Sunday, July 26th, 2009

NARS Cosmetics – Eyeshadow Singles – Swatches

Now that we know what NARS’ eyeshadow singles look like, let’s take a look at how they swatch. Eyeshadow singles retail for $22.00 each, and each one contains 0.07 oz. of product. There are currently 14 matte eyeshadows, 22 shimmer eyeshadows, and 11 eyeshadows from their Nightlife Collection, which brings them up to 47 eyeshadows in sum. (We’re only missing 1 — Night Fever.)

Where to Buy:

Check out the product photos

Goldfinger, Night Sun, Fuji, California

Night Sun, Fuji, California, Grenadines

California, Grenadines, Night Flight, Fez

Grenadines, Night Flight, Fez, Sophia

Lulu, Night Rider, New York, Night Porter

Night Rider, New York, Night Porter, Bali

New York, Night Porter, Bali, Bengali, China Blue

Bali, Bengali, China Blue, Tropic

Silent Night, Night Clubbing, Galapagos, Ondine

Galapagos, Ondine, Thunderball, Night Flight

Thunderball, Night Flight, Night Life, Night Breed

Night Snow, Tibet, Heart of Glass, Nymphea

Heart of Glass, Nymphea, Baby Girl, Party Monster

Baby Girl, Party Monster, Himalayas

Biarritz, Abyssinia, Fathom

Fathom, Night Fairy, Strada

Strada, Edie, Night Star

Nepal, Cairo, Ashes to Ashes, Barbuda

Cairo, Ashes to Ashes, Barbuda, Bombshell

Barbuda, Bombshell, Cyprus, Voyage

Voyage, Blondie, Lola Lola

Mekong (left)

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48 thoughts on “NARS – Eyeshadow Singles – Swatches

  1. Thanks for the swatches! I love tropic! I was just about to get ready. Now I feel like its a Nars kinda day…

    • Wilcoa

      Tropic looks gorgeous. I was wondering Christine how much Tropic compares to MAC’s A Bluer Blue… they look very similar in the swatches.

      • cloudburst

        Tropic is a matte with a large gold glitter flake in it – A Bluer Blue is a shimmer (veluxe peral?) finish.

      • Different, IMO! Tropic is like a much lighter Plumage. Tropic also goes on very, very matte, and the silvery glitter is chunky and falls everywhere. I’m not a fan of its texture :(

    • No prob! Tropic & I are enemies :(

  2. Wilcoa

    haha your first set of swatches (Goldfinger, Night Sun, Fuji, California) would look fantastic together in a palette!

  3. Night Sun, Fez, Night Lighter, China Blue, Tropic, Silent Night, Galapagos, Night Breed, Baby Girl, Party Monster, Strada, Night Star , Mekong, Thunderball, Grenadines, New York, Night Porter ….

    OMG they’re all so awesome!

  4. Laura

    Thanks for the swatches! It’s so hard to find all the NARS swatches all together!

  5. I didn’t even know NARS had so many single eyeshadows!

  6. Áurea Robles

    Hey ! i’m from Brazil and i looooooooooooove so much you blog !
    I really like NARS products, and your swatches !


  7. Nice swatches! I don’t have many NARS shadows yet.
    My current favorite is tropic.
    I’ll get fuji, strada and night rider next.

  8. Virginia

    Thanks for the swatches! Can you think of a MAC dupe for California, Christine? It would be really helpful!

  9. Ferial

    Is there a way to buy that palette like the one in the picture?

  10. Janelle

    California, Fez and Blondie are GORGEOUS. Not impressed with that ridiculously chunky glitter in Night Rider though :(

  11. Brenda

    Bali and Bombshell look great! I’ve been eyeing Night Porter for about 6 months now. I can’t decide between it or Lorac’s Green Room..both are such great products!
    I wish NARS had a better single pale yellow tho, one without so much shimmer/frost.

  12. Wow, Nepal, Cairo, Ashes to Ashes and Cyprus are gorgeous!

  13. Kim

    Hi Christine. Are these swatched with a brush? I really like night clubbing but I worry that the shimmers won’t show. thanks!

    • With fingers and/or cotton swab. Night Clubbing’s shimmer will probably show, IMO – it might not be as much, but I think there is plenty to show up.

  14. Isnt Nars Blondie a Matte e/s?? yet its showing up very shimmery on your arm…

    • Just swatched and wrote down the names as I did so…

    • ingvill

      Blondie is matte. It’s the shade on the left in the picture (the one that says Voyage, Blondie, Lola Lola), not the one in the middle. I wear it almost daily so i feel 100% certain about this.

  15. Caesara

    Oh, so pretty! Night Porter and Night Flight and Mekong . . . my wallet will be SO empty!

  16. Sonita

    Strada, Night Fairy, Night Flight, Night Clubbing, and Ondine are super gorgeous!

  17. Anna

    Do the glitters in night rider show up with a cream base and applied wet? Does it last all day?

  18. Cristina

    Thanks! I always come to your site when I need a reference on makeup and I can always find the answers here!:)

  19. Alex

    i love Strada…reminds me of Idol eyes but seems to have a better color payoff. i feel like idol eyes was so pretty in the pan but gritty and sheer when i tried applying it. ew.

  20. Jazmine

    Which ones are your favorites?

  21. ano3000

    can you recommend a dupe for galapagos and mekong? they look so pretty, but I can’t afford to spend so much on single eyeshadows :(

  22. Corliss

    I just purchased Tropic and its going back. Its all matte and glitter all over your face and non on your eyes. Beautiful color gone terribly wrong.

  23. ChachiFartridge

    Can you recommend a MAC dupe for Mekong, please?

  24. earthlili

    Oh! I’m finding it so hard to find any photos of anyone using Nars New York! Could you tell me what a dupe from Mac would be so I have some idea?  I think I might like it a lot, but can’t be sure!!