Sunday, March 6th, 2011

Make Up For Ever #50 Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick
Make Up For Ever #50 Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick

Going Basic Black with Make Up For Ever

Make Up For Ever #50 Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick ($19.00 for 0.12 oz.) is a semi-matte black. It’s black–that’s really all it is–no subtle nuances of black but a real, dark black. To get well-defined edges, use a lip brush or even line with black eyeliner prior to lipstick application (which will also provide better wear). The only area I had trouble keeping the color in place was in the center of my lips, where the area tends to fleshier and sits more inside the mouth.

my thoughts on the formula: The Rouge Artist Intense formula is typically opaque, and while it’s not a moisturizing lipstick, it’s not a drying one either, though it does not feel creamy against the lips (it may take a little more pressure to apply than your average lipstick). With lighter shades, I see four hours of wear, but with darker shades, I get around five to six hours of wear.

The Glossover



There is no more high maintenance shade than black--lipgloss being even more time intensive than lipstick--but at least this formula delivers really rich, opaque color with minimal effort.











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Make Up For Ever #50 Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick
Make Up For Ever #50 Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick

Make Up For Ever #50 Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick
Make Up For Ever #50 Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick

Make Up For Ever #50 Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick
Make Up For Ever #50 Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick

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Where can I purchase #50? How much is it?

Sephora, $19.

Is it limited edition?


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52 thoughts on “Make Up For Ever #50 Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. for some reason i feel like you should have the 😐 face on again, like you did for the blue illamasqua lipgloss! haha

  2. I love the look of black lipstick, in an editorial kind of way, but couldn’t pull it off in public. This formula looks great though

  3. hmm…i can see this being used in fashion shoots or for costumes, but not commercial use.

  4. good for gothic look or maybe emo…. reminds me of squid ink pasta. 😉

    • Ah, squid ink spagetti is tasty! I don’t know if it really has a different taste to it than regular spagetti though but I ate it at my birthday party when I was younger (I’m 14) and I liked it lol.

  5. 53

    effortless opaqueness!

  6. Sophia

    I have the Black lipstick form Mac Black Colection and I love it, I lovve Black lips. I Defiitely go to find that lipstick.

  7. aida

    I just don´t like black lipsticks or black lips. It is not that I don´t find them an interesting option, it is something I cannot control. They make me uncomfortable. But this one at least seems creamy.

  8. Evelyn

    For geeks like me, it looks the black lipstick that Lily wore in the move Legend that Tom Cruise made when he was a very young lad. Ahh the nostalgia. :)

    • Lucie

      That’s just what I was thinking! Ohhh how I miss those days…:P

    • Sorrow

      That’s exactly what I was thinking. I will never forget the first time I saw her, I thought she was so incredibly gorgeous and I’ve loved anything gothic style since then. My favorite way to wear black lips is to line them with black and then fill in with a rich classic red. Very sexy in my opinion! I adore MUFE they always get it right. Christine your lips are gorgeous. I would wear this with a gothic makeup look and clothes…but that’s what I’m into. Not for everyone for sure.

  9. It’s nice, but I need a matte black. I already have a semi matte.

    • Elaine

      I found with black lipsticks that I’ve used, just take a matte black eyeshadow and pat it overtop of the semi-matte colour – it really helps with the staying power as well!

  10. I have this and I love it so, so much! <3

  11. Sari

    I actually just bought this the other day & I ‘m super happy with it , it ‘s the perfect black lipstick .

  12. Nunuiviet

    This lipstick colour could be good for Halloween or a horror movie hahahahahah

  13. Luna

    I love how shiny it is!

  14. Pamela

    Well…it makes your eyes greener by contrast.

  15. Steph

    Nothing I would ever go near, but looks like a nice option for those who do wear black.

  16. Veronica


  17. Pame

    It looks really cool, i mean its so pigmented, i remember when i was in the school and for a time it was cool to use blue or green lipstick lol

  18. Rayleen

    My girl friend is a NW 43 and she rocks the black lips like no one else can. She had me put on her lipstick and it just looked AWFUL on me. I’m glad someone out there is working it!

  19. Kayla

    I really wish I could pull that off. It’s still a struggle to convince myself to wear my orange lipstick in public.

  20. I guess I have to decide between this or OCC Lip Tar. I have been looking for a decent black lipstick for my pro kit. Manic Panic’s Raven is far too drying.

    • I find this easier to work with overall, but both are good products. The Lip Tar having the additional benefit of being able to easily be mixed makes it helpful, though.

      • Do you mean MUFE is easier to work with because it’s in a bullet shape? Or do you mean the formula?

        • Both – it doesn’t feather (Lip Tars can on me, and I don’t normally experience feathering) and as a lipstick rather than a liquid lipstick, it’s easier to apply.

  21. Eileen

    I had to laugh at your big, beautiful smile. Somehow though I don’t think those intrepid gals who would sport this color would be beaming the way you are :-) I liked your response to Helen’s Why? Why not, indeed! At 63 I won’t be wearing it any time soon, but I’ve seen some goths pull it off beautifully.

  22. Gina

    I haven’t been interested in black lipstick since my 14-year-old goth days, but I have to say, this makes your teeth look crazy white!

  23. Lucie

    This is actually a very beautiful black, I think I’ll be picking it up. The glossiness makes it wearable, I can see someone walking down the street with it on…not sure I’M that person but oh well! I would wear it like I wear dark plums and burgandies-with rosy fuschia cheeks, and just a touch of white eyeliner on the waterline and a bit of mascara. Vampy colours look less scary with a fresh face!

    • ak

      That’s not a bad idea at all. Why don’t you do that then? I think you should, and you should rock that look during the daytime on a weekend too.

  24. I think it looks quite pretty!

  25. I dont like black lipstick at all but for some reason you look really nice with it on…

  26. Bubbles

    This reminds me of Harley Quinn from the animated Batman series! Love it!

  27. ak

    This looks great on you Christine and it makes your teeth look really white! I won’t buy this one or any other because I already have Illamasqua’s Disciple lipstick which I adore! I just line my lips with any black eye pencil, put on the Disciple, and then put a tiny bit of Illamasqua Brilliant lip gloss over it, which is just a clear lip gloss. I’m an NC45.

    If I put too much gloss on it though, it can all end up on my teeth. Disciple is dark navy blue and Christine has reviewed it before thankfully. I love it on me and it’s more intersting and unusual than even the black lipstick. AND I’m gonna wear Disciple tomorrow for work too. I mean why the heck not?!

  28. That’s a surprisingly gorgeous black!

  29. Charlene

    NOW Thats what I call black lipstick!!!

  30. Christina

    I think it looks amazing in general and on you. I am not sure if I ever could pull it off. Maybe one day if I am feeling particularly daring.

  31. Alexis (m0rg3nst3rn)

    How does this compare with Black Knight b MAC?

  32. I love it *__* Even though I rarely wear black lipstick… seems to be a great formula

  33. I want a black lipstick so badly!!

  34. Selenite

    That is one beautiful, glossy black. So many blacks are either too sheer or don’t apply well after my spf balm. I really like my SoBe Botanicals Gothstix but it doesn’t have the gloss that this one does. Say what you want about unconventional colors, the color looks striking on you.

  35. sara n.

    these rouge intense should get an A++++++!!! I LOVE THEM TO DEATH. The fact that they’re not too ‘wet’ makes them sit on my lips longer

  36. Sam

    I really love this color, but I thought it was supposed to be a satin, and it is a lot glossier than a true satin. But, it looks awesome! :)