Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

Last week, when I shared with you what I kept in my shower, I briefly told you of the merits of MAC’s Volcanic Ash Exfoliator ($19.00). It’s such a great product that it deserves its own, official review. Volcanic Ash is both a foaming and exfoliating scrub, which makes it different from the typical exfoliator (most do not have any foaming action). The exfoliants the product use are the volcanic ash and sugar crystals. The volcanic ash is from the island of Vanuatu, and it contains minerals and sulfur from “deep within the earth.”

While all that fancy-speak may or may not be marketing (or some combination of marketing and truth), one usage and the results speak for themselves. The exfoliators dissolve as you gently massage it into your skin, and when you add a little more water, the cleanser will foam up. I personally like that they dissolve, because it helps you time your cleansing; plus, you don’t get little grains or beads stuck on your face post-use. The only downside of the product is that it is a messy/dirty product in the sense that it is black ash that you put on your skin, so it’ll turn your face a dirty gray/black. This in turn makes it difficult to wash over the sink sometimes. I tend to use mine in the shower, because then I don’t have to worry about dirtying up my sink area. It’s really a minor point, because after a few usages, you get pretty good at rinsing and not making a mess.

I love this product so much, I wish I could use it everyday, but alas, you are only supposed to use it one to three times per week. You can use this product on your face or body, which makes it a multi-tasker. To be honest, I love it too much (and it’s sold out everywhere near me), I save it for my face. It’s a good-size tub of product (4.5 oz), but if I started using it for my body, I’d go through it much too fast. I really hope MAC brings this back and makes it permanent–it could be such a cult product, I know it.

Bottom line, this stuff makes your face feel soft as buttery silk. Get it if you can get your hands on it! (C’mon, $19? It’s a total steal!)

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59 thoughts on “MAC Volcanic Ash Exfoliator Makes You Feel Amazing!

  1. whitney

    anyone know where you can get this besides ebay
    it sold out almost immediately everywhere i know of

  2. Kendra

    I have checked everywhere in Ottawa and Winnipeg (when I was visiting) and they all sold out almost immediately! I’m quite disappointed :(

  3. I cannot get my hands on this!!! I’m so jealous!! Like you said maybe they will bring it back.

    • Hi Amanda,

      I am really hoping they will. It has gotten so many positive raves, and I think it would be great if they did, especially since it’s SOLD OUT practically everywhere.

  4. Tekoa

    I have it, and I love it. The black-gloopyness made me pause, you wouln’t think something that looks like a tar pit would be in any way shape or form a cleaning agent. I’m hoping they bring it back.

    • Hi Tekoa,

      Oh, it made me pause, too. I was like, ‘WHOA!’ I hope they do, too, because I didn’t stock up on it (I don’t even know what the lifespan of it is), and I didn’t think I’d blow through the jar THAT quickly, lol. But yeah, totally want to keep using it!

  5. Nell

    I love it too! So glad I snapped it up in NY at the pro store!

  6. This is by FAR one of the best exfoliators out there now…We got ours at the NY Pro Store too!

  7. kellie

    Man, I’m jealous. With all the rave reviews, I wished I had purchased this. Did any of you try the lip exfoliator also?

    • Hey Kellie,

      I haven’t tried the lip exfoliator (mostly because I’m quite happy with my Peter-Thomas-Roth scrub and Sara Happ Lip Scrub), but maybe I will soon.

    • claudine

      i bought two of the lip exfoliators
      and i love it ….i apply it then i take a damp cotton pad and remove the grains….voila soft primed (because of the white part) lips

  8. Gigi

    I know I’m supposed to comment on the VAE, but let me just say, the fact that you used “its” and not “it’s” makes me very very happy! I am such a grammar nazi when it comes to blogs; many of the make-up blogs I read use “it’s” incorrectly! Really irritates me. Thanks for the great grammar! πŸ˜€

    For those who can’t find it: “It’s such a great product that it deserves its own, official review.”


  9. Lil

    Yeah, I like it alot too.

  10. Zsofi

    oh,if only i would have bought it when i was a step away from it :-))))
    but You know i want my Temptala review before any purchase :-)
    i like this little rating thing,its very new and fun :-)

  11. Bea

    I love it. I heard that it was being made permanent so look for it in a few months or so…It may be a rumor or wishful thinking, so don’t hold me to it yet!

  12. claudine

    this stuff is just great
    i got two jars and finished one two days ago
    i wish it was permanent

  13. Jade

    This exfoliator sold out sooooo fast in SC. I got a sample first and a couple days later went back….bad idea they were all out! I really hope they do make it a permanent. MAC doesn’t have a perm. exfoliator does it?

  14. Tekoa

    Shower is definatly the place to use this. It foams much better in there.

  15. I use mine in the shower too but the only downside is DON’T DROP THE LID!!! I dropped mine the very first time I used it and a giant chunk broke off the side and now it doesn’t close properly :( wahhh.

  16. ashi

    i got a tad sample sometime ago but haven’t used it it good and safe for all skin types?and does it do anything extraordinary?

  17. trojanchick99

    I love this so much I bought 2 backups. It is the perfect exfoliator for my skin.

  18. Candace117

    I thankfully stocked up because I foresaw this being too big of a hit for words, but I’m still upset because I should have bought even MORE! :-/ As a result, I am using sparingly and trying to use more of my Kiehl’s (the pineapple papaya scrub is amazing in a different way than VAE).

  19. claudine

    uhhh ohhh one of my counters still got them yay
    have to get another one
    the lip thing is great too

  20. Rhian

    Thats a bummer that its sold out in loads of places in states — there was loads in my MAC the other day and its available on the UK site

  21. Socaltrojan

    I finished one jar of this! Luckily, I had the Nordstrom beauty hotline track down the last 2 in their system over the summer and they shipped them to me! I have yet to open the 2 jars I have remaining. I am worried that I will run out of it so I have been using philosophy’s salt scrubs which are amazing.

    • You are so lucky to have gotten two more! It makes me sad — it was SO raved about, so why is it not coming back yet?!

      Here’s to hoping it makes a return in summer ’09, but by then… maybe I will have found a permanent replacement.

  22. Whitney

    I am so sad because I just ran out….. where do I get more?

  23. gr8t review so looking forward to this realsing with style black ! do they realse this every summer?? X

  24. Lteefaw

    One more week and we’ll be able to get this product again. I can’t wait

  25. hidaya

    google product search
    into your search engine.
    MAC Volcanic Ash Exfoliator
    you will see places to purchase it.

  26. taci

    I saw that soap and glory (found at target) has somthing like this. And by like I mean that it heats up and exfoliates. I never tried it yet but it is def a cheaper alternative that you could use on the rest of your body.

  27. ashley

    Just to let all of you guys know. I visited the mac website. I used the live chat there to ask about their volcanic ash exfoliator. The girl that assisted me told me that the product was only a life limited product.
    So they will no longer be selling any more of those.

    That really sucks because i really wanted to try it out! =[