Thursday, January 19th, 2012

MAC Vera Collection for Spring 2012

Brilliant butterflies, flashy florals and gorgeously geometric graphics…A colourful collaboration between M·A·C and the artist known worldwide as Vera, who merged fine arts with linens, murals, textiles and silk scarves in her punchy, painted patterns. Now in shades plucked straight from her most lavish prints, M·A·C Vera embraces the luxe, lighter-than-air spirit that delivers the kind of startling, look-at-me statement that defines what it means to be an instant classic. Limited Edition.

Crushed Metallic Pigment x4 – Aloha ($34.00 U.S. / $40.00 CDN) (Limited Edition)

  • Latern Light Metallic gold/bronze (Frost)
  • Campfire Rich copper (Frost)
  • Shifting Sands Metallic champagne
  • Aloha Dirty Cocoa Brown

Crushed Metallic Pigment x4 – Strawberry Patch ($34.00 U.S. / $40.00 CDN) (Limited Edition)

  • Star Crystal Pink champagne
  • Rose Light Metallic yellow pink
  • Strawberry Patch Light blue pink
  • Moon Rose Bright dark pink

Crushed Metallic Pigment x4 – Butterfly Party ($34.00 U.S. / $40.00 CDN) (Limited Edition)

  • Butterfly Party Bright lilac
  • Desert Cloud Deep blue purple
  • Rain Drop Metallic teal
  • Moss Garden Metallic silver green

Pearlglide Intense Eye Liner ($15.00 U.S. / $18.00 CDN) (Limited Edition)

  • Lord It Up Bronze with pearl (Repromote)
  • Industrial Periwinkle grey (Repromote)
  • Designer Purple Iridescent violet (Repromote)
  • Undercurrent Teal with pearl (Repromote)
  • Petrol Blue Deep navy with pearl (Repromote)
  • Black Swan Black with pearl (Repromote)
  • Black Line Black with gold pearl (Repromote)

Nail Lacquer ($16.00 U.S. / $19.00 CDN) (Limited Edition)

  • Midsummer’s Dream Pale pink lilac (Creme)
  • Play Day Pale milky coral (Creme)

Pearlmatte Face Powder ($28.00 U.S. / $33.50 CDN) (Limited Edition)

  • Sunday Afternoon Clean bright pink/bright clean fuchsia/soft pale pink with white pearl
  • Flower Fantasy Pale coral with slight gold pearl/slightly blue pale pink/soft pale salmon

Plushglass ($19.50 U.S. / $22.50 CDN) (Limited Edition)

  • Fashion Fanatic Creamy pale pink (Repromote)
  • Pretty Plush Extra soft pink with white pearl (Permanent)
  • Confetti Bright orange coral with soft pearl
  • On a Holiday Bright pink with blue pearl
  • Butterfly Dream Mid-tone violet with blue pearl

availability: February 9th, 2012 in North American, March 2012 at international MAC locations

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105 thoughts on “MAC Vera Collection for Spring 2012

  1. Dame Elizabeth

    Face powders and nail varnishes look lovely!

  2. Tiffany

    For whatever reason, my mind went first to Vera Wang! 😛

    • Tori

      You’re not the only one 😀 The powders look interesting and I’ve never tried the mac pearl glide liners.

      • amy

        oh, I love the pearlglides… they go on smooth, stay put & come off easy at the end of the day ♥

        • Lark

          Vera was A Thing in the Seventies. Her scarves were amazing and all well priced- I bought myself one in seventh grade. The products are collectors items today, but reasonable. Vera scarves and sheets are just gorgeous! They must be about to re release them like they have with another Great Seventies Icon Anne Klien.
          Fabulous collection! Wish they’d done a dozen great scarves to do the stores up. You all think dowdy Burberry is hip? No! This is the same era as Real Lilly Pulitzer! Amazing stuff.

          • Lilinah

            Actually, Vera was designing fabrics in the late 1940s. I had a Vera scarf when i was in high school in 1966 – a very hand-painted looking design in orange, maroon, hot pink, cream… It looked great held fastened around my neck with a hand-painted wooden ring in dark red purple with yellow and orange daisies, and worn with a very purple turtleneck, burnt orange, hip-hugger corduroy mini skirt (with its own wide belt), and knee high orange suede boots, along with brightly colored stockings held up by my lacy garter belt.

            The lady bug and her signature, Vera, were her trademarks. Very cool to see the lady bug in the MAC blushes.

