Monday, February 23rd, 2009

Our friend Kat from got this awesome sneak peek at Sugarsweet!

See more images…

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57 thoughts on “MAC Sugarsweet Sneak Peek from Bjooti

  1. celinaa

    This collection is amazing this is what they should have based Hello Kitty on!

  2. Noemie

    I’ve been patiently waiting for this! YUM!

  3. Tanya

    gahhhh I am nuts for pink :) cant wait to see this in person!! soooo cute!

  4. This collection is going to be awesome!! The MSFs is a must have!!

  5. I kinda thought Hello Kitty would be more like this, more pinks and pastels, but whatever. :] I’m SO excited for this collection as well! Especially the MSFs. They look so yummy! I WILL be skipping those Tri-colored glosses, SO not worth it if you ask me, it all mixes together.

    • Cece

      Hey! I totally agree about the tri-lippies. I dont think i will like any of those colors and the swatches she showed looked ultra sheer! I dont think im gonna spend anymore money on that ever since the cremesheen glasses(haha) but def getting some of the eyeshadows (since i dont own any of them) and the lipsticks and masf’s def seem interesting, especially lollipop loving! :)

      • Tekoa

        I was thinking that the Tricolours would eventually mix together. Probably still will get one for the novelty factor.

  6. grace

    so excited!! msfs and bright pink lipstick <3333 this will be my favorite haul ever. im planning on going one thursday for the new msf blushes and then one week later for this.

  7. carriespooner

    I’m excited to see this. More excited than for Kitty. lol

  8. kat

    Oh I loveee these colours! Thanks for sharing 😀

  9. victoria

    i wonder how the msf finish look like.

  10. I’m really excited for the MSFs, too. And I never got Aquavert so that’s on my must-buy list! (:

  11. SO excited! Thank you for posting this Christine!

  12. IZzySA

    omg.. more pinks and msfs! (starts counting pennies).. when is this collection out?

  13. Anitacska

    I definitely want at least one MSF and will check out those glosses. RMK has similar ones, but I only saw them didn’t actually try them out. I’m also very excited about the grand duos blushes.:)

  14. awesomeness! looks great!

  15. amy

    Ooooh they do look pretty sweet I deffinetly want the msf

  16. Elle

    Hmmm…maybe I’ll have more for this collection since I barely bought any HK stuff…although I am saving up for the honey collection too…Thanks for the peek Christine!

  17. rowan

    underwhelmed…mac re promotes way too much, it’s a joke. the tri colour lipglosses also look like a waste of space…

  18. cloudburst

    The glosses look underwhelming – but that MSF looks pretty good!

  19. Are the MSF’s blush or foundation or what? I’m confused haha

    • Claudia M.

      Me too. Isn’t it too shimmery for all over color?

      • Tekoa

        MSF’s are more in the blush/highlighter catagory. They are sparkly without the chuncky glitter. Mineralized Skinfinish Naturals are a foundation, but they aren’t being promoted in this launch. Don’t worry, they don’t have the same glitter level.

  20. Stephanie

    When does this collection come out?

  21. Naz

    I can’t wait for saint germain to come out again! I wasn’t interested in MAC lipsticks when that shade came out long ago.. but now I am! :)

  22. Kayc

    I love anything pinkish, especially on my cheeks and lips.
    I’ll definitely check out this collection as soon as it is available.
    I hope the pigmentation on these will be better than the ones in Hello Kitty!

  23. Stacy

    Being a brunette with Hazel eyes, I dearly love wearing pinks. I am so excited to see this collection. I cannot wait until it comes out!

  24. Emma

    im really excited 4 this collection! i really want both msfs, lollipop loving lipstick and one or two of the lip glosses and some eyeshadows.

  25. Great pics from Bjooti! And thanks for posting them, Christine! 😀 As an official MSF-addict you can imagine I am very happy! 😀

  26. GretaluvsMAC

    I wish they would have made these with special packaging….it would have made me more interested:( OOOOOO! just picture pastel pink packaging…..a girl can wish.

  27. lindsey

    I will be buying one of everything from this collection, and maybe a few back ups.

  28. kat

    I like repromotes! I mean, not when they put the fancy packaging on the regular colours but when they bring back old LE stuff! Sometimes a colour I really like has run out or I didn’t get a chance to get it the first time!

  29. mopan

    I loovee the yummy colors with this collection. I don’t have any of these shadows or lippies .. so I can’t wait.

  30. Lisa

    What is the launch date for this?

  31. DevilishDoll

    I keep arguing with myself on what I want from this collection. Right now, it’s
    Tasty Tricolor Lipglass
    Simply Delicious Tricolor Lipglass
    Sweet Thing Lipstick
    Lollipop Loving Lipstick
    Dear Cupcake Eyeshadow
    Aquavert Eyeshadow
    Red Velvet Shadestick
    Lemon Chiffon Shadestick

    Aquavert, Red Velvet and Lemon Chiffon are definite though.

  32. vicki

    I will be in Miami when this comes out! Can.not.wait! I want everything!

  33. I don’t really think this should have been what Hello Kitty was all about, I mean Hello Kitty isn’t just subjected to girlish colors. “Hello Kitty, Hello World”. A phrase like that is going to make you think more worldly and to see the world for all the colors imaginable but that’s just my view on it.

    I’m semi-kina-iffy-maybe-ish-eager about this collection. Lord knows I already have tons of pink, and even though I can’t really afford it they’re all much more outstanding colors than these. Personally I’m really not feelin’ that Dear Cupcake eye shadow. I think this spring should be all about frosts with really bold, bold, BOLD colors. Pink Freeze eye shadow is the way to go for this Spring! =)

  34. Shayla

    I’m excited for this! Can’t wait :)

  35. Loveeeee MAC

    LOOKS AMazing!
    i want st germain becuase its identical to melrose mood from heatherette
    I heard Lollipop Lovin is coming back with this collection
    does anyone no how this color compares with Cute-ster from hello kitty
    i got cute-ster and will keep it because of the cute design but still…….. lol

  36. pia

    I’m pretty sure gladiola from dame Edna is a great dupe for one of those lipstick (Saint Germani ?) based on the swatch.

    I’m going to be all over the MSF…ahhhh wanna wanna wanna

  37. Diana

    I am so excited for this collection i really want to get the MSF’s they look so pretty can’t wait!!!!

  38. Socaltrojan

    That MSF looks amazing! I definitely have my eye on that and maybe even one of the tricolor glosses.

  39. Bona

    i am excited for MSF and lipglass!

  40. Kizz101

    Pretty sure I live for this collection :)

  41. IZzySA

    oh oh… I smell repromotes:P

  42. Jenell

    Yes, I’ve just been wearing MAC this past year and I love everything about it…so I sugarsweet will be on my wish list as well. Yeah

  43. Natalie

    Grr.. how annoying for this to come out at the same time as Grand Duo! And right after Hello Kitty and Hello Kitty Kouture? My bank account needs to get some breather!

    • Sueann

      I know what you mean! My debit card is crying for a break from Mac!!! So is my boyfriend. LOL…But I can’t wait to check out what these colors are like.

  44. Kathy

    you think that the MSF could be used as an face highlighter?

  45. BabyDollB

    The eyshadows look really sweet :)

  46. Love the eyeshadows and the lippies that won’t look good on me, lol. Never fails, I ALWAYS like the shades that don’t work with my complexion. If I have to play w/a lippie to achieve a certain look, I just won’t bother with it because it becomes too much of a pain. Nice collection though. I think I’ll get Cupcake and the MSF!
    -Thanks Christine