Thursday, May 20th, 2010

MAC To the Beach Look: Gold & Green

I had ten minutes to do my makeup from start to finish, and this is what I ended up with! I’m pretty satisfied with the results — I went with a combo that I’m sure I’ve done before, but I used some of the newer MAC To the Beach shades.  As suspected, though, Get-Away Bronze looks better in person than in photographs!  Also, a note to those who own Going Bananas eyeshadow–use that instead of the Nylon/Bright Sunshine combo I did–’cause that’s really all I was trying to dupe!

The whole look felt so summery, despite the weather being all gloom and doom this afternoon, but I always seem to enjoy more summer-inspired looks myself.  Maybe ’cause they’re warmer!  (By the way, what’s up Bay Area weather?  It was beautiful this morning… rainy this afternoon!)

P.S. — Thanks for all the Mellan love! He’s been strutting around the house all day saying what a stud he is.  Anyway, it’s nice to know that I can share some of the bajillion photos I take of him with all of you from time to time :)

You will need the following…

For eyes, start by applying Eden primer potion as your eyeshadow base all over the eye area with the 249. Using the 239, apply Nylon eyeshadow on the inner third of the lid, and then overlay with Bright Sunshine eyeshadow to give a pale yellow effect. Next, apply Sweet & Punchy eyeshadow with the 239 to the outer two-thirds of the lid. With the 226, apply Humid eyeshadow into the crease with the 226, lightly blending outwards and upwards to fade to the brow bone. Blend Nylon eyeshadow with the crease shade and highlight the brow bone. Bring everything together by applying Rosemary & Thyme eye kohl on the lower lash line. Finish by sweeping lashes with Supernova mascara.

For cheeks, apply Get-Away Bronze blush to the apples of the cheeks and sweep upwards towards the temple with the 116.

For lips, apply Thrills lipstick first, and then layer Flurry of Fun lipglass for a complementing lip.

Check out more photos!

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93 thoughts on “MAC To the Beach Look: Gold & Green

  1. Pretty! You do look really summery, its fab!

  2. Eliza

    I usually see the pictures before i read what you use & the 1st thing i thought (well i actually said it out) was : OMG the cheeks look gorgeous!! But i’m so tanned (NC45) it will not look so pretty on my cheeks! :( So i shall just feast my eyes on yours. HAHA!

  3. Zenaida

    I adore this look. And thanks for the going bananas tip, I’ve been dying to own it and it’s finally nice to know there is a combo that I can use to dupe it!

    Oh and please, please, please do share even more pictures of Mellan, he’s so adorable!!

  4. Leslie

    Your eye color is amazing! They look cheetah print!! :)

  5. Wendy M.

    You look so bright and sunshine-y, Christine! 😀
    I love that look, it looks so fresh. ^^
    I had resolved not to buy Flurry of Fun, but you’re starting to change my mind! lol.
    So, question… do you think Get-Away Bronze blush would show up on my NC35 skin?

    and… Mellan IS super cute!
    Glad you share a bit of him with us. 😀

    • Oh, yeah, it’ll show up – I had to tone it down quite a bit! I think it’ll be really pretty on more bronzed/tanned skin in particular!

      Thank you!

  6. nana

    This looks so pretty and fresh, you are glowing :)

  7. SB_sweetie

    Love this look, too! Aaah! Must add the Get-away Bronze blush to the list…and humid…the list keeps growing. I’m NC25/30, do you think the bronze blush will work for me? I’m worried I’m too cool toned. Is it similar to “Warm Soul” b/c I have that one already from the mineralize collection.

  8. Wow!!! Love the yellow-gold on the lids……very summery and bright. And the orange-coral lips….definitely will get Thrills!

  9. Kerry

    Ah, it looks gorgeous! ;D I’m planning to get some of the To The Beach makeup, do you know how long it will be out for, as I’ll be getting it towards the end of next month? x

  10. Natalia

    your eyelashes look great! Supernova gives them a natural and fluffy look!

    Also i think this post may finally convince me to buy MUFE HD foundation…your skin is GORGEOUS!

  11. I wasn’t interested at all in rosemary and thyme, but now I’m wanting it! Love, love love Thrills!

  12. Josi

    you have beautiful eyes :)

  13. Claudia

    Hi Christine! I just noticed that we use the same shade of HD foundation (140) and I was thinking of picking up Sweet&Punchy and Humid. I wasn’t sure I could pull those colors off but having the same skin tone I think it would look good on me too? However, I have more hazel eyes and my hair is light brown. Do you think S&P and Humid will work on my coloring?

    Also I don’t have white/gold eyeshadows but have quite a few neurals/light browns I could use, you think those will go well?

