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Maybelline Fuchsia Flash ColorSensational Vivids Lip Color
Maybelline Fuchsia Flash ColorSensational Vivids Lip Color

Maybelline Fuchsia Flash ColorSensational Vivids Lip Color ($7.49 for 0.15 oz.) is a bright, bold, and electric magenta pink with strong blue undertones and a glossy sheen. MAC Pink Pigeon is very similar in color but has more of a satin finish. Both OCC Nylon and MAC Candy Yum Yum are brighter and a touch lighter. MAC Dear Diary is a touch more magenta. MAC Show Orchid has fuchsia iridescence and is darker.

Well, if you’ve ever had one of those electric pink lipsticks catch your eye and you’ve thought to yourself, “I don’t know if I’d wear it,” and as a result, you haven’t justified buying one of the (many) higher-end versions of it, you’re in luck! Maybelline’s Fuchsia Flash is very much on-trend and is rather similar to popular neon pink favorites.  The biggest way that Fuchsia Flash differs is that it has a glossier finish from the get-go, which does, inevitably, tone down and become more satiny as the color wears (two to three hours after application).

It has a creamier, almost gel-like, consistency when applied from the tube, and it applies evenly and smoothly with mostly opaque color coverage.  The texture is a bit wet/slick, so it can create subtle lines of demarcation if you press your lips together (noticeable if you’re really looking, not noticeable from afar).  Fuchsia Flash lasted a full six hours on my lips, and it was hydrating while I wore it!  It is scented with a sweet, fruity aroma, which I didn’t find too strong or cloying but it is there.

The Glossover


Fuchsia Flash

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Well, if you've ever had one of those electric pink lipsticks catch your eye and you've thought to yourself, "I don't know if I'd wear it," and as a result, you haven't justified buying one of the (many) higher-end versions of it, you're in luck! Maybelline's Fuchsia Flash is very much on-trend and is rather similar to popular neon pink favorites











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Maybelline Fuchsia Flash ColorSensational Vivids Lip Color
Maybelline Fuchsia Flash ColorSensational Vivids Lip Color

Maybelline Fuchsia Flash ColorSensational Vivids Lip Color
Maybelline Fuchsia Flash ColorSensational Vivids Lip Color

Maybelline Fuchsia Flash ColorSensational Vivids Lip Color
Maybelline Fuchsia Flash ColorSensational Vivids Lip Color

Maybelline Fuchsia Flash ColorSensational Vivids Lip Color
Maybelline Fuchsia Flash ColorSensational Vivids Lip Color

Maybelline Fuchsia Flash ColorSensational Vivids Lip Color
Maybelline Fuchsia Flash ColorSensational Vivids Lip Color

Maybelline Fuchsia Flash ColorSensational Vivids Lip Color
Maybelline Fuchsia Flash ColorSensational Vivids Lip Color

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Where can I purchase it? How much is it?, ULTA, Walmart, from $7.49.

Is it limited edition?


Any dupes?

MAC Pink Pigeon is very similar in color but has more of a satin finish. Both OCC Nylon and MAC Candy Yum Yum are brighter and a touch lighter. MAC Dear Diary is a touch more magenta. MAC Show Orchid has fuchsia iridescence and is darker.

What makeup are you wearing?

On cheeks: bareMinerals Bronzing Veil.

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111 thoughts on “Maybelline Fuchsia Flash ColorSensational Vivids Lip Color Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Avatar of Cat Cat G

    It’s crazy cool that this is a drugstore lipstick! It will save so many people money since it’s a dupe for higher end ones!!

  2. Avatar of Sarah Sarah

    Ahh, yes, this is the one I have and I LOVE it! I’m still getting used to wearing bright lip colors though, so I haven’t worn it out yet. But soon, I hope. :D

  3. Isabel

    How does this compare to NARS Carthage?

  4. *whistles* Oh Maybelline, now we’re talking!!! I wasn’t sure how pigmented it’d be looking at the bullet (seems there’s so much sheen that it could be low on pigment and high on shine), but WOW!

