Monday, April 26th, 2010

NARS Enchanted Blush

NARS Summer 2010: Enchanted Cream Blush

NARS Enchanted Cream Blush ($26.00) is a new shade of cream blush launched with NARS’ Summer Collection. NARS describes it as a “soft peach,” and I’d completely agree with that assessment.

Enchanted is a sheer, soft peach with soft golden shimmer and a slight sheen. I’d like to put an emphasis on sheer, though, because I could not get it to show up on my cheeks, being around medium in skin tone (I’d say I’m on the lighter side of medium, but I’m certainly not fair). I did try to build up the color on my cheeks, but it just wasn’t working for me. On my skin tone, it ended up being more like a barely-there highlighter, unfortunately!

I can see this being really lovely and soft on fairer skin tones, and I think it would work well on both cool and warm skin tones. Cool skin tones will find this works as a soft peach that doesn’t turn orange, while warmer skin tones are easily complemented by peachy colors.

The formula itself is soft, creamy enough to melt into skin but not so creamy that it slips around.  It dries down quickly and blends easily onto skin.  I find that NARS Cream Blushes last me three to four hours before fading a bit.  I like using them as bases and using a setting powder or powder blush on top to set and prolong wear to about six to eight hours.

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  • Product: 25/30
  • Value: 8/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 4/5

Recommendation: If you’re looking for a way to prolong the wear of your blushes, you may find these cream blushes work well alone or as a base for your powder blushes.

Availability: Nordstrom

See more photos & swatches!

NARS Enchanted Blush

NARS Enchanted Blush

NARS Enchanted Blush

NARS Enchanted Blush
NARS Enchanted Cream Blush

NARS Enchanted Blush
Can you see it on my cheeks? Not so much!

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61 thoughts on “NARS Enchanted Cream Blush Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. I’m starting to feel that NARS is very mediocre on most of their products. I mean aside from a handful of rabidly popular shades like orgasm and turkish delight gloss their stuff isn’t that great quality. Granted I know some women swear by their foundations but their pressed powder broke me out, the consistency of their glosses is hit or miss and their polishes I’ve heard are terrible. Between that and the prices I’m starting to get sour on NARS (amazing packaging aside!).

    • I like their blushes the most! OH, and their skincare line is very underrated — love Hydrating & Aqua Gel!!

    • Really? I have one of their polishes and it’s amazing and opaque.

      • Tessa

        Same here – I love Nars polishes, especially Dovima.

        I wish they would bring back Capri – a lovely bright pastel peach that would be so now!

    • Lorna

      i love NARS but i don’t care for their cream products. they just don’t have the lasting power especially when it comes to their cream eyeshadows. because of that i have never owned a cream blush of theirs. i must say though they are a lot less oily than MAC creme blushes when i have swatched them.
      however, i do love the portability/blendability/pigmentation of the NARS multiples. although they are very expensive i think i would rather purchase one of those than one of their cream blushes.
      is it true NARS is going to come out with an orange and a hot pink multiple? i would be more interested in saving my money for that because i don’t really care for their summer launch.

  2. K7P*

    I’m similar to your color, so i doubt it’s going to show on me! Bummer!

  3. Liz

    It is so lovely in the pan; too bad it doesn’t show up on the skin (I am medium in skin tone as well). I can’t wait for your review of the new multiple, Lamu.

  4. I love this color the swatches are amazing such a preety color but i so get you on the “sheer” it is but even though its really light it ass a natural glow to you!

  5. Abril

    I think it looks like Hush Cream Colour Base but without the frost finish! But it’s pretty I think (as a highlighter).

  6. looks like you are getting your tan on 😉 its a beautiful color and suits you very well. im actually pretty sure it works for most people.

  7. daphne

    I think it’s just not very pigmented :( I swatched it on my hand at Saks yesterday and it disappeared like, in two seconds after blending. It might be too light a color to work for a cream blush formula, because colors like these usually work fine on me (I’m a little lighter than you).

  8. Melissa

    Reminds me of MAC Lillicent. How do the two compare, do you think?

  9. AMIRA

    You look great. I’m medium-light too, but with an olive undertone, so maybe this will contrast more with my skin tone. Will have to just try it on.

  10. Diana B

    Way to sheer it just adds a glow to your cheeks which looks nice but not if your looking for color

  11. shontay

    I’ll pass on this one. It’s not as pigmented as I’d like and on NC43-45, it seems like it would be ashy or just a no show. I do love Nars though. You get what you pay for, from glosses to blushes, they are far from mediocre. And you gotta love that packaging.

  12. LOL, between the “love it” and “leave it” buttons there needs to be a “meh.” button! I think this blush could look good… on a severely pale person. And I say that *as* a pale person who probably wouldn’t look ok in this! LOL!

    It’s pretty, but it just doesn’t show up! C’Mon Nars! You’re one of the superstars of makeup! Get it together!

  13. Alexis

    Yeah based on your review and several others. I didn’t even look at this when I looked at this collection in person last Friday.

