Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

MAC Viva Glam – Ricky Martin & Nicki Minaj for Viva Glam

The fearless Ricky Martin and Nicki Minaj introduce Nicki’s lipstick in a scene-stealing pink and Ricky’s colourless Lip Conditioner in a Tube that goes from day to dance floor! With every cent of the selling price supporting the MAC AIDS Fund, it doesn’t get any hotter. They’ve teamed up to raise HIV/AIDS awareness among young people around the globe. Nicki and Ricky dare you to be bold. Be beautiful. Be safe.

Lipstick ($14.50 U.S. / $17.50 CDN)

  • Viva Glam Nicki Bright yellow pink (Satin)

Lip Conditioner (Tube) ($15.00 U.S. / $18.00 CDN)

  • Lip Conditioner Clear

availability: February 15th, 2012 through February 2013 (North America), March 2012 (International), at all MAC locations and online at

See close-up photo! 

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222 thoughts on “MAC Viva Glam – Ricky Martin & Nicki Minaj for Viva Glam

  1. I’m more concerned with what’s on Nicki’s eyes. Loves it! Great visual too!

  2. I hope this year there will be a shade I like. ^__^

  3. joyce

    is this a relaunch of nikki minaj pink friday lipstick?

  4. Marieke

    I wonder why the big blue finger points at Nicki Minajs tit that’s almost popping out of her dress…
    But to stay on topic, I hope it’s not the same pink color! I’d love to buy a Viva Glam lipstick, but Nicki Minaj colors usually don’t suit me…

    • Christina

      LOL, I didn’t notice until you pointed it out. But yeah, I really hope they’re all new colors

    • Ryan

      Probably basic subliminal messaging. That stuff works wounders and companies dumb a lot of money in to researching it.

    • Jazzy

      It also points to the numbers 43. In beeper days those numbers meant f-you. So lots of sexual subliminal messaging lol.

  5. Dame Elizabeth

    Love Nicki Minaj so much, Ricky Martin is just hilarious, this image is awesome and I’m so excited for the colours!

  6. Coco72

    Full photoshoped picture. Chewing gum pink? Love it!

    • Lulee

      i cant see the gum! where is it?

    • Roo

      Creepy chop. It doesn’t look like the 2 of them were even in front of the same green screen.

      • Gina

        Its David LaChappelle’s work…he’s an insanely popular photographer, and this is his signature style. Even cooler, that’s no greenscreen. That’s his set. And they were together…his work is always so surreal and beautiful. He’s the best! :)

  7. Anna P

    That’s amazing! I love that colours!

  8. Love the closeup. Ricky is amazing and Nicki’s hair and makeup don’t disappoint. I do not like her dress, though, or the way she’s kneeling with the booty a little overly tooched (Tyra would not approve)

    • artemis

      that’s what she always does. her new single describes her best.
      i like the hair and make-up too, tho
      the new l/s looks pretty

  9. Heather

    Interesting visual…. fun and colourful…but what the eff is with that snotty look on Nicki’s face? She looks GORGEOUS but a little See-you-next-tuesday-ish! I wonder if there will be two lipsticks launching like Gaga/Cyndi since they are clearly not wearing the same colour! Either way, BEAUTIFUL campaign and SUCH a great cause! Just going by memory, this looks darker than Pink Friday, and maybe a little bluer. Can’t wait to check it out!

  10. Island Princess

    I love love love this. i hope it’s the exact same pink that’s on her lips

  11. Lizzi

    What a fun ad!! Can’t wait to see the color(s) that come out with this launch. One for each of them I’m hoping. I’ll bet Nicki’s will be something bubblegum-ish (I’m thinking they may just rerelease her Pink Friday). Ricky’s, well, I’m hoping for something warm and coppery-reddish. Can’t wait! This year Lady Gaga’s was a bit of a WTF to me, even though I did end up getting it.

    • I miss Cyndi’s shade myself as well compare the the shades for Gaga. >_<

      • Lizzi

        Yeah, the first Lady Gaga doesn’t suit my neutral/warm skin tone, and the newer one reminds of peanut butter. It’s not flattering on me, I have to layer it with a brown-pink lipgloss to may it work. Oh well, I did end up getting them both. I’m hoping MAC will make a better attempt this year. We all already have a pretty good guess on Nicki’s cuz of her previous MAC release and her personal tastes. I’m very interested in how they’ll represent Ricky. I know the shades don’t “have to” be a color that would look good with the skin tone of the person representing it, but I’m hoping for something from him that’ll look good on my NW30 skin, since he’s skin color is medium too.

