Friday, December 5th, 2008

MAC Well Defined Collection features a new Studio Sculpt Concealer and Studio Sculpt Foundation.

See product photos!

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62 thoughts on “MAC Well-Defined Collection – Product Photos

  1. rayne

    It looks so cute in the jar. I’d wear mac foundation, except here in Canada, it’s ridiculously expensive.

  2. Guddu

    Do you know when this launches?

  3. Crystal

    Oh i love it in the glass pot! So sleek :)
    It has a lot to live up to I dont know if i can part with my studio finish!

  4. Tekoa

    I am les intrigued!Like Crystal though, I’m not sure if I can let go of my studio finish.

  5. leslie

    What is the difference between this new concealer and the concealer in the little black pot? Is it better?

    • No real clue at this point Leslie… I assume it’s “better” in some way, LOL.

      • Robby

        The studio sculpt range is gel-based (as opposed to water or silica based – like all of the existing range)…
        The new foundation is basically the “full-coverage face + body” that the pro artists have been refering to at fashion week, etc.
        we looked at the ingredients, colour range etc very briefly at managers conference here in aust, but didnt have testers/samples to play with… nonetheless, i’m very excited at the concept of face+body (my holy grail) but with notched up coverage…

  6. slick

    fantastic packaging for the foundation. can’t wait to try this stuff!

  7. Sasse142

    Wow…can’t wait to try this…

  8. Nosh

    I am always on the lookout for my HG foundation :) I look forward to seeing the reviews for this one!

  9. SnickerDoodle

    Yeah, I’m gonna be wanting all of that. This one’s gonna hurt me.

  10. Crystal

    Just wanted to add one more thing, I think the promo picture is terrible though, They could have done much better. Thats just my opinion, love the products though.

  11. Yet another foundation that won’t be light enough for me!

    • Tanya

      I agree with Alyson…whats up the lack of 100 or lighter color choices? Booo MAC! Though the packaging looks rockn!!!

      • Amanda

        I third this. There are so many fair skinned girls out there, why won’t they make one for us? :(

        • Laudry

          Alyson, Amanda & Tanya – I’m with you!

          I know lots of very fair-skinned women like myself & we all wish MAC had some lighter & more finely-tuned choices in foundation – I mean, for those of us who have pink or cool undertones & those with yellow or warm undertones.

          I’m hoping 2009 is the year MAC does it!

          • Celeste

            well, the pink is the warm undertone. and the cool is the yellow undertone. the problem i seem to have with them (heh, and i work with them) is that when i get pale, i get liquid paper white pale. I have cool undertones, very olive complected skin when a little tan, and nothing works for me when im at my lightest. But I have found out that IF your fairer than NW15 or NC15 use the studio POWDER in either C4 or C2 (for those with yellow toned skins) and N4 or lighter (for those with pink toned skins). If you dont like the powdery look, just spritz on some fix plus and its gone.

  12. victoria

    i’m not interested in the brushes but i hope the foundation can work some miracles.

  13. lala

    I want it all !!! lol

  14. Amanda

    Assuming this is light enough for me (slightly lighter than NC15) I’ll be grabbing is all. I love the packaging! So much more practical than a glass pump, and 40ml too! 😀

  15. Lynn

    the glass pot one is the concealer? the foundation looks good.

    when is this launched?

  16. I agree with Crystal, the promo picture is dreadful. Meh, people are saying they don’t make it in lighter colors so I can’t buy it anyway.

  17. kat

    How is skin prep n prime? any good?

  18. I really like the promo pic! I’m excited to try a new foundation 😀

  19. Kat

    Does anyone know what this foundation is designed for? More mature skin, oilier skin, what kind of coverage?
    How do people know they wont come in lighter colours? In the photo after the jump the colours in the top left corner have a very light shade? Fingers crossed!

    • I think it’s for “flawless skin,” whoever that is for 😉 It’s about sculpting/shaping/defining.

      It comes in the normal MAC range as far as I know (NC/NW15+).

  20. Mel

    Its designed for dry/normal skin I do beieve.. it light/medium BUILDABLE coverage which is awesome. :)

  21. cloudburst

    I like the concealer brush, may have to buy that. I usually like MAC’s more arty promo pictures, but I agree with others, this one is not that good.

