so nice :) I think I’ll get a couple more, maybe orgasm. I like the golden glitter in it

  7. lexisf09

    ha ha I feel like I’ve been waiting for this moment!

    Okay here goes my NARS gloss list:
    Bad Education
    Greek Holiday
    Sweet Revenge
    Gloss duo: Chihuahua/Rose Birman

    I absolutely HEART them – I love that they are unscented, have lots of pigment and are not gloppy like MAC lipglasses! They are pricey but it’s all I wear – well these and Bare Escentuals Buxom glosses.

    For Date Nights with the Hub – I use Bad Education or Gothika and for having just a little color but still pretty at work I reach for Sweet Revenge or Supervixen…

  8. lexisf09

    Also this posting is feeding my NARS gloss addiction, thanks a lot =)

  9. Thanks for this! We dont have NARS here yet and these are way more reliable for color when buying online :) Orgasm and Babe look really nice.

  10. Whitney

    Sunset Strip and Boogie Night look very pretty from the swatches :)….i think they’re my fav

  11. AT

    I have Orgasm and Stolen Kisses.

  12. Frisky summer and harlow are gorgeous! I think the price is ridic. especially since there are so many glosses in the world, but I think I may invest in frisky summer, but I haaate the scent and do NOT get this stuff in your mouth! lol

  13. Tehreem

    Im liking Belize…and Dolce Vita. Too bad I dont have the money to buy i can always dream cant I?

  14. Ana

    I have Giza and I love it!

  15. Macaddict

    I only have 1 NARS l/g (when I purchased NARS LE e/s in Tropic) and it’s Babe. It just stood out! It’s not too orange and not too red kind of color. I like the scent (unscented) and texture so much that I will def buy more. From your swatches, I really like:
    – Bad Education
    – Misbehave (such naughty names make me feel like I’m being a bad girl…lol)
    – Bloodwork
    – Talitha
    – Stella
    – Pillow Talk
    – Moon Fleet
    – Frisky Summer
    – Dolce Vita
    I like to wear darker l/g colors on their own. NARS l/g pigmentation is one of the best ones outthere.

    • lexisf09

      I’m with you – I like the fact that it is unscented! Also, even though it’s pricey I will more than likely buy this gloss over a $23 Chanel nail polish any day!

      Everyone is different and we all have our own priorities – mine is to have a fabulous gloss that doesn’t freak out my lips!

    • I like wearing dark lipglosses on their lonesome from time to time too!

  16. faith

    is it possible to love everyone of these? (even tho i know dolce vita does not work for my skintone!) thank you so much for swatching!

  17. hi

    Wow! Ironically, Dolce Vita gloss is so much more pigmented than her lipstick equivalent.

  18. Tatiana

    I love NARS glosses so much that I promised myself I would never by another MAC gloss but I cheated and bought a Dazzleglass after I made that promise but it was just that one! I have Stella and it gives me the “I’ve just been sucking on a strawberry popsicle” look. I love how they’re not too sticky and they do feel moisturizing. Something about MAC glosses make my lips react weird. Another little thing I love about NARS gloss is the doe foot applicator, it’s a teeny bit smaller than most but it’s perfect! The swatch of Pillow Talk looks like it should be Stella.

  19. Which don’t I want? I have owned Turkish Delight, Giza, Chihuahua. I want:

    Triple X
    Frisky Summer
    Pillow Talk
    Bad Education

    Sigh! I love them all!

  20. Erica

    I can only speak from a 1x purchase of these glosses…i don’t like them. period. I tried the orgasm one since everyone was always talking about it and to me it was just ok. Didn’t think to highly of the applicator either. I get better pigmentation from the Mac’s Love Nector gloss…which i love!

  21. Wow! I’m tempted to try Nars Makeup soon. I just own the Orgasm blush lol.

  22. Natalie

    I only have Babe and it is fantastic. So sticky and it lasts all day 😀
    From the swatches.. The shades (especially pinks) don’t look as vibrant as MAC? I would love to go and try Frisky Summer though. It looks interesting – almost like gloss version of peach passion?

