Thursday, August 14th, 2008

MAC Cosmetics’ Suite Array imagery!

Check out more photos…

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47 thoughts on “MAC Suite Array Product Photos

  1. Lexi

    Helllooo pretty eyeliners.
    Though the eyeshadows don’t appeal to me just because they’re square… lol. Don’t ask, I think it looks tacky!

    • And just how will I depot those suckers?! LOL.

      • Danielle

        LOL My sentiment exactly Christine :) My thoughts on the packaging is that from what I understand, MAC and the cosmetic line from KOHL’S that’s called Flirt are both put out by Estee Lauder and if that is true than it kinda explains the packaging because it appears to be the same way that Flirt packages their make up…

        • Lexi

          You would think that someone who works for MAC and is in on the collection making would be smart enough to snoop around on the internet and find out what sort of things the buyers like.

          If you’re out there: We like intense color payoff, round eyeshadows and pretty packaging!!

          • It could just be us, not wanting change, too – well, at least for the packaging! I think everybody wants shadow that has pigmentation. You can always sheer a color out, but building can be a tough nut to crack if it’s just meant to be a sheer wash.

          • bugg

            for this collection, it is a high color payoff and NO! just because Estee Lauder has our back they, still this day has no decision on how MAC does there packaging. MAC has the full say on how things are created and presented.

    • Sid

      i agree! SQ makeup has always been the cheap stuff in drug stores.
      this wasnt the best packaging style MAC could have picked

  2. danielle

    OMG! they are gorgeous and fabulous!

  3. Ariana

    These look awesome! LOVE the liners!

  4. lala

    i don’t want anything from this collection :)

  5. Nicole

    I skip this collection, I prefere the normal round shadows. (Better from the Feng Shui point of view)

  6. EVO


  7. Ariele

    I can’t wait to try out the liners. They all look stunning. And I’m sure I’ll be grabbing a few of those duos as well. Team Violets & Counterparts for sure.

  8. Marcie

    the liners have left me in a dreamy gaze of ‘aww’

    they’re so pretty. =)

  9. SnickerDoodle


  10. Sandy

    the liners look yummy. I will be picking up at least 5 of those. Not too interested in the eyeshadows though

  11. Sara

    I already have a list of the liners I want…in New Zealand we have to wait about a month longer than you guys though, sigh!

  12. Katherine

    This collection will totally make me poor!

  13. cloudburst

    The eye liners look great & maybe the purple duo e/e. They look like they will be the size of the Brow Shader. I hope thye are priced that way too.

    • Annoymous

      They are in the exact same container as the brow shaders. They’re also really sheer so if you’re a color pay off person you probably won’t like them too much.

    • Annoymous

      They are the exact same container as the brow shaders. They’re also sheer so if you like color pay off you’ll probably want to skip these.

  14. Vee

    I like the brown duo….. would be great for work since I travel!

  15. dee

    The eyeshadows aren’t doing anything for me. I may have to pick up that purple liner since somehow I lost my purple Heatherette one :(.

  16. DJ


    still, I am not going to budge from my resolve–no new purchases for the rest of the year.

    Gifts, of course, will be welcome. haha

  17. julianna

    wow i love that eyeliners..!

  18. reese

    hmm…that first eyeshadow duo looks freakishly similar to india song by nars o.O
    but maybe its just the picture lol
    but those liners?…oh yeah, they’re mine. :)

  19. Jennifer

    I like the first duo, but I really need to kick my neutrals habit…

  20. I don’t really care for the eye shadows, but the liners look gorgeous!

  21. Nell

    Does anyone know what finish these are going to be?

  22. Liiiiiiiiners. I can die happy when I have those!!

  23. Whitney

    I am intrigued – I want all the liners

  24. Robin

    Christine when does this come out? I like the shadows.

  25. missriss

    mu mac mua told me the liners go on like a DREAM. they are creamy and dont skip upon application. she said they will def sell out and said she hopes they make them permanent b/c they DO go on AMAZING!!! i want them all!

  26. Kimberly

    Well hello beautiful eyeshadows. Wanna go for a ride? ;D


    Cant Wait ;O

  27. Susy

    does anyone know the price?

  28. Sara

    e/s are $16.50
    I saw a couple of them today..not impressed. But eyeliners are gorgeous!

  29. Susy

    Thanks Sara! Yeah, I don’t really care for the square packaging..but the liners are sweet!

  30. sej

    How do you gals find out about the new product releases so far in advance?

    Also, what lines are these? Are they kohl power liners?

  31. LocaLoli

    I will have to play with these before I decide. As of right now the liners do look more interesting. The shadows all look like basic colors that could be easily duped. I am a fan of unique colors and/or finishes. Of course I like to have basics but I love it when I see something and say – wow you dont see anything like this often.