  12. Pamela M

    This looks interesting….what an odd couple. Anyway the lipstick color Ricky is holding looks awesome. I want.

  13. Mz.Luc1

    OMG!!! My daughter and I luvvvvv NICKI MINAJ!!! This is gonna be my first Viva Glam lipstick purchase. I’m so excited. I bet it’s going to be similar to NICKI’s favorite color Pink Nouveau.

  14. Amy Em

    I want Ricky’s lipcolor!

  15. Elysia

    Love her eyes. As for her lips, it looks like a color we see all the time. Nothing to exciting for me there

  16. NeenaJ

    I’m totally put off by her pose in this picture. Unfortunately, my interest ends there.

    • Alison

      I’ll second that. To me it’s completely inappropriate for a lipstick ad. What exactly are they trying to sell, make-up or something else?

    • ValbonaPro

      I agree. If showing a SEXY pose to sell something is for a good cause, then I do not support it. At least be humble and decent in doing so. Then again, what do you expect from Nicki Minaj—it’s a signature culture.

      Thanks, but no thanks MAC.

      • artemis

        ditto :)) i like sexy but she’s rather trashy all the time…all about s.e.x. if she was just standing and wearing a nice cleavage, not a fully exposed one it would’ve been way better.

    • Nikki

      Wow… some of these comments are just wrong.
      Viva Glam isn’t about people staying abstinent, it’s about PROTECTING yourself.
      This is Nicki’s look, it’s the way she always looks and she’s just expressing herself -.-
      1) I smell jealousy
      2) you don’t understand the meaning of this campaign -.-
      I was hoping to read comments about how “excited” people were for this… like, seriously, if you don’t have anything nice to say just don’t say it -.-

      • Laura

        I agree, Nikki, how is this worse than Fergie in a corset or Pam Anderson being, well, Pam Anderson? It’s all in good fun, if you don’t like it, don’t buy it!

        • Nikki

          Thank you!!!!! Finally someone who understands :DDD

          People haven’t even seen the lipsticks yet and they’re bashing it, just because they don’t like Nicki Minaj >.< It's not like the money goes to Nicki… it goes to charity!!!
          (I personally love her but that's besides the point :p)

    • Steph

      Same here. I don’t need another light pink lipstick (even if it it for charity), and I don’t like Nicki Minaj. I’m sure many do, and that is great. I will be passing.

    • I think I’m going to be the odd one out here when I say she looks a hot mess. I think Ricky looks fantastic and much better than her! I agree with Alison & Neena in that her pose is is off putting and completely inappropriate.

      I can’t believe a MAC artist did her make-up. She looks more like she was done up by “Hookers-R-Us”…but that’s just my opinion.

    • Esther

      unfortunately, the adage “sex sells” is true, and from what I’ve seen, Nicki has a very sexual image. it’d almost have been weird for her to NOT be in a sexual pose. then again, I’m not a fan of hers, so I’m biased against her anyways.

  17. Maggie

    Oh, good. Another light blue pink. ‘Cause MAC hasn’t made enough of those… *insert eye roll* Have they just totally run out of ideas?

    • Chelle

      Exactly! Seriously where is the creativity with the lipsticks? Most people would rather buy the eyeshadow and blush.

    • This is for charity, the shade needs to be something the average woman could pull off. They wouldn’t release something that only a select few would purchase, they would make nothing.

      • Steph

        ^ This. They need to market to the masses to raise funds, so it has to be a popular colour. They could take a risk and do something more interesting, but it doesn’t make sense to gamble with charity funds.

    • Gina

      But… the description says, “bright yellow pink.” So I’m kind of confused by your comment. I know MAC’s color descriptions aren’t always spot on, but even the photograph doesn’t look blue pink.

    • sarah

      it’s actually a light coral…

  18. Mel

    I’m not concerned about the lipstick, I couldn’t pull off Pink Friday if my life depended on it. I just want to know what blush is Nicki wearing, it’s gorgeous.

  19. Carrie Ann

    Interesting. I’m not a huge fan of either of them, though I like them both just fine. That lipstick doesn’t really look like my kind of color, though. I hope there will be a pretty lipgloss. I really like Viva Glam.

  20. wth

    ricky martin????? no thanks lol!

  21. Sabrina

    It doesnt seem like Ricky Martin has a lipstick but I seceretly hope he does!

  22. Mona L

    OMG I cant wait!

