Monday, July 18th, 2011

MAC Turquatic Collection for Fall 2011

Launch Date: August 11th, 2011 (North America), September 2011 (International)

Modern girls (and boys) who’ve become addicted to Turquatic, MAC’s sensual sea-spray of a fragrance, bracing with anemone, lotus, orris, and a curious waft of Corsican cedrat from the shore, will love its new, fresh evocative packaging sure to satisfy that legion of mesmerizing mermaids who want more. Just look! A sleek new rollerball option, as well as the debut of our larger 50ml size.

Turquatic Fragrance

Crisp and energizing! A splash of clear, sparkling mineral water brought chilled through an infusion of fresh lotus leaves and Corsican cedrat, finished with a warm blend of anemone, orris and blue cedar. All permanent.

  • 20ml ($27.50 U.S. / $33.00 CDN)
  • 50ml ($49.50 U.S. / $59.50 CDN)
  • Rollerball ($20.00 U.S. / $24.00 CDN)

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35 thoughts on “MAC Turquatic Collection for Fall 2011 (Official)

  1. Yesenia

    Terrible new packaging, this is one of my favorite frangrances and im highly disappointed of the new price also…

    • Roslyn

      Is it a new price? I think that the new price is for the larger size which I am very excited about. The smaller bottle went way too fast.
      The packaging in my opinion is cute. It fits the sent but you have to be a true fan of this fragrance to appreciate it as much as I do. I can’t wait!

  2. Lauryn

    I would give my RIGHT ARM for them to bring MV5 -aka- GREENIFY back.. I loved that so much..

  3. Lisa Avon

    Love the packaging! Turquoise and yellow is my favourite colour combination in the world!

  4. Stephanie

    The packaging is so cheesy:( but i love this fragrance so I will have to deal.

  5. Sara

    Is this being brought back as permanant??

    • MaryBeth

      the MUA at my MAC counter told me yesterday that it will be added to the permanent line!! :)

  6. Macaddict

    I don’t care for that fragrance. The only MAC fragrance I liked was the one they decided to discontinue recently (MV2). It had such a unique, warm and complex scent :-(

  7. sam

    i never tried this before but im surprised to see mac put out a rollerball!

  8. Shauna

    Hmm…. seems like it would smell nice. I will have to check it out

  9. Stephanie

    this is the same fragrance right? just different packaging and sizes?

  10. Doris

    I like the packaging. Julieg713 raves about this, as well as a few other gurus, so I’m glad I will be able to try it!

  11. Carri

    Omg i love this scent!! This is Hue: Turquatic right???? haha So stoked!

  12. Ansa

    I love this perfume. I was so sad they discontinued. I’m so glad it’s back and glad to have the option of the larger bottle and the rollerball for the go. This is the perfect summer perfume and it has an amazing lasting power (at least the old formula did)

  13. Sylvia

    I love having this perfume. I’m so glad they’re bringing it back.. Packaging is tacky, but whatever. People smell the scent, not the look of the packaging -__-

  14. Kimberly

    love the scent. liked the old packaging better. will probably purchase the rollerball though.

  15. Neeshie

    Love Turquatic – Its such a great summer fragrance – why bring it out in Sept internationally? Summer’s over!

  16. Ana G.

    I’ve actually never tried any of Macs’ perfumes. Does the scent last on the skin??I’ve always had the idea they didn’t….

  17. Becca

    the packaging is cheesy but I like it :) I guess AI can’t say much else seeing as I haven’t actually smelled it…… :)

  18. Amanda

    I love this scent! I’m not sure if I should get the 20ml. or 50ml though…

  19. Natalie

    Wow I love this and am so happy they’re introducing a roller ball! I love getting roller balls of all my favorites so I can reapply during the day if needed. Love the new packaging too! Woo so excited!!

  20. Deb

    Ohhh, I get it, a re-release and new packaging! I was so confused at first because I looked at the name thought, “huh? Why would MAC release another Turquatic? They had a colour story named Turquatic years ago!” I don’t own any of MAC’s fragrances but I remember liking this one when I first smelled it eons ago :)

  21. Mindy

    I am SOOOOO excited they’re bringing this back! I’ve been avoiding using my bottle of it because I knew I wouldn’t be able to get my hands on it again, short of paying exorbitant eBay prices. I might have to slowly accumulate back-ups, just in case.

  22. JEN

    I think MAC should have brought this out this summer instead of fall. I think it’s more of a summer scent but it’s ok. I love this perfume!! It’s like if sea (while your swimming in it) had a scent. I love it!

  23. Alyssa

    wow, that promo image is BEAUTIFUL. I love it. I’ve never smelled this scent, I’m not sure it would fit my style. I usually like sweet, fruity-floral, warm, sensual scents (flowerbomb for example) But i’m definitely intrigued.

  24. Ms. Z

    I’m glad to hear this is back, love this scent! And turquoise is my favorite color too!

  25. What does this actually smell like?

  26. Rosie

    I’m so glad they’re bringing this back!!!! I LOVE THIS PERFUME IT’S MY HG!!!!! I’m not to big on the new packaging I think they should’ve put mermaids on it or just left it turquoise per it is my favorite color of all time!!!!



  28. Bridget

    Mehh … I’ll pass. What they neeed to bring back is the sister fragrance Turquatic Heat … THAT was my favorite perfume EVER. I’ve smelt this one before and its just not as good!!!

  29. This is already out I saw this yesterday at my counter …

  30. kapua

    I AM IN LOVE WITH EVERY PART OF THIS NEW PACKAGING. I was so scared when they discontinued it but I’m SO HAPPY IT’S BACK!!

  31. margaret steele

    PLEASE, PLEASE bring back MV2!!!!

  32. Marina

    Please bring back original hue:turquatic!!!!! I don’t like this new fragrance. I had been using Mac hue turquatic for years and now it discontinued. Very upset. Will NOT be buying new one