  22. Rowan

    The ad reminds me of a bad hangover…

  23. Sid

    I REALLY REALLY hope that people will realize that all those brushes…and i mean exact same brushes can be found at any art, or craft store! possibly better quility, deff better price.
    just cuz it has m.a.c. printed on it doesnt make it “worth it”

    i suggest Winsor & Newton brushes (i like SERIES 240 (they are mainly with white handles.))

    • I’ll have to try to remember to check them out, because while I’ve used some craftstore brushes instead of makeup brushes, I don’t always find that they’re as soft as makeup ones.

    • Celeste

      you wont find brushes better in quality than MAC. I can vouch for that because i’ve used cheaper brushes from craft stores and in NO WAY are they even close to quality as MAC.

  24. julie

    Does anyone know if the prep and prime is being reformulated?

  25. Anna

    does anyone no if its permanent or not?? so excited!

  26. Shanel

    OHWEEE, flawless coverage?! that’s GREAT (: can’t wait for this to come out! but one question, does any one know exactly how big the foundation tube & concealer in the pot is ? B/c I go through that stuff like crazy! I use foundation/concealer everyday! so Im gonna need lots of it!

  27. Lauren

    This sounds like it will be really thick. Or is that just me? I dont know much about MAC foundations as I dont use them. But I will def wait for this collection to get my new concealer!

  28. Sanderlees

    the concept of a gel concealer makes me think of Eve Pearl’s salmon concealer… which is HEAVEN… if it’s anything like that (and becomes a permanent collection) i’ll surely check it out, since Eve Pearl’s prducts aren’t readily availble for canadians (expensive plus expensive shipping)…

  29. Jane

    I have some samples of the foundation and the concealer and I have to say that it is absolutely beautiful!
    Foundation seems to build to a medium/full flawless coverage and though it is very moisturising feels totally weightless.
    Just you wait til you get your hands on the concealer though! For all you studio finish fans out there imagine the coverage of studio finish mixed with the light-reflecting moisture of my personal fave moisturecover. It’s stunning!
    I’m pretty darn pale and the NC15/NW15 shades are light, bright and clean and seem to work really well.

  30. Shanel

    I was wondering, the foundation seems like it’s in a small tube…so am guessing a little goes a long way?!

  31. Shanel

    …oh & when does this launch? lol.

  32. Robby


    It launches 2nd feb here in aust, so probably 2-3 weeks prior for the states…

    the coverage is medium to builable-full, but can sheer down.
    the texture is gel-based and is comparable to face & body and moistureblend having a notched-up coverage and spf-containing baby, with the same satiny-dewy finish.
    the pro senior artist for Aust told us she’s used it for young skin, mature skin, on talent (male & female), catwalk, editorial, HDTV, bridal, “real” people, in humidity, on damaged skin, live performance and its worked beautifully in all situations. it’s what i’m going to be replacing my face & bodys with in my kit (as will most of the artists i know).
    not sure yet if it is water resistant like F+B/FullCov, but as it is a pro-designed foundation – and its recommended to set with invisible powder (pro prod.), also water resistant – i imagine it will be. when i get my prod. spec. notes i can share more, for now i’m just going on my update training brief.

    FOUNDATION. the au retail is $56, so for US, whatever tech/moistureblend/loose mineralize retail for is a good approximate.
    shades are: (23 skus)

    CONCEALER. $36 aud, so maybe $1-2 more than the US price for moisturecover.
    shades are: (15 skus)

    also, prep+prime is not being reformulated, just a repromote with the well defined collection. however, in april (again, AU dates so maybe a touch earlier for you) there is a collection called ‘colour ready’ which is to introduce:
    prep+prime – transparent finishing powder
    prep+prime – line filler
    prep+prime – skin refined zone (already avail in asia i believe)
    to join the prep+prime – skin, lash & lip, as the eye primer is on phase out.

  33. ABOUT FOUNDATION: Studio Sculpt SPF 15 Foundation is a hydrating cream foundation. It delivers medium to full coverage and a natural-satin finish. It is long-wearing and water resistant. It feels comfortable on the skin, helps the skin feel moisturized and helps to revitalize dry skin. Emollient ingredients improve skin