Saturday, July 25th, 2009

Deep Throat, Orgasm, Super Orgasm, Sin

NARS Cosmetics – Blushes – Swatches

Here are swatches of most of NARS’ blushes! :) I know there are a few missing (Mata Hari and Taos for sure) — I’ll try to get ’em swatched soon; or, if you have swatches you’d like to share… πŸ˜‰

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Sin, Gina, Torrid, Oasis

Gilda, Amour, Outlaw, Dolce Vita

Amour, Outlaw, Dolce Vita, Desire

Dolce Vita, Desire, Angelika

Desire, Angelika, Crazed

Taj Mahal, Exhibit A, Albatross

Exhibit A, Albatross, Nico, Luster

Nico, Luster, Zen, Silvana

Sertao, Madly, Lovejoy

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78 thoughts on “NARS Cosmetics – Blushes – Swatches

  1. OUtlaw, Crazed, Albatross, & Nico look nice.

  2. Sarah

    Beautiful! I already own at least half of these. but still want more. NARS is one lethal obsession!

    Your other post has got me lusting after some cream blushes too, i have enough of the powder ones, but I know I’ll be giving in to the cream ones too! Doh!

  3. These titles are so suggestive, but they have good reason too. These a beautiful!

  4. On MakeupAlley, ‘Exhibit A’ blush was affectionately referred to as, ‘orange a*s’. IDK why – but it was.

  5. cloudburst

    Crazed is probably my favourite – I still don’t know why they would put mega chunks of glitter in Super Orgasm.

  6. cloudburst

    This also reminds me I’ve been meaning to buy Serato for over a year now!

  7. Pollyanna

    you. are. amazing!
    thank you! :)

  8. Nicci

    I have Orgasm :) Deep Throat looks really pretty as well.

  9. felicia

    im lemming Nico now, soo beautiful!

  10. aradhana

    christine have you ever used taj mahal or exhibit a in a look? i’m curious to see how it looks…

    the sertao, madly and lovejoy trio looks really nice…

  11. AndreaMarie

    Thank you!!!

  12. Wow those are gorgeous. Taj Mahal and Exhibit A really really stand out! I’m tempted to go try them on w/ a skunk brush now.

  13. freewing

    nars blushes are always gorgeous….im trying to build up my collection!!

  14. Janelle

    Holy crap, Exhibit A and Taj Mahal are ridiculously bright @_@

  15. LUSTER, OUTLAW & GILDA looks beautiful!

  16. Meagan

    Torrid, Crazed, and Luster just caught my attention! Currentyl, I only own Orgasm and Dolce Vita.

  17. Marchella

    albatross is my favorite highlighter,finally got my hands on orgasm which i wear everyday because it’s such a beautiful color. I want to try angelika but it might be a little too bright for me. I’m a NC20

  18. Liz

    im just wondering what blush do you think would look best on me?
    im going to buy one and i just dont know

  19. diana

    Christine i would really love to know which Nars blushes you like the best!!!

  20. Ann

    Will you review, photo, and swatch the limited edition NARS Loves San Francisco, Golden Gate Bridge Blush/Highlighter? Or if anyone has tried it, can you tell us if it’s worth buying or not?

    • I won’t be doing any review on it, but for reference – Angel Island is the left side of the Marienbad Eyeshadow Duo. The Haight Ashbury Duo is the same as Ireland Eyeshadow Duo. The Alamo Nail polish is Boccacio nail polish.

  21. Lurique

    Hi Christine,

    I got my first Nars blush yesterday, I got Deep Throat, and I absolutely love it:D
    Thanks so much for the advice!

  22. chrystyna

    I was thinking about getting “Torrid” but i was wondering if it is any similar to “Style” by MAC, which is a blush i already have.

  23. gerberairis

    can i use nars blushes as eyeshadow? like the heavily pigmented nars crazed? is it save? thank you christine!

  24. melissa

    Christine do you think torrid is a good dupe for ripe peach?

  25. Christina

    I’m NC30 with a olive complexion. Asian Singaporean Chinese here.

    Any ideas for a first NARS blush?

    TIA Christine!

  26. LNU

    Oasis looks so muddy in this picture! =/
    But Albatross looks hot! πŸ˜›

  27. lizzy

    MSo I’m going to buy my first nars blush and I cannot pick which one to start out with I’m an nc45 and I was thinking sin or dolce vita maybe even exhibit a

  28. Britt

    Hi Christine,
    Do you know of a MAC blush that dupes the Desire? Maybe one that is only at pro or coming out as a repromote?

  29. Sammm

    nico, orgasm, luster and torrid look pretty

  30. sarah

    which is a nicer shade nars orgasm or smashbox blush rush in paradise?

  31. JH

    anyone know the difference between sertao and madly?

  32. Molly

    Hey Christine!
    Could Nico or Zen be contours for someone REALLY PALE.
    (I use mac face and body in white)

    =D Love the swatches btw

  33. Stephanie

    Do you know if Sertao is discontinued? Do you know any dupe for it?

  34. wildbabii

    hi is the glitter in angelika silver or is it more gold? gosh i hate gold glitter. ty

  35. nicco looks like the perfect highlighter!

  36. Dosha

    Does anyone know of an excellent dupe for NARS Crazed? TIA.

    • i wanted to ask the same thing as well. i recently bought thebalm cabana boy… christine, do you think the colors are similar?

  37. Kiran

    Hi Christine, Is Luster similar to Margin(which I bought after reading your reviews and am loving it ) ?

  38. luly

    I’ve used my NARS blushes as eyeshadow and haven’t had a problem. I actually like them quite a lot because they stay put. Taj Mahal looks extra gorgeous as an eyeshadow. :)

  39. YUUUUP

    I want Deep Throat, Orgasm and Torrid! I only have a handful of NARS items and I love them all!

  40. Thalia Lee

    Hello I noticed that you have swatches for majority of Nars blushes but do you have any that you put on yourself to see how it will compliment or help me decide what is suitable in my complexion. I recently purchased Nars blush in Sin. Im a light to medium complexion skin tone.