Friday, January 28th, 2011

MAC Viva Glam Gaga II for 2011

U.S./Canada Launch Date: February 17th, 2011
International Launch Date: March 2011

This information is still preliminary, and I will update as I get more information.

Lipstick ($14.50 U.S. / $17.50 CDN) (Limited Life)

  • Viva Glam Gaga II Nude

Lipglass ($14.50 U.S. / $17.50 CDN) (Limited Life)

  • Viva Glam Gaga II Nude

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164 thoughts on “MAC Viva Glam Gaga II for 2011

  1. OMG… I NEED I NEED!!!

  2. Zoe

    Jeffree star the musician already has this and it’s a really pretty color hahah

  3. Tara

    Pretty, and I appreciate Viva Glam’s charitable aspects, but I think it looks similar to some of the past Viva Glams and doesn’t particulary says Lady Gaga to me.

    • Kelsey

      I think it’s really Gaga, there are several instances on the red carpet where she wears a gorgeous nude.
      However, I do agree that it’s not a particularly unique colour.

      • TinoB

        The colour might seem similar to previous ones but is a light warm beige and not a pale pink beige like VG2 or a neutral brown pink like VG5. The texture is also amplified wich means more moistre as well as colour pay off. The previous two mentioned above were a wash of buildable colour or a matte colour. So this new deliscious shade offers a different tone as well as texture more more to enjoy.

    • Kimmy

      Its actually a very unique color. There is nothing else like it in the Viva Glam line. I have seen it in person, it is very pretty and totally different. Plus, it’s an amplified finish… making it the first amplified shade in of all the VG’s,

    • El

      I respectfully disagree. I too, have seen this in person and it is nothing like any of the other colors in the VG line. It is a true beige neutral. The other colors that come anywhere near being a nude is VG II which is almost a grey-undertoned pink, VG V which is sheer with shimmer and VG Gaga I…blue-based nude pink. I don’t think everyone will be able to pull it off though but it is nice to see a true nude in the VG line.

  4. Dale

    Ooooh. Pretty. I can use a new nude lipstick & gloss. Can’t wait to buy both!!!!!!

  5. Bella

    No thanks, the corpse-look isn’t really for me. Might be good on someone darker though.

  6. Deb

    Oooh, I think I love it already!

  7. Adrine

    Can’t wait, thanks Christine :)

  8. McKenna

    I’m so excited she’s orking with Viva Glam again, I can’t wait for this to come out!

  9. Jami

    ooooo man!!!! I realllyyyy love this lipstick!!! I still need to get at least one back up of the frist one but ill probably get a couple of these!!! This color is right up my alley!!!

  10. Dana

    What formula is the lipstick??

  11. Isabela

    I love them, I just don’t like the prices… why is MAC making all the collections now with higher prices? and I know some products are bigger than normal, but the regular size comes with enough product already!!

    • Sarah

      These arent higher prices.. the lipstick and lipglass are the same price as the normal products.. lol

    • El

      I don’t think I would ever mind the prices on these as 100% goes to charity. I think of it as a charitable donation in which I get an awesome lipstick as thanks (rather than the typical reusable grocery bag or pen, lol)

  12. Maria J

    Does this mean they will be discontinuing the bright pink Viva Glam Gaga? :(

    • It was always limited life – 12 months and that’s it!

      • Chelle

        If even! I haven’t been able to purchase Viva Glam Cyndi since before December 2010. The bloody web site AND stores have been sold out for months now. I wasn’t too impressed because I expected them to still have them in stock until their stopsell date of February 2011. RAAAAAAAGE.

  13. Vanessa S

    O-M-G im…. so…. excited!!!!!

  14. Joanne

    Absolutely. Positively. MUST HAVE!!!

  15. Jill

    honestly, I’m really excited for this. I love viva glam gaga but am hoping this will be a midge more wearable for everyday use.

  16. vikaki

    the lipstick she is wearing doesn’t look like nude!!:D:D
    neither like the colour on the tube!

  17. Kalex

    Judging from the pictures that shade of nude is going to completely wash me out.
    Any idea what eyeshadow shade she’s wearing?

  18. Roxanne

    I’ve seen a vague lipswatch & it looks pretty but I’m not sure if I can pull it off! A true Gaga color, though.

  19. TiffanyTerese

    oh wow! this launches so soon! that makes me even more excited for it!

  20. ChristineD

    Sooooooo getting this I love me some GaGa :0

  21. ashlee

    OMG this looks just like MAC’s Fresh Brew but with an orange undertone…I was expecting something a little more “GAGA” this nude is too similar to Fresh Brew #MACFAIL

    • ak

      An ‘Orange Fresh Brew’ sounds hot to me though. Because Fresh Brew always did have a bit of a very cold, grayish cast to it without lip pencil.

