Saturday, July 17th, 2010

Make Up For Ever @ Dolores Cortes

Make Up For Ever Alliance artist, Lottie, served as the key make up artist for the Dolores Cortés swim show on Friday, July 16th. Lottie created a beautiful safari-chic make up look inspired by bohemian references of the 50’s Parisian woman, combined with acid and exotic colors from Bells Beach in Australia. The end result was a palette of shimmering greens and golds.

Complexion & Cheeks: The skin was glowing and fresh faced. Lottie first applied Make Up For Ever Sculpting Blush #22 to lightly highlight the cheeks.

Eyes: The eyes were the focal point of the look. Lottie first applied Make Up For Ever Diamond Shadow #302 in teal to the lid, and then applied Make Up For Ever Diamond Shadow #310 in a shimmering emerald green starting one quarter of the way in from the outer corner of the eye to the outer eye lid and then into the crease and lower brow bone. Next Lottie applied Make Up For EverAqua Cream #11 in gold to the inner corner of the eye lid for a metallic pop. The eyes were lined with Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes #0L in black and the lashes were coated with Make Up For Ever Aqua Smoky Lash.

Lips: Depending on each model’s preference for a matte or glossy nude lip, Lottie applied either Make Up For Ever Lipstick #502 or Make Up For Ever Glossy Full Couleur #10 to complete the look.

To celebrate, Make Up For Ever and Temptalia are giving away:

  • Make Up For Ever Diamond Shadow #310
  • Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream #11
  • Make Up For Ever Glossy Full Couleur #10

RULES: All entries must be submitted by July 26th, 2010 at 11:59 PM PST. This contest is open to all readers as pursuant to your local state/country’s laws. Winner will be chosen randomly and notified via e-mail. This post will be updated with the winner once the winner confirms.

How to Win

Leave a comment on this blog post telling me what your favorite way to relax during the summer is.

Congratulations to Katie!

See more photos! (Swimsuits ahead!)

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919 thoughts on “Make Up For Ever @ Dolores Cortes + Giveaway

  1. i like going to the beach

  2. marina

    my favorite way to relax during the summer is being on the beach, drinking a glass of white wine.

  3. Avatar of Etaoin baby in a corner

    Reading a book outside in the sun! nothing better, sipping on a cocktail (ideally) or some OJ!

  4. My favorite way to relax is to hide in the cold, play with makeup and watch True Blood day and night.

  5. Holly

    My favorite way to relax is the same year round: curling up with a good book!

  6. Avatar of Tabi Tabi

    My favorite way to relax is to read a book in the shade with a big glass of lemonade. =)

  7. Susan

    I’d just rather ecape the heat. I love being able to relax and stay at home. Right now that it’s really hot outside

  8. irisalonso

    my favorite way to relax is just resting on the sofa

  9. sofia

    Is there a better way to relax in summer than relaxing at the beach with a good book and a cool refreshment? ohhh in two weeks from now i’ll do that in crete!!!can’t wait

    p.s. make up artist’s hair look great at the pic!i fell in love with braids this summer;-)

  10. Avatar of Crissy Crissy

    Reading by the pool!

  11. Ms. Jimmi

    My favorite way of relaxing in the summer is having lunch with my friends, going to the beach and having a nice evening cookout over cocktails.

  12. Avatar of Mandy bxboricua

    My favorite way to relax in the summer is to go out walking in the park with my best friend :)

  13. I don’t do well in the heat, so unless I’m near a body of cold water, my favourite way to relax in the summertime is by staying in the air conditioning, and watching crappy reality TV. But, if I had a beach nearby, I’d be there instead.

  14. Lily

    My favorite way to relax is sitting by the pool with a good book.

  15. Julia

    As much as I love to be out and about, an afternoon in AC can be the most relaxing!!

  16. My favorite way to relax is to slap on tons of sunscreen, and then hang out on the beach. Taking anap on the beach is fabulous, as well! I usually do that underneath an umbrella though.

