Wednesday, August 18th, 2010

MAC Venomous Villains Look:  Evil Queen

Here’s a look using just the products from the Evil Queen’s portion of Venomous Villains.  I wanted to come up with something that utilized that color palette just to show you a possibility of how they’d come together.

While I really like the eyeshadows together, I had trouble pairing the lips using the products from the Evil Queen.  Sinister felt a little dark, and it definitely needs a lipgloss on top (it’s a little streaky), but Hot House would have made for a very strong, dramatic look overall, and I wanted something more wearable.

Though I wasn’t keen on pairing corals with such a cool-eyed look, I figured–why not give it a try?  Let’s see how it works!  Not horrible but not my favorite.  Something like Snob or VG Gaga (or any of the numerous limited edition variations thereof) would have worked beautifully–even if topped with Strange Potion.

You will need the following…

For eyes, start by applying Smudgeproof as your eyeshadow base all over the eye area with the 249. Using the 239, apply Her Alter Image eyeshadow on the inner half of the lid and pull upwards along the inner crease. Lightly blend Vainglorious eyeshadow on the outer half of the lid and into the crease with the 226. Next, apply Vile Violet eyeshadow onto the middle of the lid with the 236, lightly blending onto the outer lid. Blend Trench eyeshadow with the crease shade and highlight the brow bone. Bring everything together by applying Ransom liner on the lower lash line. Finish by sweeping lashes with Plushlash mascara.

For cheeks, apply Oh So Fair beauty powder on the apples of the cheeks and sweep upwards towards the temple with the 116.

For lips, apply Strange Potion lipglass for a complementing lip.

Check out more photos!

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142 thoughts on “MAC Venomous Villains Look: Evil Queen

  1. EMR

    i’m actually really liking the strange potion lips! i think it looks really natural on your lips and isn’t too “coral-y”

  2. elizabeth

    ohhhh this is sooooooo pretty! i love purples so much and they look ahhhmazing on you! i probably would have lightly blotted hot house on the lips rather than using a lip glass, but maybe that’s because i hate wearing glosses 😉

  3. CeeBee

    LOVE the purples! I am such a fiend for purple e/s and initially I thought I’d maybe just get Vile Violet but I think I’m going to have to snag Her Alter Image as well. I can’t wait until October when this comes out in NZ!

    I love the look of Strange Potion but I agree a slightly cooler pink would look completely fabulous :-)

  4. Tracey

    Lovely! you’re extremely talented

  5. Marie

    I love this look, especially the eye make-up. It is gorgeous.

  6. Rach

    Loves the eyes, and though you might not be so keen on the lips, I think the whole look overall is very nice and wearable. Beautiful.

  7. Laia

    You look gorgeous! Violet shades really make your eyes pop!

  8. Jen

    i had only planned on getting 3 or 4 things from this collection, but after seeing all these gorgeous looks, i may seriously be getting almost everything.

  9. Lora

    I’ve been lemming beautiful iris for awhile, how do you think it differs from Her alter image? Thanks! =)

  10. Gorgeous!! You do purples like no other. Although I have beautiful iris, this really makes me want the other two.

    Btw– fabulous felines was available on bloomingdales website this morning..

  11. MissC

    So pretty! Is strange potion similar to tartlette at all??

  12. Ashley Marie

    Jeez Christine, this is gorgeous. I think you’re getting even BETTER at makeup. Which I didn’t think was possible considering how great you already are.

  13. Divinna

    I like this look, doesn’t even look evil, looks so pretty my dear 😉

  14. This looks great! I don’t think the cheeks and lips are too coral. The colors look very cute together. I’m really liking UD’s Ransom eyeliner. I need to get that.

  15. tys

    WOW!! this is sooo pretty! and even though i wasnt planning on getting any eyeshadows i think i might just have to get them now! thanks soo much for this and i actually really like the lip colour!!

  16. Amber

    I can see how that is inspired by the Evil Queen, even if the lips “felt” weird to coordinate. It does remind me of her look.

  17. Anna are kinda sorta gorgeous.

  18. jenny

    These colors work so well with your skin tone and hair! You look beautiful :) Thank You for sharing!

  19. I think this is THE most beautiful purple look ever!

  20. Christina

    Vainglorious looks amazing!!! Eeek I can’t wait a whole month for this! It’s such a beautiful color on you, Christine! I’m always worried that cool-toned shades would look chalky on me, but it’s nice to know that cool purples can still look fab on us with warmer tones!

    Btw plushlash looks great on you lashes here for sure!

  21. Laura

    Thanks for posting this! I love this look! This collection will be my first MAC purchases. I’m a nail girl expanding to makeup. I love this look! Thanks so much for the very detailed posts about this collection and even more thanks for creating looks with the collection! Any chance you can work My Dark Magic into a future look?

  22. Ryan

    Very beautiful! :) And you have like a sort of panther eye! The dots in your eye I mean!
    Can’t wait to see more Villain looks.