  23. I like this. Very pop, very Spring. I like when MAC has a male face (especially an openly gay man, like Ricky Martin) supporting AIDS research, too. I’m assuming the big lipstick is a model for the new Viva Glam Nicki shade? I wonder how close it is to Gaga’s first Viva Glam…?

  24. Annalisa

    Love Nicki Minaj!!! Can’t wait!!!

  25. Kim-Mary

    I like Nikki’s makeup. The lipstick looks a little too close to her Pink Friday lipstick that I couldn’t pass off for the life of me. I wonder if there will be a second lipstick color to choose from? They usually have two don’t they? This is a maybe. I am more interested in the Gareth Pugh, Daphnee Guinness and Iris Apfel lipsticks.

    • It looks warmer then Pink Friday (blue based bubble gum pink … no thanks). It think it’s the same shade as the one Ricky is holding. Reminds me of OCC Femme lip tar.

      There is usually two per year. Last year was exception with Gaga brought back on so it was just her two shades with the one being a re-promote.

      • Ryan

        I dont think thats true. I remember MAC always releasing 1 shade a year. With the Gaga/Cyndi Shades being an exception.

  26. Leticia

    I’d love to support Viva Glam again and again, so I hope I love the shades they launch in 2012!

  27. Elle

    The advert could have whatever they want on it – a lot of the ads have been super provocative (and RuPaul still remains my favorite spokeperson in all of MAC history!), but the bottom line is every cent goes to AIDS research. I buy it every year and always will. They don’t have to dress up like nuns to sell lipstick for AIDS research, and it has been shot by David LaChapelle, soooooo… :)

  28. Jennifer

    I’m sorta disappointed with the color.

    They already had “Pink Friday” l/s and Lady Gaga one is similar but less opaque…

    I really wish they would have gone with a different color for variation since I feel we just had those colors.

    However I think for charity is always great.

    Personally I wish they would bring back Viva Glam Cyndi that color was hot.

  29. lameka

    i love the visual but another sort of disappointed..i was hoping for a holograchic shimmering orange frost now that would have been hott!but is for charity so the greater good prevails!

  30. I love nicki’s makeup, but bad photoshop job on her cleavage!

  31. Lianne

    The blue finger is creeping me out and Ricky & Nicki both look stunned. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what the lipstick looks like!

  32. Eva

    I don’t like this new shade. I wish they’d bring Cyndi back :(

  33. Hi Christine! Speaking of MAC, when do you think you will have swatches of the Pugh collection? :)

  34. Violet

    Any particular reason Minaj is bending over like a pornstar with her breasts almost falling out of her dress? I don’t like the over-sexualization of this ad, especially when it’s just for make-up. Her eyes look fabulous though.

  35. ellie

    I hope its the pink friday lipstick because this one didn’t came in our country.

  36. i bet the lippie is pink friday, I dont think they would of created another baby pink and for it NOT to be pink friday!!

    would love to know what rickys colour will be

  37. Audrey

    It’s disappointing that Ricky Martin’s lips seem to be bare! But definitely into Nicki Minaj’s lips and it really is too dark to be Pink Friday!

  38. Veronica

    Ah, advertising. Women as sex kittens, and men…standing there. Actually, the fact that it’s Ricky Martin is kind of throwing me. Is he still happening somewhere?

  39. Melissa

    I think this will be a relaunch of Minaj’s Pink Friday. Man, it took a lot of work for me to order that lipstick. I remember sitting at my computer just waiting for the clock to strike 12am on Friday and then not being able to order because, miraculously, it was already sold out. I was grateful when I was finally able to order a tube, but if this really is a relaunch, then I am going to be a bit disappointed because Pink Friday is not a shade that I am eager to repurchase. I am the same complexion as Nicki Minaj, but I don’t have the chutzpah to wear the shade on a regular basis. Anyways, I will see. I might be pleasantly mistaken.

  40. Christine would it be difficult for you to find out what eye makeup she’s wearing? The blue does look like hi def cyan though that’s the brightest blue ive seen

  41. sarah

    i need nicki’s eyemakeup lol

  42. Stephanie

    Hmm, who doesn’t like to donate 14.50? I guess everyone complaining over the shade ;))

  43. MsJessnJ

    Loving it! I can’t wait :)

  44. Logan

    I think the cause is great just not a really big fan of either (especially Nicki). I wish the picture was a bit more tasteful (ie Nicki’s boobs falling out of her dress) but the make up does look kinda fun if you tone it down (I’m all for color but she looks drag queenish). Interested in seeing what comes out of this collection, never really tired a bright pink lipstick like that so might be interesting.

