Friday, October 8th, 2010

Maybelline Bit of Berry Lipstick

The Sultry Season: Maybelline Bit of Berry Lipstick

Maybelline Bit of Berry Lipstick ($8.29 for 0.15 oz.) is a beautiful plummy pink cream with rich, opaque color and a slightly glossy sheen.  This is what I consider a drugstore gem, and it’s definitely one of the best Color Sensational lipsticks I’ve come across in texture and consistency, as well.  It’s very creamy, which makes application a cinch, but it’s also incredibly pigmented and completely covers my lip freckle!  I love that the color isn’t too cool, either.  It lasts three to four hours on me, which is about average.  I wish the lipstick smelled less synthetic and sweet, but otherwise, this one’s a keeper.

(You should be able to pick one up for less than $8, which is full retail price– has it for $6.22 at the moment.)

Is this the right berry for you? Would you wear it?

The Sultry Season is a series of posts featuring deep, rich shades of brown, berry, plum, and wine lipsticks and lipglosses — just right for autumn — that runs through October 2010.

See photos and swatches…

Maybelline Bit of Berry Lipstick

Maybelline Bit of Berry Lipstick

Maybelline Bit of Berry Lipstick
Most awkward smile ever, LOL! Sorry!

Maybelline Bit of Berry Lipstick
Maybelline Bit of Berry Lipstick

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55 thoughts on “Maybelline Bit of Berry Color Sensational Lipstick

  1. Ashley

    I love the color and for it to last that long and for a price like that. This is a nice find.

  2. Angila

    Really like this one! It looks gorgeous on your lips!!

  3. This colours look so nice on the lips. I like this range of lipstick, and I think I shall try this next!

  4. Nanni

    I notice these lipstick get a waxy smell after a short time. Maybe they go bad? I don’t get it. I was thinking it’s the design of the actual tube that is not very secure and lets in air? Maybe they should infest in actually sealing the lipstick so when you buy it you know that the tube has not been open.

    Maybelline are you listening? Stop being cheap and properly seal your products.

    • It’s probably not going bad so much as the scent just not lasting. It may be a cheaper scent ingredient, poor packaging as you suggested, but it’s probably not the lipstick actually going bad – just the scent evaporating/dissipating and the scent of the ingredients themselves is coming through.

      • Jenn

        I read off of Paula Begouns website that this is probably due to the inclusion of caster oil. Apparently this happens to a lot of lipsticks that include this ingredient. After a while the smell changes a bit, but if the scent change is due to this, than it doesn’t mean it has gone bad.

        • Jenn

          Oh and I love this colour too! I think it I will go get it since it’s on sale for $5 at my local walmart and I am also NC25 too

  5. Steph

    This is a pretty color. I really wanted to like this series of lipsticks, but I just cannot get over the smell. Smells like toxic waste on my lips.

  6. Hend

    Oh what a beautiful colour ! ,
    It reminds me of YSL’s rouge volupte #23 but this one
    has more pink to it
    I never loved a maybelline lipstick before but this one looks great !

  7. I need this! Dang, more money spent hehehe This is gorgeous :)

  8. I don’t know if it’s just me but I feel like there may be product inconsistencies with the Colorsensational lipsticks. From your descriptions and swatches, they seem lovely. But when I buy and use te same colors, it doesn’t look great. I don’t know, I’ll just have to try different shades. All the shades you tried look lovely on you ^__^

  9. I love the color and finish of this.

  10. Arantzazu

    Beautiful colour!

  11. Zoe

    Wow! And to think I had lost hope in finding a nice opaque color at the drugstore.

  12. Oh man, that is gorgeous. I’m almost out of Warm Me Up and I think I’m going to pick this up this weekend!

  13. Denise

    I love this color! On my next shopping trip I have to take a look at it! Thanks for showing!

  14. Pam

    love the colour. looks great on you!

  15. kristy

    that is beautiful! and i don’t see the awkwardness in your smile at all!

  16. JD

    This colour looks so great with your skin tone/hair! I’m intrigued even though I’ve got blonde hair and blue eyes…it seems like a good colour for everyone. PS I LOVE your lip freckle!!! My bf has a few on his lips and I think they’re adorable!