        • Diane

          MAC’s Pearlglide pencils are my FAVORITE MAC pencils! They go on without tugging, they are nicely pigmented, last all day on me with little to no smudging. Everyone should try one!

  3. Agata

    Gorgeous! I love the pigments and the nail lacquers.

  4. Christina

    Pearlglides! I’ll have one of each please.

  5. I can’t wait for the eyeliners. Those are so cool colors. I wish they’d have some colored mascara especially with this collection. Wouldve been fun.

  6. happyroach

    Yes, return of the pearlglide eyeliners! mine are running out. perfect timing 😀

  7. Megan

    I love the color choices in the pigments. My bank account is going to very sad when this comes out.

  8. Oohh flower fantasy looks pretty. Also glad the pearlglides are back! Might pick up some of them :) I have black swan already and like it.

  9. Cindy

    Pearlglides! Yay!

  10. Elysia

    looooooooooooove it!!!

  11. K.B.

    Aw, I love the face powders, the nail polishes, and the eyeliners! I look forward to your reviews, Christine.

  12. stephanie

    face powders and nail polishes cute :)

  13. Candee

    I will be all over those Pearlglides and Pigment Stacks. I wish they’d make the Pearlglides permanent.

  14. Andrea

    sooooo gorgeous. the pigments and the liners are speaking to me. Is Black Sawn the same as the former Black Line?

    • Carrie

      They’re two different colors.

    • Jennifer

      Black swan is a black with silver shimmer while black line to me looks like a deep olive with gold shimmer. If you search in temptalia, you can actually see her original reviews of them with swatches. 😀

  15. Mel

    I will be all over the Aloha pigment stack and the Petrol Blue eyeliner.

  16. Jennifer

    Ah! I cannot wait those are my favorite colored eyeliners from Mac!

  17. Dana

    Not impressed at all! A little disappointed, was looking forward to spring collection

  18. Carro

    Yes!! Finally I’ll be able to add a couple of pearlglide eyeliners to my collection 😀

  19. I was wondering when they were re-promoting the Pearlglide Intense Eye Liners!!!

    I own Undercurrent and Blackline and want to get Black Sawn and Petrol Blue.

    The pigments stacks are pretty but they look like my pigment draws. (I know I’ve got something like those shades.)

    Pearlmatte Face Powder, matte blush/beauty powder with a pearl vein. Interested in what the shades look like. ^_^

  20. Sam

    YEEEESSSSSS FINALLY!!! They’re repromoting Industrial Pearlglide Liner! I’ve waited soooo long for them to repromote it; that and Undercurrent were my favorites of that collection, and since they’ve repromoted Undercurrent but they haven’t put out Industrial until now. I’m SOSOSOSOSOSO excited, I’m gonna buy like 10 of them! :)

  21. The pink crushed metal pigment looks incredibly similar to the pink one released during spring forecast.

  22. Dominique

    I thought it was collecion inspired by Vera Wang but colours don’t match ! Well, I loved Glitter and Ice I went to the M.A.C store for 8 products, M.A.C spring collections seem to me a bit disappointing. I will rather focus on Chanel, Dior, Nars, Lancôme and Guerlain this spring.

    • Lark

      VERA! Ask your Mom. Art for the masses. Given how stylish vintage is I’m genuinely surprised none of you have a Vera scarf. Framed. Major fashion player? You just listed great designers who have been deteriorated into brands. Christian Dior was a person, who created amazing fashion. He gave Yves St. Laurent his start. A human and amazing artist. Now? A brand to sell you. And only make up! Have you seen what’s coming out of St Laurent in clothes? Still amazing! Fresh new talent, amazing handbags at a great price point.
      How about Gucci? A saddlemaker from the 19th century? The premier rock and roll ethos today. You have to know about the mania for Seventies Gucci bags.
      This is an homage. Go to Wikipedia. Would you turn up your nose at Andy Warhol? Then why Vera? Not liking the make up is one thing but every woman in America had a great Vera scarf or a dozen and the bed sheets are the originals of cool stuff you own.
      Iris Aphael is as thrilled as I am.

  23. Amber

    omg Pearlglides!!!!!!!! i need 10 of Lord It Up please!

  24. Hilary♥

    Amazing ♥♥♥

  25. I just want the butterfly plushglass. Maybe one of the face powders because those look gorgeous.

  26. Alyssa

    Hey christine, I heard that pearlglides are possibly going to be perm with this collection, did you hear from mac if they are going to do that or does it say in the info LE?