  5. Avatar of Barbie Barbie

    i have this color and i love it so much

  6. So pretty and wet looking! This reminds me of the old Moisture Whip lipsticks and ad campaign with Lynda Carter… God I loved those commercials!

  7. Avatar of tzwiggy t_zwiggy

    I think I prefer this one over the high end ones. The finish is so much more even, smooth and glossy. It’s not a shade I could pull off, but I love seeing it on others. Such a fun, bright color!

  8. Wow that’s bright, I’m not sure I have the courage to pull that off.

  9. Kellyn

    How similar is this to Maybelline Fuchsia Fever?

  10. Avatar of Mariella Mariella

    Just too luminously bright for me but I’ll be checking out more shades in this range. Good wear, moisturizing AND a reasonable price! Can’t get much better than that.

  11. Esme

    I’ve been searching for an affordable non-matte Candy Yum Yum dupe, and this looks like a winner!

  12. Eeep that’s bright~ I’m really impressed with the wow factor on these lipsticks and the price kicks a$$. I’m more partial to the vivid rose shade for my skin tone, but I’ll buy one and put it on at the damn grocery store :P

  13. I am loving the Maybelline Vivids Lip Color! You don’t often see bright, bold lip colors that are not over $10 & this is amazing! Especially since it’s under $6 each at Target/Walmart locations :)

  14. Maggie

    Wow…I am a pink lipstick addict. I have MAC’s Pink Pigeon, Candy Yum-Yum, Petals and Peacocks, Girl About Town, Show Orchid, Saint Germain, Pink Nouveau, NARS Schiap….do I have room for this??

  15. Avatar of _An_ An

    OMGGGGG SO BRIGHT. It wasn’t one on my to-buy list, but now that I see your swatch, it looks so pretty! /wants/

    I’ve been noticing the bareMinerals Bronzing Veil on your cheeks lately. Hope to see a review on it. It looks lovely. ^^

  16. Avatar of Wenz Wenz

    I rocked this with my st. paddys green dress yesterday! LOVE IT!!!!!!

    This new line of vivids has been taking over my lipstick collection… sorry MAC… but they might take over! (The new/reformulated Milani ones Ive tried are also great)

  17. Avatar of Rad Rad

    I love it! I recently bought a number of bright pinks but none were what I was after – this is pretty close.

  18. How does this compare to OCC Anime? They look similar-ish kinda?
    Either way, this color is awesome and I’m so happy to see some bold DS brands!

  19. This is a gorgeous lipstick. I love that these are from the drugstore. Everyone raves about the formula and the colors are fantastic!!

    These are on my drugstore to buy list!

  20. Avatar of Elena Elena

    After wearing Illamasqua’s lipgloss in Shoot (apple green) on St. Patrick’s day I feel like I can pull that off!

  21. Avatar of Neha Neha

    What a stunning color. I love the orange case packaging too!
    But your teeth is looking so yellow with this lipstick… ;-)

  22. Avatar of Shanna Shanna

    ohhhh my goodness. I want like 7/10 of these lipsticks. This looks awesome. I love the glossiness of it – I even like just looking at the picture of it in the tube haha :D

    Christine – I’ve been wondering what you use to keep your upper lip area so smooth? I hate waxing because I have such sensitive skin, plucking takes forever, and I don’t want to shell out for threading lol :/

    • Hey Shanna!

      I use Eve Pearl’s mini razor, and I just use that to shave every week or so. For me, it gets more than enough gone and doesn’t irritate at all like waxing/hair removal creams/threading sometimes can. I also like that I can do it ANY time, whether it’s been 2 days or 14!

      • Avatar of Shanna Shanna

        Oh really! I would never have even thought of shaving. Does it get at all stubbly in between shaves? That’s always been my main concern when hearing people do that – and I have a friend who does (though she just uses a regular razor – if that makes any difference) and pre-growing back in, her lip area looks dark :/

        I know every case is different, but I’m curious about your experiences with it :D

        • I don’t have any trouble with it being like stubble or looking darker – I will say that I don’t have a very… generous upper lip area? Like I definitely have some, but I could get away with not shaving if it weren’t for taking close-up photos on the blog!