  23. Charisse

    I have Revolt & Striptease. They glide on smoothly when applied, & I have to admit, they are not as sticky compared to the MAC Lipgalss.

  24. Niki

    Giza, Orgasm and Sunset Strip

    I have turkish delight and I kind of hate it lol. I wish I saw this before I bought it. I got it due to hype and it was the *ONLY* one in stock after months. I have the same coloring as Kim but I think my lips are more pigmented because it goes on blah. I need to pair this with a lippie which gets annoying

  25. I have Orgasm and I love it! It’s really better than most of lipglosses (include MAC ones!)


  26. Nicole15

    They are all so pretty obviously. I just am not able to justify the price when you realize it is just lipgloss in colors which can be “dupe-able” if you look hard enough. I do own one…Orgasm & I think I bought just to get the temptation out of me & now I know i most likely won’t get another NARS gloss again.

  27. aradhana

    thanks for doing these swatches christine, and all the other nars ones…
    we only have one nars counter in my city (the other one closed for some reason) and i usually feel overwhelmed every time i’m there and end up with nothing!
    dolce vita, stella, stolen kisses, tempest, talitha, revolt and blood work look very enticing….
    if i had to pick one? aaaaa can’t!

  28. Meagan

    I have a Sunset Strip/Orgasm lip gloss duo. I really like Sunset Strip but I think that Orgasm is too light as a lip gloss for my skin tone.

    Summer, Dolce Vita, Stella, and Bad Education are on my list :)

  29. Terry

    I have Supervixen, Chantaco and Sandpiper, and I absolutely love them!

  30. nicci

    I have Chihuahua but Tempest and the redish colors look really nice.

  31. My favorites are the only two I have: Orgasm and Dolce Vita :-) Both are beautiful!!!

  32. Jasmin

    I LOVE sunset strip, by itself or layered with orgasm on top. Orgasm by itself washes me out.

  33. jen

    OMG i need Bloodwork in my life it is so pretty

  34. MichelleB

    I am out of Orgasm, but I liked the peachy pink color. I have Turkish Delight — it is definately opaque — but a pretty pink color. I want Belize and Pillow Talk next! They are pricier than MAC lipglass — but the tube is much larger as well :)

  35. Janelle

    Summer is pretty :) and Bloodwork is gorgeous

  36. Redhead (hi)

    I need some Bloodwork done 😀

  37. Heather

    Very Pretty!

  38. melika

    i have orgasm and belize (my boyfriend was born and raised there, which is one of the reasons i got it.).
    of the two, belize is my favorite!

  39. Diyana

    I have almost all of them- triple x, striptease, harlow, turkish delight, frisky summer, orgasm, dolce vita, sandpiper , pillow talk, chihuahua, boogie nights and bloodwork and as you can guess, I am ADDICTED to these glosses. I don’t think they taste or smell bad. They are tasteless and odorless and I like it that way. Bloodwork is AMAZING but I use it more of like a stain than a gloss. It’s so pigmented its crazy. My fave is frisky summer. It just perks up the skin ya know 😉

  40. I’ve only got one, Bloodwork, but it is hardcore amazing. I often pair it with Russian Red lipstick – I like it better than RR lipglass for opacity and lack of stickiness – or just wear it alone. I’d like to pick up a few more glosses, maybe Orgasm and Bad Education? But MAC keeps putting out amazing launches and I just… can’t help myself!

  41. stella

    These glosses are definitely not odorless. Infact they smell really chemically and I wonder how would you know if one these goes bad to throw it out?

  42. Kate

    Belize is the only shade that I have and I love it.

  43. classic

    I do have turkish delight, I’m NC 30, now I drooling for dolce vita and sweet revenge

  44. Yaya

    I have Tempest, Bloodwork, and Turkish Delight. Tempest is my favorite! I bought Orgasm because everyone raves about it, but I ended up returning it. I don’t think I’ll be buying anymore NARS glosses because of the price!