  17. my fave way to relax on summer is going to beach and eating ice cream! :D

  18. lesley

    sitting on the porch with my kitties, while working on my tan :)

  19. A lot of reading and spending time with the hubby :)

  20. Camille

    stayin at home watching makeup vids on youtube and reading detailed makeup blogs while sippin some good ole sangria!

  21. my favorite way to relax during summer is going to the beach and spending a quiet time at our rest house built on the middle of the mountain where everything is lush and green.

  22. Yumi

    I like going to a park to just enjoy some peace and quiet with the scenery. Sometimes I’ll bring a book or listen to some music. Nothing better!

  23. M&M

    My favourite way to relax in the summer is to lay out on the dock with a good book and some music

  24. Davina

    My favorite thing to relax over the summer is to sit in my backyard with a good book.

  25. Noelle

    Go swimming!

  26. Beril

    Drinking a beer on the couch watching a movie

  27. Megan

    I like to get a smoothie and shop! I know I should be at the beach but I’m not a beach person! LOL

  28. Cristina

    My best way to relax during the summer is to go to a beach that is not so busy, lay out, and read a new Us Weekly :)

  29. Leea

    My favorite way is lying out on the dock with either my ipod plugged in my ears or a good magazine and a diet coke with ice next to me :)

  30. Avatar of Milessa Milessa

    Relaxing on the beach with some good bbq, lemonade, and a book, music or friends to spend time with….to be happy :)

  31. Margie

    i like havin bbqs on my tiny balcony with only a few good friends:)

  32. Janine

    My favorite way to relax is to garden!

  33. Karen

    My favorite way to relax in the summer are getting tanned on the beach & eating out with friends.

  34. Chanelle

    I like spending time with my mom watching lifetime movies late at night and being silly.

  35. Stacey M

    Reading next to a biiiig fan to keep cool

  36. Leaf

    I love going to the beach, read a book and relax.

  37. My favorite part is going to the mountains with my hubby and friends and do nothing lying on the grass.

  38. Carolina

    With a steaming hot cup of coffee and my beige lill’ boo(staffordshire terrier:)basking in the sun listening to(and one of us chasing)flowerhungry bumblebees.

  39. Fatima

    Go swimming and hang out by the pool.

  40. Avatar of Erin Gayle Erin

    I really love camping! I can sit around in the sun and curl up with the fire at night. It is so refreshing and relaxing! Plus a nice jaunt in the cold lake helps!

  41. Avatar of Lisa Lisa

    i like just taking a stroll around and absorbing the cool night air.

  42. Nadine

    Lying down in a cool room or sitting in the shade to get away from the sun and heat!

  43. Vale

    My favorite way to relax is scuba diving!

  44. Jess

    getting together some friends, sitting on my deck in the evening when it has cooled down, and drinking some wine!

  45. Kaylabella

    I love just sitting outside chatting with friends!

  46. Jessica

    Besides going to the beach or the pool I love to plant myself outside of my coffee shop with my earbuds in, either a good book or a good person to talk to and to drink copious amounts of iced coffee to beat the heat.

  47. Michelle

    Definitely by the beach — reading a book while laying out!

  48. My favourite way to relax in the summer is to lay outside in the gazebo by the pool with a book :D

  49. Melissa

    Going for a run and then taking a dip in the pool!

  50. Olivia

    I relax by laying down and going on TEMPTALIA to find out about all the new stuff

  51. PeachBellini

    Definitely beach and a good book:-))

  52. Kelly

    i like going to the beach and hanging out with friends

  53. I love garage sale-ing. I love the treasure hunt of finding that piece of vintage costume jewelry, or antique sheet music, and then getting is for a fraction of what I would have spent at the mall engaging in other forms of retail therapy.

    You get to be outside, you get to make nice small talk with strangers, get an interesting look into peoples lives, and you can occassionally find valuable stuff REALLY cheap! How can you lose?

  54. I like going outside in the sun with a collection book of “Pearls Before Swine” or “Get Fuzzy” comic strips

  55. Avatar of Lauren Lauren

    My favourite way to relax during the summer is with my feet up by the pool, corona in hand.

