Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

Florida vs. Her Blooming Cheek vs. Full Fuchsia

MAC Tartan Tale: Comparison Swatches

Here are some comparison swatches for obvious and/or most requested dupes.

  • Her Blooming Cheek: The best dupe would be Azalea, which I don’t own so I’m not able to swatch it. Full Fuchsia is noticeably different in undertone, while Florida is similar but is a touch more purple.
  • My Highland Honey: Utterly Game is a touch darker, Peaches a touch darker as well — but they’re both similar, especially when worn. Melba is too dark.
  • Deepest Wish: A little browner than Media, but very similar to Kittenish.
  • Cut-a-Caper: It’s quite similar to discontinued Funshine, and it’s a little less orange and sheerer than Jazzed.
  • Courting Lilac: Similar to Aristocat, but the latter has more berry to it, while the former is definitely lilac.
  • The Faerie Glen: It’s a sheerer, slightly lighter version of Cherish; not like Freckletone at all.
  • Radiant Jewels: It looks exactly like Creme Allure.

See more swatches!

Utterly Game vs. My Highland Honey vs. Melba vs. Peaches

Media vs. Deepest Wish vs. Kittenish

Funshine vs. Cut-a-Caper vs. Jazzed

Courting Lilac vs. Bubblegum vs. Aristocat

Freckletone vs. The Faerie Glen vs. Cherish

Radiant Jewels vs. Creme Allure

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42 thoughts on “MAC Tartan Tale: Comparison Swatches

  1. Wow Radiant Jewels and Creme Allure are pretty much identical 😮 x

  2. I knew Courting Lilac looked like Aristo-Cat. Thanks for the side by side comparison. CL is sold out online, so I need to head to a local MAC to pick it up.

  3. Ani_BEE

    I take it back, Full Fuchsia swatched is the shade of the Temptalia Flower. ^_^

    Utterly Game didn’t sell out when it was released so I wonder if My Highland Honey will?

  4. Glo

    Hi Christine! I know you mentioned in a separate post that My Highland Honey was a shade lighter than Illamasqua’s Lover. I’m such a visual person so i compared the individual swatches from your blogs and Lover appears pinker and My Highland Honey is more orange/peachy? I don’t know, its probably my laptop resolution. But anyhow, my question to you is, if one has My Highland Honey, do they still need to get Lover or can they skip out? Are they different enough to own both? Thanks so much =)

  5. coco72

    I think Full Fuchsia lipstick is very similar to Girl About Town, unless on my lips

  6. Arlee

    I think the Cremesheen lipstick in Dare You would look almost identical to Deepest Wish, could you do a comparison swatch?

  7. Carrie Ann

    These are helpful. Thanks!

  8. Holly

    Wow, some of those look identical.
    Especially Funshine vs. Cut-a-Caper vs. Jazzed.

    That’s embarrasing for MAC AND for all us makeup junkies who rush out to buy these ‘new’ shades.

    Thanks Christine.

    • Erica

      I agree. It’s embarassing to see how similar these colors are. These comparisons are very helpful, and saved me from wasting money on products that are already similar to what I own.

  9. Mo

    This is really helpful, thanks!

  10. Phung

    is Peaches blush available at MAC counters?

  11. Jenna

    Thanks! This helped a lot! I really wanted to want Highland Honey, but its so similar to Peaches, and I already have that!!

    Thank you for doing this post – it was a great idea!

  12. Nice comparisons!! I was wondering, by chance, if you have Blankety l/s.. could you swatch that and The Faerie Glen? Thanks Christine!! :]

  13. M.

    Thanks for this. Sorry for asking, but do you have plans to do comparisons for the eye shadows too? I really love Semi-precious, Glamora Castle and Enviably Fun but I don’t think I’ll be able to get them soon, and since they are limited I’m afraid that I won’t be able to get them at all..(wow that sounds so much more dramatic than it should)

  14. I am NW43 in MAC and I just bought melba as a better version of my highland honey for my skintone (per the MUA). Melba only showed immediately after application. after 2 hours it was no longer visible on my cheeks! I wish I would have waited for this comparison b/c I would have seen that it wasn’t going to work. I am still in search of a perfect peachy/coral blush for me…any suggestions Christine? if not this post was still very helpful :) I’ll have to stick with pinch me by mac for now…!

  15. Lucie

    I picked up My Highland Honey and Her Blooming cheek the other day…all the lipsticks were out of stock. :(

    I am LOVING Her Blooming Cheek. To be honest I only got it because it was LE, and was simply going to sell it at a later date should demand pick up. But that crazy fuschia colour was too enticing, and I cracked open the pan. I am not a blush person. I have one pan of Nars Orgasm that I’ve been using for the past three years, and would never try anything that wasn’t on the peachy side of the spectrum.
    But Her Blooming Cheek is soooo pretty as long as you use a VERY light touch. This stuff will last forever!
    I just dyed my hair neon orange and it offsets the orange nicely, with a touch of Impassioned lipstick. 😀 Great purchase.
    Highland Honey is great, looks very natural on fair-but-warm skintones, but I would call it a must. Her Blooming Cheek would probably look better on a variety of skintones than HH.

  16. Holy! Some I can’t even see a difference! Especially the last pic!

  17. Sharon M

    Thanks for this, Christine. :) I’d been wondering about Courting Lilac/Aristo-Cat and also Her Blooming Cheek, still intend to pick up the blush but am really on the fence about the lipstick since Aristo-Cat didn’t look as good on me as I’d hoped it would.

  18. Svetlana

    Is bubblegum a permanent shade?I really like it.

  19. ellie

    Thanks Christine for doing these comparison swatches. It’ll definitely help us save some money by not buying same stuff again. I hope you could also do a comparison swatches of full fuchsia lipstick vs. girl about town or impassioned. I own GAT, Show Orchid and Impassioned already do you think i still need full fuchsia? Thanks.

  20. Very interesting! Thanks for these. Colours sometimes seem to look so similar until you see them side to side and see how different they really are.

  21. Thanks for the swatch comparisons! I can see the difference between Funshine, Cut-A-Caper and Jazzed. I can see that Jazzed is peachier than Cut-A-Caper and I own both of them.

  22. cuppeycake

    Thanks for the comparison pics & reviews! They were extremely helpful!

  23. Angel

    Hey Christine!
    I missed the Faerie Glen lipstick because it surprisingly sold out at our tiny mall -_-. I’ve heard that Blankety is very close? Is it similar in your opinion?

  24. Melissa

    WOW, now these type of posts are so helpful!! Lovelovelove this…anytime you can do comparison posts like this, that would be so great!

  25. aradhana

    i can’t believe how similar so many of these swatches are….
    though i think if people have different skin tones, some of the shades might have a totally different effect. for example highland honey and peaches look very distinctly different on me!

  26. Mia

    I ran right out and got Deepest Wish, looks awesome with my NC37 skintone. Thanks SO much for the swatching & comparing, love it.

  27. bettynova

    Jazzed was a limited edition right?
    Should I get a back-up for my Cut-a-Caper?