  45. Katie

    Ricky Martin looks like he’s wearing MAC “Creme Cup” lol

  46. I just heard that Ricky’s part of the collection is going to be a lip conditioner. Kind of bummed because I would have liked to see him represent another shade for the collection but life goes on. Its not as if MAC doesn’t already have a million of each shade to begin with.

  47. Sophia

    It looks like Pink Nouveau.

  48. Well I still have All Styled Up and I Like it Like that (mac in the groove collection) and still have Candy Yum Yum I have nars schiap and other similar bubblegum pink shades, so I’m probable going to skip out on this one.
    The ones from the groove collection are harder to pull off whicj is why I have some left

  49. Aysh

    The lips in the window match Ricky Martin’s maybe that’s the other colour?

  50. iliana

    I don’t get why Nicki Minaj was chosen as a VG ambassador. She screams slutty to me, not at all sexy or “glam”. Harsh, but I don’t see the reason for all the hype. I get that maybe MAC is going for some kind of shock value, but someone whose boobs are ready to pop out of her top in every single photo I see of her is definitely a turn off. I must admit though, that I don’t know anything about her, that’s why I don’t understand why she’s “the chosen one” for this campaign. Then again – I might not be the only one who doesn’t know anything about her and have the same reaction so at the end of it all I just want to know: Why, MAC, why???

    • MORENA

      If you’ve seen any of her music videos she’s known for wearing all the cool eye makeup looks (like in the photo) and she ALWAYS wears pink lipstick. Pink Noveau from MAC is her favorite, and i guess being that said she wanted to come out with her own lipstick WITH MAC (Pink Friday) which came out this time last year, which was a baby pink….. and I guess this time shE wantED to collab with MAC again an do another lipstick. Im just trying to figure out why or How ricky martin got in the picture.
      So yeah there u go. Nicki Minaj is a rapper from Trinidad but raised in New York

      • iliana

        Thanks for the reply! I am familiar with Nicki Minaj and have seen pictures of Pink Friday. Like what I said though, I kind of wish MAC decided to pic another spokesperson just because Nicki has never left a good enough impression on me. :)

  51. Pamela

    I love Nicki–she’s fabu-freaky!

  52. Claire

    Hate Nicki Minaj with a passion, definitely saving my money and skipping this one. I really wish they would relaunch Viva Glam Cyndi so I can at least stock up :(

  53. Tara

    I want that giant lipstick! I’m sure my hubby would love having that in our living room! :)

  54. Elizabeth

    Great Ad! really hope its not like Pink Friday, it was no wearable at least for me.

  55. Wow.. I’m actually quite curious of this round of Viva Glam! :)

  56. Wow, people are being so rude… well, I CANT WAIT! I love Ricky AND Nicki! People are so jealous and hateful. She has a beautiful body, and he is fierce!

  57. what ugh

    Horrible. I can understand them using Minaj… BUT RICKY MARTIN? how irrelevant how cheesy how annoying ugh yuk.

  58. La.pLebiitah..

    Why is everybody hating on big boobs?? Don’t blame her for having a great body, she’s not going to wear turtle necks just to please you! We are talking about lipstick & helping people with aids GOSH!!

    Anyway! I was hoping to see a different color for both of them.. Bummer!!

    • artemis

      first..she is fake in a very obvious way(you know what i’m talking about) and it looks ridiculous.
      second, who said anything about turtle necks? the only alternative to trashy is a nun? no. a smaller cleavage would’ve been just fine cause no cleavage doesn’t flatter big boobs much either(it actually makes them bigger) and a different pose or at least attitude. like bending over the bed but not in the ‘bossy desperate way’, but laughing and reaching for ricky w/ open arms to hug him. or something like that :)
      ‘We are talking about lipstick & helping people with aids GOSH!!’ exactly :) then no need for the trashy pic

  59. Sooh

    Girlies, I have found more info about this. There will be two lipsticks, one called Viva Glam Nicki and Viva Glam Ricky in Pink shades. I’m not sure if this website is Legit, but it looks like it :)

  60. Nicki looks like she’s trying to be mature in this- the face looks old, and everything else is trashy. Disappointed in this shot, but hey, Ricky Martin. I hope his lipstick’s more wearable than a blue-pink.

    • ak

      Thanks for saying that. Theyy did make her look too old in the face with all of that too-white highlighting powder!

  61. Nancy


  62. nigal

    Looks like Pink Friday all over again… Bore!!!!