          • Avatar of Shanna Shanna

            I suppose if it ended up looking too dark I could just let it grow back in and go about removal another way. I’ll never know unless I try it and I am so envious of that smooth lip haha.

            Do you know where I could find this (or a similar) razor, online or otherwise? When I do a search for Eve Pearl razor all I find is a tri-fold eyebrow razor -unless that’s what it is?

      • Avatar of Denise S. Denise

        I’m going to look for that razor,thanks!! I love Eva pearl!

  23. Avatar of Samantha Samantha V.

    do you plan on reviewing shocking coral from this same line?

    • I don’t remember what shades I bought, sorry! I have a couple more to review but don’t have the names memorized. I think it might be in there :)

  24. Avatar of Precious Precious

    Wow! That’s really bright! I might give this one a try. :) Candy Yum Yum didn’t really work well for me because of the matte finish.

  25. Avatar of Veronica Veronica

    Nice to finally add a product to my want list that won’t hit my pocket hard. :P I love the color – and I’m thrilled to see a dupe for Pink Pigeon, which is a shade I regretted passing up. I’ll probably still pick up Candy Yum Yum because I love my matte finishes, but it’ll be a nice addition to my brights. :)

  26. Avatar of Phoebe Phoebe

    Wow! I might have to pick up some of these ColorSensational lipsticks now.

    Christine, do you put the lipstick on straight from the bullet? I have a defined upper lip with the two “points” surrounding the dip above the lip, like yours. My lipstick never looks as neat as yours, unless I use a brush or clean up with cotton swabs. Do you have any tips?

    • I do apply straight from the bullet – I will say it’s practice and because I take photos, I know where I tend to miss and can correct a bit more there. Maybe a magnifying mirror would help?

    • Avatar of Veronica Veronica

      I almost always apply straight from the bullet (because I am lazy), and my recommendation is to use very small strokes and sharp angles there. I have a defined cupid’s bow, too, and I usually do the shape in three or four motions per peak, rather than just one elongated swipe across the upper lip.

  27. Avatar of rebecca blueraccoon

    I so couldn’t wear this, but it’s gorgeous. I did buy Pop of Cherry from the LE launch and I love it. Still haven’t gotten up the courage to wear it beyond my desk, though!

  28. Bluevelvet

    I just bought this on Sunday and wore it to school yesterday. My kids noticed and said they liked my lipstick. I think 6 year olds have great taste!

  29. Joanna

    i find maybelline and covergirl to be very underwhelming drugstore brands except maybelline mascaras always work fabulously well (no running/smudging/flaking). with that said, it seems as if they’ve started to really step up their game recently with the great formula of their “Fit Me” concealers and now these awesome looking lipsticks! i can’t wait to try them out :) i want this color for summer!

  30. Avatar of Megan Megan

    I have a few of these and they are fabulous! If you want color pick these up! The LE Rose color is beautiful.

  31. I went nuts and grabbed all 9 Vivids that were released in Australia. They are amazingly versatile – I’ve seen them on women with ebony skintones looking *amazing* yet (espcially the blue based ones) work on my fluorescent white skin tone. Ah, Maybelline, how I love thee!

  32. Kathi

    Your smile is beautiful. :)

  33. Charlene

    Christin this looked amazing on you! it’s the only vivid I own! but what I want to know is what is the foundation and highlighter/ blush you’re wearing in the pic!? you look flawless!!

  34. Avatar of Stephanie n8iveBeauT

    I have Hot Plum and let me tell ya…….. Love it. It’s a purply-pink, highly pigmented, creamy, doesn’t settle into lip lines. I thought it would be close to Up The Amp, but Hot Plum is brighter. Hope you do a review on it…… well all of them actually, te-he-he-he.

  35. Avatar of Shannon Janine

    I couldn’t stand the smell of the vivids. I had multiple colors and ALL smelled strongly like old play-doh. They went back to Wal-Mart!

  36. amber j

    Love it!! I will be trying to find it this week.

  37. Avatar of Cameron Cami Pastor

    I have 3 of these and i LOOOVE them! I’m going to have to get Fuchsia Flash. Brazen Berry is probably my favorite though. I’m pretty pale, so purple lipsticks tend to be a little too alternative looking for office wear. But it’s so pretty and wearable. Well done Maybelline!