  27. bxboricua

    pearlglides!!!!I I want them all, especially since I’ve been using undercurrent and black swan sparingly (since there is only a tiny bit left of them)

  28. Dana

    Yay for pearlglides! I don’t even care that they are repromotes :)

  29. nice colors. Can’t wait to try that coraly nail polish

  30. Mindy

    Yes please!! Haven’t been this excited about a MAC collection in a long time.

    • Julia

      Yes! The last collection that got me excited was Venomous Villians and this is just like ‘oooooooooh I want it ALL!’ which I haven’t had from MAC in ages.

  31. Samantha

    Hey has anyone tried Pearlglides on their waterline, I was thinking of picking some up but I wanted to wear them on my waterline do you think that’s fine?

    • I have no trouble wearing pearlglides on my waterline but I try to stay clear of the innermost part when applying as the wood of the pencil can sometimes catch on the delicate skin.

    • Marsina

      They are not recommended for the waterline. Only the Eye Kohls and Technakohls are recommended for the waterline.

  32. Ashley Marie

    pearlglides! Must have them alllllllll

  33. Pearlglides!!! Yes! I will definitely stock up on my favorites, Designer Purple, Undercurrent and Black Line, and probably try Black Swan too. This makes me so happy! 😀

  34. Can’t wait for the pigments will they be available to purchase individually or only in packs?

  35. Marissa B

    Pearlglides – woo-hoo!!! I just wish they brought back Almost Noir as well, still Pearlglides!!! Plus the powders look like they belong in my makeup collection, yay!!

  36. Pip

    Gosh, those eyeliners look lovely. Plus I’m eyeing up that purple Plushglass, could be nice for layering!

  37. Erica

    so cute! I am really looking forward to the face powders and eyeliners. I hope they also do pretty packaging :)

  38. Rose

    I love the pearglide eyeliners! they are all mine!

  39. Miss j

    ooooohhh Im loving those nail lacquers. very bright summer colors especially for the toes!!

  40. Becca

    I am speachless. I can not even express myself <3 <3

  41. Aimee

    Undercurrent! My favorite non-black eyeliner ever. I will have to stock up.

  42. Dinitchka

    YaYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! I love Vera (may she rest in piece) scarfs!!!! I’ve been very lucky to find vintage ones at the thrift store. I am defo interested in the face powders!!! I’m so stoked!!!

  43. Jennifer

    SOOOO excited for Pearlglides!! And I have written Mac numerous times asking them to bring them back. Love them so much more than UD liners b/c of their crazy-long staying power. I wish they would expand the color range and make these permanent. :-/ But in the meantime, will be getting a ton of backups…especially Lord It Up and Black Swan. The others are gorgeous but I don’t use them up as fast so probably only one or two additional backups for those. :) This looks like the best collection from MAC in a long time…we’ll see how it actually turns out. I pray that those pigments are more finely milled than they look in the press photos. I don’t even bother with ones I have to soak in mixing medium just to get them on the lid. 😛

  44. Emily

    Loving the pearlglide return! I hope those facepowders are glorified blushes!

  45. I’m not a fan of vera bradley but I wish there were lipsticks in this collection :(

    • Lilinah

      This is not Vera Bradley’s very very polished preppy stuff.

      This is from designer Vera Neumann – with her signature ladybug in the blushes – very retro, since this Vera started designing in the late 1940s.

  46. Nina

    Ditto Tiffany & Amy! =)

    When I saw the title of this collection I immediately thought “MAC is doing a collection with Vera Wang?! Awesome!” Can’t say I was terribly familiar with Vera Neumann prior to this, but she quite obviously did amazing work, so it seems like we’ve got a good match either way. =)
    Thanks @Lilac for the link to her site by the way! My own poking around online wasn’t getting me as helpful information as just linking straight to her. =)

    Oh, and yes, pearl glides! The pearl glide formula is awesome!

  47. Kaitlin Beard

    Oh, dear! All the Crushed Metallic Pigments are making my mouth water. I’m not sure I’ll be able to resist these!

  48. Caroline

    I’ll probably pass on this one ….

  49. Noir

    I’m not exactly impressed with this collection, but I can’t wait to see the swatches to prove me wrong!

