Sunday, March 1st, 2009

Refined MSF

Temptalia was lucky enough to be able to preview some items from upcoming MAC collection Sugarsweet! Pictures and swatches for Refined mineralize skinfinish, Sugarshot and Dear Cupcake eyeshadows, Consume Me tricolour lipglass, and Saint Germain lipstick await you…

Refined MSF

Sugarshot Eyeshadow

Dear Cupcake Eyeshadow

Consume Me Tricolour Lipglass

Saint German Lipstick

Sugarshot/Dear Cupcake swatches

Saint Germain, Consume Me, Sugarshot, Dear Cupcake swatches

Saint Germain, Consume Me, Sugarshot, Dear Cupcake swatches

Saint Germain, Consume Me, Sugarshot, Dear Cupcake swatches /
Bottom: Refined MSF

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97 thoughts on “MAC Sugarsweet Collection Exclusive Sneak Preview

  1. Shayna

    That lipgloss looks so sheer! I wonder what some of the darker colors will look like when swatched. Dear Cupcake e/s looks like paradisco- so I may pass on that. That MSF looks gorgeous though!

  2. Rio

    Ah! I want them all! I dyed my hair hot pink recently, so I have been on this ridiculously bright kick with my makeup. 😀

    • Tanya

      Yipppeee! Hot pink hair girls unite :) just FYI, I am rockn, almost every day, Heatherettes Hollywood Nights…its the perfect hot pink to rock with hot pink hair! I get so many compliments when I wear it…my hair and my lipstick match perfectly.

      I am worried that Saint Germain is going to be toooo similar to the Heatherette Melrose Mood, which I dont really wear too much. I wonder how the gloss will look on top of lipstick which is how I often wear my Dazzleglass.

  3. Erin

    Hmmm Dear Cupcake does look like Paradisco! Maybe I can skip that!
    Can you let us know how close Dear Cupcake is to Paradisco?
    I am trying to figure out things to skip since I saw the pics of Style Warriors!

  4. Manda

    i wish the packaging had cute cupcakes on it.. though i guess i should be happy since i can use my pro discount now that it doesnt have special packaging… i would have bought it all if it had cake packaging.. my wallet is thankful..

  5. margot

    Okay I need to know something Christine, do the layers of the lipgloss get messy when you use it ? Because that’s like … my worst nightmare XD and I also need to know how would you wear the MSF ? As a highlighter or else ?

    But thanks for the pictures.

    I can now say that I don’t want the e/s (those were the only colours I was curious about and now I don’t want them anymore :D) my banker is so thankful LOL

  6. What’s the point of a new, innovative style of gloss with 3 colors in it if none of them show up?! How disappointing! It reminds me of when I was in vegas and I saw this amaaaazing neon rainbow colored ice cream. It was VANILLA. wtf?!?!?!

  7. Kayc

    I was thinking of getting Saint Germain since a lot of people give great reviews about it. But I’m not so sure now.. it might kind of give a hint of lavender tint on my NC30 skin, which I don’t think looks flattering on me at all… but I might get the sugarshot and dear cupcake eyeshadows… not sure yet.

  8. Tekoa

    Consume Me looks beautiful in the tube and utterly dissapointing as a swatch. It looks like freak’n clear gloss! I’m hoping one of the others can deliver.

  9. Taylor

    Saint Germain is absolutely gorgeous…I really can’t wait for it. I’m kind of disappointed in the Consume Me lipgloss…I wish it was a little more pigmented.

  10. the tri colour looks so fun!
    and the msf looks gorgeous to me~
    thanks for the swatches :)

  11. sprut

    I like the look of sugarshot but I’ll probably pass on the rest.

  12. I think Sugarshot and Dear Cupcake look as yummy as their names sound 😀

  13. Jenny

    Sugarshot looks gorgeous

  14. amy

    Christine you always get the goods early! You are the best! :) Seriously thanks for posting. I like those eyeshadows and MSF much more in your photographs compared to MAC’s promo pics. You rock!

  15. Danielle

    Thanks Christine, Refined is mine for sure, wonder if they will be $28? Or if it wil be 25 like Sheer Minerals MSFs?

    Do you know if sugar shot, is like anything in the perm. line?