  17. adrianne

    Usually I’m not big on drugstore makeup. I typically only get mascaras and eyeliner, but I LOVE the Maybelline ColorSensational line, and the matte revlon lipsticks. I still can’t stand the smell, but I can look past that. Since they’re only like $5 out here, and that’s not even on sale

  18. Erin

    Hi, Christine, what type of camera do u use? ur pictures are always so crystal clear.

  19. Anna

    This is gorgeous! The fact that you’re including drugstore stuff more makes me SUPER happy. Yay!!

  20. Leah

    Lovely, I may have to go pick this one up

  21. dallasbrowneeyes

    Lovely!! I am going to try this one out at the next BOGO sale.

  22. Lyn

    this color looks lovely on you!

  23. Amy P

    Picked this up for $5 at HEB today. Yay!

    • Amy P

      Update: I tried it on when I got home, and WOW it is so much darker on me than in the swatches! On Christine it looks like a berry-tinged pink, but on me it’s almost a full-on plum. Same thing happened with Chanel Dragon (instead of a true bright red, it almost looks like a wine-burgundy red on me) and Mac Dark Deed (blackened purple instead of deep red). I have pale, cool-toned skin (MUFE 110) and pigmented lips, so pretty much everything turns cooler and darker on them. Christine’s Plumful swatches look so perfect, but I’m hesitant to run out and get it b/c it will probably just turn purple on me. Anyone with similar coloring have shade recommendations?

      • baby in a corner

        Hey I have pigmented lips so I find this as well. I find all these type of shades just look like MLBB. I don’t have any dupes of this colour off the top of my head though. I do find if I stick to blue based pinks like fuschias, dark purpley berries and pale lilacly pinks they look better.

  24. Diane

    I love this line from maybelline – I own 6 or so different colors. Definitely good for a cheap thrill. I do hate the scent though ! But for 5 bucks a pop I don’t care!

  25. Lauren

    this color is really pretty! i love the maybelline color sensational line. it’s my favorite drugstore lipstick :)

  26. Cheyenne *DemureAllure*

    Wow that’s a really pretty color!! It looks lipglossy too :) (meaning not drying) I must go pick that up!

  27. estio11

    That’s weird, I have the color sensational lipstick,the number is 175, it is called “Pink punch” in Russia, great dupe for the Mac’s Girl about town, I even swatched them side by side they looked very similar! This lipstick in number 175 too but it looks nothing like Girl about town

  28. Dalvys

    I love this color. It is so universal… I’m totally gona look out for that shade.

  29. Inaya

    eep. i hate doing this christine. but a lovely warm not too in your face MAC pink for an nc35 would be?

  30. Audrey H.

    Looks really pretty, I think I would love this color. Too bad Maybelline lipsticks aren’t sealed at the drug store, I hate thinking someone might have tried it on before I got to it. :(

    • I don’t buy ANY makeup at the drugstore any more :( I only buy online, which sucks sometimes, but I won’t take the risk! I’m soo grossed out by it ;(

  31. Eileen

    Moisturizing and opaque … magic to my ears. Looks fab on you!

  32. Ashley D.

    Oh wow, it looks flawless on you!

  33. I could definitely wear this! It’s slightly unique, but feminine.

  34. I just got this and mine looks NOTHING like yours Christine! I wonder if something went wrong in the factory or if it looks much darker because I’m a little paler than you. I like it anyway but I just thought it was so weird. The one I have is a deep berry.

  35. Very pretty I odnt think I have ever tried amaybellinelipstick. Great color.

  36. Becca

    This is gorgeous! WANT.

  37. Promise

    No one had this color anywhere except for Walmart, then I had to make sure it didn’t look used! Mine also didn’t seem as creamy and it looks a lot darker on me than this.

  38. Lolli

    wow! they are really pigmented! i hate lipstick that still show your natural lip, omg does that even make sense?! lmao i think i meant to say lipstick that is sheer.

  39. Alice

    This and the Maybelline Warm Me Up Lipstick are such beautiful colors! And they both look great on you! :) What overall grade would you give Maybelline Color Sensational Lipsticks and in terms of quality, how does they compare to CoverGirl Lip Perfection Lipsticks? Thanks!!!

  40. Suzy Que

    This color looks a lot darker in person, not only on lips but the actual picture of the lipstick is even off.