Saturday, July 25th, 2009

NARS Cosmetics – The Multiple – Product Photos & Swatches

Here are product photos and swatches of most of the permanently available Multiple cream highlighter/blushes. What are your favorites?

Where to Buy:

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NARS Copacabana Multiple

NARS Orgasm Multiple

NARS Portofino Multiple

NARS Maldives Multiple

NARS St. Barts Multiple

NARS Palm Beach Multiple

NARS Cap Vert Multiple

NARS Palm Beach Multiple

NARS Malibu Multiple

NARS Riviera Multiple

NARS Maui Multiple

Copacabana, Orgasm, Portofino

Portofino, Maldives, St. Barts

Palm Beach, South Beach, Cap Vert

Cap Vert, Palm Beach, Malibu

Riviera, Maui, Maui

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53 thoughts on “NARS Cosmetics – The Multiple – Product Photos & Swatches

  1. Virginia

    These are beautiful…I love Malibu. Just wish they weren’t so expensive!

  2. Nicci

    The colors are nice but I’m not fond of this product from Nars unfortunately :(

  3. Luv J

    Thanks Christine! I’ve been looking for swatches for these multiples for so long! I’m glad you did them :)

  4. Nicole

    the colors seem so pretty in the tubes but not standin out on the swatches for me sorry but thanks for the update

  5. The last six would look amazing on my skintone.

    *ok do you ask the sales clerk if you can take pictures of the items or you just take a picture w/ out them looking(I always wanted to do this, but wasn’t sure)?

  6. Dominique

    I looooooooove riviera! So pretty!

  7. I really like Maldives…but they are waaaay too damn expensive!

  8. I have Cap Vert and I totally love it!

  9. Macaddict

    I have Orgasm and Maui. Barely use them though, even though they are always in my purse as “emergency beauty articles”! In fact, NARS Orgasm the multi was my very first NARS purchase! From your swatch Christine, I’m lovin’ Cap Vert.

  10. Janelle

    I love them all except Palm Beach and Malibu.

    Pity that Nars is crazy expensive where I live

  11. Marcela

    I have Orgasm and its gorgeous, so much prettier than the powder blush, but its unfortunate that they are so expensive, since its kind of hard to give almost $40.00 for a blush.

  12. Hannah

    Riviera And Maui are soooo pretty!

  13. whitney

    I use Orgasm more than I use the powder blush version because its easier to put on when I don’t have my brushes. I just bought South Beach for the summer and I love it. They are a little dry to use on your lips but what I do if I’m real lazy is use south beach on my lids cheeks and lips and just put a good clear lip balm over the lipstick to keep it on and keep it from feeling chalky. Plus they last forever so for the amount you get the price isn’t tooo bad, its high I’ll admit but I think its worth the splurge. (No I dont work for Nars or any makeup store at all :P)

  14. Maui, South Beach & Orgasm looks so gorgeous!!! I’m probably getting Orgasm & South Beach!

  15. Meagan

    Portofino, Malibu, and Maui are my favorites here!

  16. Kelly

    I have Copocabana, Maui, and Portofino and love, love, love them. Yes, they are pricey… but they last forever and are an easy item to toss in a purse without the need for packing brushes. I’m fairly pale, so I apply mine more sheer and build until I get the depth I want. If the price scares you too much, try to keep them in mine when the annual F&F Sephora 20% off event comes around this fall. That’s when I purchased mine. =)

  17. lexisf09

    This was the very first NARS product I ever bought when the line first debuted – early/mid 90’s? I can’t seem to remember but the shade I bought has been since discontinued – it was Cannes and I remember I felt so grown up when I wore it. It took me a while to build my Nars collection because of the hefty price tag but I have been obsessing over the multiple duos.

    My friend at Sephora gave me the Orgasm multiple and sadly it doesn’t show up at all on me. I think I need to layer it over the Orgasm blush – which I have a love/hate relationship!

  18. Sam

    They are pricey, but they last FOREVER! Plus, you can use them as eye color/blush/lip color. Ideal for when you travel. My faves are Maldives and South Beach. I went on a trip to the Amazon and it was the only thing I took with me!

    • With a cream product, though, “forever” isn’t so enticing. I imagine after 3-4 years (though guidelines would say 1-2 years), it’d be pretty gross :(

  19. Wow, these look really gorgeous, especially Portofino and Orgasm. Too bad about the proce though.

  20. Sixx

    They’re actually cheaper than MAC’s Cream Colour bases by the ounce…

  21. Reagan

    I wish there was some way for you to use different skin tones when swatching, because I can never tell what a product will look like on me. I have porcelain skin w/freckles.

    Maybe you can get some of your friends with different skin tones (to you), to let you do swatches on them and have pictures of the swatches on you and on your friends next to each other for comparison. Unfortunately, when I look for swatches I don’t go to Temptalia first.

    • That’s the beauty of the blogosphere – there are many blogs you can visit to see different reviews, skin types, colors, etc. :)

      My friends all have their own lives to live and can’t be there whenever I do swatches (which is around the clock), unfortunately! Temptalia is a very time-intensive blog, and it’s just not feasible to run while trying to coordinate with everyone else’s equally busy schedules. In a perfect world, it wouldn’t be so – but it’s just impossible to do that at this time. It’s definitely something I would love to be able to do in the future when it is possible.

      I’m really sorry that the blog isn’t more to your liking! :(

  22. Stephanie

    These are gorgeous! I really like Maui but in Canada, they sell for $46. HELLLLO? That’s wayyyyy to much :/

  23. Lav

    Christine, do you think nars multiple in orgasm would suit brown (Indian) skin?

  24. Jill

    Maldives is my absolute favorite. I rarely buy the same products over and over again but I have bought multiple Multiples in Maldives. I gently tap it onto my temples/orbital area almost every day and for my skin tone it is the perfect brightener. I adore it. I can say though, it did not work as an eyeshadow for me and it is too dry to use on my lips–so I use these (I also have Orgasm) strictly on the cheeks or as a face highlighter.

  25. Toni

    There’s no upclose shot of Southbeach in the tube. It’s just Palm Beach twice. Just noticed this lol

  26. kohk79

    I own Nars Orgasm Multiple and just love the color on my eyelids. However, it creases like crazy! Just doesn’t work, not on its own, not over primer -I’ve tried quite a few!-, not setting it with a similar powder eyeshadow. I would love to find a good cream eyeshadow dupe for orgasm multiple. I have rubenesque paint pot, but it’s definitely not a dupe when applied on my eyelids. Any ideas for a great cream eyeshadow to dupe orgasm multiple? Pleaseeee! I’m in love with the color!

  27. Natalie

    I love both Riviera and Orgasm but I can only get one >.<. which one do you think I should choose?

  28. JasmineSmith

    Is South Beach best for dark skinned ladies with warm undertones?