  38. Starfish

    I am in LOVE with these lipsticks. I am very much a nude lipcolor kind of girl but I’ve been trying to branch out and find fun, brighter colors that are out of my comfort zone but are nothing too crazy/difficult to wear. These lipsticks are awesome! I bought 4: Shocking Coral, Vivid Rose, Electric Orange and Vibrant Mandarin. I hope you’re going to review them all, Christine because they’re simply gorgeous! I love finding affordable beauty products that don’t sacrifice quality.

  39. Avatar of sherly Sherly O

    Love the vivid lipsticks. My favorite is Shocking Coral.

  40. ZG

    U only live once… go for it guys.. I am wearing a slightly neon pink matte lipstick at work and it has cause a major buzz in the office- I told them all to eat my!!! BTW I am in my late 40′s..

  41. I have this lipstick in Pink Pop and it is the most amazing bright lipstick I have ever even dreamed of! The color is spot on, very neon, it feels hydrating like you wrote (whch is amazing, since I always have dry lips) and it struly opaque. I’m so happy I got it, and now I would like to get more…. :D

  42. sue

    I think I started with this color and now have ALL of the Vivids. They are sensational.! They are pigmented, creamy and moist ……….and VERY pretty. I prefer them to my higher end lipsticks Walmart sells them for $5.50 and I’ve seen them at Kroger ( grocery store) for nearly the same low price.

  43. Kat

    That color certainly is everywhere this spring!

  44. I am absolutely obsessed with these lipsticks! So pigmented and creamy – perfect for spring and summer. I got them in Pink Pop and Shocking Coral and I can’t stop wearing them :)

  45. Avatar of Mariah Mariah

    This looks so pretty, but every time I am at the store and am looking at them, I sniff it and it smells just awful to me. Most drugstore lipsticks tend to have a smell that makes me nauseous. I tend to call it the “rotten cupcake” smell, it’s very chemical-plastic-y. Is this one like that too?

  46. amber j

    I had to go to Target last night and I picked this up based on your swatch. OMG…I am in LOVE. I swiped it across my lips 2 or 3 times and I felt so…..what the word I’m looking for? High fashion-like? It’s amazing! I work in a conservative office, so not something I can wear to work, but this weekend it’s on!

    What type of eye would you do with this? I had a neutral eye yesterday and I don’t think it looked good. Maybe this is for a more bare eye, like mascara and eyeliner. What do you think?

  47. Mel

    I’ve been obsessing over this for a couple of days now (ever since I laid eyes on your review & swatches) and today I’m pleased to say that it’s finally mine!!! And boy is it bright and pretty…
    *flirty eyes*
    Thank you for introducing me to the color sensational vivid line!

  48. Lucy

    How does this compare to MAC daddy’s little girl from the Archie’s Collection?


    I hope u review the limited edition electric fuchsia too. Even though I have both (along with prob 90% of those neon u spoke of)I’m really interested in seeing what u have to say with how close they are to each other.

  50. Avatar of Alex Alex

    i am obsessed with this whole line and this one is probably my fave! i also love the stain these leave behind on the lips. so pretty!

  51. I’m having a hard time not buying every color in this line. They’re all gorgeous and can be worn a myriad of ways. Maybelline is fast becoming my favorite brand for lipsticks. They are already my favorite for mascara.

  52. Avatar of Trudy Trudy

    Hi Christine!! Just wanted to let everyone know – if you didn’t get your hands on Embrace Me, this is an exact dupe except for texture – this is glossier. The wear is amazing and long lasting.

  53. This is almost an exact dupe for Embrace Me :)

  54. Jessica

    I NEVER wear bright colours on my lips because I hate my teeth, but I bought this Maybelline lipstick because my Then-Boyfriend convinced me I’d look great in it.
    This is my ONLY bright lipstick…and it is my most worn lipstick!! I love this lipstick and no matter the weather or season I find myself reaching for this. For me this is a must have, I’m so glad you reviewed it because now more people will get this amazing product and feel just as fabulous as I do when I wear it!!