  63. Corliss

    Is this the Pink Friday Lipstick?

  64. Mary

    can’t wait! I missed out on the Pink Friday lipstick:D

  65. Kristen

    Christine, have you heard if MAC is bringing back Viva Glam Gaga I? I went to my local MAC store yesterday and the sales girl informed me that they got in a new shipment of individual Gaga I’s, and NOT the ones part of the holiday gift sets. I wonder if they overproduced or if they’re considering making the shade permanent…

  66. lustrebonbon

    OMG. What a funny ad. What’s he gonna do with that lipstick and why is her booty tooted up in the air for it???

  67. Syrie

    It’s great that these celebrities are helping promote a worthy cause, but I have to agree with the comments that state how overtly sexual this ad is. I personally think that it is sad when people objectify themselves or someone else – it is dehumanizing. It says that women aren’t smart enough to ask for what they want and that they have to use their bodies for even the most noble of causes, and that men are animals – irrational beings that don’t have the cognitive abilities to make intelligent choices. See how bad it is for everyone? Oh yeah, and attributing every negative comment to jealousy is very “high school.”

  68. anna

    M.A.C. wouldnt be M.A.C. if it listended to what everybody had to say about there adds. they want the shock effect of being a bit more risky unlike every other cosmetic company out there. M.A.C. knows exactly what its doing as far as visual goes. The rumor is nicki minaj has the lipstick (obv) and ricky has the lip conditioner…which i think is a great idea

  69. jacqui

    I love the new viva glam!! The layout is amazing!! Nikki’s makeup is off the charts… I cant wait for this promotion to drop,I am buying 6 tubes!!

  70. AllieBama

    One will be a Pink Friday-esque Lipstick and the other will be a lip conditioner. All ages, all races, all sexes.

  71. I cannot wait to get my hands on Viva Glam Nicki. The lipstick color is described a Bright Yellow Pink and it’s a Satin finish.

  72. NICOLE

    Will there be a tinted lipglass to go with the lipsticks>>>anyone???? Viva Glam VI had a SE Tinted lipglass. Just wondering it would be nice.

  73. sarah

    i hope these are new shades & new a repromote of pink friday

  74. Paige

    The lipstick ricky is holding says ‘nicki’ on it…so i’m thinking there are two lipsticks and i hope what ricky is wearing a lipstick and they are selling it,

  75. lauraaaa

    another pink l.s? seriously?

  76. stefy

    the lipstick looks almost the same as the viva glam gaga! i dont want to buy the same color vv

  77. Sylvia

    reading some of these comments are infuriating. I don’t think people are fully grasping the sole mission & purpose of this collection. instead, everyone is getting all upset over nicki minaj’s dress (or lack thereof), or shunning the collection altogether because they don’t like one of the spokespeople. I wish people would open up their minds & their hearts and understand what these lipsticks do for people affected & infected with HIV & AIDS.

    100% of the SELLING PRICE (yes, all $14.50) goes to the LIFE SUSTAINING needs for men, women, & children living with the disease. it DOES NOT go to research, like others are claiming. for example, one viva glam lipstick buys 8 home-delivered meals for a person living with HIV/AIDS who cannot cook for themselves. ONE VIVA GLAM buys 18 personalized birthday cakes that are delivered to a person living with HIV or AIDS on their birthday. ONE VIVA GLAM buys a school starter pack to a child orphaned by AIDS. ONE VIVA GLAM provides a party pack for a child orphaned with AIDS to celebrate their birthday, christmas, easter, & whatever holiday they want to celebrate. I can write a novel on all the things purchasing one viva glam can do.

    so, look at the big picture here guys. get over nicki minaj’s dress, or your concerns about ricky martin being relevant anymore or not. they’re using their celebrity to bring focus to an amazing foundation that supports those affected by this horrible disease.

    this isn’t about Nicki & Ricky. this is about the 33.4 million (and sadly climbing) women, men, & children infected & affected with this pandemic and need our help. and all you guys have to do to help is buy one lipstick. that’s all. I don’t care if I hate nicki minaj’s shade, I will still buy it because it’s a small price to pay to know that lipstick I bought bought a woman the medicine she needed to prevent transmission of HIV from her to her unborn child.

    so the next time you go into your local MAC store or counter, please put your judgments of the ad or nicky & ricky as entertainers aside, & let the products and the millions of people those lipsticks help do the talking.