    And since Venomous Villains I really discovered temptalia.
    I knew your site for a while but now I keep coming back every day and I will continue that in the future.
    One thing that I noticed inmediatly was that you respond on sooo many comments! MY GOSH only the energy you put into this site is incredibly much work.. I mean you also respond on comments!
    That’s worth a very big compliment.

    Much love from Holland x

  23. Jasmine

    So pretty!

  24. Joan

    I love purple eye makeup!

    But you don’t look evil enough, haha. :]

  25. Tina

    The eyes are gorgeous! The lipstick, as you said, doesnt quite go with the cool tones. Still pretty though

  26. Cam

    OMG this look is amazing! Love it!

  27. Alison

    Strange potion looks really different to the pictures in your original post. Is it one of those ones that really reflects light…?

  28. Diana B

    This eye color combo looks amazing on you. Well done!

  29. Bettina

    Oh that’s sweet and you did your eyes similar to what the evil queen’s eye make up looks like too if I’m not mistaken.

  30. Cheyenne

    WOW I love love love this look. 😀 It’s a smokey purple look and I am in love with it. IT makes me want to buy the Vile Purple, originally I didn’t want that one. I am so in love with Vainglorious though, it’s so beautiful!!

  31. Pretty in Pink

    You look gorgeous!!!!

  32. Cheryl

    I love this look Christine! I’m so excited for this collection because I love MAC and Disney :) I found out that the MAC pro store near me is having an unveiling party so I hope can get an invitation :)

  33. aradhana

    looks beautiful! i love the purple/coral combo actually.

  34. Katie

    LOVE this! One of my very favorite looks from you :) Gorgeous!

  35. Amanda Enn

    Christine, this is a gorgeous look ! Great job (:
    I really like… Vainglorious? that’s in the crease.

  36. Daria

    Omg this is gorgeous! And I love the lip pairing…great job as usual

  37. Michelle

    Just when I thought I could skip the Evil Queen eyeshadows… Beautiful look!

  38. Anna

    Look the cheeks and lips, ohmygosh. Thanks for doing this look, I wanted to see both the lipglass and beauty powder at once and you did it right away! Fabulous!!

  39. ginny

    I love this look Christine. Thank you for posting it =)

  40. LNU

    I think the look came together well, even the lips!

  41. Elle

    I love purple eyeshadow on you. Aaaaand I’m totally thinking about getting these shades, even though they’re not part of my original budget. :)

  42. Rae

    Yep, I pretty much adore this. *is easily swayed by anything with violet in it* And I don’t think the lips are too bad, either! A cooler, lighter pink would have been nice, but I guess they were trying to capture the boldness of the Evil Queen? Girlfriend totally would have worn bold eyes with bold lips 😛

  43. Simply Simply S

    So pretty ! I know its already been said, but thats the first thing that comes to mind.

  44. I love purple eyes because I have never seen a person ever that does not look good with this kind of look.
    And I love the lips too.
    Before I saw the whole face pics, I was actually thinking “I wonder what kind of lipstick she is going to pair with this!”
    Very nice! :)

  45. amy

    Ohh la la Strange Potion is lovely. I think this is one of few items I may pick up.

  46. This is very wearable! I love it

  47. you look so gorgeous. love the look ^^

  48. Shweta

    Christine, I’ve left comments on many looks claiming they were my favorite….but you have out done yourself and this is by far my favorite. Thanks!!

  49. min

    perfect for this theme!

  50. Sarah Z

    Those purples look GORGEOUS on you Christine! I love all these looks but it makes me want to buy more! :p

  51. Barbara

    Very beautiful look! Just perfect :)

  52. Samantha

    Okay Christine, this purple look is AMAZING on you! The colours look so well blended together!! I wish I could pull off purples but on me it would just look like I got punched in the eyes..

  53. Heather

    This is seriously making me reconsider not getting the Evil Queen’s eyeshadows. Do you know if Vainglorious is anything like the cranberry shade from In the Groove?

  54. Charlotte

    Super gorgeous! And I love Strange Potion with it, with purple eyes I normally go to pink lips (MAC Sweetie) but I really like this muted coral too.

  55. Kristi

    Oh, God, I love this! That lilac color is sooo pretty! :)

  56. Kat

    Such a pretty look on you =)

  57. Rafaiah

    not the best i’ve see. no disrespect but your lokks look alike a lot.
    with all the make up you got, do not think you take a lot of risks.
    i love your blog anyway.

    • It’s not really about risk taking for me – it’s about wearing makeup that I’d wear everyday :) For me, it’s more about showing readers what products look like in action – how they function, testing them out, etc. I’m not trying to reinvent the wheel every time I do a look. Everyone has a certain way or style that works well for their eye/face, and this is mine :)

  58. baby in a corner

    this is sooo pretty christine! i love it!

  59. Ginnia

    This is lovely! I like the idea of the purple eye with light blue eyeliner.

  60. laura

    It’s beautiful! Now i’d like to buy her alter image and vile violet too T___T (vainglorious has been on my list for a while!).

  61. ellie

    Hi Christine. Which one is nicer oh so fair or briar rose? I do have pink swoon already and nars desire. I’m nc30/nc 25. Thanks.

  62. Michele

    Love this look….Gorgeous!