Tuesday, February 18th, 2014

Temptalia Asks You

How many collections should a brand come out with each year? How small (or large) should they be?

Temptalia's AnswerI like between six and eight — seasonal launches that are larger, and then a few smaller launches in-between.

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42 thoughts on “How many collections should a brand come out with each year?

  1. I think 5-6 regular sized ones, I hate it when there are so many that you can’t keep track of them all.

  2. Just seasonal collections, mainly, with focus on new or improved permanent products here and there.

  3. I would prefer just seasonal. Don’t go crazy like MAC does.
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  4. Michele

    I think maybe 4, one per season. That way they have more time to devote to each collection, thereby making sure that each piece in the collection is of great quality!

  5. Maddie

    Two, maybe three or four tops. I cannot keep up with these collections, especially when they act like their neutral brown eyeshadows or pastel nail polishes are like nothing we’ve ever seen before. *rolls eyes*

  6. Georgina

    I would be happy with seasonal launches and a December holiday launch. So for me, that makes 5.

  7. I’m gonna have to be super unoriginal and second your view, Christine! 😀

    Although I like seasonal collections, I do quite like brands like Urban Decay who just seem to release things whenever (or at least not *specifically* tied to seasons).
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  8. Honestly? 4 maximum. What I wish would happen is that brands would take turn releasing collections so people don’t get too overwhelmed. It’s not exactly plausible with current trends relying on seasonal changes, though.

  9. Miss J

    I like about 4 a year, but I don’t mind brands that will also release new permanent products along with that. I just hate when one brand releases a shit ton of collections that are all LE items, but doesn’t focus on their permanent line.

  10. Two to three i find the more collections they bring out the lower the quality is. The less they bring out the better they will be :)

  11. livnzoe

    Between five and eight collections. Three big launches and a few smaller ones.
    So many brands come out with too many collections!!

  12. I would prefer 4 seasonal and maybe a Christmas or a a special release for a film or an event, like Alice in Wonderland and the Olympics.
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  13. I think 5 is plenty – one per season and a special “holiday collection”. Gives us consumers time to deal with all the glut of stuff to choose from and gives the companies time to develop truly good products (MAC, are you listening???)

  14. I think 2 per season would be nice. I hate that Mac releases so many collections a year but I think I’d get bored if we only got new releases once a season. Plus, I don’t always like every collection so it’s nice to have a bit of variety without going overboard.
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  15. I also like 6-8 collections. I like 4 large, seasonal collections with a couple in between.

  16. Definitely seasonal ones! & they should be regular size

  17. Lily

    I think 4 would be great – Spring, Summer Fall and Holiday.

  18. I don’t really like the idea of new collections coming out all the time, especially if they are limited edition. So I would say as few as possible.The problem is this sort of marketing technique is unfair on the consumer – it doesn’t give you time to think rationally, read reviews, put it on your wishlist, save up for it and then buy it at your leisure. That’s why they do it, of course.

    The other thing I hate – this is going to turn into a rant – is how companies completely revamp their “permanent” line so that half the colours you bought last year and now want to repurchase have been discontinued, and you have to buy their NEW “permanent” shades hoping that they’ll work with your skin tone. And if by a miracle they end up working, then next year they’ll have discontinued them again. I like to know that a product will be around for me to repurchase later, if I really like it – so I hate limited edition collections, and hate when brands discontinue products all the time.
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  19. I would prefer 6 collections a year: Four seasonal and two smaller ones.

  20. Kate

    Seasonal ie 4 plus a holiday collection I think would be fine, save me quite a bit of dosh too!

  21. Carrie

    4-6. One large collection for each season, then maybe 1-2 mini-collections for new product launches or the like. Much more than that makes it difficult keep up with, and the quality starts to become iffy because it seems like things are rushed out the door.

  22. I’d say 4-5. Anymore and I can’t keep up with it all. Although I guess if there is more and you’re disappointed with the previous one you will know to bide your time until the next is released.
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  23. Seasonal launches that are always big, and some small launches between. I agree with you, 6 to 8 sounds perfect!
    MAC with their excessive mini collections (kinda annoying sometimes) and Urban Decay with so many individual releases (I kinda like it) are always making us crazy! hahahaha It´s hard to follow!

  24. xamyx

    I think the way NARS handles collections is ideal. One per season, predictable release dates, and rotating items into the permanent line. There’s also enough product to go around, and plenty of time to buy. This is part of the reason I’m loyal to the brand (besides unique, quality products), as I feel they make make the line accessible, which tells me they actually want my business.

  25. I believe one regular sized one every quarter is perfect. That way we get 4 per year and each is spaced well enough to explore it well without getting distracted.
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  26. LSP2005

    I think one for Spring/Summer and one for fall/winter with something special thrown in for a Holiday palette is fine. Any more and things get lost for me. I would rather them focus on quality over quantity.

  27. Seasonal collections are pretty ideal, and they can perhaps throw in a collection or two in between seasons. Quality over quantity is the best way to go. :)

  28. Samantha

    I like four with a few small ones sprinkled throughout.

  29. I like 3 collections per year — a Fall-Winter, a Spring-Summer, and a Summer Resort collection.

  30. Six at the most, but can personally only keep up with a couple seasonal and one permanent anyway.

  31. Quinctia

    I’m down for three big ones: spring, summer, holiday. I like it when brands have LE products that are in a big enough window for both the diehard fans to grab stuff right away and for anyone newly curious to actually look at the product and decide to try it.

  32. It should be seasonal

  33. 4 + special holiday sets for winter holidays

  34. Ellie

    4 is more than plenty

  35. for my sake and my wallets, i like just a spring/summer and fall/winter

  36. *4 seasonal: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter – regular size, which includes eye, lip and face products

    *1 theme lauch for Christmas, which should include gift sets, special packaging.

    *2 special launches one before Spring and one at the end of Spring – these would be smaller launches with specific products, like eyes or lips only, or on skin / skincare, even body products, mists, lotions etc, depending on the trends and what’s in focus that year/season.

    Ah, this would be perfection!! 😀

  37. Anat

    I think atleast 5 meadium size and 2 large