    • Nadia

      Thank you! That’s just what I was thinking, but if everyone wants to continue complaining about Ricky Martin being a part of it, they should also remember that the Viva Glam range was created to RAISE MONEY AND AWARENESS FOR HIV/AIDS and having Ricky Martin be a part of this campaign is an extremely good idea, because who better to help spread the word to the gay community to protect themselves than a fellow gay person? Seriously, people!

    • Gina

      Well put! Its so funny to me when the “kitchen beauticians” and bloggers, who feign to be beauty know it all’s, in actuality have no clue, about culture, fashion, makeup and world events.

      It’s for an amazing cause, and it’s brought to you by MAC…a company that has never been afraid to push the envelope and make people think. Let’s not forget MAC’s first spokesmodel for Viva Glam, RuPaul! MAC hit the nail on the head by offering simply a clear lip balm that will go to the AIDS Fund. Great work.

  78. grace

    i heard that its a clear lip balm for ricky and a bright yellow pink for nicki..

  79. jen

    i was at my local mac pro and the sales girls confirmed that ricky is going to be a balm..not a conditioner..they all said that the colors have not been released to any of them yet, but they were getting their tshirts theyre supposed to wear in for fridays so its coming in feb..very excited!

  80. maya

    so exited!! nicki is one of my fav artists!!

  81. AG!

    I saw the new lipstick today, and your minds will be BLOWN, VG Nicki is the most friggin amazing color .. EVER and its a SATIN!!!

  82. erii

    So I tried on this lipstick and it is nothing like pink friday. IMO its a combo of vegas volt and maybe pink nouveau with a touch of yellow and a whole lot more NEON! I’m so excited about this color and can not wait to purchase @ least ten tubes!!!<3

  83. Zong

    just purchased the new nicki minaj VG lipstick and I love it!!!!! Totally recommend it.

  84. Talia

    Will this be available to purchase online????

  85. Hi, are the lipstick and conditionr limited ediotion?

    • They are available for one year – as noted in the post! :) The lip conditioner is technically permanent, since that is part of their regular line, but the Viva Glam packaging is for one year.

  86. omg lol irl at viva glam ricky

    cos he’s a guy & it’s clear….i’m only gonna be buying bc the viva glam campaign is fantastic

  87. Jessica

    Well there goes my income tax refund…

  88. A YELLOW based pink?? I’m all over it!

  89. Amanda

    I bought the nicki lipstick yesterday when mac sent me a email and a special code to buy it! Looks like a nice color can’t wait to recieve it!!!

  90. Cat

    I got my viva glam nicki yesterday at the shop mac cook mac collection event 😀

  91. Michelle

    they were available for purchase at the SHOP MAC preview party i went to. i didn’t grab them but my friend’s sister did grab the viva glam nicki lipstick though. it looked nice on her but i don’t think i could have pulled it off.

  92. Stephanie

    I’m confused as to why so many people are guessing as to what these items are going to be when it clearly states that they’re a yellow-pink lipstick and clear lip conditioner.

    • Hi Stephanie!

      I use the same physical post as new information comes in – so while this post originally was posted several months ago–and at that time, little was known–I update it as I get more information.

  93. Jordan

    as much as i love mac and the viva glam lipsticks, are they ever going to use different celebrities? i mean gaga twice and now nicki twice? come on mac. why not choose someone different. me personally would love to see someone like taylor momsen!

    • Riana

      Adam Lambert!

    • fixurface

      Lady Gaga was used twice because her lipstick grossed more for Viva Glam than any other Viva Glam launch…Nicki was not used twice. Pink Friday was a mini collaboration that was only offered online for a few Fridays only. I love everyone coming together to speak about makeup but when you are saying something negative people really need to get their facts straight. Its very annoying and distracting from what the site is intended for. =(

  94. Amber

    It’s very pretty. I hope it goes with my skin. I wish the lip conditioner was tinted or had color.

  95. Becca

    wow.. this is really disapointing… only one lipstick and in such a boring and dupable colour, and then lip conditioner that’s CLEAR in a tube… really? lame.

    • Riana

      In my opinion, having seen the lipstick in person and tried it on and imo its pretty unique.

    • Artist

      The reason it it a clear lip conditioner is that they finaly have something that everyone can wear. Men…absolutly. ALL ages ALL races ALL sexes. Brilliant…MAC is the largest corporate sponsor in the fight against AIDS. 235 Million donated to date. Now we have something for ALL :)

  96. Rayisha

    Just ordered mine yesterday…I’m sooo excitied

  97. Vanika W.

    Just got mine last night! Super excited!