Friday, December 4th, 2009

Maybelline Eye Studio for Spring 2010: Natural & Baked

According to WWD, it looks like Maybelline’s spring launches are going to be driven around the idea of being “natural.” Maybelline Eye Studio will include quads with “wet technology” and baked marbleized eyeshadows. I’m curious about what exactly “wet technology” means (are they like Kryolan’s Aqua Colors?) and of course, how the baked eyeshadows stack up against MAC.

What do you think? Will you be stalking the aisles for these?

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50 thoughts on “Maybelline Eye Studio for Spring 2010: Natural & Baked

  1. Oh wow they look fab hope we are getting these in the UK

  2. I’m definitely interested. If I see others saying it’s good quality, I’ll think about it. But a lot of times these “nicer” versions of drugstore brands (Like the HiP line?) are nice, but for a few dollars more I could just get Mac! So what’s the use?

    I’m actually more interested in the look of the new Pro L’Oreal line!

  3. rowan

    copycats ;p

  4. Kaylabella

    I am definitely interested in this line! I usually love Maybelline products, so hopefully these will give me a cheaper alternative to some other brands!

  5. Giselle

    the color duos are awesome!!!!

  6. babicsek

    wow,these look very tempting,i hope they gonna come to europe:D

  7. Kristina

    I think it’s hilarious when drugstore brands market “cosmetic technologies” as something innovative and cutting edge, by the time it has arrived to the d/s it is no longer exciting. Or new for that matter.

    “Wet technology??” You mean applying eyeshadow with a damp brush?…….
    That’s pretty cutting edge LOL.

  8. kim

    I like baked e/s so I might pick up these when they are out. Looks nice.

  9. Very interesting!

    I’ll see if they are like Loreal’s HiP e/s. For now I’m quite interested in this Eye Studio collection. 😀

  10. Anitacska

    If they’re as crap as the new L’Oreal baked trio eyeshadows, then I will stay clear of them. I love my mineralized stuff, but don’t love Maybelline at all.

  11. Jean

    Hey Christin, maybe you have answered it for thousands times, but where can I get them except drugstores? My CVS doesn’t carry these collections

    • To be honest, I’m not really sure – I’d say drugstores, mass retailers like Target/Walmart, or even online (when it’s released). It sounds like these are out in Asia and Canada, but I haven’t heard about it here yet.

  12. amy

    The eyeshadows do look pretty, I will definitely stop my the Maybelline aisle when I go to the drug store when it releases.

  13. Liliana

    When is this going to be released? Thanks!

  14. Liliana

    I saw the gel eyeliner and the palette have been already released in Asia.

  15. Michele

    Yes, I think I would give them a try. They look much bolder than what I normally associate with Maybelline. Very eye catchings.

  16. did this collection already come out?

  17. those look gorgeous! i wonder how the quality is though, hope these come out in canada soon!

  18. Definitely interested in these… they’re looking gorgeous!!

  19. Most definitely will be on the lookout for these…. :-)

  20. I’m hoping that the color payoff is nice. It looks really good! Is that a gel liner?? I’ve been dying to find a drugstore gel liner & no luck.

  21. Jenny

    I like the green duo a lot (the color of the green to be specific) but I agree with what Mariah said – after raising their price about 50%-100%, the price is no longer much of an incentive when compared to higher end tried and true brands.

    Also, I’m having trouble keeping up with my make up buys from the few things I really like from department store brands and I don’t feel like these would get much use unless they were really special in terms of quality. (I also call shenanigans on this “technology” and I’m not forgetting that Maybelline does test part of its ingredient list on animals.)

  22. Luisafer

    this are pretty… all this brands or companies are getting better each time

  23. Frances

    If the gel liners are the same ones they released in Asia, I can wholeheartedly endorse them. I have the blue liner, and it’s definitely comparable to Bobbi Brown’s in my opinion.

  24. The Eye Studio quads have been available in Asian countries like Japan and Singapore for quite some time. I haven’t tried them so I can’t say if they are good or not, but at the counter, it does not look that appealing.

  25. Dini

    Oooh. Everyone is hopping on the “baked” train. I’ll be sure to check these out and see how they compare to higher end baked shadows.

  26. auroragyps

    These have definitely caught my eye, especially the green. I like Maybelline pretty well, so if these are about the same quality as their usual stuff, I’ll be happy.

    Now the drugstore brands have to put really wild polish colors in there everyday lines. Who wouldn’t love some Loreal HIP nail polish?

  27. I’m interested in that gel liner!

  28. Kushani

    haha i love how you dont even like mineralized stuff that much but youre still interested to try maybelline products just because you need to know!!! awesome!!!

  29. Im liking the baked duo eyeshadows!

  30. Disneytwinmom

    These look exactly like Laura Gellers baked products. Shes been doing baked for over 5 years and everyone has jumped on the bandwagon since.

  31. OOoooo, yes I will try them! They look so pretty, and Maybelline has some decent products…
    I love that with the drugstore lines, you can go to Walgreens on a buy one get one sale, use coupons, and get them really really cheap.

    Did you know LOreal is coming out with some tinted face primers, sort of like Smashboxs Photo Finish line? Plus some more HiP shadows, and an eyelash enhancing serum/ mascara. I get so excited over new makeup, even the drugstore stuff!

  32. Tina

    I saw them already…they are released in Canada. The mineralize eyeshadows look and feel just like everybody else’s mineralized eyeshadows…the palette have really good saturation, and they are pretty smooth. I passed on them, since I have way too many colours and eyeshadows already. The palette sold for close to $10 in Canada. The eyeliner look good, but couldn’t test it out, so don’t know for sure.

  33. yvette

    unless i hear something dramatic about these (pigment/quality-wise) i would only use mascara by maybelline.

  34. CedriCeCCentriC

    Actually the 4color eyeshadow palette and the eyeliner were already available in Asia for a while. I even think they were originally created for the japanese market by Maybelline Japan. The Maybelline product line is quite different between the US, Europe or Asia. The liner always gets great reviews in Japanese cosmetics magazines.
    Now the mineral eyeshadows, I agree, are just MAC ripoffs.

  35. the theme is natural but the packaging is so.. formal? or somehing

  36. these look pretty cool but it’s a bit early to begin waiting for them

  37. I saw these at the Real Canadian Superstore today. The mineral eye shadow duos were $8.99 CAD each. The combo’s were really really similar combinations from MAC. I did buy one just to see what it’s like.

  38. I went to the up close and personal preview of these products a few days ago and I have to say, I was seriously impressed. The colors are trendy and wearable, the formulas, long lasting and silky, the mascaras, exceptional.

    I haven’t tried everything yet, but here’s my sneak peek revieww with photos of the ones at the launch:

  39. Leigh

    I will definitely be checking these out! Similar to Revlon’s Color Stay Baked goodies?

  40. Marcela

    So what if they are copycats of MAC’s??? I adore MAC,but to be honest their mineral eyeshadow totally sucks, and lets not forget that they are not cheap, they cost $21,00 USD, so if Maybelline can come up with a better version and with half the price what’s the problem???? I really like Maybelline, their mascara and eyeshadow are great, and as soon as I can I will be trying these products, I’m sure they will be great. =-)

  41. Elysia

    ooo these look like they are going to be really pretty! This is one drugstore product that has got me exited

  42. ak

    Wow they SOOO copied MAC! Although they are not the first!

  43. I’m totally in love with these eye shadow quad. They are very good in quality and easy to blend. WORTH TRYING. XD

  44. Rachel

    These are AMAZiNG the color quality is lacking a little pigment, but they’re beautiful!