Monday, April 26th, 2010

Milani Brown Liquif’Eye Metallic Eye Liner Pencil ($5.49) is a matte, medium-dark brown. I consider it a rather neutral brown, and it’s a great shade to use to define eyes for an everyday look. It’s less dramatic and obvious than black eyeliner. I love the Liquif’Eyes for their creamy feel and texture, easy-to-glide-on nature, and their long-wearing power. They’re really an all-around fantastic eyeliner, period.

This is a short review, as I just wanted to complete the set of Milani’s Liquif’Eye Eye Liners. You can see swatches of the four other shades and my full review here.

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  • Product: 30/30
  • Value: 10/10
  • Ease of Use: 5/5
  • Packaging: 5/5

Recommendation: For an easy-to-wear, soft and creamy brown eyeliner that won’t break the budget, Milani has you covered.

Availability: Milani

See swatch!

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47 thoughts on “Milani Brown Liquif’Eye Metallic Eye Liner Pencil Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. daphne

    I was so sad that this worked just great on my waterline the first 2-3 times I used it, but the most recent time I sat at my desk at work rubbing my eyes all day and watered my mascara down my face :( I’ll have to try it again on a weekend, because you’re right, it’s a great liner, and a great brown especially (it really annoys me that UD’s only browns are shimmery or even glittery!). All drugstore brand pencils like this (Prestige’s and L’oreal’s in addition to Milani’s) have irritated my eyes. I’d definitely recommend all users test-drive them on a weekend before wearing out/to work or school!

    • Tiffany

      is it even waterline safe?

      • I don’t know – it doesn’t indicate yes or no on the packaging.

      • daphne

        Most pencil liner products do not specify one way or the other, but I’ll tell you that I’ve never had a problem with any high-end liner (except that I have not used MAC’s Pearlglides since I was warned not to by an MUA and the glitter is big). UD tweeted that their 24/7 pencils shouldn’t be used on the waterline after I’d been doing so w/o problems for over a year! So I think it varies a lot from individual to individual. Personally I feel that if I am using it on my lower lashline, not much different from my waterline, since it creeps into the corner of my eyes anyway by night time…

        • I know that one rule of thumb is the more glitter there is, the less chance it is safe for the water line! Other times, when a company says it isn’t, it may just be they didn’t want to go through testing for it as well. But yeah, glitter can scratch the cornea, so certain liners may not be appropriate for the lower lash line / water line. Red dyes have also been known to irritate a larger (though still a tiny) proportion of the population — which is why red eyeshadows aren’t as common.

          • daphne

            Thanks for sharing that information! Yeah, I am careful not to use the more glittery UD shades, like Graffiti, on my waterline, but colors like Zero and Stash and Covet I use all the time. I always figured lack of testing was why UD said not to use them.

          • Michelle M

            That’s so interesting! I always have problems with tearing and irritation when I red-based eyemakeup. I wear them anyway, but I always thought it was just me!

            • Nope, not just you! There is a small but notable percentage of the population that reacts to red dyes. Like any allergy, it can be minor to severe in how you react, so some don’t even realize it!

    • Mirna

      Hi daphne,
      Did you try setting it with a brown e/s? Sometimes that works for me.

      • daphne

        Not on my waterline, no. I feel like I’d just get brown smears on my contacts at that point. If it’s burning my eyes, I don’t think eyeshadow will do anything – it’s not going to create an actual barrier. In case my post wasn’t clear, the liner definitely has great long wear time, it just irritated my eyes!

  2. Sara

    Christine, I wanted to let you know what a fabulous site you have and how well organized it is. I read it a billion times day when it’s slow at work. I wanted to mention on another site I read a review for pixie epoxy and for some of the liners, shadows and misc pigments that you do reviews on it would be great or at least to be able to use and wear some of them later?.

    It was on the and she showed some very good swatches and it showed how great this stuff could work. The lighting wasn’t great but you could tell the difference.

    no relation to that Sara by the way, and keep up the wonderful work- its soooo gets me in trouble šŸ˜‰

    • Thanks, Sara! Are you asking if I could use a base in swatches? I am not sure exactly what you mean – could you clarify? I don’t swatch products over a base but rather directly onto skin, because the idea is, “How good is the product itself?” A base can only improve/help a product, but I know that I’m more interested in seeing how the product performs on its own.

  3. Zee

    I bought the brown, gold and aqua colours after reading your glowing review Christine and they are amazing!! Can’t wait til my exams are over and summer starts so I can be bothered to put on makeup šŸ˜€

  4. Tiffany

    I definitely have to pick up all of the shades!!

  5. Sarah

    I love these pencils! I’ve even been using these a lot more than my gel liners, which I used to swear by (mostly because I’m lazy — but hey, they work!).

  6. Diana B

    Wow Christine an A+ I’m def picking this up. I love when u do these budget friendly reviews because since u try soooo many really high end brands u def know what your talking about. Thanks

  7. I LOVE these! I have and use the bright blue one all the time. These and the Loreal HiP chrome pencils are some of my favorite products, drugstore or otherwise. I just wish they had more colors.

  8. K7P*

    I knew i should have bought it! I left it thinking maybe it was going to be too light, but i really like the color! Thanks for swatching it! =)

  9. Christa

    I tried this on my waterline, but it burned and then wore off (probably from the excess eye watering). Works great on the upper lash line, and is super creamy.

    I’ve yet to find a pencil that stays on my waterline. Harumph.

  10. Mel

    have you tried this in your waterline? if so, does it stay?

  11. I was so upset that these didn’t work for my waterline. They wear off in about 10-15 minutes. But I use them to take pictures of swatches (to divide the diffent swatches) and they don’t budge! They last sooooo long (when not on the waterline.) I have to put in some elbow grease when taking removing it.

  12. Alyssa

    I bought three of these based on your review… and they really are THAT great.

    But, I wear them on my waterline and now this post has me freaked out!

  13. Christina

    I want to say I don’t need it, I have enough liners and it would just be another brown in my collection, but there’s something about this one that just stands out. It’s a really beautiful shade, definitely picking it up soon, along with the Aqua! Haha. Thanks Christine!

  14. Michelle

    Where can you buy the Milani brand?

  15. Bethany

    I just bought one of these today and used it right after purchase. This sucker just refuses to budge! It’s great!

  16. Stephanie

    These look lovely! :)

    Does anyone know how to get them overseas? New Zealand doesn’t stock Milani. :(

  17. Shanzelizey

    Hey Christine,

    I went to a drugstore here in Canada…couldn’t find this brand :(…any clue where I could grab a hold of them?

  18. phuongk

    hey christine, did you try to tightline with these? if not, think you can try? i always have liners migrate on me when i tightline.

  19. Erin

    I can’t find these anywhere! I need to keep looking!

  20. Diana B

    Wow Christine an A+ Iā€™m def picking this up. I love when u do these budget friendly reviews because since u try soooo many really high end brands u def know what your talking about. Thanks

  21. Ilove these. Milani is great and I’m in love with their bronzers. Ths is a gorgeous color.

  22. Love this eyeliner! It does an okay job on the waterline for me, lasts me about 2 hours I believe. I love how it looks on the waterline, sorta tones down the make up and makes my eyes look soft. Oh and btw, you can call me crazy for saying this but they do a good job working as a brow pencil. They filled in the chunk of gaps that I have cause from waxing for the first time. And this did a great job for a quick fix when you don’t have a brow pencil. And it lasts a long time btw :)

  23. MELIZA

    Would you say this is a good color dupe for UD whiskey 24/7 pencil?

  24. Celeste

    Would you say it is better than the Covergirl liquiline?