  50. cait

    Curious about the pigments they all look so fun <3

  51. Leenie

    Pearlglide…I always pick up a few when I can

  52. Melina

    Can’t wait for swatches!

  53. Kristina

    I was at my local MAC counter in Macys today and one of the workers actually showed me this collection. The pigments are REALLY NICE! And they are a great size. Can’t wait to get my hands on them:)

  54. Holly

    Beautiful colors… I think I want all the pigments 😀

  55. Nay

    LOVE this! yay.. finally some FUN collections……..

  56. miriam

    im sooo saving for this collection

  57. Lark

    Oh oh oh oh oh oh !!! ( mentally jumping up and down and hopping on one foot for sheer joy!!!!)
    I love Vera- but not like I like stock up time on Designer Purple
    and Undercurrent Pearlglides!
    Crushmetals. Feeling swooney. I need lots of money, how does one sell an organ?

  58. Aiman

    Love the pigments and face powders!

  59. Joelle Joie

    when does this collection launch?? i do not see a launch date

    • Diane

      I was wondering the same thing. Did I somehow miss the launch date? Or is it yet unknown?

      • It’s listed in the post – availability: February 16, 2012 in North American, March 2012 at international MAC locations

        • Lilinah

          I just pre-ordered in my local MAC today. I tested most of the products.

          Sadly, no Black Line in this collection – which i wanted – just Black Swan, which didn’t work for me. The Pearlglides have such really wonderful colors, go on so smooth and creamy, and were very permanent. I managed to order only one, although i wanted them all except Black Line.

          I got the Butterfly Party stack. It was the only one i thought i wouldn’t get. But i have few of those colors, and many similar to those in the Aloha set (although not MAC pigments) so practicality won out.

          And i got the Butterfly Dream Plushglass. Sigh. I’m saving for a summer vacation, so ihad to hold back. The Vera signature blushes were really nice – if i wasn’t in saving mode, i’d have gotten them, too.

        • sheena

          hi! would this collection be on Nordstrom? i feel like i will have better chances of getting what i want from this collection if its also available at Nordies!! thanks!

  60. Beck

    The metallic pigment stacks look tempting but I think it’s best to avoid them, since I have barely touched my Surf Baby stacks. I find the packaging a bit cumbersome, and they crack REALLY easy.

  61. Caitlin

    I desperately need Undercurrent and Industrial in my life. I missed them with Art Supplies – NEED them! Eep. Need an international release date! Lol

  62. Dennise

    The Mettalic pencils look fab!!!!

  63. CK

    looking forward to the plushglasses.

  64. Jennifer

    I did not realize this was a separate collection from the Shop Shop Shop collection when i went to see everything today. Regardless to say, I LOVE the pigments. The are absolutely amazing and super fun. I got the pink ones, but i really wanna get the blue and purples as well

    • Debbs

      Attended Mac sneak preview at the Miami store yesterday. Wonderful event, beautiful products. The Vera Neumann and Cook Cook Cook Shop Shop Shop were being promoted and sold together. I bought all the pearlglides and a Hush Hush tendertone. They wont be available on the counters until February 9th not the 16th as I see in most posts

  65. Elisabetta

    Do you know if Pearlglides will be permanent internationally or just in the Usa? I’m from Italy…

  66. Anna

    Which of the Peralmatte Powder do you think would look good on NC40, Flower Fantasy or Sunday Afternoon? I’m looking for something that would look sotra natural. Thanks!!!

  67. blondieb

    The Strawberry Patch pigment stack has “rose light” and it is also in the Berry Ornament Dazzlesphere from Christmas. Too close to be repromoting, slightly annoying.

  68. Chelsea

    MAC needs to make the Pearlglide Intense liners permanent. They are the BEST.

  69. Laura

    Uh oh I’m a total sucker for pearlglides…this could be trouble

  70. Alison

    I’m so glad they repromote old collections!

    I BADLY want to get the fluidlines from the recent Shop Mac, Cook MAC collection but can’t get them this time ’round because I’m too strapped for cash! I’m hoping they come back at some point later so I can buy them all!

  71. Lolita

    The crushed metallic pigments from MAC are always so amazing! I always get compliments when I wear them. NEED THE NEW ONES!!!!!!!!

  72. Claudia

    Will def pick up some of the Pearlglide Intense Eye Liners–they are truly amazing!

  73. Naheeda

    love the colours!
    Not bright or dark!

  74. Perfect those colours are amazing. nice post.