  16. lala

    thanks xtine!!!!


    Love this collection.
    Too bad it isnt special packaging :(
    Or it would have extra special!

    Mann, i need to save. :(

  18. Balqees

    Waaw..i love the eyeshadows and the MSF , not interested with the lipstick and the gloss!
    thanks Christine :)

  19. I would also like a comparison of Dear Cupcake and Paradisco
    AND to know whether or not that MSF can go as a highlight or something else, because I don’t know if its cause your close to its base color, or just because its sheer, like Soft & Gentle. Thanks for the swatches though! MAC is killing me with all these cute collections.

    • I don’t think they’re similar, to be honest. Dear Cupcake is pretty pink, IMO! Paradisco has some coral to it!

      The Refined MSF doesn’t do much for me. It’s very sheer, but it just acts like a shimmery powder for me. No color!

  20. Thanks for the swatches!

  21. Leah

    Thanks for the swatches. May pass on this collection so I can save for grand duos and style warriors!

  22. Anitacska

    Such gorgeous MSF! Really like the eyeshadows too, but not the lipstick or the lipgloss.

  23. Tamara

    Thanks once again for great swatches! I will have to pass on St. Germain because it’s going to look crazy on my NC45 skintone! But I do like Sugarshot and Dear Cupcake. Looking forward to seeing more swatches!

  24. omg dear cupcake is such a cute pink!!! I think I only like the eye shadows so far from this collection…

  25. Rennah

    Sugarshot & Refined MSF look gorgeous!
    Dear Cupcake is pretty too…

    I really hate the color of that Saint Germain lipstick though. I don’t think that kind of color looks good on anyone!

  26. Evelyn

    please swatch the msf! 😀

  27. Tami

    Saint Germain looks kinda scary and Consume Me looks like clear gloss:-( Based on the swatches the only items that are drawing me in are the shadows and the MSFs.

  28. Donna

    Hmmm, I thought Refined MSF would be more of a pinky beige in which case I’d be all over it. I wish they made a blush the color of Dear Cupcake and that the lipglosses had more pigmentation. I’ll have to wait and see on this collection. Thanks for the swatches!

  29. Kathy


    you thing the mfs will be too shimmery?

  30. Jaana

    Refined is so light, I thought it would be totally different. :(

    Many thanks for those swatches! :)

  31. cloudburst

    I’m liking the eyeshadows & the msf. Thanks for the scoop Christine! The perfect way to end a Sunday!

  32. what finishes are the e/s?? Thanks for posting the swatches….

  33. Kellie

    Is retrospeck a good dupe for sugarshot? Thanks

  34. Sugarshot looks a lot like Dazzlelight, if I’m not mistaken.

  35. Refined looks nice but slightly light. Now I am tempted haha

  36. Is Sugarshoot Luster?

  37. I agree that if dear cupcake is a blush colour, I would be all over it! And I really like the msf and sugarshot xD

  38. Liz

    How do you think sugarshot compares to other shadows from the MAC perm line? I like it but I’m trying to convince myself otherwise. It sort of looks like shroom to me, and I hardly use that one to begin with. What do you think?

  39. Bona

    oh I like refined MSF and sugarshot!

  40. Tori

    how do you get these products early???

  41. Kim

    if sugar shot was applied a bit heavier do you think it would be good to put on the inner corners of the eyes? i was thinking of purchasing something from the perm.line such as crystal avalanche but once i saw sugarshot. it was too pretty!

  42. Melissa

    are any of the lipsticks gunna be permenent ?
    or are they all LE ?!

  43. mm.. is Sugarshot definitely a lustre? Is it a bad lustre with large fall-out qualities? Or is it like the better lustres such as Pandamonium?.

  44. steph

    Christine- when does this collection come out? I am very excited for sugarshot..what would be a close color to that? maybe vanilla?

  45. laura

    i’ll probably get sugarshot…even though it reminds me of a less glittery filament. but filament is one of my fav’s so why not.

  46. Dearcup cake is such a BLUSH color!!! i can use any one of my coral blushes as e/s….if the finish is veluxe pearl…then i wud not be able to stop myself frm buying!!!

  47. Mikki

    Sugarsweet come to me!