  14. Evelyn

    Last week I was able to get my hands on this blush and couldn’t wait to run home to try it. Yesterday I returned it. Why? Because as you said, it is exceptionally sheer so it barely made a dent of color on me and I’m just a touch lighter than you and while I wouldn’t have minded a little bit of shimmer, I wasn’t counting on the huge gold flecks in it. Picture Nars Super Orgasm blush but in creme form. Huge letdown!!

  15. Vanessa

    I’m probably only a little bit fairer than you and I guess it won’t work for me neither. I can’t see it at all :( Too bad–it looked so nice in the pan!

  16. Diligent Shopper

    I know…
    Nars cream blushes are kind of “stiff”. LOL.
    What I mean is, when I touch the product with my fingers, it doesn’t just melt away or get all mushy. It is harder to blend and apply. However, I somewhat like this consistency. It stays on longer than the regular cream blush and it’s not greasy at all (MAC cream blushes are greasy as hell).

    I have the NARS Penny Lane cream blush and I LOOOOVE the color. At first I felt it was hard to apply to, but when I figured out a way of using it, I loved it very much.

    I use my warmed up fingers to apply it instead of using a brush. When the product is applied, it appears like a powder blush so it ain’t shinny or greasy at all. Love it. However, I do admit I need lots of it to make it show :(

    • Hannah

      I also swear by NARS Penny Lane cream blush. I am very pale so it shows up very well on my cheeks with just a tiny about of product! I’m probably going to look into this shade as well, because I am so pale that i think it might show up better for me… I don’t know, I love the texture of NARS cream blushes!

  17. LRW

    oh,what’s on your lips? pretty!

  18. Chelsea

    Are any of nars powder blushes similar in color to this but more pigmented?

  19. which lipstick? it’s beautiful !! *_*

  20. Ruth

    So disappointing! For $26 it should be so much better than this!
    What are you wearing on your lips here? Such a gorgeous colour! Thanks! xo

  21. Rachael

    Pass for me I struggle to get Shell Pearl from the MAC liberty collection to show on me and I thought myself pale! BTW Christine sorry going a bit off topic but how do you use Shell Pearl, do you use it as a blush/highlighter/eyeshadow?

    Last question :) im off to get some foundation this weekend but don’t know if i should go for Bobbi Brown or Chanel (I haven’t had either before) I have pretty dry skin is there either you would recommend or any of the other readers got any tips? I like medium – full coverage (got a lot of dark blemish scars)I am in the UK as well so unfortunately have no access to MUFE

    Again sorry for the random q’s this blush for some reason reminded me!

    • Hi Rachael,

      I use Shell Pearl as a highlighter :)

      Hmm, I haven’t tried any Chanel foundations, but I have heard really good things, so I might be inclined to opt Chanel.

  22. Marjolein

    Loves it, loves it, loves it. 😛 I have Penny Lane and it’s my favourite cream blusher. Stays on all day (even though my skin is a bit oily). Also great as a base for powder blushers. I really like this color. If I can get hold of it, I most certainly will.

  23. sara

    Sonia kashuk makes the best cream blushes!

  24. Diana

    o . . . i love Nars blushes!!!! by far the best blushes i have ever tried they blend like a dream. I really don’t care for Mac when it comes to blushes that is, i just feel that Nars has some gorgeous and unique shades. Anyways that’s my opinion I really see no point on bringing down this brand just because of one review. I understand that this blush will not suit everyone. But let’s not write off this brand completely that’s all I’m saying because they have lots to offer like Christine mentioned when it comes to blushes, skincare, lipglosses etc.

  25. Becca

    That’s disappointing – I wonder how much lighter it is than Penny Lane, which I can’t get to show up on me either.

  26. Luisafer

    don´t know if it´s my computer, but totally can see the line where the blush begins and ends… too sheer!!!

  27. ilmy

    I am so disappointment with this Nars blush. I think you should be paid by Nars because your beautiful smile make the color pop.
    Anyways, love as always Christine

  28. It makes your cheeks even lighter!

  29. J

    You look very orange in the photo :( it makes me sad

  30. Minaxi

    Hi Christine,

    What do you have on your eyebrows in this picture? Your brows look so good! I’ve been looking for something to use on my eyebrows b/c my hairs are always out of place, I do like Bobbi Brown’s gel but what do you like/use? Any favorite? Thanks!

  31. Tiffany

    love the swatch! I think this would look great on my NW15 skin.

  32. Joany782

    I love the Nars Cactus Flower cream blush. Great RED color for a big pop of color on the cheeks. Right about the lasting bit: I use the Throbb blush by BeneFit cosmetics as a topper.

  33. kirsten

    This creme blush is fantastic! I wear it a little higher on my cheek bones and the add a little Orgasm onto my apples…those two really work well together…

  34. Coco

    It’s really lovely but so sheer :(

  35. Annamaria

    you could even wear NOTHING and look gorgeous…that’s crazy… :-/

  36. I got this when Neiman Marcus pre released the collection
    I actually really like it. It isn’t a really intense color, but I do like it as a highlight.
    Because it’s a cream, it’s also great as a base for a more pigmented powder blush

  37. something

    i dont think this looks good it makes u look like u have a tan everywhere apart from ur cheeks