  22. Christina

    YAY!!! I can’t wait for it to come out!!

  23. Erica

    I cant wait I want it soooo bad

  24. Maye

    Would it make NC25-30 look washed out or a perfect nude? Or is Viva Glam V better?

  25. this kinda looks like viva glam 2, which i already have. but even if it does, i might still end up getting it because it’s for a good cause. AND you can never have too many nude lipsticks.

  26. ShockingBlue

    I really hope this is workable… I really want to like it but some shades of nude can look harsh next to my skin :\

  27. Stacie N

    I received this lipstick in my gratis :) It is an amplified creme and it’s a little more yellow than what the picture shows.

  28. oh, I have to try if it works on my lips :) nice colour!

  29. Sarah

    this lipstick looks amazing! i was going to get the heroine lipstick from the wonder woman collection but it seemed just a little TOO bronze for my taste. but this, looks like it would be my color!

  30. Rebecca

    too dark for me to use it as a nude :-(

  31. Musebeliever

    Very pretty ! Hope this’ll come to France pretty fast ! *o*

  32. Crissy

    It reminds me of the color of band-aids! But I kind of like it!

  33. Lauren

    sweet jesus, I NEED this!

  34. Katie

    im gonna buy like 50 of each! :)

  35. Lolly

    I love Gaga’s eyes in the promo shot, I really wanna try pull that off. I might pick the lipglass up depends on what its like up close and personal.

  36. Courtney

    This will either look really great or really awful on me, but that’s kinda how nudes are. I’ll have to try it on.

  37. Svetlana

    Noooo this is so boring color and so not Gaga!;-( Old Lady Gaga lipstick was so much better, I’ll have to purchase a baxkup of it

  38. Maggie


  39. Ryan

    Its cool that this Lipstick/lipglass is synonymous with her upcoming album which will have more of a soulful and angelic feel to it. So it is totally lady gaga.

  40. leesie

    Oh, man. I think I might want this.

  41. Gina

    If the swatches are good, I might get both! I’m in need of a good nude. And when you combine that with Gaga and a good cause, it’s almost impossible for me to resist!

  42. despoina1976

    The profits are for helping people with HIV,women who got the virus after being raped,children,men so…Like it or not on my lips i will buy it.Even as a gift to someone.

  43. Lucie

    At first glance it looks too yellow for me, but since I am of Gaga’s complexion maybe it will work? Will have to see it up close to decide.

  44. Melissa

    Christine, is it the same “Viva Glam II” color? It looks like!

  45. Eashanna

    Does this mean I only have until Feb. 17 to get a back up of the VG Cyndi?

  46. Ashley

    I think I need both of these, and I also need to get gaga’s first one. It’s a great cause and I love pinks, but I NEEEED good nude lol

  47. So far I’m 0 for 2 with the Gaga lipsticks and glosses which is too bad because I like to support Viva Glam. I just don’t like pale pinks and tan nude colors at all.

  48. Melanie

    Absolutely loving this lipstick and lipgloss. I’m an NC50 in MAC and these will be the perfect nudes for me. I’m definitely going to have to buy backups.

  49. Quynh

    I’m so excited for the new Viva Glam Gaga II. Both look so pretty! Can’t wait to get them.

  50. sam

    wow.. i’m in shock! haha i need that!

  51. honoluluhoney

    i love gaga! i cant wait to find out what finish the lipstick is. thanks so much christine!

  52. Tiffany S

    I def have to try before I buy.

  53. Colette

    how close is this to Viva Glam V?

  54. Kim-Mary

    I’m not a big nude lipstick fan. I have the Faerie Glen from the Tartan Tale and though I love the name, the color looks blah on me. I may still pick this one up cause it looks so beautiful & it’s for a great cause. I do with if it were a true Gaga color it would have been more outrageous color like deep mauve or some sort of purpley color. Maybe even a nice smokey gray shade…yes I would buy one if it’s pigmented just right.

  55. Ashley

    Looks like the perfect nude.

  56. Rachael

    OHHH-EMMMM-GEEEE!!! I am loving that nude color. I have been in search of the perfect nude for over a year and this might be it. I cant wait!!!

  57. Jennifer S

    Is this anything like jullibee?? I love that color.

  58. Greta

    SO EXCITED. saw a photo of jeffree star wearing this and holding it up in a photo, i knew Lady Gaga was going to do another lipstick but i didnt know if it was fake or not :p SOO HAPPY! cant wait to buy this!

  59. BeyondtheBath

    Gah! Between the Wonder Woman for MAC, and now these, I’m going to have all new lipsticks/lipglosses for spring!