  45. Marchella

    Love Turkish Delight! its the perfect nude color for me i only have one lipgloss so far but i will definitely be buying more of these. I have my eye on pillow talk and belize

  46. nok

    but in Thailand NARS is very expensive.

  47. BreezyBeEasy

    I am so geeked to buy another Nars lipgloss, because it was love @ first pucker when I bought Moon Fleet, but it is pricey. I love the subtle shimmer and the consistency is nice; not too gloopy not too sheer. Next up: Striptease and Supervixen.

  48. Lexi

    Thank you so much!! I just started getting into higher end makeup and I was going to ask for one or two nars lipglosses for my b day! I think ill ask for orgasm or pillowtalk! and has anyone tried bloodwork on thier lips? It looks very bright I want to get so I can have red lips without lipstick beacause my mom thinks I’m too young for red lipstick!

    • No problem, Lexi :)

      Bloodwork is still pretty red on lips, but it’s not as opaque as a lipstick.

    • Sheronica

      Lexi, you may also want to try Scandal. The swatch is not shown here, and it’s more of a sheer red and may not be as bright as Bloodwork. It’s very pretty.

      • Alex

        I second that. I only have scandal and I save it like if Nars were going out of business! It is love. It is still very red and opaque but not as leathery looking as bloodwork so that its a waaaaay more wearable red. High gloss finish and long lasting which is necessary in red lips cuz u dont want it smearing everywhere! I also heard that its what Taylor Swift used to wear daily with just some black winged eyeliner!

  49. kay

    Stolen Kisses and Tempest looks like the perfect shade for my lips. I need to swatch these in person.

  50. Audrey

    I am obsessed with everything orgasm! the blushes, the lipgloss, the multiple! I own all 3! They should really consider making an eyeshadow!

  51. vel

    I have Belize and Turkish delight. Love them both!…but I also like thalita & Giza

  52. Ali

    Sunset Strip looks so gorgeous!! Thanks for the swatches

  53. ModeCrazyMakeUpOn

    They’re even more expensive in France : 25€ O_O

    Would you know of a dupe for the Giza one?

  54. livia

    i really, really wanted to love this gloss but i couldn’t;(
    after not using it for a while, i picked it up again and it smelt so bad that i can’t use it anymore!

  55. Josiane

    I have the orgasm and like it a lot and I’m interested in buying others ike dolce vita, giza, turkish delight and striptease

  56. Josiane

    frisky summer is gorgeous!

  57. Michelle

    turkish delight is my least favorite, it sinks into the lines of lips and has NO stay power whatsoever

  58. Nenita

    Is the NARS lipgloss in Orgasm similar to the Chanel glossimer in Coral Love?

  59. Chihuahua is my waaayyy fav but it’s so hard to say.Fortunaly i guess i am not the only one cause the girl at sephora understood immediately when i said ” i want nars errr, chi something lipgloss” ,lol:).down side it’s actually too expensive for me:(

  60. Becca

    I only own 1 NARS gloss- TUrkish Delight- and I may get a lot of hate for this, but I honestly don’t like it at all. Yes, the colour is GORGEOUS, yes it’s non sticky, but it makes my lips look HORRIBLE when I wear it!!!! I always take the time to exfoliate and put balm on with this, but by an hour or so, my lips start flaking and the gloss is extremely patchy. The smell is also horrible. I know they are supposed to be non scented, but Turkish Delight smells horrible to me and if I accidentally get some in my mouth (which doesn’t happen often) I feel like I’m going to gag!
    The colour is nice, but I’m sure I can find a dupe for it. By the way, Girl <3 Boy plushglass from the upcoming Quite Cute collection (MAC) is apparently really similar so I will probably get it because I love the colour so much. But this was definitely NOT worth $28. :(

  61. Bien

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