    • Ohh, yes, you definitely can!! :) I am probably just a smidgen lighter than 140 (I got it when I was NC30 and somehow I’m lighter now), but anyway, yes, definitely!!

      I think they would :)

  14. Chi

    Lovely, lovely…one of my fave Christine looks!

  15. Ashley

    Oh my goodness Christine! You look so gorgeous and glowy, definitely what summer is all about! Love everything about this look!

  16. Marta

    Absolutely beautiful! so fresh and summery! you look gorgeus with this look!

  17. Kate M.

    It’s so fresh and springy!!  Your lashes look super long!  I like Fresh’s mascara =)

  18. ellie

    I really really like this look. I think sweet and punchy looks better paired with humid than firecracker. By the way, is thrills somewhat orangey in color? or its just the gloss that made it orange? I’m really curious how thrills will look like in person.

    • Thanks a lot, Ellie! Definitely different looks. Thrills is kind of rusty – the gloss did bring out the copper tones, though.

      • ellie

        thanks … i’m now super excited to get my to the beach collection but too bad have to wait till june!

  19. Kerri

    I’m always on the fence about getting bright sunshine e/s but this look just convinced me I need it. You look awesome in yellow btw. You should wear it more often.

  20. LH

    This look is so pretty on you! I hope I can do a similar combo with my coloring. I cant wait to get sweet n punchy, as time goes by I get more and more antsy to get it.Next week cant come fast enough. lol Question tho what would be an accessible dupe for MAC bright sunshine? I cant get pro colors and would love to add a color like that to my humble collection it looks so pretty with greens.

  21. Genesis

    Can you please do a look with Float on By eye kohl :)

  22. lauraaaaa

    love this

  23. LNU

    This look is STUNNING on you! Yellow and greens are SO you Christine!

  24. kasiaj85

    Ohhh!Christine I love all your looks!! Even though I don’t own a tenth of your makeup stuff, this one is actually doable for me as I have both Humid and S&P! I just HAVE TO try it out! :)
    And about Mellan: I’d love to see more pictures! :)

  25. Sylvie

    I really like your shirt. I used to have one almost like that, but it was ruined because one day I decided to deep fry a chicken fillet and the oil from the pan splattered onto my shirt when I put the chicken in and I couldn’t get the stains out no matter how many times I washed them. Maybe that’s why people wear aprons haha.

  26. wow this is my favorite look for this month! :) u look glowy and fresh! love love love it! :)

  27. Roxanne

    I like that shirt on you. Great look! You look pretty tanned as well :)
    PS: I love @Labrasnore, sooo funny :)

  28. aradhana

    looks great — especially the cheeks. i haven’t broken down and picked up g-a-b, but you never know what might happen when i pass by mac…
    the fresh mascara looks really good as well — what do you think of it?

  29. Nadine

    I love this look with your shirt! So pretty!

  30. Lana

    This is gorgeous!!! Just looking at it makes me feel bright and happy :)

  31. Heather

    This is such a gorgeous look on you!

  32. I love your shirt!! (And also the make-up…its stunning)

  33. That’s super pretty, and I like the lack of a thick/harsh eyeliner. It’s a rarity these days (and I’m totally guilty at loading on the liner).

  34. Erin

    I LOVE how you put Thrills & Flurry of Fun together! I can see some of the teal glitter in the lipgloss… yummmm. I must resist the temptation! Or else win your lipglass giveaway! LOL.

  35. Luisafer

    love this look!!!
    By the way, don´t know how long ago you updated the page look, had no internet nor computer, but I love the new look, great job!!!

  36. Ana

    Really pretty!!! I love acid green on your dark eyes :)

  37. Bettina

    love it and oh sweet you have a like button…could have sworn I said it’d be cool if you had one for these looks and stuff a while back :)

  38. This is such a beautiful summery look! I wouldn’t ever have thought to pair the eyes/cheeks/lips together, but it works soooooo well on you!

  39. Mai

    that lip shade really suits your skin tone very nicely.pretty.

  40. Christina

    Gorgeous, can’t wait to get Sweet and Punchy so I can try this look out.

    Once again, the lashes looks fantastic! Definitely going to try Supernova out when my millions of mascaras are finished. Lol.

  41. Jessica

    I love the yellow shirt it really brightens you up and suits your skintone fabulously!

  42. iliang25

    I really love this..too bad..I don’t have going bananas or bright sunshine!!!

  43. I think this eye look makes your eyes look crazy amazing!

  44. Nicole

    Such a pretty fresh look. As much as the makeup draws me in I can’t stop staring at your eye. Haha, they are sooo cool! I love the swirly design going around your pupil!