Monday, October 15th, 2007

This weekend I had the brilliant idea to turn my bedroom “TV stand” (which was originally meant for the dining room, see reusing and revamping is always a good move) into my new vanity. If you saw my collection photos from January, you would have seen my dream vanity – separate from the sinks, huge mirror, etc. Unfortunately, I had to move to a new area, and I lost that great spot. I was constrained to two feet of counterspace, bad lighting, and one measly drawer (plus closet space, but who wants that?). Now, I have four shelves/cubby holes (there are two more on the bottom, but reserved for other junk) dedicated to housing my makeup habit! So I introduce you, Temptalia’s $30 storage solution…

Here is the left half of the top of the newly-created vanity. I bought these square cubes at Target awhile ago for $1 each (bargain huntress… yes, I think so) – they are perfect for holding my lipglasses and lipsticks. I keep these out because I never know what I’m going to reach for.  I also have a small mirror that is double-sided (magnifies on one side) for upclose/detail work. You can see the edge of the center mirror in this photo, which I found for $10 at Ross, and it’s a good size for makeup if you aren’t able to put up a wall mirror.

The right side of the top of the vanity holds my brushes, mascaras, and liners in one container. I have all my MAC palettes (blushes and eyeshadows) on the right for easy access.

The two left shelves: the top one houses my beauty powders, pigments, and a few items like foundation that I reach for often; the second one holds less used items like my various mascaras, drugstore liners, and an extra, empty silverware drawer for filling up later! Each silver storage solution is actually a silverware drawer – you can find these at so many places; I picked mine up at Ross for $4 each.

The two right shelves: the top one holds more pigments, eyeshadow quads, blushes, and eyeshadows in pot-form; the second one holds various beauty products that are not MAC or items I rarely use, plus a LUSH massage bar in a baggy (ha).


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45 thoughts on “Makeup Storage Solutions – TV Stand Turned Vanity

  1. Ashlee

    That is a very good idea. I need a bigger room for something like that. And its pretty cheap to do. Another plus!!

  2. oh i TOTALLY need to do this too! i’m totally redoing my apartment after the new year, so this is something i will have to work in :) nice job!!!

  3. Annie

    I LOVE IT!!! YOU DID A FANTASTIC JOB!!! I am SOOO jealous…

  4. Jeni


  5. tanya

    I showed the pic of your new vanity to my partner and he wants to know how tall it is and uhmmm also how tall you are. Do you sit at it and put on the make-up or do you stand? What about lighting? hehehe nice Lush massage bar.

    Sidenote – to help prevent the Lush massage bars from being too “greasy” after application, dust on some of their dusting powder to absorb the excess….it works wonders. When the store suggested it I was concerned that it would form a gunky goo like coat but it totally doesn’t. Oh and if you do a romantic weekend away (this must be done in a hotel room NOT at home) get the “honeymooner” and really enjoy a wonderful mutual massage experience…complete with chocolate.

    My other fav Lush bars are – each peach, fever, and mange too (my fav scent).

    • Hey Tanya! I know it’s a piece from Ikea, but this was the closest I could find to it (they could be the same, but I don’t know!):

      Only we added caster poles or whatever plus the glass doors.

      Anyway, it’s a bit over 3 feet tall, and I’m 5’7″. I sit on a little stool. I could stand if I want, but it’s a tad short, and I prefer sitting.

      I have a floor lamp next to the vanity, and the floor lamp has a second lower spotlight lamp, too.

      Yep, also have the dusting powder on the shelf next to the bar, ha! Silky Underwear, I think is the one I have.

      Thanks for the Honeymooner tip, Tanya 😉

  6. Belle

    Where did you get your tv stand!?

  7. Looks great! And Ross is WAAAAAAAY cooler than Container Store. Two thumbs up for ingenuity!

  8. Cristina

    I wish there was Ross in our country :c But I like what you’ve done with your makeup!

  9. Lisa J

    That’s awesome! It looks so great. You must be very excited.

  10. fiona

    OMG ITS MY HEAVEN. CAN I RAID YOUR ROOM? ( i meant that in a non stalker kind of way)

    i just love it!!!!

  11. Wow that looks great! I don’t have nearly as much makeup, but if I did, I’d do the exact same thing! And your “tv stand” looks just like my tv stand, except mine doesn’t have glass doors, and it has a tv on it;)

    • Thanks, Jeni!

      It used to have a TV on it, but we neverrr watch TV in the bedroom (it wasn’t even getting cable, because we hadn’t even turned it on once since we moved in back in June, lol). Now it can be used!

  12. Tiffany


  13. mich

    genius! i love makeup storage and organisation tips so thank you for this. the silverware drawers are just what i was looking for too :)

    • Thanks, Mich! Silverware drawers are so PERFECT for makeup organization! You can even stand them up and slant them against the wall if you have the ability (I used to have this for my pigments).

  14. aziajs

    I like it. Very inventive.

  15. ariele

    Lovin’ your creative storage idea :) I have a pretty decent sized bathroom that I use AS my “vanity” but I’m really running out of space. I have room in my 2nd room to put a vanity, but I’ve been so apprehensive since vanities are so expensive! THis is a great cheap alternative!

    • Thanks, Ariele! So lucky!! I told my boyfriend that when we get a house someday, I’m going to combine two bedrooms into a giant walk-in-closet/vanity!

  16. Yvette

    How neat and creative..I like the fact that you are looking ahead into the future..and empty space for up and coming Hauls***smile***

  17. vinna

    WOW! Very neat and organized! I can’t even keep my little makeup draw neat and my makeup collection is about 1/10 the size of yours xD

  18. Jessica

    Hey love it!! You said you added the glass top and doors. Where did you get the glass to attach to it and stuff?

  19. taj

    Thats so GREAT !
    But do you stand or sit when you put on your make-up?
    I can see its difficult to sit by the TV stand….

  20. Jessica

    What are the dimensions of the shelf unit? Do you know. And where can you get glass doors?

  21. Gboo531

    If you had to estimate the monetary value of all the makeup shown what would it be? Yours is the most extensive collection I have ever seen, and I can’t imagine how much its worth.
    thats so wow, compared to my palty boxes!

    • Hey hun! I guess I would say $3,000 to $4,000? To be honest, I haven’t calculated in a long time!

      Trust me, my collection is modest compared to some true beauty addicts!

  22. Steph

    Can you post links to your old collection storage pics? (the one with the black sinkless vanity)

    Thanks for this, great idea. I’m moving soon and will keep this idea in mind!