  56. yvette

    oh i would LOVE to win this. to relax in the summer, i take a cold bath with about five magazines…

  57. Tianna

    My favorite way to relax is lying in my hamick reading the pretty little lier series :)

  58. linda

    a good book and soaking my feet in the kiddie pool

  59. Sabrina

    My favorite way to relax during the summer is to hang out under the gazebo, listening to Van Morrison, and grilling with the husband and kids. :)

  60. victoria

    have a chicken lettuce wrap, an iced passionfruit green tea with jelly, sit in my favorite chair, kick my legs up and watch my favorite youtube gurus while i eat.

  61. Avatar of Melissa Melissa

    I love to just sleep in, watch old movies and eat ice cream

  62. Angela

    My favorite way to relax during the summer is to go swimming and bbq.

  63. Storm

    I like to relax next to the pool! Good music, good friends, and good food!

  64. Cat

    I love just hanging out with my family just relaxin and swimming!

  65. kat c.

    My favorite thing to do in summer is to lie next to the beach with a really good book and my trusty ipod :’)

    katch05 at gmail dot com

  66. diana

    sittin on the beach, relaxin’ with friends and family

  67. Karina

    my favorite way to relax this smmer is by laying poolside. With SUNSCREEN of Course

  68. Leslie

    My favorite way to relax is to sit on the pier in port aransas Texas and fish there maybe 11 of us there but it’s te most relaxing thing ever to sit there knowing that we are all together without a care in the word

  69. Xiaoxin Liu

    my way of relax is eating watermelon~hahaha~

  70. chibu74

    Chilled beer on the beach

  71. Tammy

    Either splashing around in a cold pool or curling up with some cold watermelon in the A/C.

  72. i love going to the beach and of course end of season sales! :)

  73. I love lying out on my boat.

  74. Connie

    There’s no better way to relax and beat the heat in the summer than floating on the river with friends!

  75. Casey

    I like hitting the pool! Or tubing the Salt River.

  76. Avatar of Laura Laura

    A dip in the pool!

  77. Anja

    Reading a book outside with a nice glass of cold water or lemonade.

  78. Victoria

    I like to go camping and read a nice book in the woods!
    The smell of outdoors, especially the woods, is the most relaxing to me.

  79. mary

    i love tanning by the pool

  80. Victoria

    I like to go camping and read a nice book in the woods!
    The smell of outdoors, especially the woods, is most relaxing to me.

  81. Serena

    I like going to flower gardens, parks, beach walks to enjoy the scenery, with sunscreen of course!

  82. Cindy

    having bbqs with family and friends.

  83. Roxanne

    My favourite way to relax in the summer is reading a good book (preferably a Harry Potter one :P) on my swinging chair in the evening. Of course, I have to have the powerpad going so I don’t get eaten alive as well XD

  84. Beryl

    Go to farmers market on the weekend and browse their fruits/berries selections while drinking ice tea!

  85. Kayla

    Sit in the pool :)

  86. Sarah

    Laying outside to tan!

  87. I moved to a new apartment abt 3 months ago and we have this lovely deck/patio…so far my fave way to relax is to go on the deck w.a glass of wine and a book and just chill out.

    There’s always the beach as well….love going to the beach with friends!

  88. Kicking back poolside with a mojito and a really good book :)

  89. Leda

    margaritas by the pool!

  90. Tamara

    my favourite way to relax is going to the beach

  91. Miranda

    I like lying on the dock at my cottage!

  92. I love do footbaths with cold water, bath salts and essential oils ;)

  93. Freya

    barbeques with friends :D

  94. It used to be reading and lying in the sun, but that’s not so relaxing nowadays with young children. :)

  95. My favorite way to relax during the summer is absolutely by learning new recipes of smoothies! i love to drink smoothies and have chats with my girls around me :)

  96. elena

    i relax on the beach

  97. Maggie

    I’m taking the bar exam so I don’t have a lot of time to relax at all, but the best way yet is to get a massage and manicure!

  98. nikki c.

    I love to lounge in the pool on my big inflatable turtle, drink some iced tea (yum), and eat some fresh fruits:)

  99. Avatar of Kelly Kelly

    my favorite way to relax in the summer is to hang by the pool with friends and family! :)