  60. Diane

    I love the pink one way better than this. :(

  61. Marcela

    Can’t stand Lady GAGA, completely overrated IMO, but I really like the colors on both the lipstick and lipglass.

  62. Becca

    it’s pretty but I’ll probably pass…

  63. heidi

    Will they. Dtill be carrying gaga?

  64. Amalee

    Wow, she looks gorgeous in this ad! I’m not too sure if I want to buy it though. I don’t particularly like nudes.

  65. Adelita

    All Viva Glam Gaga always looks pale on me and this looks super pale (even though I think I’ll love this lipglass more than the previous one). I wonder if there’s gonna be another VG Cyndi? Her color suits me better.

  66. Sam

    I can never pull off nudes, so I’m hoping this will work on me! Then again… I can never pull off baby pinks but the first Viva Gaga looks great on me so maybe this will too!

  67. ak

    If this is anything like Yash ,then I gotta buy at least two of these and possible of the lipglass too! It looks pretty and peachy and orange-y og Gaga in the pic, so that gets a big ‘Yay!’ from me as to how it may appear on me once I finally see it!

  68. cat

    I wonder how this compares with viva glam II

  69. ChelsMarie

    I can’t really tell but it looks kind of orange. I will def swatch it when it comes out. And is it just me or does Gaga look like Cher in this picture?

  70. 53

    if its the color she’s wearing at the promo pic, i dig.

  71. ak

    Gaga does look great in that promo picture. Her eyes look really pretty also. I can’t wait to test the nude-ness of this lipstick on my skin to see if it passes my test! LOL

  72. Laura

    nude colors are my fav, i’m excited to see how this looks on!

  73. Natalie

    OMGG this is absolutely stunning!! Deinately heading out to pick both the lipstick and lipglass up. Love it! <3

  74. virggy

    loveeee gaga, but when i went to the local mac to see it i wasnt impressed :/

  75. Coco

    I will truely miss the barbie pink and luscious red. Poooooo This color is B_O_R_I_N_G!

  76. Laura N.

    What does limited life mean?

  77. Hannah

    I hate nude lipstick but I love Gaga. Oh the dilemma! I’ll probably give in and get it anyway. Celebrity endorsement defiantly works on me, lol. At least it’s for charity.

  78. Regina

    I want! I want!

  79. Riannon Brazier

    i will definately be getting both, the colours are just so gorgous

  80. DAVIDSITO987

    Do you know who did the make-up for this??? IM dying to know!!

  81. Christina

    Ugh, NOT happy about this at all. My MAC gals told me they thought Gaga I would be permanent eventually since it is so popular (like all the other Viva Glams) and the Gaga I has been sold out (though I did hoard a few thankfully). But this color is too “ordinary” which isn’t a bad thing but not to replace my PRECIOUS pink!

  82. jennina

    i normally dont look good with nudes, but i will get both because all of my friends will buy them, so i have to get ones.

  83. Jessica

    I really love the shade.

  84. Definitely buying! 😀

  85. Chloe

    i will be getting this and i love her makeup in the promo image :)

  86. Angelina

    This color looks extremely similiar to “Shy Girl” in the photograph when Gaga is wearing it, but the lipgloss and lipstick don’t look like “Shy Girl”. Maybe it depends on the lipliner being used with it (possibly “Spice” lipliner).

  87. her eye make up is marvelous! Does anyone knows a tutorial close to that look? btw thank you christine for sharing, you are adorable!

  88. Laura

    Looks gorgeous – but I can’t see it working on me really. I’ll have to wait to see it in person…

  89. Nora

    The promo is gorgeous!

  90. Sophie

    It looks kinda brownish i’m not sure if I will buy. But its for an good cause so I think I will.

  91. Sophie

    If its an lustre PASS!

  92. sweet! I wear nude lip colors 95% of the time! this is perfect! I didnt get ther first gaga colors because they didnt suit me.

  93. Cherokee

    I will pass on this.

  94. Dana

    I wish she put a little pink in this nude..because I’m afraid it will look too muted.

  95. Bboy

    Actually I have seen this shade and it is NOTHING like any of the previous Viva Glams or anything in the existing lineup. This gloss looks hot over any lipstick or liner.

  96. Bailey

    I want something unique, shes GaGa for crying out loud! but i’ll check it out and see if i like it.

  97. Zoe

    i wouldn’t usually buy a lipstick this color but lady gaga is endorsing is so i need it :)

  98. Melody

    Hmmm…I think the lipstick would be too nude for me, but I’ll definitely check out the lipglass. I always at least check them out since Viva Glam is a charity. There could be good layering potential anyway!